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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/27/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/27/2024

China to host Hamas, Fatah for Palestinian unity talks

Hamas again raises the possibility of a 2-state compromise. Israel and its allies aren't convinced

Saudi Arabia to host Arab, EU diplomats for talks on Gaza war

As Gaza cease-fire talks resume, the coming fight for Rafah looms large

Israel tells Egypt it's giving hostage deal 'last chance' before launching Rafah op

Minister Gamliel to JNS: Israel will destroy Hamas, and the US knows it

UN official: Gaza's debris cleanup could extend over 14 years

Netherlands will consider resuming support to Palestinian UNRWA agency

UN suspends several probes into UNRWA workers accused of taking part in Oct. 7 assault, says insufficient evidence from Israel

Israel rebukes US calls for investigation into mass graves in Gaza - "Investigate what?" an Israel Defense Forces spokesperson said

Palestinian baby rescued from dead mother's womb dies in Gaza hospital - Infant dies five days after caesarean delivery following death of mother in Israeli airstrike in Rafah

Trump Says 'Problem' with Biden Is He 'HATES the Palestinians,' Slams Him for Handling of Protests

George Soros is paying student radicals who are fueling nationwide explosion of Israel-hating protests

Horror as GWU protester carries sign with Nazi 'final solution' call for extermination of Jews

Student Leader of Columbia University Encampment Says 'Be Grateful That I'm Not Just Going Out and Murdering Zionists'

Columbia student banned from campus after remarks about 'murdering Zionists'

Columbia drops midnight deadline for razing anti-Israel camp as 550 arrested across US

Columbia leadership rebuked by faculty panel for police crackdown on protesters

Columbia University's policy-making senate votes for resolution calling to investigate school's leadership

Liberty University holds massive, public prayer gathering as anti-Israel mobs get arrested at Columbia, USC

Activists Assault Breitbart News Journalist at UCLA 'Palestine Solidarity Encampment'

Antisemitism on campus surges as agitators take over

US Lawmakers Push Bill to Create 'Antisemitism Monitors' at Universities

Police say ex-employee used AI to frame Baltimore school principal as antisemitic

Video: Ilhan Omar Cites 'Right-Wing Attacks,' Greets Suspended Daughter at Columbia's 'Anti-War Encampment'

Associated Press Under Fire for Calling Antisemitic Anti-Israel Demonstrations 'Anti-War' Protests

Israel's Diaspora Minister Slams Antisemitic U.S. Campus Protests as 'Nightmare of America'

Dem Rep. Manning: College Protests Aren't Pro-Palestinian, They're Anti-Israel and Antisemitic

Woman, 19, stabbed, seriously wounded by terrorist in Ramle, police say

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir's car flipped as he was involved in a car accident while leaving the scene of a terror stabbing in the central city of Ramle, police say. Witnesses said he ran a red light.

Hezbollah fires 30 rockets at north after IDF drone strike kills allied terrorists

US says it downed two Houthi drones, anti-ship missile as rebels renew attacks

Yemen's Houthis say they targeted Andromeda Star British ship in Red Sea

US leaking sensitive intel. on Israel can jeopardize regional stability - editorial

Biden Diplomacy: Chad, Niger Kick American Soldiers Out

Commentary: Asia's next war could be triggered by a rusting warship on a disputed reef

China warns U.S. of 'downward spiral' as Antony Blinken meets with Xi Jinping

EU to tell Beijing of plan to blacklist more Chinese businesses for breaching Russia sanctions

Russia Spooks US With Space Nukes Pivot

Hackers Linked to Russia's Military Claim Credit for Sabotaging US Water Utilities

Russia arrests Forbes reporter over social media posts on Bucha massacre

Russia will target NATO nuclear weapons in Poland if they appear, TASS says

Putin vows to impose "order" with S-300 missiles in annexed Ukraine

Cheap Russian drones overwhelm US-made Abrams tanks, taken out of action

Johnson Evolved On Ukraine. Hearing About Evangelicals' Persecution May Have Helped.

Zelenskyy says U.S. aid delay allowed Russia to 'seize the initiative'; Blinken warns of more sanctions on Chinese firms

McConnell Reveals He 'Apologized' to Zelenskyy for Aid Delay

Mitch McConnell: $61 Billion Ukraine Aid Package 'Not a Whole Lot of Money'

Joe Biden's Latest Billions for Ukraine Could Build Entire U.S. Border Wall

Merrick Garland Defies Final Warning to Comply with Biden Audio Subpoena or Face Contempt

McConnell argues against presidential immunity for criminal prosecution

Justice Kavanaugh Asks Jack Smith's Prosecutor Why Barack Obama Was Never Charged For Drone Strikes Against Civilians

Justice Jackson suggests Trump claims risk turning Oval Office into 'seat of criminality'

Judge Merchan Says He Will Consider 4 New Trump Gag Order Violations, Sets New Hearing

Judge Cannon Unseals Docs Alleging Jack Smith's Lead Prosecutor Threatened Trump Valet Attorney and Tried to Bribe Him in Exchange For Client's Testimony Against Trump

NYC DA Alvin Bragg allowed 'political motivations' to 'infect' Trump prosecution, case has 'clear partisan aim': House Judiciary Committee

Associated Press Admits Bogus Charges Against Trump 2020 Alternative Electors Are 'Part of a Campaign to Deter' Republicans in 2024

Blinken tells CNN the US has seen evidence of China attempting to influence upcoming US elections

After Biden signs TikTok ban into law, ByteDance says it won't sell the social media service

Report: China's ByteDance Wants TikTok Shut down in U.S. if Legal Fight Fails

GOP's inclusion of TikTok ban is secret weapon against Biden - Democrats are bracing for a backlash from young voters over the potential ban of TikTok on U.S. phones

New York Times: Biden Dodging Press Sets a 'Dangerous Precedent'

AI deepfakes threaten to upend global elections. No one can stop them.

Mark Zuckerberg's Meta Allows Facebook and Instagram to Be Flooded with Explicit 'AI Girlfriend' Ads

Catholic Group Defrocks AI Priest After It Gave Strange Answers

Catholic AI chatbot used by over 180K people to 'ensure fidelity to Church teaching'

School principal was framed using AI-generated racist rant, police say. A co-worker is now charged.

A new wave of wearable devices will collect a mountain on information on us - we need to get wise about the privacy implications

China launches 3-member crew to its space station as it seeks to put astronauts on the moon by 2030

Taiwan rattled by 6.1 magnitude quake, no immediate reports of damage

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Mid-Indian Ridge

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Hualien City, Taiwan

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Mid-Indian Ridge

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Honiara, Solomon Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Nusa Dua, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Mid-Indian Ridge

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Tornadoes tear across America's heartland, leaving catastrophic destruction in multiple states

Catastrophic destruction in wake of massive tornadoes in Nebraska, Iowa

Wave of exceptionally hot weather scorches south and south-east Asia - Warnings of dangerous temperatures across parts of Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh and India as hottest months of the year are made worse by El Nino

Thailand heat index soars to 'extremely dangerous' levels, 30 deaths reported

Hospitals take emergency measures, schools close as Bangladesh records hottest April in 75 years

Pope Francis: Climate Change Deniers Are 'Stupid'

White House Weighs Declaring Climate Emergency To Crack Down on Oil Industry

'Hazardous material' derailment near Arizona-New Mexico border causes I-40 closure

Haiti's transitional government weighs future after 'collapse' of institutions

France Implements 'Social Cleansing' Campaign Ahead of Olympics, Starts Evicting Migrants From Homeless Camps

Biden's ICE Sued for Withholding Information on Hiding Identities of Criminal Illegal Aliens

Andrew Tate to be tried on rape, trafficking and sexual exploitation charges, Romanian court rules

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Vetoes Bill Preventing Biological Males From Showering With Females in Public Schools, Says "I Will Not Sign Legislation That Attacks Arizonans"

How treatment of miscarriages is upending the abortion debate

17 states sue EEOC over new employer abortion accommodation rule

SCOTUS Shocked by Biden Administration's View of Federal Power over States in ER Abortion Challenge

White House Aides Prohibit Biden From Walking Solo, Devise Special 'Routine' to Stop Him from Falling Over

Buckingham Palace Announces That King Charles Will Return to His Public Duties, but Rumors About His Poor Health Are Generating Major Controversy

King Charles' funeral plans reportedly being updated regularly after cancer diagnosis: 'He is really very unwell'

1 in 5 samples of pasteurized milk had bird flu virus fragments, FDA says

Amid bird flu spread, experts reveal if it's safe to drink milk: 'Indirect concern'

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