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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/16/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/16/2024

Ireland to Recognise Palestinian State by End May, Foreign Minister Says

Israel braces for wave of Palestinian state recognitions

Netanyahu: Two-state solution would be a recipe for terror

Israeli Cabinet rejects UN Palestinian statehood resolution - The government voted unanimously to reject the United Nations' decision to grant the Palestinian Authority unprecedented rights for a non-member state

Palestinians mark 76th anniversary of Nakba amid ongoing conflict with Israel

PBS: Palestinians mark the Nakba, the original 'catastrophe' of mass expulsion

PA says man killed in clash with Israeli troops during Nakba Day march in West Bank

Coalition MK: 'Not sure' returning all Gaza hostages is possible

Egypt, UAE, Morocco said weighing US plan to create post-war Gaza peacekeeping force

Gallant to PM: Reject Israeli military, civil rule of Gaza after Hamas; I won't allow it - PM: Won't let Hamastan become Fatahstan

Far-right politicians demand Gallant be fired over challenging PM on Gaza's future

Biden Backs Internal Revolt in Netanyahu Government over Postwar Gaza

Netanyahu: Israel 'Not a Vassal State of the United States'

ICJ's urgent hearings over IDF's Rafah operation spell more trouble for Israel

European Union says Israel's actions in Rafah threaten future relations with them

EU urges Israel to end Rafah op 'immediately,' warns ties will be harmed if not

Egypt warns Israel of 'dire repercussions' over Rafah operation in Gaza

Israeli delegation visits Cairo in bid to mend growing rift over capture of Rafah Crossing

Biden official: Report that US withheld intelligence on Hamas from Israel is 'not true'

GOP lawmakers draft plan to force Biden to release congressionally approved military aid to Israel

UN says it has no more food or tents for nearly 2m people in Gaza

White House Can't Explain Why Egypt Is Blocking Aid to Gaza

House to Vote on Condemning Biden on Israel Aid

600,000 people have fled Rafah, U.N. says, amid Israeli operation in the city

Gaza fighting intensifies, Israel asks why armed men were at UN site

IDF announces 5 soldiers killed, 7 injured in 'friendly fire' case in northern Gaza

W.H.O. Expresses Full Confidence in Hamas Death Tolls After Massive Revision

Erdogan claims Israel will come for Turkey if it defeats Hamas - Turkish president says Palestinian terror group is defending Anatolia as well as its 'own land' in the war with Israel

Turkey's sudden ban on trade with Israel is already affecting Jews in both countries

Palestinian Columnist: 'We Do Not Want a Ceasefire, We Want Ongoing War'

Major Report Uncovers CCP-Linked Influence Behind Left-Wing Anti-Israel Protests in U.S.

Los Angeles prioritizes legal aid to 'privileged' UCLA Israel-Palestine arrestees

Anti-Israel protesters want University of California to divest $32 billion in assets

In First, California University Announces Complete Academic Boycott of Israel

California University President Suspended After Agreeing to Boycott Israel

Police on UC Irvine campus after anti-Israel agitators swarm buildings; students told to 'leave area'

Pro-Hamas Activists Take Over UC Berkeley Building - After Deal to End 'Encampment'

Anti-Israel Graduates Stand Up and Scream and Chant "Shut It Down" During Washington University's Commencement Ceremony - Drowning Out the Chancellor

Pro-Palestinian Group Vandalizes California University Building, Claims to Infest It With 500 Roaches

Revolutionary manifesto tying Columbia's pro-terror protests to communism is found on campus: 'Anti-American'

Anti-Israel protest disrupts Google conference: 'Google Cloud rains blood'

U.S. Dentist Calls for Jews to Die, Now Faces Serious Action

Suspect tries to stab border cop in Jerusalem, is shot by officers - police

Netanyahu says he'll advance Haredi IDF enlistment bill that lowers exemption age

Rocket warning sirens activated in Lebanon border town of Metula

Hezbollah drone hits Lower Galilee in terror group's deepest strike of war

Israel said to strike in Lebanon's Baalbek, hours after Hezbollah drone attack

Jordan foils arms plot as kingdom caught in Iran-Israel shadow war

Yemen Houthis claim attack on US destroyer and commercial vessel in Red Sea

US military says it destroyed four Houthi drones in Yemen

Starlink internet shutdown in Sudan will punish millions, Elon Musk warned - With a widespread telecoms blackout already in place, emergency help and humanitarian aid at risk if satellite service withdrawn, say NGOs

Report: Putin Purged Defense Ministry Over Nuke Secrets Leak

Dozens of Countries Sign Up for Ukraine Peace Summit

Ukraine: Putin's Call for Peace Talks to End War 'Hypocritical'

White House Worries Russia's Momentum Is Changing Trajectory of Ukraine War

Russia: Blinken's Kyiv Visit Sign of US Alarm Over Frontline

Blinken offers new US aid as Kyiv reels from renewed Russian attacks

Putin calls for big increase in armaments production

Russia Vows to Destroy All US Military Equipment in Ukraine

Ukraine warns it has no more reserves as Putin masses half a million fighters on frontline in pivotal moment for West

With Defenses Collapsing and His Constitutional Mandate About to End, Ukraine's Zelensky Cancels All Foreign Trips

Antony Blinken says there will be no elections in Ukraine until war with Russia is over and 'all Ukrainians can vote'

Slovakia's pro-Russia Prime Minister Robert Fico wounded in apparent assassination attempt

Pro-Trump Conservative Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico Shot in Public - Stood Up Against Ukraine War and WHO Global Pandemic Accord

Leftist Writer Juraj Cintula Arrested Following Attempted Assassination of Populist Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico - Shot Him 5 Time

Slovakia's prime minister is expected to survive assassination attempt, deputy says

Putin calls attack on Slovakian PM Fico a 'despicable crime'

Georgia's parliament passes controversial "foreign agent" law amid protests, widespread criticism

A Dutch anti-Islam party is on the verge of forming the EU's latest hard-right government

Four dead in New Caledonia riots as France declares state of emergency

Why this French island in the Pacific is being roiled by violence over a vote held 10,000 miles away

Biden White House keeps telling whoppers, and even the legacy media has started to notice

Biden, Trump agree to debate in June and September, but at odds over key details

Russiagate hoaxer Jake Tapper to host CNN debate between Trump and Biden

'Rigged!' Lara Trump Is Already Claiming the Debates Her Father-in-Law Agreed to Are Fixed

Wayne Root: My Message to President Trump: The Debates are a Trap. Something is Wrong. Drug Test Biden.

Pelosi says she 'would never recommend' Biden debate Trump

Biden Campaign: Trump Playing Games With Debates

RFK Jr. accuses Biden and Trump of 'colluding' to exclude him from debates

RFK Jr. Rips Debate Exclusion: 'Undermines Democracy'

RFK Jr. claims he will 'meet the criteria' to take the stage in June presidential debate with Trump, Biden

Special counsel accused of 'grotesquely dishonest' exhibits in Hunter Biden case

Hunter Biden Whistleblower's Legal Teams Asks Inspector General to Investigate Special Counsel's 'Misleading' Court Filing

Biden aides worry about psychological torment as Hunter heads for trial

Conflict of Interest? Rep. Hageman Blasts Democrat Dan Goldman After Prepping Michael Cohen for His Testimony While Paying Over $150K to Judge Merchan's Daughter's Firm

FNC's Turley: 'It Does Appear that Cohen May Have Committed Perjury Again'

Michael Cohen's former attorney says Cohen lied on witness stand, admitted he has 'nothing on Trump'

Michael Cohen's former attorney says Cohen paid for Stormy Daniels story himself without Trump's knowledge

Michael Cohen's Attorney Robert Costello Testifies that Cohen Didn't Believe Stormy Daniels' Story - Only Paid Her to Save Trump

Trump's playboy past is in the spotlight. His allies are readying a new fight against pornography

Alvin Bragg Offers Plea Deals to Migrants Accused of Attacking NYC Cops as He Prosecutes Trump

House GOP chairman says DC is Democrats' 'petri dish' for non-citizen voting push

Peter Schweizer: Biden Border Crisis Could Increase Number of Illegal Ballots Cast in 2024 - up to 2.7 Million

Study Finds Up to a Third of All Non-Citizens in the United States are Illegally Registered to Vote

Report: Soros Pumps $81M to Censor Election Speech Online

US intel chief warns of increasing threats to 2024 election

Officials: Foreign Attempts to Sway US Elections High, Rising

'Democracy In Name Only': RFK Jr. Sues Mark Zuckerberg for Allegedly Censoring Election Video

Government officials warn of complex threats to US elections - Generative AI and big data analytics have enabled the proliferation of influence actors, lawmakers told

Chuck Schumer and bipartisan group of senators unveil plan to control AI - while investing billions of dollars in it

Senators urge $32 billion in emergency spending on AI after finishing yearlong review

Zuck's Surveillance Dream: Meta Working on AI-Powered 'Camerabuds' that Gather Audio and Video

News publishers sound alarm on Google's new AI-infused search, warn of 'catastrophic' impacts

Voice-cloning technology bringing a key Supreme Court moment to 'life'

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Neiafu, Tonga

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits thr Mid-Indian Ridge

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Santiago, Peru

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 18,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Peru erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Sakurajima volcano in Japan erupts to 11,000ft

Eastern Pacific hurricane season kicks off Wednesday with its first tropical threat

Indonesia's toll rises to 62 from deadly Sumatra floods, 25 still missing

'Nightmare scenario' forecast calls for significant flooding in already-soaked Texas and Gulf Coast states

Freak April heatwave in Southeast Asia 'virtually impossible' without climate crisis

Extreme heat is punishing South Florida and poised to scorch Texas

Temperatures measured during summer 2023 'unparalleled' to past 2,000 years, researchers say

Newsom Says Climate Change Partly to Blame for California Budget Deficit

DeSantis Signs Florida Bill Making Climate Change a Lesser Priority

Bay Area city orders scientists to stop controversial cloud brightening experiment

Barge Collides with Galveston Bridge, Causing Partial Collapse and Oil Spill

DOJ Says Boeing Is Now Subject to Criminal Prosecution After Failing to Fulfill Obligations in Wake of Fatal Crashes

Ominous Official Portrait of King Charles Panned as Banal at Best, Satanic at Worst

Creepy: Mirrored Image of King Charles III's New Portrait Allegedly Reveals Baphomet Face

NFL Says They Do Not Agree with Harrison Butker After He Voices Christian Values

Texas universities slashed hundreds of jobs and programs after state's DEI ban

Sen. Josh Hawley Issues Bill to Stop Joe Biden's DHS from Giving Photo IDs to Migrants Released into U.S.

Mayor Eric Adams Floats Giving NYC Lifeguard Jobs to Migrants Because They're 'Excellent Swimmers'

11 people die in mass shootings in cartel-plagued part of Mexico amid wave of mass killings

Teen Who Allegedly Shot 26 Rounds into D.C. Neighborhood Freed by 'Woke' Judge

Biden plans executive order to shut down border once crossings reach 4,000 per day - despite saying he needs Congress to act

New Mexico Prosecutors: Migrants Gang Raped Deaf Woman in 'Multi-Hour Nightmare'

David Copperfield Accused of Sexual Misconduct With Minors in Bombshell Report

Jeffrey Epstein's original 'little black book' now on sale: 'Unlike anything else in the world'

Nickelodeon's Lori Beth Denberg Accuses Producer Dan Schneider of Fondling Her as a Teen: 'He Preyed on Me'

Retired US Air Force general arrested for child sex crimes

Peru classifies transgender, nonbinary and intersex people as 'mentally ill'

Schools in England to Be Banned from Teaching 'Gender Identity' to Young Children

Taiwan drag queens bring their glamour to presidential office celebrating RuPaul win

FBI warns ISIS could attack Pride parades amid Biden's border crisis

Pro-life Advocate John Hinshaw Tells Court He Accepts Imprisonment to Expiate the 'Great Guilt' of Pro-Abortion Judge

Illinois Bishop: Biden Makes 'Mockery' of Catholic Faith by Touting Abortion

Gene editing breakthrough could soon cure herpes for good

Experts Say 'Bird Flu Changed to Become Supercharged'

Wearing face masks did not reduce risk of COVID infection after first omicron wave, research suggests

North Carolina could ban face masks for medical reasons in public - Republican supporters of the ban said it would help law enforcement crack down on protesters who wear masks. They say demonstrators are abusing COVID-19 pandemic-era practices to hide their identities.

HHS suspends funding, proposes debarment for EcoHealth Alliance over gain-of-function research in Wuhan

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