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Who Here Remembers September 2015? With fondness?

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Some of my most exciting expectations of Jesus’ return occurred in September 2015!  I was talking up the heck out of all the excitement we here at RITA were enjoying, forwarding warnings found elsewhere on the internet, wondering about Scottie’s Eternal Rhythm Flow claims, marveling about a compendium of “facts” citing 80 plus reasons why September 2015 was the almost guaranteed time, and my asserting to a few of my previous unbelieving co-workers, (I had retired nine months earlier), the certainty of believers in Jesus being gone within a couple weeks.  Also, beginning at the end of August, my Seniors’ Sunday School class asked me to share my notably exuberant certainties about the coming Rapture. They gave me three consecutive weeks.

Remember September 2015, the highly-favored Rosh Hashanah / Trumpets on Monday September 14, then Yom Kippur / Atonement on September 23, and the fourth blood moon of the tetrad on the next Monday September 28 to kick off Tabernacles / Sukkot. And the utter amazement about the remarkable prophetic significance of the Pope meeting with “O” on the Day of Atonement, then later the Pope addressing the US Congress, and then two days later on September 25, at a basilica in Philadelphia if I recall correctly, the Pope declared in a speech intended to encourage his flock, “the failure of the Cross.”  Wow!  What a time!  We just had to go!  Didn’t you think so too? But sadly I woke up in bed on September 29, still here.  “But Tabernacles is a whole week, isn't it! So maybe / surely / by the end of Tabernacles we’ll be outta’ here!"

And Jesus never came.

Then the month on the calendar rolled into October. Some watchers said, “Don’t worry, folks. There really was an extra month not counted, and so the “real” feast days are actually going to be occurring this month.”  But then October came and went.  And November.  Even Dusty’s perennial proposal that during Channukah we could expect the Rapture, passed.  December, complete with that miserable “don’t you dare say Merry Christmas” pall over the season, ended 2015’s wimpy demise...  A kind of watcher hell, or purgatory, or something similar, had deflated me.

And Jesus never came.

Plodding along into 2016 I recall perhaps being the most depressed I have ever in my life been by Purim 2016.  Coincidentally I had the flu that Spring for a few miserable weeks.  I marked time primarily out of habit, generally hopeful for Purim, and then Passover, and then Pentecost, but languishing emotionally way lower than the rear end of a toad.

And Jesus never came.

Okay, your turn to reminisce now...

(By the way, and for whatever it’s worth, right now I may be more excited than ever before.) :yahoo:  :yahoo:

Posted : March 12, 2019 10:42 am
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I remember that vividly but because I had already experienced a Spring time "It HAS to happen now" some time prior to that (not sure of the year, but I remember staying up nearly all night waiting), and there was a collective holding of the breath on Ritan then, too, by the time Fall of 2015 came along, I was a seasoned Veteran of Disappointment. One thing I have learned through all the utterly disappointing times of Him not coming to take us is that I truly love Him and will watch and wait until my final breath for His return, even if it's just for me after my last breath has expired. And what I love so much about this community we call "Rita/Ritan" is that I truly believe most, if not all of our members feel the same way. The evidence is in the fact that we all keep showing up here. Ritanians are a special breed of Christian brothers & sisters and I am so proud to be a part of this community.

Getting back to your comments, Dan, has there ever been a more compelling time then that Fall of 2015? Even 88 Reasons in 1988 didn't hold the excitement for me that 2015 did. "Blood Moons"!!!!! Just the name sounds dramatic and alarming. How could it not be that autumn? Obviously, there are still more saints to be saved. I think when we get to the Banquet Table we should duct tape those newly converted siblings to their chairs for making us wait so long :mdrmdr:

Posted : March 12, 2019 12:41 pm
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I have a new name fit or you, Yohanan.  Saint Hostile.  Duct taping indeed! :mdrmdr:

Posted : March 12, 2019 2:46 pm
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Duct tape is fine, but only for the last person to receive Christ before the Rapture!

Posted : March 12, 2019 3:44 pm
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Yep, I remember 2015 ... from the blood moons to Obama lighting up the White House lawn with rainbow colors to recognize gay marriage ... to all the convergence of things that lined up in Sept 2015 with the pope visiting the Philadelphia area of Brotherly Love and NYC with pushing his OWR.   Then when we didn’t hear the trumpet .... I was eyeing Sept 2017 because one forum board had a few charts with the Rev 12 sign.  That swiftly came and went with nothing.  And here we are March 2019 ... still staying positive because there are exciting events up ahead ... between  G/M forces parked in Syria near the Golan Heights to a peace deal announcement in April.  We also have a society that has gone nuts - good is called evil and evil is considered good.  It can’t be too much longer before God says “enough, Son go get the children!” and we happily :flyup:


LOL, that duct taping  punishment is a hoot!  I’m already feeling sorry for that very last person who gets saved to close the Church Age.  He/she will forever be teased ...

Posted : March 12, 2019 3:57 pm
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High Mywhitestone!!  I  was really gong-ho back then also with all the  many reasons why the rapture should take place  in September 2015!  By the way many people confused me with the Scottie  of  Eternal Rythme Flow--we are not the same person-although we have the same eternal  Christ-like DNA --found in the Holy Spirit!

Now that we are past the Revelation 12 signs  I am getting close to revealing the next  great sign in the heavens--- the Revelation 15 sign!

Believe it or not all the elements of this sign come together in the  sky on the next great American Total Eclipse on April 8, 2024- in fact both  the   First  Great Total Eclipse in August 2017 which came on the cupse of the Revelation 12 sign-well both are seperated by seven years- but  there is so much more that these signs pertain to which were relating to events that were taking place down on the earth that most people could only see the astonomy side of these signs-that is about to change soon!!~

Posted : March 15, 2019 8:08 am
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Oh yes I remember that time when we all waited on the edge of our rapture seat and each sign, each news story about Israel etc got our blood pumping faster with anticipation that we would be going home SOON!  Then we didn’t and we each began to encourage and share in that disappointment!

But, I so cherish those moments we shared at the old site and look forward now to the memories we will have here as we continue to wait patiently for our Lord! :rose:

Posted : March 17, 2019 11:26 pm