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And old men shall dream dreams

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I have had a few spiritual dreams in my life but the one I had several nights ago has hold on me. This is the fifth time I have written this here, three I deleted two just disappeared before I hit the submit button. Computer glitch ,I do not know. I have searched my soul and believe it was not because of a Spirit of God they disappeared. First this is not a thus saith the Lord or the Lord said and I am not prophesizing. Please do not respond as if I am, this is no date setting it is what I dreamed and after several days many written and deleted times I feel to share.

I will keep this simple focusing on what it came to mean to me. In the dream over and over I heard "it is over" this was in a context of dealing with people not just about Christ but life now. I am not saying anyone is cut off from Christ, we are still under grace. But as we know the time will come when the Holy Spirit will withdraw and a great delusion will come. When dealing with people now I have and believe others here have found people are holding on to the lie even when the truth is plain to see. I just dealt with three people asking my help . I told them the truth and I believe they knew it was true but chose to hold on to the lie. The world is following the Bible so plain, the news everyday is as the Bible said increasing at a speed so easy to see but many do not. Its as if they are blind. It is over, for some I think they are so hard of heart it may be. I hope not.

What I got from this dream and I can't remember any other dream in a long while I feel was a warning of how bad it may get for us before the rapture and we need be ready. Just heard on a news cast tonight 11 Christians are killed on a daily basis. Christians are the most persecuted people. After Sri Lanka many democrats would not even say Christians killed but Easter worshipers. They see us as the enemy, believe it. close to 400 killed yet the news was 7 to 1 about Note dame and no one was killed there. Now I here Macron says minarets should be included in the rebuilding to please Muslims. What?  I totally believe this was a spiritual dream, of this I have no doubt. " It is over" Jacobs trouble is here, the birth pains closer and closer. Good things still happen God is in control. The new abortion movie lead almost 100 workers to want out of this murdering of babies, yes murder . I can't believe anyone thinks letting a child die after delivery  is not murder but they hold on to the lie. Its a live breathing heart beating human, how could letting them die not be murder. Sorry I could go on and on .

All I know was in this dream over and over I kept hearing " it is over" yes life now is and changing for the worse at breakneck speed. Life as we have known it is over. Always remember we win, God is in control. He told us if they hated Him they will hate us. One day it will be over and we will be with Jesus and live forever in our real home and this life here for us will be over. Thank you for your time, I hope this gives hope as it has me, I'm ready to go home, my true home, love the Lord with all your heart, obey Him , pray without ceasing and keep looking up.

Love in Christ your brother Blake

Funny when I put " it is over" in my search engine a site about Revelations was the first result.

Posted : April 27, 2019 7:27 pm
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Thanks for sharing.  The Lord is speaking many things to many people.  The overall message, is that time is running out.  When I hear "it is over", I hear grace is going, going, gone!

Truly, from this generation forward, things will only get worse.  This doesn't sit well with people who have "itchy" ears.  They only want to hear of the good things of God.  But as pointed out, the Lord has promised difficult and perilous times ahead.

No hardships only victories!  And whoever believes this, I've got a bridge that I'd like to sell them.




Posted : May 1, 2019 11:45 am
Patricia N.
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When I hear, "it is over," I think life as we used to know it before the Covid virus is over.  Yes, some businesses will reopen, but a lot will go away.  They say that the folks who lived through the Great Depression never really recovered from it because it totally changed the way they thought about everything.  And this shutdown because of Covid 19 will be the same for the people who live through it.

Posted : May 23, 2020 12:56 am
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On a more personal note and interpretation, reading your post the day after my brother responded the way he did to my final email appeal warning him of Daniel's 70th week rapidly approaching, the phrase "it is over" means to me my relationship with my brother is over.  We rarely communicated as it was.  He lives over 2,000 miles away and I honestly tend to think that I will probably never see him again, and may not even communicate with him again.  And, at this stage of life, part of me is OK with that.  He has chosen his destiny and the time is at hand.

I feel like we are getting to the point where Revelation 22:10-11 may apply, when men's hearts have become so calloused to the Lord that these words may be applicable:

"And he said to me, “Do not seal the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is at hand. 11 He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still.”

Here are the rewritten lyrics of the last verse and chorus to the Bruce Hornsby and the Range song, The Way It Is, which I often use to sing/pray over people driving by as I hold up my rapture warning sign on the corner of a very busy intersection in my community.  (And after doing it for about 5 years, the Lord just showed me something right now about the intersection that I had never thought about before.  It is at Highway 70 and Old Hickory Road--70 a God number tied to perfection and completeness and Old Hickory representing the old rugged cross.  Pretty cool.)

Well the Lord stands at an open door

But it will only be for a little more

Then the age of grace is done.

So you better come while there's still time

Don't hesitate or your left behind

For the wrath of the living God.

Chorus: Jesus is Lord of All

And He will never change

Jesus is Lord of All

Lord help them believe You

Posted : May 23, 2020 8:25 am
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I am surprised  and then not to see  this post reappear  after writing it over a year  ago. I have in the past couple of weeks written to another member here in a private message about how when trying  to talk to a group of people I was made fun of, I am physically disabled and can barely walk even with a cane. What hurt was not my pride but that upon  hearing truth this was the response,, these are older good neighbors  and it was a plain truth easy to see.  I see that hardening of hearts and a form of blindness is here. The past few months when trying to even begin to witness  its met as if I had not even spoken , totally ignored, subject changed. A year ago I had no idea things would be as they are today, so happy to be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.  As I wrote a year ago      " What I got from this dream and I can’t remember any other dream in a long while I feel was a warning of how bad it may get for us before the rapture and we need be ready."     Life has changed so much so fast , and when churches  are closed as nonessential but liquor stores  and abortions on demand are said to be essential ,  wrong is right , right is wrong. "It is over" I'm feeling was more than just a warning. At least to me. once again I write,   "First this is not a thus saith the Lord or the Lord said and I am not prophesizing. Please do not respond as if I am, this is no date setting it is what I dreamed and after several days many written and deleted times I feel to share."

Love in Christ

Blake :prayer-hands:

Posted : May 23, 2020 6:27 pm
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I posted this in Aril of 2019, there was no Covid virus, I do see how it was a warning , not just of the virus but as I said then how bad things might become before the rapture and how we needed to prepare. The virus would most certainly qualify for  this preparation and the need to be ready as all you have stated is true. :thankyou

Posted : May 23, 2020 11:22 pm