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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/18/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/18/2024

Fmr PM Naftali Bennett: Israel's rebirth is fulfillment of Ezekiel 37 prophecies, it's time to get tougher with Iran, and two-state solution blew up in our faces twice

Christian leaders send letter to President Biden warning that failure to support Israel could endanger US

Israel pans Gaza 'distortions' at World Court, says Pretoria aims to keep Hamas in power

Israel tells World Court South Africa case makes a mockery of genocide

War in Gaza Tragic, but No Genocide Taking Place: Israel Presents Its Case at World Court

Commentary: Out of Ideas, Netanyahu Sees Biden and Defense Minister Gallant as a Cabal Plotting Against Him

Gallant said to warn ministers that military rule in Gaza would cost 'many lives'

Gallant's attack on Netanyahu airs government's dirty laundry - but there is no easy answer for the 'day after' in Gaza

'Hamas cannot be renewed' - Rafah operation will expand, says Israeli defense minister

Sullivan will push Netanyahu on avoiding full-scale Rafah op in Sunday meeting

Israel Defends Rafah Operation as 'Limited and Localized' at U.N. Court

700 Tunnels in Rafah

IDF Finds Loaded Rocket Launchers in Rafah

Israeli Army Appears to Be Using Gaza Hospital, School as Bases, Washington Post Reports

IAF to probe how half-ton bomb fell off fighter jet onto southern border town

Soldier slain in north Gaza as IDF battles Hamas in war's 'most violent' fighting yet

Gaza war: UN defends casualty tally amid Israeli anger

Israel pounds Gaza as UN urges opening of land crossings for aid deliveries

Britain delivers aid to Gaza via floating pier for first time

US confirms first aid trucks arrive via Gaza pier

White House: US soldiers protecting Gaza pier will 'fire back' if 'fired upon'

US evacuates 17 US citizen doctors from Gaza, officials say

Qatar briefly kicked out Hamas leaders as hostage talks stalled in April - officials

IDF recovers bodies of hostages Itzhak Gelerenter, Amit Buskila and Shani Louk in Gaza

Comedian Eric Andre Demands 'Permanent Ceasefire' in Gaza, Calls Himself a 'Self-Loving Jew'

Moroccan asylum seeker jailed for life in UK for random murder of elderly man in 'revenge' for Israel's response to Oct. 7

Sweden, France see violent antisemitic incidents

Man sets fire to synagogue in Rouen, France, is killed by cops; extensive damage

Jewish father, daughter attacked by mob at Belgium train station for reportedly removing anti-Israel sticker

NYC deputy mayor: Washington Post report on Columbia contains 'antisemitic tropes'

'Tsunami of hate' flooding Kentucky and its colleges as antisemitism rates soar

Antifa claims responsibility for pro-Palestinian attack on University of California president's office

Sonoma State University president retires amid backlash over concessions to anti-Israel protesters

Ted Cruz Calls for Investigation into Reports of China, Cuba Fueling Anti-Israel Protests in U.S.

'October 7' Play Opens in NYC, Telling Victim Stories Through Verbatim Accounts

Extremist settlers again attack truck and injure driver in W. Bank; wound 3 soldiers

After US, Canada issues its first sanctions against Israeli settlers

IDF fighter jet carries out rare strike on target in West Bank city of Jenin

2 hurt as barrage of 75 rockets fired at north; IDF strike on Hezbollah said to kill 3

IDF strike kills Hamas-linked senior operative near Lebanon's border with Syria

IDF strike in Lebanon seems to reveal Hezbollah possesses advanced Iranian anti-aircraft missiles

Smotrich says he'll abolish free trade deal with Turkey, impose 100% tariff on imports

Kurds Protest Across Turkey as Court Sentences Presidential Hopeful to 42 Years in Prison

Iran arrests 260 people, including 3 European citizens, for spreading 'satanism and nudity'

New Star Wars Plan: Pentagon Rushes to Counter Threats in Orbit

World War War III May Already Have Started in the Shadows - Cyber intrusions, arson, bombings, and other mayhem feature in the conflict between West and East

Russia: US 'Playing With Fire' in 'Indirect War' With Moscow

Putin, Xi Issue One-Sentence Warning on Nuclear War: "There can be no winners in a nuclear war and it should never be fought"

Ukraine Asks U.S. to Provide More Intelligence on Targets in Russia

Russians Plunged into Darkness After Monster Drone Attack

Putin Floats Creation of Buffer Zone in Northeastern Ukraine, Says Conquest of Kharkov City Is Not in Russia's Current Plans

Parliament Brawl Breaks Out in Taiwan as Left Tries to Limit Presidential Power

With Few Details About Assassination Attempt, Questions Swirl in Slovakia

Slovak Shooting: PM Fico Conscious and Communicative, Suspect Assisting Police in Investigation

Populists Barred From Participating in EU Parliament Election Debate

Mexican mayoral candidate and five other people killed at campaign event in Chiapas state

Billionaire Ray Dalio: US 'On the Brink' of Civil War

Gov. Abbott: Texas Using Drone Technology Along Border

NYPD to Use Drones on 911 Calls in 5 Precincts

Rep. Greg Murphy Says He Has 'Some Evidence' Biden Was 'Jacked Up' on Drugs For His Bizarre State of the Union Address

Expert Charges DOJ Actually is 'a Threat to the Republic'

Legitimacy of Biden's claim to executive privilege may have to be resolved in court

Biden's privilege claim to keep special counsel interview under wraps a 'crude politics' move: experts

Biden's AG claims Congressional efforts 'to use contempt,' to 'defund' investigations are 'unfounded attacks' on DOJ

Whistleblowers file a motion to intervene in Hunter Biden's suit against the IRS

As Trump's Trial Sucks Up Air Time, Hunter Biden Could Be Hurtling Toward Multiple Felony Convictions

Georgia Voters Tell MSNBC Trump's Legal Issues Make Them 'Support Him More'

CNN's Anderson Cooper: I Would 'Absolutely' Doubt Michael Cohen's Testimony, Trial 'Devastating' For His Credibility

Attorneys Tell CNN Trump Defense 'Knocked' Michael Cohen Down and Put Him 'On the Mat'

Mark Levin: 'Bragg Should Be Disbarred' - He Has Violated the Brady Rule

Cotton: 'There's Been No Evidence of Any Crime Whatsoever' in Trump's NYC Trial

Former Trump lawyer John Eastman pleads not guilty to Arizona 2020 election conspiracy charge

An upside-down American flag: At Justice Alito's House, a 'Stop the Steal' Symbol on Display

Alito says wife displayed upside-down flag after argument with insulting neighbor

Durbin calls for Alito recusal from Jan. 6 cases over upside-down flag that flew at his home

Reddit Confirms $60 Million Deal with OpenAI to Train AI with Leftist Forum Posts

These ISIS news anchors are AI fakes. Their propaganda is real. The Islamic State-affiliated media broadcast News Harvest shows how artificial intelligence can be used to disseminate extremist propaganda quickly and cheaply.

AI Preachers and Teachers? No Thanks, Say Most Americans.

Commentary: AI eats the web

Hyper Hype: Elon Musk Predicts Human City on Mars Within 30 Years

Junk from a SpaceX Dragon 'trunk' may have crashed into a Canadian farmer's field

Boeing Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Indonesia Due to Engine Fire

Boeing Whistleblower's Death Ruled Suicide

East Palestine resident says whistleblower is 'tip of the iceberg' for disaster response 'cover-up'

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Milan hit by heaviest rainfall in 170 years as severe storms, tornado impact northern Italy

Children pulled from mud as hundreds die in severe flooding in Afghanistan

Houston metro rocked by 100 mph derecho that left 4 dead and over 1 million without power

Apocalyptic scenes in Texas as monster storms rip through state

Accustomed to Disasters, Houston Didn't See This One Coming

Building heat & humidity to turn dangerous for those without power following deadly Houston storms

Hazardous heat engulfs South Florida as Miami issues first May Heat Advisory in 15 years

'Hot even for Florida natives' as heat wave builds

Key West Hits 115 Degree Heat Index In May - As U.S. Prepares For Another Extremely Hot Summer

Canadian wildfire smoke likely to return to NYC and become 'a new norm,' experts say

World's oceans have gone 'crazy haywire,' officials warn, with majority of coral reefs in peril

Florida slammed for bill striking climate change from state law

Swarms of Mormon crickets invade towns in the West

How 'Kitty Cats' Are Wrecking the Home Insurance Industry - Supercharged thunderstorms and tornadoes are ravaging the Midwest, driving insurance costs to record highs

Dimon: 'Green Economy' Is Inflationary

Dow closes at record high above 40,000 to cinch a five-week winning streak

Investors and economists are getting worried about more bank failures as interest rates stay high

China May Attempt to Evade U.S. Tariffs by Routing Production through Mexico

Statue weeping blood? Visions of the Virgin Mary? Vatican has new advice on supernatural phenomena

Catholic League: War on Harrison Butker 'Driven by Anti-Catholicism'

As woke leftists continue their attack on Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker for defending traditional Christian values; he has found some support from his boss's wife, Tavia Hunt

Pope Francis: Conservatives Have a 'Suicidal Attitude'

Rise in police raids, arrests sparks religous liberty concern among Baptists in Kazakhstan

House Votes to Condemn 'Defund the Police' Movement

David DePape, man who attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer, sentenced to 30 years in prison

Sean "Diddy" Combs Reportedly Paid $50K to Hotel for Surveillance Footage of Him Beating and Dragging Cassie Ventura, No Record of Police Report

Former Facebook Diversity Manager Sentenced to Prison for $5 Million DEI Scam

NBC marks Pride Month with documentary on 'queer' animals

US State Dept issues worldwide alert amid threat of violence against LGBT community

Some Conservative Christians Are Stepping Away From the Gender Wars - Christians are steering through agonizing, unfamiliar conflicts between their families and their God, or as some put it, between love and truth

California school forced to pay out $360,000 to Christian teacher fired over refusal to use preferred pronouns

Federal Court: Parents in Maryland School District Cannot Opt K-5 Children Out of LGBTQ Curriculum

NCAA Pressured to Ban Trans Women from Women's Sports

Kaitlynn Wheeler, former University of Kentucky swimmer: I was thrown out of California public library for discussing if it's fair for men to compete in women's sports

Biden's HHS says hospitals that refuse to perform child sex changes could lose federal funding

Pregnant detransitioner's lawsuit against doctors, medical professionals allowed to move forward in North Carolina: court

Abortion rights amendments qualify for the ballot in Colorado and South Dakota - Five states will now put the future of abortion rights directly before voters in the 2024 election

Poll: Americans Divided as Supreme Court Weighs Abortion Pill Access

Peter Breen: Pro-Life Activist Victim of Biden Weaponization

Culture of Death: Netherlands Approves Assisted Suicide Death for Young and Healthy Woman Battling Depression

High levels of weedkiller found in more than half of sperm samples, study finds

Bird Flu Fearmongering Prompts Spike in Survival Beef Sales

Bird flu hits New York as humans told to 'stay alert' after new H5N1 pandemic warning

Elon Musk says prosecute Fauci after top NIH official admits funding gain-of-function research at Wuhan lab

'Inhumane': Utah mom slaps drug company with lawsuit after suffering COVID vaccine trial injuries

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