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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/21/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/21/2024

Oil Prices Waver After Iran's President Dies, Saudi King Falls Ill

Iranian president's death adds to volatility as conflict shakes the Middle East

Opinion: The Middle East is roiling - the death of Iran's president could push it over the edge

Iran Moves to Project Stability After Crash Kills Key Leaders

Tehran blames US sanctions withholding air fleet parts for Raisi crash - President's helicopter experienced a 'technical malfunction,' highlighting Iran's ongoing struggle to obtain spare parts for its aging fleet of aircraft and helicopters

Crashed Iranian helicopter was US-made and may be so old it predates the 1979 Islamic Revolution

Iran declares five days of mourning for president

India declares one-day mourning on May 21 after Iran President Ebrahim Raisi's death

Latin America's Communists Lament Death of 'Brother' Iranian President Raisi

'Protector of the resistance': Iran's allies, proxy terror groups mourn Raisi's death

Friends and foes offer condolences to Iran after President Raisi's death

US gives condolences on death of Iranian president despite alleged human rights abuses

Biden State Department expresses condolences to Iran for death of 'Butcher of Tehran' Ebrahim Raisi

Flashback: Biden, U.N. Hosted 'Butcher of Tehran' President Raisi in NY Against GOP Opposition

Gazans say unmoved by death of Iranian president, who brought 'only ruin'

In Divided Iran, President's Death Met by Muted Mourning and Furtive Celebration

'People are in no mood to mourn': mixed reactions in Tehran after death of President Ebrahim Raisi - Iran's supreme leader has announced a five-day mourning period, but there have been fireworks and cheering in the country since the death was confirmed

Iranian Women Celebrate the Death of President Raisi "We Freely Dance and Celebrate on Your Dirty Grave"

Israelis React to Raisi Crash With 'Eli Copter' Jokes and Baklava

'We won't shed a tear': Israeli MKs react coldly to Raisi's death, as government mum

'What's next? A moment of silence for Hitler?' Israel fumes over UN memorial for Raisi

Israel's hand? 'Revenge'? Iran President's fatal chopper crash prompts conspiracy theories

'It Wasn't Us': Why Israel Issued Clarification After Iran President's Death In Helicopter Crash

All the Reasons Why Israel Couldn't Have Been Behind Crash and Death of Iran's President

Israel Should Expect Little Change From Raisi's Replacement, Experts Say

After Raisi's Death, Hard-Liners Are Expected to Keep Grip on Power

Next Iran president will fall in line with Supreme Leader Khamenei's support for terror, says ex-CIA official

After Raisi's Death, Speculation Over Succession Turns to Ayatollah's Son

Who is Mohammad Mokhber? Iran taps acting president after Raisi's death.

Russia stresses strong ties with Iran as Putin calls interim president

Israel's hawkish Netanyahu faces global isolation

ICC, Where Trump Prosecutor Jack Smith Worked, Now Targets Netanyahu

ICC prosecutor seeks arrest warrants for Netanyahu, Gallant and 3 Hamas leaders - Karim Khan accuses both Israeli and Hamas leaders of 'extermination,' says Israeli crimes 'continuing to this day'

Legal earthquake: ICC charges against Netanyahu would be unprecedented in court's history

Amal Clooney among experts who advised war crimes prosecutor seeking arrest of Hamas and Israeli leaders

Hamas slams ICC for seeking arrest of its leaders alongside Netanyahu, Gallant

Hamas denounces ICC prosecutor, accusing him of trying to 'equate the victim with the executioner'

Biden and Blinken Accuse I.C.C. Prosecutor of Falsely Equating Israel and Hamas

Ex-Israeli PM calls for defunding ICC after court requests arrest warrant for Netanyahu over 'war crimes'

Netanyahu's arrest warrant highlights contrast with Putin, other leaders ICC didn't prosecute - The warrants raise questions about why leaders such as Putin, Bashar Al-Assad, Xi Jinping and others have been treated differently

Biden, After Revoking Trump's Order Against ICC, Claims Outrage at ICC Warrants Against Israel

Bush-era Law Authorizes U.S. to Free Netanyahu if Detained by ICC

Israeli ministers condemn ICC arrest warrant call as 'scandalous'

Outcry in Israel as ICC prosecutor seeks warrants against Netanyahu and Gallant

The ICC's arrest warrants for Israeli leaders are a call to destroy the Jewish state

European leaders divided on ICC arrest warrant bid for Netanyahu

Downing Street says ICC arrest of Netanyahu will not end Gaza war

Netanyahu: 'Absurd' ICC bid to arrest Israeli leaders is 'the new antisemitism'

Netanyahu Reacts to ICC Indictments: 'Pouring Gasoline on the Fires of Antisemitism'

Netanyahu: 'The New Antisemitism Has Moved From the Campuses of the West to the Court in The Hague'

Retiring early due to antisemitism, a professor paints a dire picture of US academia

Harvard blocks 12 seniors from graduation, temporarily suspends others for roles in campus Gaza camp

Yale students stage graduation walkout to protest Gaza war

NYC mayor defends police after violent clashes at pro-Palestinian Brooklyn rally

Michael Gove to warn antisemitism is 'currency of hate' connecting Islamists with far-right and left - The cry of 'From The River to the Sea' envisages the 'erasure of the Jewish people's home'

Judge Orders Release of Suspect in Assault of Israeli Whose Family Was Murdered on Oct. 7

Hostage families butt heads with MKs at raucous Knesset committee debates

Police clash with protesters, make arrests after anti-government rally outside Knesset

Australian doctor trapped in Gaza hospital begs government to evacuate medical team

Satellite photos show Rafah emptying as Israeli forces move in on southern Gaza city

IDF estimates 950,000 Gazans have evacuated from Rafah amid offensive

Israeli Forces Eliminate Hundreds of Terrorists and Tunnels as Gaza War Continues

Report: Israel moves to more limited Rafah assault plan, US will not object

Backing Israel's fight against Hamas, Biden says Gaza campaign is not genocide

UK government likely to restore UNRWA funding, MPs are told

Ultranationalist youths persist with coordinated campaign to block Gaza aid trucks

AOC Backs Bill Limiting Donations to Israeli Settlements

IDF launches Jenin operation, says several gunmen shot

An Israeli City Hid a Crippling Cyberattack From the Public - Foreign hackers are targeting local authorities in Israel There have been more than 100 targeted attacks since October 7, but current legislation doesn't have a solution

'Lone wolf' or JI?: Jemaah Islamiyah confusion after Malaysia attack

Ukraine Darkness: Zelensky's Mandate Expires Today - Streets Are Empty as Men Hide From New Conscription Law - MSM Questions the Power of Presidential Aide Andy Yermak - Power Outages All Over the Country

US could sanction Georgia politicians to 'defend democracy'

Pollak: 13 Trump Policies That Biden Reversed, Making War More Likely

Joe Biden Falls Apart at NAACP Dinner: "I Got Involved in Civil Rights When I Was 15!"

Joe Biden Savaged For Calling January 6 Protestors "Erectionists"

Biden directing money for get-out-the-vote programs at colleges may be illegal

Even Leftist Cardi B Turns Her Back on Biden, Declares No Endorsement for 2024 Presidential Election: "People Got Betrayed"

America's largest LGBTQ rights group plans $15 million swing state blitz to re-elect Biden

Silicon Valley Mogul Ditches Democrats and Donates $1 Million to Trump, Cites Biden's Anti-Israel Stance

USA Today says to 'save America' from Trump, Biden must 'drop out of the race'

ABC, AP, CBS, NBC all join Heritage, Judicial Watch in FOIA request for DOJ to release Biden's special counsel interview

Fact Check: Bette Midler Pushes False Claim Hillary Clinton Never Questioned Election Results

Will Trump Run as a Felon? A Big 2024 Question Will Soon Be Answered.

Michael Cohen Reveals He Has a Financial Interest in Outcome of Alvin Bragg's Lawfare Case Against Trump, Admits He will Lie to the Jury

Michael Cohen admits on the stand to stealing from Trump Org. by overcharging for reimbursements

Cohen's bombshell admission could lead to hung jury, if not acquittal: expert

Trump team asks Judge Merchan to dismiss case after Michael Cohen admits he stole from Trump Org, lied to Congress

Michael Cohen's admitted theft from Trump Organization stuns MSNBC, CNN hosts

CNN legal analyst says Michael Cohen stealing from Trump Org is a 'more serious crime' than Trump's alleged falsification of business docs

MSNBC Defends Michael Cohen Stealing $30,000 From Trump Org.

Cohen Hired IT Firm to Rig Early CNBC, Drudge Polls to Favor Trump

Trump hush money trial: Judge scolds witness for behavior

Donald Trump Movie 'The Apprentice' Ignites Controversy in Cannes Over Rape Scene

Trump's Truth Social Media Company Lost Nearly $330 Million Last Quarter, On Track to Lose More Than $1 Billion By End of Year

Julian Assange wins High Court bid to bring appeal against extradition to US

Machine Learning Researcher Links OpenAI to Drug-Fueled Sex Parties

Scarlett Johansson 'Angered' By ChatGPT Voice That Sounded 'Eerily' Like Her

OpenAI to 'pause' voice linked to Scarlett Johansson

'Godfather of AI' Calls for Universal Basic Income to Counter Job Losses

With JPMorgan, Mastercard on board in biometric 'breakthrough' year, you may soon start paying with your face

Software issue disrupts operations for a day at Port of Charleston; reopening set Tuesday

Environmental Protection Agency Warns Of Major Cyberattacks To U.S. Water Systems

Whistleblower's Suicide Note Released: 'I Pray Boeing Pays'

Nasa has just turned an asteroid into an 'oblong watermelon'

Mars being blasted by solar energy possibly creating global auroras

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Lae, Papua New Guinea

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Bonin Islands, Japan region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Dampit, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Zaruma, Ecuador

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Azangaro, Peru

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 20,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 13,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Media Blame Climate Change for Soaring Insurance Rates, but Data Doesn't Support Narrative

Half of Americans think climate change will destroy planet in their lifetime: poll

Stunning aerial photos show devastating scale of flooding in Brazil

Mexico's howler monkeys dropping dead as heat toll mounts

'Cicada-licious': Yes, you can eat cicadas

RFK Jr backs Biden admin plan that would prioritize farm aid based on race, give $5 billion in 'reparations' to black farmers

Black voters rip Biden's 'race baiting' commencement speech as his support dwindles: 'Party of hopelessness'

Biden's DEA admits Mexican cartels are operating in all 50 states

Biden's open border lets ISIS walk right into US

Pope Francis Claims Stopping America's Illegal Border Invasion Would Be 'Sheer Madness'

Biden's DOJ threatens another GOP state with lawsuit over anti-illegal immigration efforts - Oklahoma would be the third state behind Texas and Iowa to be sued

Report: Illegal Aliens Are Rushing to the Border Now Because They're Afraid Trump is Going to Win in November

Expert warns Sweden on 'brink of civil war' as country gripped by migrant violence - Spiralling gun crime, marauding migrant gangs and fascist violence - how Sweden became Europe's crime capital

Former 'Crime Victim Coordinator' Pleads Guilty to Human Smuggling Charge, Used County Vehicle for the Crime

Jacksonville sheriff: Former Boston Red Sox player, 26 others arrested on child sex crimes

Police: Previously Deported Illegal Alien Raped Child in Virginia

Pedophile advocacy group opposes age-verification laws for pornography

Catholic Monk Comes Out as Transgender: 'Deal With Us'

Trans advocacy group Human Rights Campaign to boost Biden with $15 million to sway swing state 'equality voters'

Parent Claims Oregon Athletics Association Threatens to Ban Girls Who Speak Out Against Trans Athletes

Celebrated transgender inmate charged with raping female months before judge tossed related suit

Labour Party Plans to Simplify Legal Process to Change Gender, But Critics Warn of Self-ID Loopholes

TIME magazine claims Florida law makes it hard for men to get abortions

Left-Wing Activists in Nevada Submit Signatures for Abortion Ballot Measure

US pediatricians reverse decades-old advice against HIV-positive mothers breastfeeding

U.S. Court Rules University's Covid Vaccine Mandate Was Illegal, Opening Door to Massive Lawsuits

Biden Makes Ridiculous Gaffe, Suggests He was VP During COVID Years, when Trump was President

Biden claims he was veep during pandemic, Obama told him to 'go to Detroit' to help

White House Insists Biden Meant 'Recession' When He Said 'Pandemic'

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