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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/10/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 7/10/2024

Two civilians killed in Hezbollah rocket attack on Golan Heights - Iran-backed terror group says barrage of some 40 projectiles was retaliation for the death of its operative, an ex-bodyguard for Nasrallah, in a purported Israeli strike in Syria

Israeli jets strike south Lebanon site of deadly Hezbollah rocket launch, says IDF

For second time, Hezbollah publishes drone footage of military sites in northern Israel

Hezbollah adopts low-tech strategy as it tries to evade advanced Israeli surveillance

Mossad Chief Heads to 'Decisive' Gaza Summit in Qatar; Officials Warn Wide Gaps Remain Between Israel, Hamas

US officials in Cairo for cease-fire talks between Israel, Hamas

Egypt enraged by Netanyahu's demands as talks stall, Israel-Cairo ties tumble

Israeli attack on Gaza City continues as Hamas says ceasefire efforts at risk

IDF demolishes 6 Gaza City tunnels, including Islamic Jihad's 'flagship' passageway

Dramatic footage shows Israel destroying 4 miles of Gaza terror tunnels, including Islamic Jihad 'flagship' route

Hamas' triple-decker tunnels for smuggling: IDF finds jaw-dropping maze on Gaza-Egypt border

Israeli Diploma: Hamas Tunnels Bigger Than NYC Subway System

Cigarette Smuggling in Gaza Turns Aid Trucks Into Targets

3 Released by Israel Found Dead in Handcuffs in Gaza

IDF denies Episcopal Church claim it ordered evacuation of Gaza City hospital

Israel rejects accusations by UN rights experts that it weaponized starvation in Gaza

US-built Gaza aid pier to resume for several days, then be permanently removed

GOP platform pledges to stand with Israel, deport 'pro-Hamas radicals' from US

Canada urges Israel to reverse decision to approve new West Bank settlements

Israel Moves to Legalize Illegal Outpost, Declares Evyatar Is Built on State-owned Land

Outgoing Israeli general condemns settler violence in occupied West Bank

Incoming EU president is antisemitic, corrupt Porto Jews say

'Bad for France and bad for the Jews': France's election results shock Jewish community

Meta to remove more posts targeting 'Zionists' after updating hate speech policy

Isolated by their 'allies,' LGBTQ Jews gather to parse Pride's anti-Israel leanings

Biden intel chief: Iran is funding, emboldening anti-Israel protests in US to sow discord

White House Warns Iran Against Meddling in US Gaza Protests

US State Department report finds persistent antisemitism in Qatari textbooks

Saudi influencer: 'Through the Hebrew Bible, I discovered the undeniable truth about Jews and Israel.'

Court says Netanyahu must begin testimony in his corruption trial in December

Amid squabbles, lawmakers in government no longer take its survival for granted

Defense minister says IDF will start drafting ultra-Orthodox men next month

Iranian president-elect reiterates commitment to destroying Israel

Iranian Christians Question Reformist Credentials of New President

Suspected attack by Yemen's Houthi rebels targets ship in Gulf of Aden

Turkey's Erdogan Wants to Mend Fences with Syria's Assad After Brutal Civil War

'Beyond anything I'd ever seen': Sudan facing worst levels of acute food insecurity ever recorded

A court in Moscow has issued an arrest warrant for the widow of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny on charges of extremism, according to state media

Feds shut down Russian 'bot farm' that spread AI-created lies for Putin

Zelenskyy rubbishes Orban's global 'peace mission' - Only world powers such as China, the U.S. or EU could undertake such mission, Ukraine president says

Sanctions on Russian oil brought Putin and Modi closer. Now they're in a nuclear embrace

At Least 41 Killed in Monday's Russian Missile Attacks, Ukraine Says

Kremlin says Kyiv children's hospital was hit by anti-missile fire, not by Russia

Six Russia Regions Attacked As Ukraine Hits Back After Hospital Bombing

Intelligence on Russian sabotage threat prompted increase in security at US military bases in Europe

WWIII Watch: China and Belarus Hold Joint Military Exercises Near Border with Poland and Ukraine

Ukraine's path to NATO membership 'irreversible,' allies expected to declare

Ukraine's President Pleads for More Weapons With Fewer Restrictions

Ukraine opens DC weapons office and Europe bolsters defense spending as November US election looms

Cost of modernizing US Air Force's nuclear missile arsenal increases by over 80%

France 'on the brink of financial meltdown' as 'rich to flee country over 90 percent tax'

Farage Booed During First Westminster Speech as he Slams Brexit Blocker Speaker Bercow

NATO summit becomes high-stakes test of Biden's fitness

Fox News reporter asks White House who gets called after 8 p.m. if nuke is launched at US

"He Has a Team" - Karine Jean-Pierre Confirms Biden is Not the First Person Contacted if Pentagon Detects Incoming Nuke in Middle of the Night

Troubling Report: Blinken Took Biden's Place at Key International Meeting Because President 'Had to Go to Bed'

Report: Joe Biden Skipped 2022 Meeting with German Chancellor to Sleep, Sent Antony Blinken in His Stead

Doocy to Jean-Pierre About Late Night Emergency: 'Who Do You Call? The First Lady?'

NY Times top White House scribe uses 'translation headsets' to understand Biden when he 'starts to mumble' - Translation headsets are traditionally used to interpret a foreign language

Biden's Biggest Donors Left Powerless to Sway Him to End Bid

"Felt Like a Funeral" - Democrat Lawmakers in Disarray in Critical House Caucus Meeting About Biden's Future

7th House Dem calls on Biden to drop out

Speaker Johnson says '25th Amendment is appropriate' to remove Biden

Biden's Cabinet has not discussed invoking 25th Amendment, Yellen says - Yellen defends Biden's mental acuity: He's 'extremely effective' in meetings

Parkinson's Doctor Tells NBC Biden Has 'Classic Features' of Disease: 'I Could Have Diagnosed Him From Across the Mall'

Former WH doc says KJP citing 'security reasons' to withhold info about Parkinson's doc a 'ridiculous excuse'

House will subpoena Biden doctor, seek records of medical visits outside White House, Comer vows

Navy sailor disciplined for trying to access Biden's medical records multiple times

George Stephanopolus admits he does not 'think' Biden can serve another four years

Poll finds Biden damaged by debate; with Harris and Clinton best positioned to win

New York Times: Defiant Biden 'Embarrassing Himself'

Jon Stewart claims concern about Joe Biden's health is 'new and urgent information,' suggests replacing him at convention - "There are no participation trophies in endgame democracy."

Report: Former Biden Stenographer Claims Biden Blackmailed Obama with Threats of Exposing Former President's Alleged Homosexual Affairs

Trump says Dems are trying to 'force' Biden out, believes he'll stay in the race - but Hunter is 'calling the shots'

WH: Hunter Biden Has Not Received Classified Info

"That's How They Get an Incapacitated Moron like Joe Biden Elected" - Trump Calls on GOP Lawyers to Sue to Stop Illegals from Voting and Democrats From Cheating in Another Presidential Election

Joe Biden Vows to Block Bill Requiring Proof of U.S. Citizenship to Vote, Calls Noncitizens Voting 'Extraordinarily Rare'

Trump says 'voting system is under siege,' urges House to pass SAVE act preventing non-citizen voting

Trump Fires Warning Shot Regarding 2024 Election: 'Zuckerbucks, Be Careful'

Software Expert: Thousands of Duplicate Ballots Were Counted in Georgia 2020 Election

Elon Musk Steps Up Election Integrity Crusade, Breaks Down How Democrats Make It Near Impossible to Prove Voter Fraud

Dershowitz: Schumer's Goal of Nixing Immunity 'Unconstitutional'

House Judiciary Releases Detailed Report on "How Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and Judge Merchan Violated the Constitutional and Legal Rights of President Trump"

Dem Senators Demand Ethics Probe of Justice Thomas

GOP-Led House Committee Adopts Amendment to Reduce AG Garland's Salary to $1 Until He Releases the Biden-Hur Tapes

Hunter Biden's Legal Team Gives Up Push for New Trial, Admits Embarrassing Gaffe

CheatGPT: 94 percent of AI-written college exams go undetected in startling study

No room for privacy: How Airbnb fails to protect guests from hidden cameras

Slain man's thumb sliced off and used to steal from his mobile payment app, officials say

Australia's cybersecurity agency says China-backed hackers behind online crimes

The Sun Unleashes Even More Powerful Solar Flares as Solar Maximum Continues - And there are no signs of stopping

6.7 magnitude earthquake hits south of Africa

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangai, Tonga

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Longyearbyen, Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 27,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,500ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Forecasters up hurricane season prediction after record-breaking Beryl

CSU experts increase hurricane forecast for Atlantic season: Beryl likely 'harbinger of a hyperactive season'

Biden points finger at Texas state leaders for delay in federal Beryl aid as they accuse him of politicizing storm

8 dead after Beryl landfall, millions without power

Beryl leaves millions of Texans without power as dangerous heat descends on the region

Remnants of Hurricane Beryl leave streets flooded, drivers stranded in Chicago area

Mumbai paralyzed after receiving 300 mm (11.8 inches) of rainfall in just 6 hours

Record-breaking heat in Japan leads to 4 deaths as mercury touches 40C (104F)

California wildfires force more evacuations, threaten Neverland Ranch

Multiple Liberal Media Outlets Report on Death of Senator Jim Inhofe by Smearing Him as a 'Climate Change Denier'

Washington state is 'ground zero' for EV charging port thefts

Teen shot by Sonia Sotomayor's bodyguards during attempted carjacking in DC

Satanists demand inclusion in Florida's in-school chaplain program - "DeSantis fails to recognize that it is not the place of the government to confer unique rights to one religious identity while denying them to another."

N.Y. prosecutors in Harvey Weinstein retrial are investigating additional sexual assault claims

Survivor Joyce Meyer, Dr. Ben Carson withdraw from Gateway Church series after child sex abuse allegations against Robert Morris

Woke activists oppose California bill making it a felony to purchase sex from children, claiming it will harm LGBTQ community, people or color

Pennsylvania man accused of killing, dismembering trans teen he met through dating app

'It hit the panic alarm': Trans teen's killing in Pennsylvania shocks LGBTQ+ community

Time to Take Down the Pride Flags and Put 'In God We Trust' on Every Federal Building, Sen. Josh Hawley Says

RNC panel approves new Trump-backed platform softening abortion and same-sex marriage language

Pence, anti-abortion Republicans denounce Trump-backed RNC platform

Southern Baptist President Slams GOP Over Abortion Backpedal: 'Platform May Be Subject to Change, But God's Word Is Not'

AP Poll: Abortion Access 'for Any Reason' Gaining Support

Report: Pregnant House Democrat Openly Contemplates Aborting Her Unborn Child

Woman Who Received Pig Kidney Transplant Dies

STD diagnoses jumped in recent years, especially among seniors

CDC issues urgent dengue fever warning as 41 travelers in New Jersey infected

New COVID Variant FLiRT Causing Severe Symptoms

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Things continue to boil over in the middle east.