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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/26/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/26/2024

G7 to urge Israel maintain bank links with PA amid fears of potential fiscal collapse

Italy to resume funding UNRWA, pledges $38 million aid package for Palestinians

Biden's $320M Gaza pier: Over budget and under constant threat, a 'purely political' misadventure

Biden's Gaza Pier Disaster: US Vessels Beached on Shore After Heavy Waves

Food Bound for Gaza Rots as Egypt's Rafah Crossing Stays Shut

After Mossad chief's trip, Israeli official says hostage talks to resume next week

Hamas officials deny reports hostage talks will resume this week, blame Israel for rejecting last proposal

Police disperse Tel Aviv sit-in as protesters around country demand hostage deal

Ireland slams 'totally unacceptable' Israeli rebuke after envoy shown Oct. 7 footage

Israeli U.N. Amb.: If It Doesn't Reform, U.S. Should Consider Defunding the U.N.

Israel must obey UN court on Rafah, EU foreign policy chief says

World Court's Order on Rafah Does Not Rule Out Entire Offensive, Israel Says

Confused by the ICJ's decision on Gaza? Blame the judges' deliberate ambiguity

UN court order demanding that Israel halt its Gaza offensive further isolates the US position

Israel Strikes Rafah After Top UN Court Orders It to Halt Offensive

IDF Soldier Threatens 'Military Coup' Against Defense Minister, Asks To Stay in Gaza

PM Netanyahu's Son Shares Video of Alleged IDF Reservist Threatening Military Coup in Gaza

IDF opens criminal investigation into video of reservist threatening mutiny

As suspect held, politicians slam reservist's 'dangerous' call for mutiny in IDF ranks

Police arrest Jewish teen for alleged assault at UCLA anti-Israel encampment

Heavy barrage of rockets fired at northern Israel, causing damage but no injuries

Hezbollah missile destroys Messianic congregation building in northern Israel in direct hit

Two Hezbollah fighters said killed in alleged Israeli drone strike in Syria

Car explosion kills at least one in Syria's Damascus

Yemen's Houthis Launch 2 Anti-ship Ballistic Missiles Toward Red Sea

Nasrallah's mother dies; unclear if Hezbollah chief will leave Beirut bunker for burial

Crowds for Raisi Show Support for Iranian State, Supreme Leader Says

Iranian Govt Supporters Clash with Anti-Raisi Protesters in London

US said to oppose IAEA resolution condemning Iran's 'unprecedented' nuclear breaches

4 hurt, 1 arrested after Iranian regime supporters clash with opponents in London

Iran jails father of young man executed over 2022 protests - Mashallah Karami sentenced to six years after pleading for his son's life to be spared

'The entire town is burning.' Fires rage as Rohingya caught up on the front lines of Myanmar's civil war

Some 45,000 Rohingya flee amid allegations of beheading, burning in Myanmar

Pakistani Christian Community Attacked after Blasphemy Accusation

Xi Jinping Invites American Tourists to Save Tanking Chinese Economy

Xi Jinping's Recipe for Total Control: An Army of Eyes and Ears

Taiwan is a province of China, says UN spokesperson

China sends dozens of warplanes and ships near Taiwan to show its anger over island's new leaders

China Stages Missile Strikes and Bombing Runs on Taiwan Using Jets Loaded with Live Weapons

Biden administration urges China to stop military drills occurring near Taiwan - Miller urged Beijing to "act with restraint" and to start doing normal military drills and not to provoke risks

Nuclear War Fears Soar as Strategic Early Warning Radar Is Obliterated in Strike

US officials say North Korea may be planning military action to create chaos ahead of US election, report says

Kremlin Says Putin Visit to North Korea 'Being Prepared'

Zelensky Claims Ukraine Has Taken Back Control of Key Areas in Kharkiv

War Room: British Member of Parliament Reveals UK and US Soldiers Are Active in Ukraine Firing Advanced Missiles at Russia

Top House Intel. Dem: Sanctions Aren't Hurting Russia, Biden's Handcuffing Ukraine Too Much

G7 Talks Plans to Use Frozen Russian Assets to Fund Ukraine War

Moscow Boasts West Has No Weapons That Can Turn Ukraine War Around, While Kyiv Claims to Have Inflicted Half-Million Casualties on Russia

Russian jamming leaves some high-tech U.S. weapons ineffective in Ukraine

NATO Chief: Ukraine Should Be Allowed to Use Western Missiles Against Russian Mainland

Leo Hohmann: NATO Has Become the Military Wing of a Globalist Power Structure That Promotes the Self-Destruction of All Nations and a Depopulated World

Air Force Shows Off Ultrasecret $745M Stealth Nuke Bomber

America's secretive $745M nuclear bomber takes flight in first aerial test

Navy Commander: We're Seeing More Attempts by Foreign Nationals to Penetrate Bases, 'Two or Three Times a Week'

Former CIA officer pleads guilty to spying for China, DOJ says

CIA Blocked IRS from Investigating Hunter Biden Patron Kevin Morris, Whistleblower Claims

Hunter Biden Emails Show Father's 2013 China Trip Leveraged

Axios: Biden's Justice Department keeps airing his family's dirty laundry

While Trump faces felony charges, NY-based Clinton campaign only faced fines for its records issue

Corrupt Judge Merchan Sides with Bragg's Prosecutors, Rules Jury Does Not Need to Unanimously Agree on "Predicate" Crimes in Trump 'Hush Money' Case

Jack Smith Seeks Order Barring Trump From Criticizing Law Enforcement Over Deadly Force Authorization for Mar-a-Lago Raid

George Conway slams Trump's 'moral depravity,' lauds Smith's move to gag him in docs case

Rep. Burlison: Americans See Trump's NYC Trial as 'Sham'

January 6 Committee Democrats Say They Fear Trump Will Put Them in Jail

Washington Post: Justice Samuel Alito's wife said upside-down American flag was 'an international signal of distress' in 2021

Whitehouse: 'Rogue' Justices Thomas, Alito Have Violated Federal Laws

House Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries Threatens 'MAGA Extremists' on Supreme Court, Warns Congress Must Get Them 'Under Control'

Internet tells Justice Sonia Sotomayor to retire as she says she 'cried' over some Supreme Court decisions

Hundreds of Non-Citizens on State Voter Rolls, but Democrats Say GOP Concerns Are 'Election Denialism'

Epic Fail: AOC Praises God for Pouring Rain in NYC Before Trump's Massive Bronx Rally - God Responds by Stopping Rain

CNN Backs Trump on 'Unified Reich' Hoax: Network Confirms It Was Oversight Not A Fascist Dog Whistle

Woke AI Gets Stupid: Google's AI-Powered Search Results Feature Bizarre, Nonsensical Answers

Imperceptible sensors made from 'electronic spider silk' can be printed directly on human skin

6.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Vila, Vanuatu

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ust'-Kamchatsk Staryy, Russia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts 28,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

How a supervolcano on the Italian coast became a problem too big to tackle - Earthquake this week finally jolts authorities into action after decades of runaway construction puts half a million people at risk

Aerial footage shows aftermath of enormous landslide in Papua New Guinea

Tropical Cyclone "Remal" to strike India - Bangladesh border region

'Aghon' landfall over Ticao Island seen, may intensify into typhoon - PAGASA

Iowa weather: Friday's storm system was Iowa's latest derecho

Texas power demand breaks May record again as prices soar in heat wave

As reservoirs go dry, Mexico City and Bogota are staring down 'Day Zero'

Bill mandating climate change education in Illinois heads to Gov. Pritzker's desk

'Experts' claim disaster-proofing necessary for Canadian hospitals due to climate change

At least 27 people killed in huge fire at amusement park in India

Bidenomics: Nearly 80 Percent of Americans Now Consider Fast Food a 'Luxury Item'

Chase Bank Rolls Back 'De-Banking' Policy that Hurt Conservatives

Over 40 Democrat Mayors Demand Biden Give Illegal Aliens Jobs and Work Permits, Claim They Will Boost Economy By $7 Trillion

Rep. D'Esposito: Migrants Sucking up Americans' Resources

Clip Resurfaces of Chuck Schumer Calling for Amnesty and Citizenship for "All of Them 11 Million or However Many" Illegals, Elon Musk Responds: "People Still Think This is Some Crazy Conspiracy Theory!"

New Low: Illegals Across U.S. Hiring Fake Robbers to Attack Them So They Gain Asylum

Turkish Migrant on Southern Border: Americans 'Right' to Be Concerned, 'No Security' at Border

Bill Melugin: CBP Sources Reveal Approx 3,200 Illegal Aliens Released into US in One Day Alone This Week

Haitian Man Who Came to US on Biden's 'Parole Program' Indicted For Raping Disabled Child in Massachusetts

Former Indiana Beauty Queen Arrested in Mexican Drug Cartel Bust

Nicki Minaj Livestreams Her Own Drug Arrest in Amsterdam

Haitian gangs shot, burned bodies of Missouri pol's missionary daughter, husband while couple was on phone with father-in-law

Drill rappers who Trump invited on stage at huge Bronx rally have been indicted over conspiracy to commit murder

Report: Son of Communist Cuban Prime Minister Requests Joe Biden's 'Humanitarian Parole'

Pronouns, tribal affiliations forbidden in South Dakota public university employee emails

Report: USA Today Deletes U.S. Senator's Op-Ed Opposing Trans Athletes, but Never Informed Him

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Ends State Bridge 'Pride' Lighting in Favor of Red, White and Blue

Ex-KKK leader's child comes out as transgender in new memoir

Hakeem Jeffries: If Roe v. Wade Can Fall 'Democracy Can Fall'

Hillary Clinton: Dems Were Too 'Complacent' on Abortion

Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Allowing Arizona Doctors to Perform Abortions in California

Man fined for standing silently outside UK abortion clinic, officers couldn't tell him his crime

Report: Youth Fentanyl Overdose Deaths 'More than Doubled' Since Pandemic

Farm Bill Amendment Threatens Cannabis Industry

Philippine court blocks GMO 'golden rice' production over safety fears

FDA approves two gene therapies for sickle cell, bringing hope to thousands with the disease

Djibouti fights deadly malaria wave with GMO mosquitoes

Six people contract 'brain worms' from eating undercooked bear kabobs

Bird flu detected in beef tissue for first time, USDA says, but beef is safe to eat

US 'Underprepared' for Bird Flu Outbreak, Epidemiologists Warn

Europe must prepare for 'certainty' of flu pandemic as Covid 'won't be last in our lifetimes'

WHO negotiators fail to draft pandemic treaty

30-Year-Old Professional Golfer Grayson Murray Dies Suddenly After Withdrawing from Charles Schwab Challenge

Billy Price, Former Cincinnati Bengals First Round Pick, Announces Retirement at 29 Due to "Terrifying" Blood Clot

'God Lit a Match': 12K Baptized at California Historic Worship Event

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And every day, same type of headlines to lure us into a deep sleep. But looking closer, we who are watching can see things moving to the next step as evil draws closer and closer. Come quickly Lord Jesus.