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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/15/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/15/2024

Tensions between Israel and Hezbollah stir U.S. fears of wider conflict

G7 leaders tell Israel avoid escalation in Lebanon, isolation of Palestinian Authority

US officials worry deeper Israeli strikes in Lebanon, intensifying Hezbollah rocket attacks, could spark war

Jets hit Hezbollah center next to rocket launch site, projectiles fired at north

Motorcyclist targeted in reported Israeli drone strike in southern Lebanon

Gallant says Israel won't join Macron's trilateral task force to defuse Hezbollah tensions

Poll: Most Palestinians 'Satisfied' With Hamas Terror War

Report: Israel Says 104 Palestinian Casualties in Hostage Rescue, All Combatants

Hostages Confirm Being Held by Journalist; CNN Still Says 'Without Evidence'

Mother: Female Israeli Hostages Kept as 'Slaves' in Gaza 'Luxury Villa'

New details on hostage rescue indicate operation was nearly canceled at the last minute

Report: US army in October planned, shelved, potential op to rescue American hostages

US issues sanctions on 'violent extremist' Israeli group for blocking aid into Gaza

US floating Gaza pier dismantled again for raging seas: CENTCOM

US to temporarily remove aid pier from Gaza coast again due to bad weather

G7 calls on Israel to stop hobbling PA; say UNRWA must operate unhindered in Gaza

Trump vows to build Israel-style 'Great Iron Dome' over US if re-elected: 'Made in America'

At The Hague, Israelis brave protests to present a portable 'Hamas tunnel' exhibit

Pilgrims begin hajj in Mecca, with 1,000 Gazans joining at invitation of Saudi king

Barclays bank pulls out of UK music festivals after boycotts over Israel ties

Houthis Threaten Saudi Arabia: Don't 'Disgrace' Country by Befriending Israel

Commercial Ship on Fire After Houthi Missile Attack, Crewmember Injured

Houthi attack forces crew to abandon coal carrier in Red Sea

US military says it destroyed Houthi radars, vessels

US Navy faces its most intense combat since World War II against Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels

US says it will raise pressure on Iran if it does not cooperate with UN watchdog

Iran defies Biden, UN by enriching uranium for nuclear weapons program

Iran installing and starting cascades of advanced centrifuges as tensions high over nuclear program

UN watchdog says Iran has activated new advanced centrifuges, plans to install more

US plans to turn Taiwan Strait into 'unmanned Hellscape' if China invades: top admiral

Report: China Tries to Undermine Zelensky Peace Summit with Rival Pro-Russian Plan

Peace Summit for Ukraine Opens in Switzerland

Ukrainian President Zelensky Rejects Putin's Peace Offer Calling the Offer an Ultimatum Message

NATO to finalize agreement giving alliance greater control over military aid to Ukraine

Putin Vows Punishment for West's 'Theft' of Russia Assets

The New Russian Hoax - Media Group Equates Not Supporting Ukraine to Being Pro-Russia

US Attack Sub, Canada Navy Patrol Ship Arrive in Cuba

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Slams Joe Biden's 'Posture of Weakness' for Presence of Russian Warships Off Florida's Coast, Says Adversaries Will Not Be Deterred 'By a President Wandering Around Aimlessly at the G7'

French freak-out: Why elections in France are rattling global markets

At G7, Macron in foreign policy limbo after dissolution gamble

'Britain is Broken': Farage Broadcasts Political TV Ad, And It's Five Minutes of Silence

'Funeral Vibe': China Mocks 'Deflated' G7 Summit

'Worst he has ever been': Biden's condition shocks diplomats at G7 summit - The report came after Biden appeared to wander off confused in the middle of a parachute display at the summit

NBC: Conservative media uses misleading camera angle of Biden to falsely claim he was wandering aimlessly

National Embarrassment: Joe Biden Bumps Heads with Pope Francis at G7

Report: Joe Biden Watched His Dog Commander Bite Secret Service Agents, Then Accused Them of Lying

DOJ Won't Prosecute Garland for Contempt, Says Refusal to Provide Audio Not a Crime

Speaker Johnson: House Will Go to Court for Biden Audio After DOJ Refuses to Prosecute AG

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Says 'Inherent Contempt' Vote Will Be Brought to House Floor Forcing Sgt. of Arms to Arrest Merrick Garland After DOJ Declines Prosecution

Obeidallah: GOP a 'Fascist Movement' Willing to Use Violence to Acquire Power

'Tainted and corrupted': Gingrich calls on GOP-led House to 'repudiate' Jan. 6 Committee

Gingrich slams J6 Committee for being 'totally dishonest,' as behavior of evidence tampering, destroying documents emerge

Smoking Gun: Rep. Andy Biggs Releases Timeline Proving Biden's Direct Collusion with Prosecutors to Take Down Trump

Biden campaign trolls Trump's 78 'accomplishments' on former president's birthday

Media Hyping Trump's Age as He Turns 78: 'Giving Off the Old, Drunken Uncle Vibe'

Keith Olbermann calls for AP reporters to be fired after article about Trump's visit with GOP lawmakers

Pelosi: Trump Is Crooked, Lazy Person - 'He Knows He's an Imposter'

Pelosi calls on Trump's family, Republican Party to stage an 'intervention' for him: 'A cult to a thug'

'Who really is their God?': Raphael Warnock criticizes pro-Trump Evangelical Christians - "These same folks who raised these issues around family values and private morality are the ones who are speaking as if he is the Messiah of God."

Supreme Court Doesn't Rule on Trump's Immunity Claims

Bernie Kerik: Bill Barr, FBI, DOJ Knew Hunter Laptop was Real

Convicted Felon Hunter Biden Drops Lawsuit Against Rudy Giuliani and Former NYC Mayor's Ex-Lawyer Following Recent Conviction

RNC Launching Massive Effort to Monitor Voting

Stanford Internet Observatory, Sued by The Gateway Pundit and America First Legal for their Primary Role in the Censoring Critical COVID-19 and 2020 Election Information, is Finally Shutting Down: Report

Nolte: Fascist CNN Seeks to Intimidate Ticketmaster into Blacklisting Tucker Carlson Tour

Alex Jones' personal assets to be sold to pay $1.5B Sandy Hook debt. Company bankruptcy is dismissed

Cuba Hosts 'Political Humor' Event - But No Fidel Jokes Allowed

ChatGPT Gets Even More Evil: OpenAI Appoints Former NSA Chief to Board of Directors

Report: FAA investigates counterfeit titanium used in Boeing, Airbus jets - Some jets from Boeing and Airbus have components that were sold using false documentation to verify the material's authenticity

Southwest Airlines Boeing Plane Damaged in Rare 'Dutch Roll' Incident

Vladimir Putin Signs Law to Build Russian-Chinese Base on the Moon

Donald Trump on Aliens: Pilots Tell Me They Have Seen the Inexplicable

Epic solar storm impacts Mars

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 11,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Severe storm floods Palma de Mallorca Airport, suspending flights, Spain

State of catastrophe in Chile after floods damage more than 2,000 homes

Record-breaking, widespread and stubborn heat wave to blanket U.S. next week

Supreme Court Delivers Blow to Gun-Grabbers, Rules ATF Cannot Ban Bump Stocks

'ISIS isn't done with us': Arrested Tajiks highlight US fears of terror attack on US

Bosnian immigrant convicted in Kentucky for training with ISIS

Texas' #1 Most Wanted Criminal Illegal Immigrant Arrested

Biden's Migrant Wave Sends Hordes of Pickpockets to New York

Study: Non-Citizens Accounted for 64% of Arrests for Federal Offenses in 2018

SCOTUS Rules 5-4 Against Illegal Aliens Fighting Their Deportations from U.S.

Joe Biden Responds to SCOTUS Decision By Urging Congress to Ban Bump Stocks

Federal Judge Blocks Biden's Transgender Title IX Changes, Slams Admin for 'Abuse of Power'

Police investigate after truck driver does 'burnout' on West Virginia Pride crosswalk

LA City Council Removes 'No U-Turn' Signs in Gay Neighborhood, Claiming They're Homophobic

Employee Fired from Ohio News Station Over 'Straight Pride' Social Media Post

Kyiv Prepares for Ukraine Capital's First Gay Pride March Since Russian Invasion

Biden 'fully behind' G7 agreement amid spat over abortion language

Over 170K Crossed State Lines for Abortions in '23

Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging federal rules to accommodate abortions for workers

CDC: Telehealth Arrests Could Cut Access to ADHD Meds

Infectious bird flu survived milk pasteurization in lab tests, study finds.

Bird flu detected in wastewater samples in greater Houston area but no human cases, officials say

Yes, everyone really is sick a lot more often after COVID - It's not your imagination

FDA Tells Vaccine Makers to Target New COVID Variant for Fall

Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to undermine China during pandemic

Pentagon Ran Major Psyop Aimed at Discrediting China's COVID Jabs - Warned Muslims There Was Pork in the Vaccine

Criminal Referral Requests Against Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Rochelle Walensky, and Other Public Health Officials Have Been Submitted to District Attorneys in Louisiana

Scientists connect 16 mini human brains to create a 'living computer' - Scientists have created a 'living computer' using lab-grown human brain cells

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