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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/21/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/21/2024

Israel unprepared for full-blown war with Hezbollah - senior electricity official

Israel moving resources from Gaza to prepare for war in north, report

US said to fear Iron Dome could be overwhelmed in all-out war with Hezbollah

'If Nasrallah wants to take down Israel's power grid, he only needs to make a call,' Noga CEO says

Senior Hamas official: IDF spokesman 'confessed' Israel has failed in Gaza war goals

Two IDF reservists killed, 3 seriously hurt in Hamas mortar attack in central Gaza

IDF says it struck rocket launcher stationed inside Gazan 'humanitarian zone'

Drone finds tunnel shaft under child's bed in Rafah - While searching a building soldiers located large quantities of weapons hidden in wardrobes, including grenades, explosives, a launcher and anti-tank missiles, ammunition, and arms

Report claims only 50 hostages in Gaza still thought alive

Netanyahu responds after WH again denies it's withholding weapons in war with Hamas

Netanyahu Decries 'Personal Attacks' as White House Blasts 'Disappointing' Video Attacking Biden

Netanyahu willing to 'suffer personal attacks' if US sends weapons amid White House row

Kirby calls Netanyahu comments the Biden administration withholding weapons and ammunition 'disappointing and vexing'

White House blasts Netanyahu for 'bottleneck' claim: No one's helped him more than US

UN experts say firms sending arms to Israel could be complicit in abuses

UN says Israel's use of heavy bombs in Gaza is potential war crime; Israel rejects allegations

Surveillance troops spotted 'highly irregular' Hamas drill 4 days before Oct. 7

Lawlessness Is Preventing Delivery of Gaza Aid - Crime groups have stepped into vacuum caused by collapse of Hamas authority

US-built pier in Gaza resumes operations after latest weather setback, official says

Gaza's broken water system crippling children with sickness

Dem lawmakers demand Biden open 'pathways to Palestinian refugees' for resettlement in the US

Thousands rally against government outside Netanyahu's Caesarea home

Paul Sperry: War College: How a Berkeley Professor Inspired and Engineered Anti-Israel Protests

Manhattan DA drops charges against Columbia University students arrested at anti-Israel protests

Over 50 bomb threats sent to Florida synagogues in one day

Mob of teens hurl traffic cones, bottles at Jewish man on Brooklyn street: NYPD

German government reports rise in extremist crimes, partly due to Israel-Hamas war

French rivals Macron, Le Pen decry Jewish girl's gang rape as antisemitic attack sends pre-election shockwave

Tory candidate accused of posting 'antisemitic' image of hook-nosed 'carpetbaggers'

Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox block highway in protest against IDF enlistment

IDF transfers powers in occupied West Bank to pro-settler civil servants - Transfer to officials led by far-right Bezalel Smotrich removes legal checks on settlement expansion

Settler Real Estate Company Allegedly Sold Land It Doesn't Own. Israel Threatens Legal Action

The shipping industry is sounding the alarm as another vessel sinks in the Red Sea

Report: Iran Has Massive Expansion of Nuclear Facility, Close to Bomb

Iran's reformist candidate jolts presidential race with nuclear pitch

Iran Threatens 'Retaliatory Response' Against Canada for Listing IRGC as Terrorists

Iraqi Migrant Arrested in Germany Over Alleged ISIS Attack Plan

Pacific on the Edge of War as Chinese Naval Forces Board and Seize Military Boats of US Ally

'Only pirates do this': Philippines accuses China of using bladed weapons in major South China Sea escalation

Map shows Chinese-owned farmland next to 19 US military bases in 'alarming' threat to national security: experts

Biden Admin Accused of 'Actively Endangering Our National Security' with New Missile Policy That Prioritizes Ukraine Above All Else

New US-Ukraine Bilateral Security Agreement: A Path to Escalation and Burden on American Taxpayers

US signals that it has expanded policy to allow Ukraine to counterstrike into Russia

Russia Pounds Ukraine's Power Grid, Kyiv Targets Russian Oil Sites

Russia obliterates front-line Ukraine towns by retrofitting bombs

Russian-American Woman Goes on Trial for Treason After Donating Funds to Ukraine

Brazil, Mexico and Colombia say no to peace and yes to Putin

Putin's Hybrid War Opens a Second Front on NATO's Eastern Border

Concerns mount as Russia and North Korea commit to a mutual defense pact

Putin's closeness with Kim makes him look 'increasingly desperate,' says fmr. CIA analyst

Putin Threatens to Arm North Korea, Escalating Tension With West Over Ukraine

South Korea to reconsider providing weapons to Ukraine

Rishi Sunak Set To Be First Premier To Lose His Parliament Seat in Snap General Elections, With Huge Labour Majority and Tories Decimated

Jim Jordan says Merrick Garland contempt case will go to court

DOJ concealing info on probe into whether Hunter Biden violated 'debauchery' law, watchdog says

White House deja vu: 'Cheap fake' Biden videos are media's 2024 Hunter laptop lies

'This Is the Entire Election': CNN's Van Jones Says 'Game Over' if Biden Messes Up at Debate

Gen. Flynn Warning: Before Nov., Dems Can Stick Us with Unelected POTUS/VP - Technically Legal, Extremely Troubling

Trump Lawyers File Motion to Remove Engoron From NYC Civil Fraud Case After it Was Revealed Judge Had 'Improper' Conversation with Real Estate Attorney

Trump classified docs judge to weigh alleged 'unlawful' appointment of Special Counsel Jack Smith

"Intentional": Harvard legal scholar says SCOTUS "deliberately delayed" Trump immunity ruling - "The delay that has occurred here is intentional, and it is destructive of our democratic process," professor says

Scott Presler: 'The More They Indict' Donald Trump, 'the More They Unite Us'

Scott Presler: If Every Christian Voted, 'We Would Never Lose Another Presidential Election'

'This is scary': Biden's FCC helps major Dem donor George Soros 'fast-track' takeover of massive radio network: report

'Orwellian': EU's push to mass scan private messages on WhatsApp, Signal

New Google footage teases future of AI-generated movies with DeepMind tool that even creates soundtracks for videos

Humans must adopt 'new way of life' to defeat AI's sinister advantage that helps it manipulate us, expert warns

Frontier fallout as 750K customers' data exposed in RansomHub cyberattack

Car Dealerships Across US Halt Services After Cyberattack

China Targets US With Hacking Contests

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Abepura, Indonesia

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 18,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Tropical Storm Alberto weakens over northeast Mexico after heavy rains killed 3

Extreme heat kills hundreds, millions more sweltering worldwide as summer begins

Hajj death toll tops 1,000 after extreme heat: AFP tally

Five dead, dozens hurt in wildfires in southeastern Turkey, says minister

Northern California wildfire now largest in the state at 19,000 acres

NOAA: Natural Disasters Cost US $25 Billion in 2024

Climate Agitators Breach Airport, Target Taylor Swift's Private Jet

Biden's Green Energy Agenda Would Make the U.S. Military Reliant on China, Study Finds

Pentagon Scheming to Force-Feed U.S. Troops "Experimental" Lab-Grown Meat to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Firestorm erupts over requiring women to sign up for military draft

New Louisiana law requiring classrooms to display Ten Commandments churns old political conflicts over the role of religion in government institutions

Archbishop Vigano says he faces schism charges from Vatican's doctrinal office

Reports: U.S. Halts Avocado Imports After Abduction of USDA Inspectors in Mexico

Mexican cartels offering pricey VIP package for migrants trying to get into US

U.S. sanctions top Mexican cartel leaders, including alleged assassin known as "The Doctor"

Explosive Undercover Footage Reveals Biden's State Department Official Admitting 'Great Replacement Theory' is Real - Admits Deliberately Importing Criminals

Chip Roy: Most Democrats Opposed Efforts to Stop Noncitizen Voting, Base Congressional Allocations on Citizens Only

Chaos Erupts at Juneteenth Event as Gunfire Rings Out - Multiple Attendees Hospitalized

Joe Biden's America: Five Illegals Arrested in Kidnapping of 14-Year-Old Girl From Her Indiana Home

Joy Reid and Rep. Jayapal laugh at report of 13-year-old getting raped by illegal immigrant in Queens, call it 'fear-mongering'

Pornhub Blocks Access in Five More States over Age Verification Laws

User Beware: Disturbing Report Reveals How Much Sexual Content Is Fed to Minors on Instagram

Social Media Exposes Kids to Pressure, Pornography, and Predators: 'We Better Do Something,' Expert Warns

Hochul signs bills banning 'addictive' social media algorithms for minors

EU cancels vote on child sexual abuse law amid encryption concerns

Pilot's Union Suggests Changing 'Cockpit' to 'Flight Deck' for Inclusivity

Texas Children's Hospital temporarily shuts down child sex change clinic as AG investigates

Fearing Trump Abortion Ban, Dems Seek Comstock Act Repeal

Democrats target 150-year-old 'zombie law,' warning the GOP could use it to ban abortion

Bill Allowing Doctor-Assisted Suicide in Delaware Fails in Senate

Global surge in infectious diseases as over 40 countries report outbreaks 10-fold over pre-pandemic levels

Ex-CDC Director: "We Will Have a Bird Flu Pandemic - Just a Matter of Time"

"We're flying blind": CDC has 1 million bird flu tests ready, but experts see repeat of COVID missteps

Feds try to delay release of non-public COVID vaccine safety data until at least 2026

Biden's America: DHS Intel Group Led by Brennan and Clapper Proposed Plan to Have Americans Snitch on Their Neighbors and Redefining Political Dissent as "Public Health" So More People Will Snitch

Fauci says he's guilty of 'trying to save people's lives'

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