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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/17/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/17/2024

Visiting targeted air base, IDF chief promises response to Iranian attack

War cabinet said set on 'forceful' response to Iran, but one that won't spark wider war

Raisi, Iranian leaders warn Israel against 'slightest' response to weekend attack

Iran vows to strike with weapon 'never used before' as Israel pledges they won't 'get off scot-free' after missile blitz

Iran Claims Their 99% Failed Missile Attack Penetrated Israeli Air Defenses and 'Hit Their Targets'

Iranians on edge as leaders say 'Tel Aviv is our battleground'

Iranians brace for potential Israeli strikes amid fears for economy, anger at regime

From proxies to gas pumps, Israel's retaliation could hit Iran in myriad ways - Analysts believe any Israeli response will seek to avoid civilian casualties, but could go after sensitive IRGC facilities or come via hack attack

US said to believe Israel won't strike Iran directly, will focus on proxies instead

'Bad for business': Between Israel and Iran, Gulf states scramble to avert wider war

US defense chief urges Israel to uphold 'regional stability' - Lloyd Austin also reiterated "steadfast" U.S. support for Israel's defense

US, Europe to up Iran sanctions as Israel pressed to ditch threatened retaliation

European allies urge Israel against military response to Iran as war cabinet convenes

Pentagon chief pushes support for Israel, Mideast stability in calls with counterparts

Iran closed nuclear facilities for a day following attack on Israel, says IAEA chief

Iran shuts nuclear facilities and cancels inspections amid fears of Israeli attack

Jeremy Bowen: Iran's attack on Israel offers Netanyahu a lifeline

Jordan foreign minister: Netanyahu must be stopped from 'stealing' attention from Gaza by escalating further with Iran

Netanyahu aims to trap west into war across Middle East, warns Iranian diplomat

Turkish president says Netanyahu to blame for Iran's attack on Israel

Ukraine Sees 'Hypocrisy' in Western Allies' Defense of Israel

West should shoot down Russian missiles & drones just like they did for Israel against Iran, says President Zelensky

With attack, Iran breathes life into nascent US-led alliance from Qatar to Israel

As Israel mulls revenge, preserving US-led cooperation also seen as dealing blow to Iran

'Violation Of International Law': China Strongly Condemns Attack On Iranian Consulate In Syria

China Tells Iran Cooperation Will Last After Attack on Israel

Turkey's Erdogan Calls to 'Immediately Restrain Israel' After Iran Assault

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia call for Gaza ceasefire, lament efforts so far

U.N. commission accuses Israel of obstructing Oct. 7 probe

UN to launch $2.8 billion global 'flash appeal' for Gaza and West Bank

Mass grave discovered at Gaza hospital occupied by Israeli forces

At least 13 killed, including 7 children, after strike on Gaza's Al-Maghazi refugee camp

Israeli tanks push back in northern Gaza, warplanes hit Rafah, say residents

Nearly 50 attendees of Israel's Nova festival died by suicide since Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack, survivor says

Health Ministry firmly denies claim that 50 Supernova survivors took their own lives

Deadly West Bank settler attacks on Palestinians follow Israeli boy's killing

UN committee says it is unable to agree on Palestinian bid for full membership

46 arrested after activists blockade Sea-Tac Airport, target Seattle light rail during 'Shut It Down for Gaza' protest

Democrats descend on Chicago as specter of '68 convention looms - Protests over Israel-Gaza war expected as party nominates President Joe Biden

Anti-Semitism Report: Nearly 75% of Universities Received a 'C' or Worse

U.S.C. Cancels Valedictorian's Speech After Pro-Israel Groups Object

Israeli Military Says It Killed Two Senior Hezbollah Commanders in Separate Strikes in Lebanon

Forgotten War: Sudan's Displaced Christians Brace for 'World's Worst' Hunger Crisis

Attacks on Europe's largest nuclear power plant put the world "dangerously close to a nuclear accident"

Report: Chinese Military Companies Spent $24 Million Lobbying U.S. Government

Nolte: Swing-State Voters Sour on Endless Ukraine Funding

Speaker Johnson Supports Funding the Ukraine War Sinkhole - "Those Are American Jobs that Build Upgraded Weapons and Ammo Here"

House Dissatisfaction with Johnson Explodes over Foreign Aid 'Insanity' that Neglects Southern Border

Rand Paul Goes Scorched Earth on Speaker Mike Johnson - Says He's 'Lost All His Principles'

MTG on Mike Johnson Speakership: 'It's Over - He's Just the Only One Who Hasn't Acknowledged It'

Johnson Rejects Call for Resignation, Says MTG's Massie-Backed Motion to Vacate Is 'Absurd'

MTG gets support from Massie to oust Mike Johnson as House speaker

Massie threatens to oust Speaker Johnson if he doesn't step down over foreign aid plan

Mike Johnson Vows to Stay Speaker as Foreign-Aid Plan Sparks Backlash

Democrats throw Johnson a lifeline on motion to vacate

House Democrats to Save Embattled Speaker Mike Johnson Against Motion to Vacate in Exchange for Ukraine Aid Agreement

Democrats Told CNN's Manu Raju They Will 'Save' Mike Johnson From Hardline Republicans as 'Bitter Infighting' Consumes GOP

Supreme Court Skeptical of Biden Admin in January 6 Case with Implications for Trump

Justice Clarence Thomas Grills DOJ Lawyer on January 6 'Obstruction' Statute That Could Torpedo Jack Smith's DC Case Against Trump

Jack Smith: Trump Using NYC Trial to Delay Docs Case

Fiery exchanges over Facebook posts and Trump's behavior mark second day of trial

Bragg files motion to hold Trump in contempt for alleged gag order violations, threatens 30 days of jail time

'This city is a fair city': Eric Adams insists NYC Trump jury pool will be fair

Trump lawyer says there is a strong case for disqualification of hush money trial judge - Judge Merchan has refused to recuse himself from the case

Trump Lawyer: 'Extremely Improper' that Judge in Trump Criminal Case Is a Biden Donor

'Go DEI': MSNBC's Reid Calls Black People Prosecuting Trump 'Wonderfully Poetic'

Tim Scott: 'Prejudiced' Trump Trial an 'Injustice' Driving Black Voters to GOP, They Want 'Fair Justice System'

Pro-Trump network OAN and Smartmatic settle 2020 election defamation case

US Republican Kari Lake tells supporters: 'Strap on a Glock' as election nears

RFK Jr. Again Denied Secret Service Protection, Threatens Legal Action

'An abuse of discretion': Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. responds to latest Secret Service denial

Attorneys General of More Than a Dozen States Allege Bank of America is 'De-Banking' Conservatives

Musk Stood up to Biden, the Deep State and the Military Industrial Complex, the Brazilian Judiciary Is 'Small Potatoes' - US House Is Investigating Censorship Demands

Now They Care: 43% of Surveyed CEOs Fear AI's Impact on Their Own Jobs

Israeli study shows ChatGPT scores better than doctors in license exams

Expert Predicts $1 Billion Market for AI Girlfriends as Men Spent $10K a Month on Fake Relationships

6 strange things observed during the April 8 solar eclipse: From doomed comets to 'diamond rings'

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Inarajan Village, Guam

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Port Blair, India

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Union, Philippines

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Ust'-Kamchatsk Staryy, Russia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Olry, Vanuatu

Hundreds evacuated after Indonesia's Ruang volcano erupts

Ruang volcano in Indonesia erupts to 45,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 31,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 18,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Flash flooding in Oman and UAE hit by heaviest rainfall in 75 years

Desert Metropolis Under Water: A Year's Worth of Rain Causes Massive Flooding in Dubai - Cloud Seeding Operation was Carried Out in the Last 24 Hours

Heavy Rainfall Kills 18 in Oman as Dubai Airport Floods

Severe floods leave 58 dead, thousands of households affected in Tanzania

Heat records shattered in northern Japan

Far-Left Radical BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Flips Out as Red States Divest From His Woke, ESG-Driven Company

Fire destroys Copenhagen's Old Stock Exchange dating to 1600s, collapsing its dragon-tail spire

Boeing whistleblower says 787 fleet should be grounded

American Air Pilots Cite 'Significant' Jump in Safety Issues

IMF Steps Up Its Warning to US Over Spending and Ballooning Debt

U.S. economy will see 'more things break' in 2025 if rates stay high, strategist says

Venezuela closes embassy in Ecuador to protest raid on Mexican Embassy in Quito

Commentary: How the United States Arms the Mexican Cartels

Soros-linked NGO distributes flyers in Mexico telling illegal immigrants to 'vote for President Biden'- "You do not need documentary proof of citizenship to register to vote."

DHS Chief Mayorkas Grilled Over Alleged Flyers Asking Migrants in Mexico to Vote for Biden

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Reveals No Measures in Place to Block Illegal Immigrants from Unlawfully Registering and Voting - "We Do Not Oversee the Election Enrollment Process"

DHS monitoring over 600,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records: report

1,300 African Illegals Swarm New York City Hall After They Were Falsely Promised Green Cards

International House of Prayer Kansas City to shutter in wake of Mike Bickle scandal: report

Inside a 'radical' 20-person polyamorous relationship where wild sex is always on tap

Nebraska Teacher Accused of Sex with Student Is Wife of High-Ranking Pentagon Official

Wisconsin Sex Offender Who Identifies as a Transgender Vampire Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Disabled Minor, Now Charged With Homicide

French first lady Brigitte Macron sues conspiracy theorists who claim she was born a man

Biden-Appointed Judge Overturns West Virginia Law Requiring Students to Play on Sports Teams Matching Biological Sex

Female athletes speak out after appeals court requires West Virginia to allow biological males to compete in women's sports

'Bacterial vampirism': Deadly pathogens attracted to human blood, study finds

N. Korea has capability to genetically engineer biological military products: U.S. report

Mutated strain of mpox with 'pandemic potential' found in DRC mining town

Massive Crowds in Japan Rally Against WHO Pandemic Treaty - Target date for a legally binding agreement to be adopted by UN's 194 member countries is May 2024

Biden Campaign Requires Employees to Be 'Up to Date' on COVID-19 Vaccines

House panel says China subsidizes fentanyl production to fuel crisis in the United States

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