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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/23/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/23/2024

Norway, Ireland and Spain say they will recognize a Palestinian state, deepening Israel's isolation

US 'concerned' by Israel's isolation, Biden national security adviser says

Biden: Palestinian state 'should be realized through direct talks'

Move by Norway, Ireland, Spain to recognize Palestinian state gets mixed global response

UK's Labour calls for a 'wider process' to begin before it would recognise Palestinian state

Hamas praises Norway, Ireland and Spain for 'Palestine' state recognition as Israel recalls ambassadors - Israeli FM Katz: 'The Irish-Norwegian folly does not deter us'

Norway's FM Tells Haaretz: Recognizing Palestine Was 'Reaction' to Netanyahu's Pro-settlement Policies

Netanyahu Minister to Nations Recognizing Palestine: 'Only Israel From the River to the Sea'

Israeli Minister Warns Palestinian State Would Spell Israel's 'Destruction' - Biden's Pressure 'Plain Stupidity'

Netanyahu: Palestinian terrorists 'cannot be given a state'- 'Rewarding terrorism will not bring peace'

On Temple Mount, far-right minister tells Europe it is 'rewarding Hamas murderers'

In Visit to Temple Mount/Al Aqsa, Israel's Ben-Gvir Rails Against Gaza Aid, Recognition of Palestine

Israel Responds to Move to Recognize Palestinian State by Withholding Funds

Envoys to Norway, Ireland, Spain recalled after 'Palestine' recognition

ICC prosecutor says no evidence Israeli courts genuinely probing alleged crimes in Gaza

Netanyahu blasts ICC as 'kangaroo court,' says it should worry about its own legitimacy - Norway threatens to arrest Netanyahu, Gallant if arrest warrants are issued

AG, state attorney: 'No foundation' to ICC prosecutor's bid to arrest Israeli leaders

Request for arrest warrants from ICC is 'blood libel,' says ex-Supreme Court justice

Mike Johnson threatens ICC sanctions vote over Netanyahu arrest warrant application

Kremlin says it is very curious that U.S. appears ready to sanction the ICC - Russia says the West has ignored Ukraine's crimes, a charge denied by Kyiv

Germany says it will arrest Netanyahu as Israeli envoy appeals to Berlin to defy ICC

Despite mounting opposition, US House leader moves to invite Netanyahu to Congress

Colombian president orders opening of embassy in Ramallah after cutting ties with Israel

US officials say they're in close contact with Israel over ongoing Rafah operation

US indicates initial satisfaction with changes to Israeli military plans for Rafah

Scott Perry to Blinken: Why Put Conditions on Israel, but Not Ukraine?

Dem Rep. Landsman: Getting Aid to Gaza Is Tough Because Hamas Steals It, But It's Crucial Israel Safeguard Aid

IDF conducting raid in north Gaza's Beit Hanoun to root out remaining terrorists

Patients, medics evacuate northern Gaza hospital after Israeli shelling

Israel-Hamas Hostage Deal Collapsed After Egypt Secretly Altered Terms of Agreement, CNN Reports

Egypt warns it may withdraw from Gaza war mediation over 'attempts to doubt' its role

Report claims Egypt in contact with Israel, Hamas to restart hostage talks

Hostage families release clip of 5 female troops' abduction to push for their freedom

War cabinet meets on reviving hostage talks as clip broadcast of 5 troops' abduction

Ministers order negotiators to continue hostage talks, reportedly okay new guidelines

Hamas: Video of Captive IDF Spotters Was Manipulated, Female Soldiers Were Treated Ethically

How 2 debunked accounts from ZAKA workers fueled global skepticism of Oct. 7 rape

'They've Lost Everything': More Than Half of Gaza's Christians Have Left, and the Church Is Fearful for the Community's Future

Rising antisemitism drives massive surge of aliyah interest from US, France

60 diverse US Jewish groups back proposed national coordinator of antisemitism fight

Islamic groups sue Gov. Abbott, others for antisemitism crackdown

Russia behind provocative antisemitism near Paris Holocaust museum, report

Consulate General of Israel in Munich Germany Attacked

UCLA police chief temporarily reassigned over handling of anti-Israel protest

Harvard Board Bans 13 Pro-Palestinian Protesters From Graduating

In poll, 70% of New Yorkers say anti-Israel campus protests 'went too far'

Smotrich demands more settlements and punitive measures against PA

Gallant lifts order barring access to evacuated settlements in northern West Bank

Lebanese reports say one dead in Israeli drone strike on vehicle in southern Lebanon

Iran leader to Haniyeh: 'Zionist entity will one day be eliminated, Palestine will rise from the river to the sea'

Secret Iran-US talks on Gaza war undermined by Raisi death - Sources close to the discussions in Oman tell MEE that the delegations spoke about ending Israel's war and a shared desire for a change in Israeli government

'Death to America! Death to Israel!' chants ring out during Raisi's funeral - Hamas, Hezbollah, and Russia – the allies comprising the "Axis of Resistance" against Israel express their condolences at the "Butcher of Tehran" funeral

Israel: 'No Tears Being Shed' for Raisi Death; Blinken's Condolences 'Turn Our Stomach'

Sen. Ricketts: US Condolences 'Legitimizes' Iran Terror

Reports: 'Desperate' Officials Make Phone Calls Urging Iranians to Mourn Ebrahim Raisi

Hamas, Hezbollah and Houthi Reps Join Iran Supreme Leader for Late President's Funeral

Hamas Chief Delivers Eulogy at Iranian President's Funeral Attended by Top Terrorist Leaders

Former Trump adviser suggests death of Iranian president could have been an inside job

Obama State Dept blocked FBI from arresting supporters of Iran nuclear program in US: Emails

Ted Cruz Goes Off on Blinken During Hearing, Makes Bombshell Accusation Against Biden Admin: 'You Funded Our Enemies' - Cruz and Blinken jousted over Blinken's lack of a response to Cruz's question about how much oil Iran exports

Foreign Purchase of U.S. Ammo Maker Sparks National-Security Battle

US shoots down four drones in Houthi-controlled Yemen

Report: Saudis Wants Biden to Help Nuclearize Country as Part of Defense Deal

Mike Johnson Backs Allowing Ukraine to Strike Russia with U.S.-Provided Weapons

Sweden Plans $7 Billion Military Support for Ukraine in '24-'26

China is actively Arming Putin's war in Ukraine, UK confirms for first time as Xi and Putin cement Axis of Evil alliance

China Holds Military Drills Around Taiwan As 'Punishment'

Taiwan condemns China drills as 'irrational provocations'

Report: U.N. Hired Accused Torturers as 'Peacekeepers'

Congress to Subpoena Jen Psaki for False Claims in Her Book and Role in Catastrophic Afghanistan Withdrawal Resulting in Deaths of 13 American Heroes

Greg Gutfeld: White House staffers correcting Biden's speech might be a sign he is 'done'

Judge grants Hunter Biden request to delay start of federal tax trial from June to September

CIA prevented investigators from interviewing Hunter Biden lawyer, new IRS whistleblower docs say

House GOP chairman accuses Hunter Biden of lying to Congress, citing new whistleblower evidence

New text message allegedly reveals Hunter Biden proposed meeting for dad, uncle and Chinese exec in NYC - 'Yet another example of them just blatantly lying to the American public,' a former Hunter Biden business associate said

House committee to release docs proving Hunter Biden lied under oath: Ways and Means

Fani Willis and judge presiding over Georgia Trump election case defeat challengers

GOP Rep demands Biden's AG take 'immediate action' to prosecute 'pathological liar' Michael Cohen

Judge Cannon to hear separate bids to dismiss charges in classified documents case

The 'Let Trump Speak Act' Just Hit Congress

AOC Accused of 'Literally Admitting to Election Interference' with Trump 'Ankle Bracelet' Comment

AOC admits NYC criminal case against Trump is a 'legal version of an ankle bracelet' - 'He can't leave the five boroughs because he always has to be in court'

Jerome Corsi Exclusive: Is the Biden Administration Trying to Kill Presidential Contenders Donald J. Trump and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.?

ABC: Trump falsely claims Biden, FBI had plan to assassinate him during Mar-a-Lago search

Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims 'The Biden DOJ and FBI Were Planning to Assassinate' Trump: 'What Are Republicans Going to Do About It?'

"Biden Has Nothing to Do with This" - FBI Attempts Damage Control, Claims Agents Authorized to Use Deadly Force Against Trump is Just "Standard Protocol"

James Comey slams Biden DOJ for moving too slowly on Trump investigation: 'We're stuck'

James Comey begs MSNBC viewers to vote for Joe Biden no matter how they feel because Donald Trump is 'coming for' the FBI, DOJ

Can't Make This Up: James Comey Warns MSNBC that Trump Will "Target His Enemies" Like Comey Did to Trump with Completely Fraudulent Russian Collusion Hoax

'Biological Attack': Vials of Blood Addressed to Donald Trump Delivered to RNC Headquarters

Republican National Committee in Washington evacuated after receiving package with blood vials

RNC on 'Biological Attack' at HQ: 'We Stand Firm in Our Mission'

Trump Campaign Volunteers Allegedly Attacked Outside Kamala Harris Event

Another Provocative Flag Was Flown at Another Alito Home - The justice's beach house displayed an "Appeal to Heaven" flag, a symbol carried on Jan. 6 and associated with a push for a more Christian-minded government

MSNBC's Wallace on Nikki Haley Endorsing Trump: 'We Need Shrinks and Cult Experts to Explain This'

Trump-Backed Candidate Calls Own Supporters 'Crazies' for Believing the Election was Stolen: Texts

Small Wisconsin Town Under Review by Feds After Eliminating Electronic Voting Machines and Opting for Paper Ballots

Soros-Funded DA Mike Schmidt Concedes Portland Race after 20+ Hour Ballot Counting

Ohio Secretary of State Threatens to Exclude Biden from Ballot if DNC Fails to Comply with State Nomination Laws

Biden Cancels More than $7 Billion in Student Debt for 160,000 People

Biden campaign's job posting for 'meme manager' triggers hilarious memes and jokes on Internet

UK PM Rishi Sunak calls surprise July election as his party seeks to defy dire polls

Farage: Sunak Chose 'Suicide over Obliteration' by Calling for July Election

A constitutional fight is brewing in Menendez's corruption trial - The "speech or debate" privilege could shield "critical" records in prosecutors' case against the New Jersey senator

The Washington Post Tells Staff It's Pivoting to AI

FCC Chair: Require AI Disclosure in Campaign TV, Radio Ads

Biden: AI companies 'must earn our trust' before transforming lives

Critical Safety Alert: 300 Boeing Jets Flown by United and American Airlines Have Potential to Explode Mid-Air Due to Fatal Fault

Pentagon: Russia Launched Space Weapon in Path of U.S. Satellite

War in Space: Putin launches terrifying satellite-killer weapon into space - and it's already tracking US tech in orbit, Pentagon fears

Russia Denies US Claim It Put Anti-satellite Weapon in Space

Putin 'launches space weapon' while his forces carry out nuke drill near Ukraine

Russia begins exercises for battlefield nuclear weapons, pointing to Western 'threats'

Rep. Owens: Russia Weapon Shows Weakness of Biden WH

Pentagon pursuing Russian use of Musk's Starlink terminals - SpaceX has reportedly not cut off black market terminals used against Ukraine

SpaceX launches first satellites for new US spy constellation

Boeing's Starliner facing additional delay for extended leak analysis

NASA spacecraft found 'dead' robot on Mars surface: what is it and to which mission does it belong?

A comet approaching Earth could become brighter than the stars this fall

May's Auroras May Have Been Strongest For 500 Years, Says NASA

New research places the sun's magnetic field close to the surface, upending decades of theories - This could eventually improve solar storm forecasts, which is a very good thing

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Gorontalo, Indonesia

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Mosquera, Colombia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Hualien City, Taiwan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Hihifo, Tonga

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Sangay erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 14,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Brazil's flooded south sees first deaths from disease, as experts warn of coming surge in fatalities

As Brazil copes with floods, officials face another scourge: Disinformation

Strong winds topple stage at a campaign rally in northern Mexico, killing at least 9 people

2024 Atlantic hurricane season is primed for storms with 'rapid intensification'

Texas town declares emergency after vehicles flipped, roofs shredded by tornado

Massive tornadoes strike Iowa, including Greenfield and Carbon, causing major damage and casualties

Violent tornadoes cause multiple deaths, EF3 twister tears path through Greenfield, Iowa

Iowa tornado snaps giant wind turbines like toothpicks

Wind turbine topples, catches fire in Iowa amid severe weather

Dust storm shuts down parts of Interstate 55 and 74 near Bloomington, Illinois

'Insane' Heat Has Been Scorching Miami. It's Not Even June.

Texas to Face Heat Index of 110F in Late Spring Test for Power Grid

Rep. Raskin on urging DOJ to investigate 'big oil' for deception on climate change

Seamus Bruner: Klaus Schwab Transitions to a Background Role as the WEF Agenda for Control Takes Center Stage

Uvalde, Texas, to pay $2 million to families of school shooting victims

As Slovakia's PM Fico Recovers, His Government Approves Public TV Overhaul in First Parliament Vote - Prosecutor May Treat His Shooting as Terrorism

Ecuador declares state of emergency in 7 provinces - Ecuador declared a state of emergency in nearly a third of its provinces Wednesday after a surge in violence amid the government's ongoing "war" on drug gangs

Haiti's Gangs Grow Stronger as Kenyan-Led Force Prepares to Deploy

Haiti health system on verge of collapse, UN says

As killings surge, Haitians struggle to bury loved ones and find closure in violent capital

The bodies of 4 men and 2 women were found strangled, piled up in Mexican resort of Acapulco

The DOJ Sues Red State Over Law That Would Put Illegal Aliens in Prison

81 suspects on terror watchlist caught trying to illegally cross into United States since October

US judge blocks Florida law that bars transporting migrants into state

13th conservative Oregon county approves measure to secede and join 'Greater Idaho'

Chinese distributors refuse to release Angel Studio's new film 'Sight' over references to Mao's Cultural Revolution

O'Keefe Media Group Drops Undercover Video of DEI Conspiracy in US Air Force

Former Southern Baptist professor charged with falsifying records to help cover up a sexual assault allegation

American Airlines blames 9-year-old girl for being filmed in plane bathroom: 'Shocking and outrageous'

Germany Will Reduce Sentences For Possession of Child Pornography, Downgrade From Felony to Misdemeanor

Obama presidential portrait painter Kehinde Wiley accused of sexual assault by artist in Ghana

DeSantis's 'Freedom Summer' means no rainbow lights for Florida bridges

UMC megachurch won't host same-sex weddings despite denomination's rule changes

Texas sues Biden admin over workplace rules mandating preferred pronouns, trans employees access to cross-sex spaces

Texas sues Biden over 'gender identity' accommodation guidance

South Carolina Gov. Signs 'Help Not Harm' Law Protecting Children from Transgender Procedures

Senators grill Biden judicial nominee over transgender inmate transfer request despite sex crimes convictions

Senate Democrats will force Republicans to vote on federal contraception protections

Maryland Republican Senate Candidate Larry Hogan Vows to Codify Roe Protections

Poisoning pregnant women with abortion-inducing drugs could soon be felony under red-state bill - Bill is named after a woman whose husband slipped abortion drugs into her drinks without her knowledge

NYC Mayor Eric Adams announces Urban Rat Summit to combat rodent crisis: 'I hate rats'

Miami Faces Surge in Dengue Fever That's Roiling Latin America

Wastewater monitoring in Texas picked up an early signal of the bird flu outbreak

Child confirmed as first case of H5N1 bird flu in Australia

Second human case of bird flu linked to dairy cows found in Michigan

Bird Flu Cases Spur Retail Trader Rush Into Vaccine Stocks

Ynet News: Meet the Israeli doctor who revealed a major COVID vaccine side-effect

Biden administration suspends funding for scientist at center of COVID lab leak theory

Fauci adviser who once bragged about how to make emails 'disappear' to be grilled by COVID panel - Dr. David Morens allegedly destroyed evidence on 2020 pandemic origins

Republican governors sign letter opposing WHO treaty

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