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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/28/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/28/2024

Some US officials believe Israel may be violating international law - Other internal submissions to Blinken find Jerusalem's assurances credible, ahead of May 8 report to Congress on whether IDF is lawfully using US arms

NYT's Friedman: Biden could restrict arms sales if IDF enters Rafah over US objections

White House: 'Not Clear' Israel Can Have Rafah Offensive Plan That Would Satisfy Us

White House: There Are 'Too Many Civilian Casualties' in Israel's War, 'The Number Needs to Be Zero'

Antony Blinken set to visit Israel again next week to discuss hostages, Rafah

Biden: 'I will not rest until all the hostages are released - they have my word'

Israel offers to suspend Rafah invasion if release of hostages and ceasefire deal is secured with Hamas

Hamas says it will study Israel's latest response in truce, hostage deal negotiations

Hamas releases first proof-of-life video showing kidnapped American Keith Siegel

Hamas airs clip of 2 hostages, as FM says Israel would delay Rafah op for a deal

Galvanized by signs of life, thousands rally for hostage deal and against government

Former MK says Gaza should be split in two: South for war, north for peace

Ben Gvir said to ask IDF chief why so many Gaza gunmen arrested: 'Can't you kill some?' - Reports say minister complained during briefing that too many terror operatives captured alive; a cabinet member retorted: 'Are you a minister in Israel or a different country?'

Gaza 'Freedom Flotilla' blocked in Turkey after being denied use of 2 ships

Ships from Turkey to Gaza Transporting Humanitarian Aid Denied Passage

Heat Wave Strains Pharmacist's Ability to Get Crucial Medicine to Gazans

Mass graves found at Gaza hospitals raided by Israel prompt demands for independent investigation

Israel worried ICC could issue arrest warrant for Netanyahu - The ICC has been investigating Israel's treatment of Palestinians since 2021 and Israeli officials are reportedly concerned arrest warrants could be issued

Netanyahu Condemns Open Anti-Semitism at US Colleges and Universities - "Reminiscent of What Happened at German Universities in 1930s"

Sanders hits back at Netanyahu: 'It is not antisemitic to hold you accountable' - US senator says Israeli prime minister is using antisemitism to distract attention from 'extremist and racist government' policies

Dershowitz Warns the 'Useful Idiots' Now Protesting are Being Groomed for Terrorism

Maher: College Protests Are for Driving Jews Into the Sea, 'That's What They're Saying'

US doubles down on Israel support as campus protests rage over Gaza

White House shuts down GOP calls to bring in National Guard for college protests

Anti-Israel protesters dig in as some US schools clamp down on encampments

Crackdowns at Three College Protests Lead to Nearly 200 Arrests

As USC cancels graduation amid anti-Israel protests, some Jewish students feel unsafe

Anti-Israel protesters sue Columbia, claiming they're the real victims

Paris students end Gaza protests after university agrees to 'debate' Israel ties

Olympics chief says Palestinian athletes to compete in Paris even if they don't qualify

IDF: 2 Palestinian gunmen open fire at West Bank checkpoint, are shot dead by troops

'Everyone knows something's going to happen': fears of a new war on Israel's border with Lebanon

Hezbollah warns full-scale war may end Israeli presence in north 'once and for all'

Dozens of rockets fired from Lebanon after elimination of terrorist

IDF says 26 rockets fired in rocket barrage from Lebanon; no injuries or damage

Hezbollah claims responsibility for latest barrage, says it fired rockets at Israeli towns

Yemen's Houthis damage oil tanker, shoot down US drone

Iraqi TikTokker shot dead outside home after Baghdad launched campaign against 'offensive' social media content

Burkina Faso army executed over 220 villagers in February, HRW says

UN warns Sudan paramilitary forces are encircling a capital in western Darfur, urges against attack

Kremlin: No Grounds for Peace Talks With Ukraine

Putin Didn't Directly Order Alexei Navalny's February Death, U.S. Spy Agencies Find

Forbes journalist placed under house arrest for allegedly spreading fake news about Russian army

Long lines form and frustration grows as Cuba runs short of cash - Experts say there are several reasons behind the shortage, all somehow related to Cuba's deep economic crisis, one of the worst in decades

Justice Thomas raised crucial question about legitimacy of special counsel's prosecution of Trump - Jack Smith was a private citizen when AG Garland appointed him as special counsel to investigate Trump in 2022

Justice Samuel Alito Questions if Criminal Prosecution of Former President 'Destabilizes the Functioning of Our Country'

'Keep Biden in the Basement and Trump on Trial': Jim Jordan Says Trump Trial 'Driven by Politics'

Rep. Keith Self Warns U.S. Constitutional Republic Can't Survive 'Fourth Obama Term'

Blinken: There's Evidence China Is Trying to 'Influence and Arguably Interfere' in Our Elections Despite Biden's Warning

Cyberattack forces Georgia county to sever connection to state voter registration system

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he will challenge the TikTok ban, calling it unconstitutional

6.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Bonin Islands, Japan region

6.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Banjar, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangai, Tonga

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Mid-Indian Ridge

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Massawa, Eritrea

2.9 magnitude earthquake strikes New Jersey

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Multi-vortex tornado strikes China's Guangzhou megacity, leaving 5 fatalities, 141 buildings damaged

Millions in the Midwest under storm watches as Nebraska and Iowa communities reel from devastating tornadoes

'Historic' Nebraska tornadoes, storms leave damage in their wake

Evacuations ordered after dozens of train cars derailed near New Mexico state line, some carrying propane

Left-Wing Study: LGBT Couples at Greater Risk of Global Warming Impact

Russell Brand announces baptism after months-long spiritual journey: 'Taking the plunge' - Brand says many returning to Christianity as world crumbles

Harvey Weinstein hospitalized after moving to NYC jail - The report follows his move to a New York City jail after an appeals court nullified his previous rape conviction

25 Sexual Predators Jailed over 'Shocking' Rape, Sexual Abuse, and Trafficking of Eight Young Girls

Iraq makes same-sex relations punishable by up to 15 years in jail - Amendments to anti-prostitution law also enable courts to sentence trans people to three years in prison

Woke preacher claims 'drag is holy,' that Jesus is 'God in drag' in viral TikTok video

White House bolsters transgender health protections, rolls back Trump admin rule

'Chestfeeding' to be banned in NHS crackdown - The health service is to limit trans ideology with new constitution

Risk of bird flu spreading to humans is 'enormous concern', says WHO - Chief scientist voices fears about H5N1 variant that has 'extraordinarily high' mortality rate in humans

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