In 2007, RITA was created to be a safe place to discuss the soon Rapture of the Church and the signs that lead us to believe it may be very soon. The website started small and was run by a group of faithful believers. We have seen many Moderators and members come and go, but we still have that faithful group that keeps RITAN running.

From RITA to RITAN, there has been many changes to the site, to our member list and within our group of Moderators. RITA has been built and rebuilt many different times, but the one thing that has never changed is God’s guidance and loving hand overseeing RITAN.

We have seen so many questions asked on RITAN and answered with wisdom and love. So many have been uplifted in prayer; so many have been showed the Gospel of Salvation; so many have gained a deeper knowledge about Scripture; many deep friendships have been made, and even two marriages have taken place between members. We have also lost friends along the way that have gone to be with their Savior. We look forward to seeing them once again when our Savior comes for us.

Our goal at RITAN is to join together in love and friendship and to share in the excitement of the soon return of Jesus. We are not here to be right or debate or fight. RITAN has always strived to be a place for peace, showing the world how Christ’s love unites us. We look forward to the day when RITAN will no longer be needed, because we will be able to fellowship with each other face to face. But until then, we can discuss freely and lovingly. The Mods are here to help keep RITAN safe and guide in any way we can. We are His workers, but Jesus Christ, as always, is our Key Master. We rededicate RITAN to HIM, the One and Only, the Beautiful Savior, the King of Kings!

We love you all and will be connected for eternity, bonded forever, and will be crossing over together soon. Don’t forget your rose………..