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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/22/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/22/2024

Ireland and other European countries to recognize Palestinian statehood

Blinken acknowledges Israel may reject Saudi deal if Palestinian state required

U.S. National Security Advisor: Saudi Deal Close; U.S. May Show Draft to Israel

US-Saudi Security Deal Inches Closer, Aims to Reshape Middle East Dynamics

President Herzog: Normalisation with Saudi Arabia would be historic 'game-changer'

Blinken indicates Saudis, UAE could play role in providing security for post-war Gaza

Egypt changed terms of Gaza ceasefire deal presented to Hamas, surprising negotiators, sources say, ultimately scuttling a deal that could have released Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners

Ben Gvir says he would be happy to live in Gaza after war, calls for mass settlement

Hamas Complains ICC Didn't Issue Enough Arrest Warrants for Israelis

Amidst outrage and red tape, the ICC questions Israel's moral compass

Gazans Say I.C.C. Prosecutor's Pursuit of Hamas Leaders Is Misguided

Gallant blasts ICC's Khan for 'despicable' Israel-Hamas parallel in warrant bid

Does ICC Prosecutor Khan have a case against Netanyahu and Gallant? Experts doubt it

'Blood libels': Netanyahu rages against ICC prosecutor

'This guy is doing a hit job': Netanyahu slams ICC prosecutor Khan over effort to arrest him

Netanyahu: It's the ICC prosecutor, not me, who should be concerned for his status

I.C.C. Warrant Request Appears to Shore Up Domestic Support for Netanyahu

ICC arrest warrant 'attempt to deny Israel the right to defend itself', says Israel defence minister

Israel calls on 'civilised nations' to boycott ICC arrest warrants against its leaders

Germany Urges Caution While France Throws Support Behind ICC Arrest Warrants For Israel Leaders

Mike Johnson Moves to Sanction ICC

Former official: Biden has no choice but invoke special law against ICC

The U.S. Was Resettling Guantanamo Prisoners. The Hamas Attack Halted Those Plans.

Stefanik: No excuse for any American president to withhold aid to Israel

Pentagon says none of the aid unloaded from US pier off coast of Gaza has been delivered to broader Palestinian population

UN Halts Food Distribution in Rafah Due to Supply Shortages and Insecurity From Israeli Strikes

Medics, WHO say north Gaza hospitals barely operational

Top security official resigned after pillorying management of Gaza war - reports

Israeli Deputy Mayor Posts Derisive Photos With Blindfolded and Shackled Palestinian Prisoners

Israel Seizes AP Equipment; Accuses Agency of Violating Al Jazeera Ban

Israel says it will return video equipment seized from The Associated Press, hours after shutting down AP's Gaza video feed - "The shutdown was not based on the content of the feed but rather an abusive use by the Israeli government of the country's new foreign broadcaster law"

Israel reverses on seizure of Associated Press camera feed after intense backlash

Ex-BBC chief: Network's Arabic service rife with anti-Israel bias, support for terror

Blinken Called 'War Criminal' at Senate Hearings

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Removed From Congress Calling Blinken "Butcher Of Gaza" During Testimony

Nancy Pelosi interrupted while accepting award by anti-Israel agitator: 'Shame on you!'

Police break up University of Michigan encampment; New School to hold divestment vote

'Starve the War Machine': Workers at UC Santa Cruz Strike in Solidarity With pro-Palestinian Protesters

Campus anti-Israel protests force University of New Mexico to send Israeli athlete home

Musicians and artists boycott UK cultural events over Israel ties

French police arrest protesters who allegedly assaulted security at Jewish event

Social media star loses millions of followers for being openly Jewish - Julius Dein said he will continue to speak out about his Jewish heritage despite receiving death threats in his DMs

Argentina's president, a known lover of Israel who is connected to the Jewish community: 'Victory in war doesn't depend on number of soldiers, but on forces from heaven'

National Security advisor says Biden waiting to condemn Israel due to 'powerful Jewish influence'

'From the River to the Sea' Is a Criminally Punishable 'Call to Violence' - Dutch Lower House of Parliament Approves Geert Wilders' Party Bill

Israel Defense Chief Says Military Rule in Gaza Would Extend IDF Compulsory Service to Four Years

Israeli troops kill 7 Palestinians including doctor in new raid on Jenin in occupied West Bank

Fearing pilgrims will flock to warzone, IDF declares Mount Meron closed military area ahead of Lag B'Omer

Houthi rebels claim to have downed American drone in southern Yemen province

Missile Meltdown: How North Korea's Tech Might Fueled Iran's Attack on Israel

Iran Begins Funeral Events for President Raisi

FIFA President Offers Iran, Regime Known to Repress Women Soccer Fans, Condolences over President Raisi

'The Butcher of Iran will not be missed': Moment of silence for Raisi sparks drama at the UN

Some Iranians celebrate 'Butcher of Tehran' Raisi's death in the streets despite oppressive regime

Raisi's Death Represents a Tipping Point for Iran

After Raisi's Death, Elections Pose Tricky Test for Iran's Rulers

Raisi Presided Over Iran's Economic Crisis. Will His Death Change Anything?

Syrian first lady Asma Assad diagnosed with aggressive form of blood cancer

Russia begins nuclear drills in response to 'provocative statements'

World War III Is Imminent Without Ukraine, Historian Predicts

WWIII Watch: Zelensky Begs Biden to Allow Ukraine to Launch U.S. Missiles Inside Russia

Intel Lawmakers Urge Biden to Allow Ukraine to Strike Russia with U.S.-Provided Weapons

Nine in Germany, accused of 'Reichsbuerger' coup plot to overthrow Germany's democracy, go on trial

Trump shares video suggesting his victory will bring 'unified Reich'

Biden on Trump's 'unified Reich' post: 'This is Hitler's language, not America's'

Trump campaign deletes 'unified reich' video amid White House ire - Trump's campaign blamed an inattentive staffer

Joy Behar says MAGA hats 'might as well' have 'swastikas' on them

Biden's Latest Senior Moment Was So Bad the White House Had to Doctor the Transcript Multiple Times

White House Issues Nine Corrections to Biden's NAACP Speech

Rep. Comer: 'No Difference' Between Biden, Nixon on Tapes

Appeals court denies Hunter Biden's request to postpone June trial on gun charges

Nolte: Ivana Trump Denied Rape. Tara Reade, Ashley Biden Stand by Biden Allegations

'Pure Fiction': Trump Will Sue Filmmakers Who Depicted Him Raping Wife Ivana

FBI was authorized to use 'deadly force' in classified docs search at Trump's Mar-a-Lago, court filings reveal

Trump slams DOJ after unsealed court docs show FBI authorized use of deadly force in raid on home

Trump's attorneys found classified docs in his bedroom months after raid

Sen. Cruz: Trump Guilty Verdict 'Real Risk' Despite No Crime

Alan Dershowitz: I was inside the court when the judge closed the Trump trial, and what I saw shocked me - The judge in Donald Trump's trial was an absolute tyrant... He seemed automatically to be ruling against the defendant at every turn

Trump defense rests at New York hush money trial, ex-president doesn't testify

Judge Merchan Explodes at Trump Witness During Trial: 'Clear the Courtroom!'

Trump risks gag order violation with new screed against lawyer who argued the case: 'Unbelievable'

Voters to decide whether prosecutor and judge in Georgia Trump election case keep their jobs

Exposing Corruption: Challenger Accuses DA Fani Willis of Misusing $2.5 Million on Flawed Projects - Demands Willis to Resign Immediately After Congress Launches Second Investigation

Rep. Josh Brecheen: Arizona's Indictment of Trump Allies Is 'Election Interference'

Giuliani, others plead not guilty to felony charges in Arizona election interference case

Trump Lawyer Christina Bobb Arraigned on Junk Charges Related to 2020 Alternate Electors

Voting machine firm Smartmatic alleges Newsmax has deleted evidence in lawsuit over false vote-rigging claims

Rep. Murphy Diagnosed With Tumor in Base of Skull - His absence shrinks the GOP majority in the House to 216-213

Google offers DoJ cash to eliminate jury in web ad monopoly abuse trial

Microsoft Unveils Creepy AI-Powered Windows that Tracks Everything You Do

AI Chatbots Sucked Up Troves of Data. Now Copyright Holders Want a Cut

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Biak, Indonesia

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Sola, Vanuatu

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Calama, Chile

Two sets of earthquake swarms have hit California. What's going on along the Mexico border?

Seismic storm hits Italy's Campi Flegrei super volcano with strongest earthquake in 40 years

Naples region rocked by more than 150 quakes

Italy schools, factories closed after quake 'swarm' near Naples

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,500ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Violent hailstorm paralyzes the city of Gniezno, Poland

Extreme hailstorm hits Yuma, Colorado

Multiple tornadoes reported in Iowa amid deadly severe weather outbreak

Tornadoes cause destruction in Iowa as 'Particularly Dangerous Situation' unfolds in Midwest

Tornadoes kill 1 and cause major damage in rural Iowa city as severe storms rake the Midwest

Heat, humidity torment Texas as thousands remain without power after destructive derecho

It's the hottest May ever in Miami. Heat index 'completely off the charts'

One Dead and Dozens Injured After 'Extreme Turbulence' on Flight From London to Singapore

Study: 'Doomsday Glacier' Melting Rapidly

TV meteorologist blasts Florida's new 'Don't Say Climate Change' law amid oppressive heat

Pope Francis Says Climate Change Is 'a Road to Death'

Death by turbulence is rare, experts say. But researchers warn climate change may be causing more extreme turbulence.

Biden Releasing 1 Million Barrels of Gasoline from Northeast Reserve in Bid to Lower Prices at Pump

Donald Trump Rips Biden's Release of Gas Reserves: 'He's Unable to Drill Properly'

Report: Klaus Schwab to Step Down as World Economic Forum Executive Chairman

Trump Campaign: Illegal Migrants 'Attacking the Wages' of Americans

New York Migrant Complains: Not Enough Welfare, Aid

Why Some U.S. Border Agents Are Contemplating Suicide: 'We see things people should never see, like rotting human remains, abuse of every kind. Do you know what that does to you over time?'

The bodies of 4 men and 2 women were found strangled, piled up in Mexican resort of Acapulco

Nicaraguan illegal immigrant arrested in Wisconsin for sexual assault, trafficking of 12-year-old girl after paying mother to be with her was previously released by Biden's border patrol

Haiti's Gangs Grow Stronger as Kenyan-Led Force Prepares to Deploy

Finland Proposes New Border Law To Block Migrants

Jemele Hill Says Caitlin Clark's Fame Is 'Problematic' Because of Her 'Race and Sexuality'

LGBT group tackles Chiefs kicker's Catholic college address: 'Erroneous and dangerous' - GLAAD claims NFL star Harrison Butker, a Catholic, is out of step with Pope Francis

How a Southern Baptist minister came to lead an LGBTQ-affirming church

Lawsuit: W.Va. Trans Track Athlete Defeated Girls 700 Times

Target Scales Back Pride Month Displays After Backlash Last Year

N.Y.'s High Court Upholds Making Insurance Cover Medically Necessary Abortion

Louisiana passes bill to make abortion pills a controlled dangerous substance

Senators place blame for sky-high drug prices on abuse of the patent system

Elon Musk's Neuralink to Implant Second Brain Chip as First Patient Deals with Failing Device

4 more cats die of H5N1 bird flu in the U.S.

The Dam is Breaking on Medical Trafficking Evidence - The Blood Was Contaminated

Israel's comptroller finds flaws in COVID vaccine procedure - Among the findings, side effects in women were not investigated and the ministry did not manage fake news well

Ombudsman: Health Ministry didn't check 82% of reports on COVID vaccine side effects

Testimony of Top Public Health Official During COVID Is Made Public - This Undermines Everything Fauci Said

N.J. Gym Owner Cleared of More Than 80 Charges After Rejecting COVID Lockdown

Barrasso recommends using leftover COVID-19 funds to complete border wall in new amendment

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