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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/25/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/25/2024

'No reason to recognize' Palestinian state yet, say leaders of Germany and Portugal

Israel's FM Cuts Ties Between Spanish Embassy and West Bank Palestinians After Recognition of Palestinian State

FM forbids Spanish consulate in Jerusalem from serving West Bank Palestinians

Media mogul Ari Emanuel calls to oust Netanyahu, 'extremist' ministers

Israel slams Germany for saying it would arrest, deport Netanyahu if ICC issues warrant

Argentina Condemns International Criminal Court Warrant Requests for Israeli Officials

Biden administration said to weigh US-led Gaza peacekeeping force after war ends

World Court takes anti-Israel stance at The Hague, orders 'immediate halt to military offensive in Rafah'

Israel rejects order by UN court to 'immediately' halt Rafah assault

Four ICJ judges argue court order does not require IDF to halt all Rafah operations

ICJ orders Israel to halt Rafah operations that risk destruction of civilian population

After ICJ ruling, Israel says it 'has not and will not' destroy Rafah's civilian population

Israel to Blinken: Despite ICJ Ruling, We Will Keep Fighting in Rafah

US and UK to back Israel over ICJ ruling after blurring their Rafah red lines

Graham: International Court of Justice 'can go to hell' over Israel ruling

US pressure could derail ICC arrest warrants for Israeli leaders

Former Israel Adviser: WH Playing 'Both Sides' in War

Mohamad Bazzi: Unless it stops an Israeli invasion of Rafah, the US could be a global pariah

Hamas welcomes ICJ ruling but says it is not enough

No sign Israel will change course after Gaza ruling

Israel Pushes Deeper Into Rafah, Defying International Opinion

Israeli Forces Cut Off Access to Kamal Adwan Hospital in Northern Gaza

New study finds food supply to Gaza more than sufficient for population's needs

UN resumes transporting aid via US-built pier after Gazans intercepted trucks

Egypt's President Agrees to Reopen Crossing for Gaza Aid After Biden Call

PA backs Egyptian decision to allow transfer of piling-up Gaza aid through Israel

Biden thanks Egypt for releasing Gaza aid, discusses 'new initiatives' to revive hostage talks with Sissi

After release of hostage video, war cabinet okays resumption of stalled truce talks

War cabinet said to expand mandate of negotiating team for potential hostage deal

CIA head to meet Mossad chief and Qatari PM in Paris, aiming to revive hostage talks

IDF recovers bodies of three hostages from north Gaza, who were killed on October 7

Israeli Army Apologizes for Giving British Daily Mail Information on Hostage's Kidnapping Unknown to Family

Ilhan Omar Objects to October 7 Footage Being Shown at UCLA

Following backlash, YouTuber for toddlers sings prayer for children of Gaza, Israel

Australian bakery publishes photos of Hamas cake made for 4-year-old - Jewish community slams Sydney business after photos of boy dressed as terror group's spokesman circulate: 'Dressing a child up as a terrorist is a form of child abuse'

Hamas Leader Thanks Student Protesters For Being Part of 'Flood' to Annihilate Jews

Nobel laureate accused of employing antisemitic trope in Harvard commencement speech

Teen Arrested for Bloody Attack on UCLA's Pro-Palestine Encampment

BBC apologises for calling hostile pro-Palestinian protest 'a vigil'

Billionaire CEO Schwarzman changes course and backs Trump citing rising antisemitism as top concern

US envoy: Antisemitism threatens democracy and global security

Airsoft grenades thrown at Israeli embassy in Belgium - While police have not announced a motive, this is one of many incidents this week against Israeli embassies across the globe

Trial date set for three men accused of Islamic State plot against Jewish community

IDF opens probe after social media posts show troops burning Quran, other books in Gaza

Ex-Labour leader Corbyn to run as independent candidate in UK election - Veteran left-winger says will defend London seat after he was suspended from party for refusing to accept findings of watchdog over antisemitism under his leadership

IAF fighter jets down three drones launched at Israel by Iran-backed Iraqi militia

Iranian Supreme Leader Renews Pledge to 'Eliminate' Israel

Iran Buries Late President Ebrahim Raisi, Vowing Expansion of War on Israel

Iran says no signs of foul play in wreckage of helicopter crash that killed Raisi

Iran Replaces Dead Foreign Minister with Lead Nuclear Deal Negotiator

French court finds three Syrian officials guilty of crimes against humanity

It's an open secret: the UAE is fuelling Sudan's war - and there'll be no peace until we call it out

Report: US fears chaos ahead of election due to Putin-Kim plot as Moscow shifts nuclear stance

Death Threat: Georgian PM Says EU Commissioner Menaced Him With 'The Fate of Robert Fico', as the US Increases Pressure Against 'Foreign Agent Law'

Putin says Ukraine's Zelenskiy lacks legitimacy after term expired

Putin ready to end Ukraine war if Russia can keep land it now controls: report

Ukrainian Frontline Colonel Admits Country Will Have To Cede Territories to Russia in Peace Negotiations - Calls It 'A Victory'

Putin's favorite NATO member wants to 'redefine' membership so it doesn't have to help Ukraine

Orban's Hungary 'Redefining' Relationship With NATO, Will Not Participate in Any Ukraine Operations

Mike Johnson-Backed Plan to Allow Ukraine to Strike Russia with U.S.-Provided Weapons Gains Support in Biden Admin

Neoliberal Activist Who Shot PM Robert Fico Calls Him a 'Judas', Wanted Slovakia To Resume Military Aid to Ukraine

Chechen Man Shot Dead Outside Home of US Spec Ops Command Member: FBI, Army Investigating

Taiwan scrambles jets, puts forces on alert as China calls new war games "powerful punishment" for the island

China warns of Taiwan 'war' as military drills encircle island

Taiwan in political turmoil as China steps up military intimidation

Are Russia and North Korea planning an 'October surprise' that aids Trump? U.S. officials are bracing for Pyongyang to take military actions close to the U.S. presidential election, possibly at the urging of Vladimir Putin

Explosive Doc Dump: Hunter Biden Said Joe and Xi 'All Most Kissed,' Thinks 'They Are in Love'

Federal Agents Found Out During 2016 Election That Joe Biden Met with Hunter's Chinese Business Partners - But Kept It a Secret

Florida Rep. Steube says there needs to be a criminal referral against Hunter Biden

Judge bars prosecutors from using some salacious evidence in Hunter Biden's gun trial

U.S. Senate panels launch probe into Trump 'quid pro quo' with energy execs

Ohio's GOP governor calls special session to pass legislation ensuring Biden is on 2024 ballot

SCOTUS Chief Roberts pressured to force Alito recusal ahead of Trump immunity decision

Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis appeals after judge drops multiple Trump charges

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Trump trial: 'The judge is absolutely corrupt'

Biden campaign plans to get more aggressive once Trump trial ends

Prominent Liberal Admits Defeat: 'Trump Is Going to Win. Buckle Up. Brace for impact'

Rashida Tlaib Staffer Accused of Assaulting Fox News Cameraman During Interview: 'We Have It on Video'

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul calls Trump supporters 'clowns' in 'basket of deplorables' moment

Texas AG Ken Paxton says his main focus is making sure the 2024 election isn't stolen

Donald Trump Tries To Halt 'The Apprentice' Hitting The Big Screen With Cease & Desist Demand

FTC chair: AI models could violate antitrust laws

Google's new AI search feature has been recommending people drink urine ('light in color')

Sam Altman's under pressure amid questions about OpenAI's commitment to safety

Boeing, NASA say Starliner astronaut launch will move forward despite spacecraft helium leak

A Spectacular, Rare Alignment of 6 Planets Is About to Happen in The Sky

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Kavieng, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Burica, Panama

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Novaya Chara, Russia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 29,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Over 100 feared dead in landslide in remote part of Papua New Guinea, with rescue efforts underway

Eyewitness video captures landslide 'catastrophe' in Papua New Guinea

Memorial Day weekend weather: Tornadoes and record-high temperatures

Dangerous severe weather with 'violent' tornadoes, extreme wind threatens millions over Memorial Day Weekend

Greenfield, Iowa tornado rated EF-4 - strongest U.S. tornado of 2024

Afghanistan urgently needs long-term aid after floods

Heavy rains return to southern Brazil, flooding even higher ground in Porto Alegre

'I've seen things no one should go through': the overwhelming scale of loss in Brazil's floods

Dozens dead in blistering, weeks-long heat wave in Mexico

Brazil's Rio Grande Do Sul Faces Economic Woes After Floods, and an Unclear Path to Rebuilding

North India boils as temperatures near 50C (122F)

The Carbon Credit Scam: Financial Cost, Virtue Signaling, Little or No Environmental Benefit

Republican AGs Ask Supreme Court to Block Climate Change Suits by Several States

Families of Uvalde School Shooting Victims Sue Meta, Microsoft, Gunmaker

City Of Hell: World's most dangerous city littered with bodies being 'eaten by pigs' as families can't bury them in ravaged Haiti

Missouri State Rep. Ben Baker's Daughter and Son-in-Law Killed By Gang in Haiti

Three members of American missionary group killed by gangs in Haiti

US calls for swift police deployment to Haiti after missionaries killed

5 killed in attack at Acapulco grocery store just days after 10 other bodies found in Mexican resort city

Trump: 'Radical Left Pro-Crime Policies' Have Destroyed New York City

Joe Biden Blames Record-Setting Illegal Immigration on Republicans

Republicans sink fresh bid to beef up US border security

Senate Republicans block border security bill as they campaign on border chaos

Biden says GOP doesn't care about securing border after border bill fails in Senate

Illegal Immigrant From Turkey Shocks Reporter Describing How Easy it Was to Cross the Border

El Salvadoran sex offender living illegally in US arrested in Virginia

Democrats Block Child Trafficking Deterrent to Require DNA Tests for Migrants Crossing Border with Kids

Biden at Kenya State Dinner: "Jill and I Are Honored to Have You Here and We're Representing, Including Many Members of the African Diaspora - One Just Left - Barack"

Montana Couple Says Pro-Transgender CPS 'Illegally' Took Daughter to Canada, 'Ignored Religious Freedom'

NBA great Dwyane Wade launches Translatable, an online community supporting transgender youth

Nintendo's New 'Paper Mario' Video Game to Feature Transgender Character

Pro-Life Grandmother Sentenced to 24 Months in Prison for 2020 D.C. Abortion Clinic Protest

La. Gov Signs Bill Classifying Abortion Pills as Controlled Substances

Newsom Signs Bill to Allow Arizona Abortionists to Perform Procedure in California

Poll: Battleground State Voters More Concerned About Rising Cost of Living than Abortion

CDC warns of multi-state salmonella outbreak linked to backyard poultry, including Utah

US Restricts Import of Certain Poultry From Australian State on Bird Flu Concerns

Bird Flu Is More Widespread Among Dairy Cows, Sewage Tests Suggest

U.S. Government 'Cartel' Paid CVS, Walgreens Billions to Reject Ivermectin Prescriptions, Push COVID Shots

RFK Jr. slams Trump on COVID lockdowns at Libertarian Convention: 'He caved in'

Welcome to the WFH Friday economy: It's a time for hair masks, spas, day drinking, and no-camera meetings

W.H.O. Pushes to Seal Global Pandemic Treaty as Closed-Door Talks Conclude

Efforts to draft a pandemic treaty falter as countries disagree on how to respond to next emergency

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Amazing how many countries support terrorism.