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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/19/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/19/2024

In open threat, Hezbollah publishes drone footage of sites in northern Israel

Israel warns of prospect of 'all-out war' after Hezbollah publishes video of military, civilian sites

IDF kills Hezbollah rocket specialist amid rare 3-day lull in terror group's fire

Lebanese Christian MP Warns Islamic Hezbollah Terror Group: 'We Can Mobilize 20,000 Fighters'

Top Israeli generals approve battle plans for Lebanon offensive, army says

In Beirut, US envoy urges de-escalation between Israel, Hezbollah: 'Achievable, urgent'

No one wants to see regional war in Middle East - Pentagon

Qatari PM meets Hamas leader to pressure group to accept ceasefire deal

Israel says Rafah offensive goals nearly achieved

In Rafah, IDF focuses on tunnels with aim of destroying Hamas brigade within a month

At least 17 killed in Gaza refugee camps after latest Israeli strikes, say medics

UK drastically cuts arms exports to Israel - report

Netanyahu Attacks Biden: 'Inconceivable' to Hold Back Arms Shipments to Israel

White House baffled by Netanyahu's claim Biden is withholding weapons

Biden administration strongly denies Netanyahu's claim US is blocking arms shipments amid war with Hamas

White House cancels meeting, scolds Netanyahu in protest over video

Blinken confirms US is still pausing a shipment of heavy bombs to Israel as Netanyahu increases pressure on admin

NY Times: US Gaza aid pier may be dismantled soon, after little success

Senior US official says Israel not behind aid distribution woes in Gaza

UN says lawlessness in Gaza impedes aid via Kerem Shalom despite Israel's military pause

US official: Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar a 'psychopath and messianic'

Report: New Evidence Reveals IDF Had Detailed Prior Knowledge of Hamas Plan to Raid Israel

'We cannot look away,' Kamala Harris says after White House screening of 7/10 documentary

Netanyahu to meet with relatives of deceased hostages amid mounting backlash

Preaching unity, Netanyahu slams 'loud, sometimes violent' anti-government protesters

Protesters block highways ahead of Knesset protest amid 'week of disruption'

U of Michigan, CUNY agree to make changes following federal antisemitism investigations

Wikipedia moves to bar ADL, claiming reliability concerns on Israel and antisemitim

Jewish girl, 12, gang raped in Paris in apparent antisemitic attack

Three teens arrested in France on suspicion of raping 12-year-old Jewish girl

Jews killed for being Jews: 'We must adopt precise definitions for antisemitic attacks worldwide'

AI could spread false and misleading information on Holocaust, UNESCO report warns

Amid war, Israel opens R&D center to put the country on the map of quantum computing

'The Americans Are Pressing' - Report: Netanyahu Asks Police Why 'Not a Single Radical Jew' Was Arrested in Killing of Palestinians

High Court raises constitutional concerns over law granting Ben Gvir police powers

MKs hope for compromise as contentious Haredi draft bill goes to committee

'Lebanon, Part of the Promised Land': Israel's Messianic Right Wing Targets New Territory for Settlements

Haaretz commentary: Far-right Israel's Fantasies About Expansion Into Gaza and Lebanon Will Kill Us All

Labor senator Fatima Payman calls on government to 'recognise Palestine' in rebuke to Albanese

Israel modernizing nuclear capabilities, upgrading production facilities - report

World's nuclear powers strengthening arsenals as geopolitical tensions grow, report finds

Trump's ex-national security advisor wants to restart US nuke testing. Nuclear experts warn that's not a good idea.

'Nobody Follows It': U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Says Obama's 2015 Iran Deal 'Means Nothing'

Iranian presidential candidates debate economic issues as elections near

Houthis Believed to Have Sunk 2ndShip, the Tutor, in the Red Sea, UKMTO Says

US Approves $360M Arms Sale to Taiwan for Drones, Missiles

US blasts 'aggressive' China over South China Sea collision with Philippine ship

As Philippines sailor hurt in South China Sea incident, U.S. cites risk of "much more violent" confrontation

North Korean Troops Suffer Multiple Casualties After Attempting to Enter DMZ

Putin Arrives In North Korea For First Visit In 24 Years, Vows To Fight US-led Sanctions

Putin meets with Kim Jong Un in North Korea to garner support for Ukraine war

Vladimir Putin Praises 'Dignity and Courage' of North Korea, Vowing Russia's Support on Eve of Visit

'Morally and Strategically Unjustifiable': Trudeau's Canada Sends Warship to Cuba

Over 120 people hospitalized, 30 in ICU, with suspected botulism in Moscow; criminal probe launched

Smoking Gun Email: Burisma Owner Demanded Devon Archer Ask US Government to Stop Probe of Burisma - So Joe Biden Forced Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor

FBI Knew Since 2016 Hunter Biden's Team Nearly Scored $120 Million Ukrainian Deal While Joe Biden was VP

Secret Service Destroyed Video of Biden's Dog Commander Biting Agent in Brutal Attack That Drew Blood

Secret Service destroyed video evidence of Biden's dog attacking agent - White House tours stopped to clean up the blood: report

Karine Jean-Pierre's lies about 'deepfake' videos revealed Biden team's worries, says Kellyanne Conway

Piers Morgan Asserts Obama/Biden Arm-Grab Incident Reveals More Than a Senior Moment - It Exposes a President Unfit for Office

Billionaire Bill Ackman: 'The Democratic Party is Destroying Itself by Advancing Biden for a Second Term'

Rachel Maddow: 'I Don't Think Anyone Is Safe' in Second Trump Term

New York Court Denies Trump Gag Order Appeal - Trump Still Gagged After Jury Returns Guilty Verdict in Hush Money Trial

Connecticut Bar Association Warns Lawyers that Dissenting Opinions on the Trump Bragg Lawfare Suit Will Not Be Tolerated

House GOP moves to reverse J6 committee subpoena against Trump advisors days before Steve Bannon is set to report to prison

DOJ Leaks Steve Bannon's Prison Arrangements to CNN - Will Serve Alongside Sex Offenders and Violent Criminals

CNN gloats over Steve Bannon being placed with 'violent criminals and sex offenders' in prison

Political Earthquake! New Jersey Democrat Kingmaker George Norcross Indicted on Racketeering Charges

Former Obama fundraiser disenchanted with Dems flips to Trump: Biden 'asleep at the wheel'

Poll: Most Biden Voters Admit They Are Voting 'AGAINST' Trump Rather than 'FOR' Biden

Make Europe Great Again: Hungary channels Trump in EU presidency slogan

Globalist Ursula von der Leyen Struggles To Get Support for a Second Term as EU Commissioner, After Right Wing Populist Surge in European Elections Shifts the Geopolitical Forces

Report: FCC Fast-Tracking Soros Radio Takeover

911 Services Across Massachusetts Down For Several Hours After System Crashes - Authorities Won't Say Why

Automaker Stellantis Recalls Nearly 1.2 Million Cars Due to Software Glitch

Pressed at Senate hearing, Boeing CEO insists on renewed safety culture

'I know it happens': Boeing chief admits the company has retaliated against whistleblowers

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun admits 'something went wrong' after a worker who flagged a safety issue got 40 manager calls in two days

Virgin Australia Boeing 737 Makes Emergency Landing in New Zealand After Engine Fire

Is Leaky Starliner Stuck at the ISS? Boeing and NASA Say No Despite Yet Another Delay

NASA is putting an 'artificial star' in orbit around Earth - It will be the first astronomical tool of its kind that could revolutionize the way we study space

NASA warns that a giant 210 ft yacht-sized asteroid is set to pass by Earth "alarmingly close"

'Once-in-a-lifetime event': Explosion in space to look like new star, NASA says

Stonehenge To See Rare Alignment This Week - A 'Major Lunar Standstill'

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Hihifo, Tonga

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Kermadec Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Isangel, Vanuatu

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 18,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Increased volcanic activity at Home Reef volcano in Tonga, sailors advised to maintain distance

Commentary: Is Recent Extreme Weather Signaling God's Displeasure with America?

Strengthening tropical rainstorm to bring intense rain, flooding to Gulf Coast

Extreme rainstorms flood China's Guangdong and Fujian

Thousands evacuated as floods and deadly landslides hit southeast China

Heavy rains and landslides hit Central America, claiming 13 lives in El Salvador and Guatemala

Destructive storms hit Ecuador, claiming at least 10 lives

More than 550 hajj pilgrims die in Mecca as temperatures exceed 50C

Alarmists Warn of 'Heat Dome' over U.S. Tied to Human-Induced Climate Change

California wildfires force evacuations of thousands; Sonoma County wineries dodge bullet

Two Wildfires in New Mexico Burn Out of Control and Force Evacuations

Thousands Flee New Mexico Wildfires; Gov Declares Emergency

Monolith Mania: Another Mysterious Metal Artifact Found, This Time in a Desert Near Las Vegas

Biden's Brain Malfunctions as He Announces Mass Amnesty for Illegals Months Before Election

WH releases details on Biden amnesty plan, Johnson says it will incentivize more illegal immigration

Experts Warn that Democrats Are Keeping the Southern Border Insecure for Political Gain

Biden to give 'dreamers' work visas without congressional approval

Half a million immigrants could eventually get US citizenship under a sweeping new plan from Biden

Biden's HHS released 400,000 illegal immigrant minors into US, mostly teen males, with no oversight: report

Ecuadorian man arrested over violent rape of Queens minor was ordered to leave US by judge in 2022: report

Sanctuary NYC: Migrant, Freed into U.S. by Biden's DHS, Accused of Raping Girl at Knifepoint in Broad Daylight

Top Senate Republicans demand answers from Mayorkas after suspected ISIS terrorists released into US at border

Three dead, including suspect, after shooting in Toronto office building

UK's richest family on trial for human trafficking

House Ethics Panel confirms Gaetz to be investigated for alleged sexual misconduct, illicit drug use

Texas megachurch pastor Robert Morris resigns after "inappropriate sexual behavior" with 12-year-old

Colorado LGBT club mass shooter pleads guilty to 50 federal hate crimes

Transgender Plaintiffs' Challenge to Oklahoma Ban on Changing Birth Certificates Revived

NFL Team Hit with Backlash After Sponsoring 'Gay Flag Football League' in Controversial Move - 'No Way This Is Real'

Bay Area group hosts cabaret event to support drag queens boycotting San Francisco Pride 'in solidarity with Palestine'

Biden Regime Sends FBI to Intimidate Nurse Who Blew the Whistle on Texas Children's Hospital's Child Sex-Change Program

Washington Health Dept's 'Teen Health Hub' offers access to abortion, child sex change services without parental consent

Thailand's Senate overwhelmingly approves a bill to legalize same-sex marriage

Shock Report: US Drug Shortage Reaches a Dangerous New High

At least 5 contract West Nile Virus in Tel Aviv, 2 seriously ill

Fauci: More People in Red States Died from COVID Because of 'Political Ideology'

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Israel may as well continue and clean up the entire mess.