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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/17/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/17/2024

Israeli cabinet to act against PA, unilateral Palestinian statehood

Israel to 'strengthen' Jewish settlements in West Bank after countries recognize Palestinian state

Biden Adviser in Israel Monday to Avert Israel, Lebanon Escalation

US concerned conflict on Israel's northern border could inflame region after increased Hezbollah aggression

IDF warns Hezbollah is bringing Israel to the brink of a 'wider escalation'

Hezbollah bigger challenge than Hamas to Israel: 'Crown jewel in the Iranian empire of terror'

Fighting will continue in Rafah until Hamas is defeated there, says IDF general

11 funerals for IDF commanders, soldiers held across Israel as nation mourns

Netanyahu tells ministers he's disbanding war cabinet, amid Ben Gvir's demands to join

PM hints at disagreements with IDF: Israel is a 'country with an army, not an army with a country'

High Court orders state comptroller to suspend October 7 probe into IDF, Shin Bet

Yair Netanyahu again attacks IDF over Oct. 7: If there was no treason, why are they so afraid of an investigation?

Netanyahu Denounces Tactical Pauses in Gaza Fighting to Get in Aid

UK 'morally incoherent' for sending arms to Israel and aid to Gaza, says Oxfam chief

Flies, mosquitoes, raw sewage and mountains of garbage threaten to worsen Gaza's health crisis

Docs: Al Jazeera Is Hamas' 'Propaganda, Intelligence Arm'

Maldives Effort to Ban Israelis Faces Challenge: Arabs with Israeli Passports

Ancient Military Base Discovered, Potentially Corroborate Bible Story of God's Angel Killing 185,000 Assyrian Soldiers

ISIS kills dozens of Christians in DRC; churches close after latest attacks

'We need the world to wake up': Sudan facing world's deadliest famine in 40 years - Millions face disaster as Sudanese army and RSF accused of using food access as a weapon in on-going war

Yemen's Houthis attacks two ships and American destroyer

Nuclear arms spending soars as global tensions ratchet up, studies show

At the Same Time Biden Lost US Airbases in Niger the former US Ally was Negotiating Sale of 300 Tons of Yellowcake Uranium with Iran

Chinese President Xi Jinping claimed United States is trying to goad Beijing into a military conflict with Taiwan: report

Biden commits U.S. taxpayers to 10 years of 'blank check' funding of war in Ukraine: War's 'dark side' includes organ harvesting and child sex trafficking

Russian forces storm a detention facility to rescue staff taken hostage, killing hostage-takers

Map Shows Russia's Probing NATO Borders with Airspace Violations

Peace talks tomorrow if Russia leaves Ukraine - Zelensky

78 Countries Agree Territorial Integrity of Ukraine Essential

Sullivan: Putin's Ukraine Peace Proposal 'Defies Basic Morality'

Forever War: Zelensky, Western Leaders Reject Putin Ceasefire Proposals at Swiss Peace Summit

Tom Cotton: 'Putin Only Invades Ukraine When Democrats Are President'

Nyet Parusky: Ukrainians want the Bible translated into their own language

Jimmy Kimmel Says America 'Might Need an Exorcism' at Hollywood Biden Fundraiser

White House Defends Biden After Video Shows Him Freezing Up at Hollywood Fundraiser, Being Led Offstage by Barack Obama

Dr. Ben Carson on Biden's Health: "They Knew from the Beginning That he was Having Some Cognitive Issues"

Joe Biden unironically declares Saturday June 15 'World Elder Abuse Awareness Day'

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Says She Has Heard Biden Will 'Likely' Be Replaced as Democrat Nominee

GOP Rep says House sergeant-at-arms should take Garland into custody

House Republican urges SCOTUS to overturn Trump verdict

Election integrity advocates score wins in majority of lawsuits ahead of November

Microsoft Defends Its Intimate Relationship with China to Congress After Chinese Hackers Infiltrated Its Software

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Atiquipa, Peru

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Fiji region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Houma, Tonga

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Extreme rainfall, deadly floods and landslides hit China's Fujian, forcing 36,000 to evacuate

Tropical rainstorm to bring deluge of rain to Texas, Louisiana

Extremely heavy rains hit Abidjan, causing deadly floods, Ivory Coast

Much of US Braces for Extreme Weather, from Southern Heat Wave to Possible Snow in the Rockies

Summer snow in Montana, NWS issues rare June Winter Storm Watch

14 Jordanians Die in Intense Heat During Hajj Pilgrimage

A fast-moving wildfire spreads north of Los Angeles, forcing evacuations

Strong winds, steep terrain hamper crews battling Los Angeles area's first major fire of the year

House Judiciary Republicans take aim at 'climate cartel' on accusations of antitrust activities

Singapore rushes to clean up oil slick after boat hits fuel supply ship

Singapore oil slick closes beaches on resort island

Sen. Murphy says Supreme Court is readying to 'fundamentally rewrite' Second Amendment after bump stock ruling

Gunman Shoots At Least 8 People, Including 2 Children at Michigan Splash Pad - Takes Own Life After Police Standoff

Police: 5 shot during event in Cincinnati park; all injuries considered non-life-threatening

Two dead after Juneteenth festival shooting in Round Rock, Texas

House Intel Committee Chair Says US is at 'Highest Level of a Possible Terrorist Threat'

Border Patrol in California Seizes 25 AK-Style Rifles Destined for Mexican Cartel

Report: Migrants, MS-13, and Russian Fraudsters Form Massive NYC Injury Insurance Scheme

'Kissing and petting': Trump 'spiritual advisor' tries to dismiss molesting 12-year old

Longtime Southern Baptist leader Paul Pressler, who was accused of sexual abuse, dies at 94

Several injured after 'chemical agent,' fireworks caused mass exodus at Baltimore Pride event

First Gay Pride in Ukraine since beginning of Russian invasion takes place in Kyiv

LGBTQ soldiers in Ukraine hope their service is changing attitudes as they rally for legal rights

Canadian doctors demand ability to offer child sex change services via video call

New Hampshire Teacher Fired After Taking Student to Get an Abortion Behind Parents' Backs

After Roe v. Wade repeal, abortion migration stats trending up from southern to northern states

Couples Sue After Being Kicked Out of State Foster Care Program Over Christian Beliefs

A rare flesh-eating bacteria that can kill people in 48 hours is spreading in Japan and could have a 'terrifying' mortality rate

Former CDC Director: 'Just a Matter of Time' Until Bird Flu Pandemic with 'Significant Mortality' in Humans

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It's all coming to a head very very quickly.