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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/16/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/16/2024

Strikes Upend Israel's Belief About Iran's Willingness to Fight It Directly

Iran crosses old red lines and sets 'new equation' with attack on Israel

'No Longer A Shadow War': Iran Says Attack On Israel Marks Strategic Shift

Iranian Leader Khamenei Posts Tweet in Hebrew Threatening Israel After Missile Attack - Israeli President Responds

Israel at UN: Iran has exposed its true face; the world must take action

Iran's Attack on Israel Sparks Race to Avert a Full-Blown War

Israel warns of 'imminent' revenge strike as Iran vows to unleash '1,500 missiles' - risking all-out war in Middle East

Iran strike on Israel was 'decoy' as Tehran could launch attack that is '10x bigger'

Russian weapons help Iran harden defenses against Israeli airstrike

Atomic Watchdog Chief Worried Israel Could Strike Iran Nuclear Facilities

Two IDF bases could have been completely destroyed in Iranian attack if not for successful air defense, analysis indicates

IDF chief says Iran attack created new opportunities for Israel cooperate with Mideast allies

US forces helped thwart Iranian assault on Israel by shooting down 80 drones, 6 missiles

Report: Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia, provided intelligence on Iran attack

Saudi Arabia acknowledges helping defend Israel against Iran

Arab states unexpectedly helped Israel fight off Iran's attack

Arab nations express need for restraint following Iranian attack on Israel

Most U.N. Security Council members condemn Iranian attack, urge 'restraint'

European leaders repeat call for Israeli restraint after major Iranian attack

UK foreign secretary condemns 'reckless' Iran attack on Israel as UN chief says region on 'brink'

Cameron urges Israel to be 'smart' by not escalating tensions with Iran

France's Macron: We must avoid escalation in Middle East

Biden counsels Netanyahu to 'slow things down' after Iranian attack

Iran says it's willing to show restraint as US presses Israel on 'regional stability'

Iran tells supportive China it's willing to exercise restraint against Israel

How the US shifted from rapping Israel over Gaza to defending it against Iran

Biden hosts Iraqi leader after Iran's attack on Israel throws Mideast into greater uncertainty

Biden cheat sheet for Iraq PM meeting caught on camera - including instructions to 'pause'

Israel will coordinate with US if it decides to respond to Iran attack

Biden Administration Reportedly Provided Guidance to Iran in Saturday's Drone and Missile Strike on Israel

White House denies reports Iran tailored strikes against Israel to 'fail'

Kirby calls idea Iran gave US warning about Israel attack 'ridiculous'

John Kirby blames Trump for emboldening Iran as Biden weathers storm over 'don't' foreign policy - 'It was the previous administration that decided to get us out of the Iran deal,' Kirby says

Lapid calls Netanyahu an 'existential threat' as they spar over national security

Speaker Johnson says it's U.S.'s 'biblical admonition' to help Israel

Speaker Mike Johnson Prepping Ukraine-Israel Aid, Says Trump Is '100% United' with Him on it

Mike Johnson takes risk on separating Israel and Ukraine aid

Biden admin rejects standalone funding for Israel without Ukraine aid

Israel Attack Illustrates Why West Must Send Ukraine More Weapons, Says Kyiv

Former Israeli PM Naftali Bennett: It's time for Israel & West to make Iranian regime pay 'deeply painful price'

War Clouds Forming: Israeli War Cabinet preparing to order retaliatory strike on Iran - expected to make final decision Tuesday

Iran humiliated as half of its ballistic missiles 'failed to launch' towards Israel

Iran's Better, Stealthier Drones Are Remaking Global Warfare - Countries from Central Asia to South America are building their own killer tech based on Iranian designs - often with US components

Iran informed Turkey in advance of its operation against Israel - Turkish source

France Bolsters Security at Jewish Schools, Synagogues Amid Mideast Conflict as Passover Approaches

'Peaceful' Pro-Palestinian Protesters Chant "God Is Great!" After News Breaks that Iran Fired Missiles at Israel

Pro-Palestinian protesters block traffic in major cities a day after Iran strikes Israel

Second protest completely blocks Golden Gate Bridge traffic into and out of San Francisco

Pro-Palestinian agitators block traffic at Chicago O'Hare Airport to protest Boeing, US funding of war in Gaza

Iranian sports celebrities show support for Israel on social media following Iran attack

Resistance to Iranian influence and proxies awakens across Middle East - Iranians support Israel, Syrians praise IRGC strike, Lebanon on edge of civil war

'The Iranians understood that a coalition would arise that would challenge them; therefore, their strategic decision was to allow Hamas to attack'

Saudis say Iran instigated Gaza war to sabotage Israel normalization

Hamas makes new proposal; demands immediate ceasefire, no hostage release in 1st phase - Mossad claims Sinwar 'does not want a humanitarian deal' but trying to escalate conflict

US accuses Hamas of being 'obstacle' to Gaza truce after it rejected Israel's proposal

Israel delays Rafah offensive plans amid heated debate over response to Iranian attack, sources say

For 2nd time in days, IDF downs hostile drone over Eilat with ship-mounted Iron Dome

Four IDF troops hurt, one seriously, in blast claimed by Hezbollah on Lebanon border

Christian Pilgrims Flock to Israel's Holy Sites, Defying Fears of War

Google Workers Revolt Over $1.2 Billion Contract With Israel

Terror Fears: Macron admits Olympics opening ceremony could be 'limited' due to security risk amid fears of ISIS attacks across Europe

For a full year, the bodies have piled up in Sudan - and still the world looks away

U.S. CENTCOM Concludes 2021 Kabul Airport Bombing Was 'Not Preventable'

The Telegraph: The enemies of the West are preparing to use a tactical nuke

U.S. ready to sanction Chinese banks if they aid Russia's war machine, Yellen says

China has bragged about its merciless execution of an alleged "US spy" in an unprecedented detailed admission

Wayne Root: Why Isn't Every Republican Leader in America Asking 24/7, "Who is the Real President? Who is Making the Decisions That are Destroying America?" Because We All Know It Isn't Joe Biden.

Maher: Biden Will Debate Trump, But It Won't Go Well for Biden, He Avoids Pressers for a Reason

Trump's Criminal Trial to Begin in Manhattan With Jury Selection

At least 50 potential Trump jurors dismissed en masse after saying they couldn't be fair

Angry Trump Emerges from Court After First Day of Trial: 'The Judge Isn't Going to Allow Me to Escape This Scam'

Gloves Off! DA Wants Trump Punished for Contempt on Day 1

Judge Merchan threatens President Trump with arrest if he isn't in court every single day of trial

Judge Merchan Warns Trump He Could Face Jail Time for Missing Court - Trump May Miss His Son Barron's High School Graduation

Trump should risk arrest and attend son's graduation, Piers Morgan says, force Dems into 'political suicide'

Manhattan DA's Office Asks Court to Impose $1,000 Sanctions For Each of Trump's Social Media Posts for 'Violating Gag Order' - Threatens Jail Time

Trump uses lunch break to again test gag order - He posted a video of an ally criticizing Michael Cohen and the judge's wife

Trump: Dems' Criminal Trials 'Election Interference'

Donald Trump Walks Into Trial: 'Political Persecution - Honored to Be Here'

Trump arrives at New York City courthouse to face Alvin Bragg's prosecution, says case is 'assault on America' - "This is really an attack on a political opponent, that's all it is."

Elon Musk slams NY Alvin Bragg case against Trump as 'corruption of the law'

Dems roast Trump for appearing to sleep in court

GOP AGs put a major US bank on notice for alleged 'de-banking' of conservatives

Mass brawl breaks out in Georgian parliament over controversial media law

Georgia parliament descends into chaos as lawmakers throw punches over Putin-style 'foreign agent' bill

House Judiciary subpoenas X Corp over Brazilian censorship - "United States laws prevent X from participating in corruption that violates the laws of other countries, which is what [Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes] is demanding that we do," Musk wrote

FISA 702 Again Passes House by Vote of 259-128 - Here are The 117 RINOs Who Voted for Warrantless Spying on Americans

FISA moves to Senate without provision requiring warrants to conduct searches of Americans

Ex-TikTok Employee Says He Was Ordered To Send US Data to China

Criminal exploits of Scattered Spider earn respect of Russian ransomware hackers

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Koshima, Japan

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Kokopo, Papua New Guinea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia eruptsto 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Lewotolok volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Dozens missing after large landslide hits DR Congo

Finland's Kalajoki Valley hit by floods, evacuations amid ice dam collapses

Nearly 16,000 homes flooded in Russia, 111,200 evacuated in Kazakhstan

Flash floods in Afghanistan claim 33 lives, damage 600 houses

Heavy rains trigger major flash floods across Oman

Commentary: The hot controversy surrounding solar geoengineering

Commentary: Can We Engineer Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis?

Scientists ponder fighting climate change by making clouds brighter and thicker

Climate engineering carries serious national security risks - countries facing extreme heat may try it anyway, and the world needs to be prepared

Cleanup underway after massive train derailment in Oklahoma

Huge Fire Erupts at Scranton Army Ammunition Plant, the U.S.'s Primary Producer of 155mm Artillery Shell Bodies

FBI Launches Criminal Investigation Into Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Boeing purged veteran leaders, outsourced Dreamliner development to boost stock prices, bust unions: report

Police: Florida Woman's Burnt Remains Found After Brutal Carjacking, Abduction in Broad Daylight

TikTok-famous bishop viciously stabbed during service in Sydney just days after mall massacre

Bishop among several people stabbed in attack during church service in Sydney

Sydney church stabbing: Boy, 15, arrested after Bishop attacked

Sydney Bishop Stabber Is a Radical Muslim - Angry Christian Crowd Gathers Outside Church - Threatens to Lynch Attacker - Bishop Emanuel's Wounds Reportedly Non-Life-Threatening

Sydney church stabbing declared a 'terrorist attack'

'Jezebel spirit': Pastor kicked off stage at Christian conference in Missouri

'It was Wild and Disturbing': Mega Pastor Booted From The Pulpit For Slamming Male Stripper Sword Display At Christian Men's Conference

Sen. Mike Lee Brings Business to a Halt in US Senate Until Democrats Hold Impeachment Trial for DHS Secretary Mayorkas - For Deliberately Implementing Open Borders Disaster

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer seeks $8 million in state funds for illegal immigrants' legal fees

San Diego to Receive Additional $39 Million for Illegal Immigrants

Tax Day: Illegal Immigration Costs American Taxpayers over $150 Billion

Jim Banks Introduces 'American Students First Act' to Stop Joe Biden from Expanding College Prep Programs to Illegal Aliens

'America's Worst Mayor': Illinois Democrat Accused of Covering Up Sexual Assault, Firing Victim

Bureau of Prisons to close California women's jail where inmates were sexually abused

Purchasing a child for sex is a misdemeanor in California, lawmakers to debate classifying it as a felony

Transgender Boxer Patricio Manuel Issues Defiant Statement After Getting Knocked Out in 21 Seconds

Premier Danielle Smith defends Alberta's ban on child sex changes

Supreme Court allows enforcement of Idaho ban on gender-affirming care for transgender minors

Mom to soon learn if she is legally allowed to 'chemically castrate' 11-year-old son in California against Texas father's wishes

Globalist Tusk's Polish Government Pushes Abortion in Parliament, so the European Union Releases Funds It Withheld From Previous Conservative Administration

Report: Biden Campaign 'Plans to Spend Every Day' Until November Focusing on Abortion

Hillary Clinton: The 'Cruelty' of Arizona Abortion Ban Is So Troubling

Republican candidates downplay past anti-abortion stances ahead of 2024 election

Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests Mike Johnson is being 'blackmailed' as she accuses Speaker of 'changing who he was' on abortion, Ukraine and the border

EEOC: Employers Must Accommodate Abortions, Birth Control

Colorado funeral home owners found with nearly 200 decomposing bodies, charged with COVID fraud

Naomi Wolf on the COVID Cult: "I Asked Myself, What is this Evil? I Was Seeing All of the Heads of State Around the World Walking in Lockstep In this Anti-Human Assault"

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo on Fauci: "Dishonest, Self-Serving Political Animal Who Happens to Have Scientific Training"

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