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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 3/20/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 3/20/2024

Canada drops recognition of Palestinian statehood after Trudeau-Gantz phone call

Canada's parliament urges 2-state solution, but not recognition of Palestinian state

Schumer says he considered calling on Netanyahu to step down, worries Israel will become a pariah under his leadership

Schumer meets US Jewish leaders to defend his call for Israel to replace Netanyahu

Mark Levin Calls Schumer a 'Disgrace,' Says 'Vast Majority' of Americans Support Israel

Dem Rep. Auchincloss: U.S. Should Focus on Toppling Hamas, Not Netanyahu

US to pitch Israel on securing Egypt-Gaza border as alternative to 'smashing into Rafah'

Netanyahu sending top officials Dermer and Hanegbi to Washington to discuss Rafah operation

Biden said to reassure Netanyahu he's not trying to push him out amid deepening rift

Biden Shifts the Goalposts: 'Degrading,' Not 'Defeating,' Hamas

Netanyahu says he made clear to Biden Rafah ground op crucial to destroying Hamas

Netanyahu after Biden phone call: 'No way to eliminate Hamas without Rafah incursion'

Netanyahu slams 'some in Israel' cooperating with US over Rafah

Jake Sullivan Makes Antisemitic Claim Israel Interferes in American Politics

Report: Biden to Consider Cutting Arms to Israel over 'Human Rights'

Canada to stop arms exports to Israel

Netanyahu: Victory Over Hamas Will Deliver Blow to Iran Terror Axis

Israel: Hamas Still Using Hospitals as 'Human Shields'; Terrorists Fire from Shifa; Hamas Commander Eliminated

IDF troops kill over 50 Hamas gunmen during ongoing raid in Gaza's Shifa Hospital

IDF says more than 300 terror suspects detained in Shifa hospital

Drone footage raises questions about Israeli justification for deadly strike on Gaza journalists

Al Jazeera says Gaza journalist beaten, detained by Israeli forces

Gaza Reporter Says Israel Stripped, Blindfolded Journalists During Al-Shifa Raid

UN human rights chief: Israel's 'extensive restrictions' on Gaza aid may be war crime

South Africa: Israel undermining World Court with campaign of 'starvation' in Gaza

Headed to north Gaza, aid trucks face gauntlet of armed looters and starving civilians

Incoming PA prime minister lays out plan to end corruption, reconstruct Gaza

Jared Kushner says Gaza's 'waterfront property could be very valuable' - Donald Trump's son-in-law also says Israel should bulldoze an area of the Negev desert and move Palestinians there

White House Pounces on Trump for 'Unhinged Antisemitic Rhetoric' After He Says 'Any Jewish Person That Votes for Democrats Hates Their Religion'

Macron Pledges 'Uncompromising' Fight Against Antisemitism in Address to French Jewish Leaders

Two Shin Bet officers hurt, one seriously, in West Bank shooting; attacker shot

Israeli Strikes Reported Near Syrian Capital

2 soldiers wounded in Hezbollah rocket attack; IDF strikes terror group's sites

In first, IDF confirms Houthi cruise missile hit open area near Eilat on Monday

Armenia's PM warns Azerbaijan could start war over disputed border villages

Armenian PM: We'll hand Azerbaijan some territory to avoid a new war

German Police Detain Two Afghans Accused of Plotting Quran Burning Revenge Attack

Congress Grills Gen. Mark Milley over Biden's Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal

Pakistan Bombs Afghanistan, Claiming Taliban Is 'Actively Patronizing' Terror Across Border

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum: Continent Must Prepare For War, Says European Council

'They Gotta Pay!' Donald Trump Tells Farage NATO Allies in Europe Are Taking 'Advantage' of American Taxpayers

Top Polish General: 'Ukrainian Losses Must Be Counted in the Millions, Not Hundreds of Thousands'

Defense Sec. Austin: US 'Will Not Let Ukraine Fail'

Russia says it will evacuate 9,000 children from a border region being targeted by Ukraine

White House says there was 'nothing free or fair' about Putin reelection

Experts, Executives, and Auto Workers Agree with Trump: China Hoping to Annihilate American Auto Industry in 'Bloodbath' on Joe Biden's Watch

Marlow: Media Is 'Lying,' Trump's Bloodbath Comments Were About the Auto Industry

Hunter Biden's Business Partner Confirms Joe Biden's Email Alias

Judiciary Republicans Drop Damning Impeachment Video of Biden Associates Night Before Hearing

Trump sues ABC News, George Stephanopoulos for defamation after on-air accusation that Trump was found liable for 'rape'

Donald Trump Says $454M Bond Could Force Real Estate Fire Sale: 'Foreign Interference'

Unlikely Ally Ruth Bader Ginsburg Could Save Trump $355M

Kevin O'Leary Goes Off on CNN Over Possible Seizure of Trump Assets in New York: 'Like Venezuela or Cuba!'

Biden Jokes About Trump Struggling to Pay Massive New York Fine

Attorney who blew whistle on Fani Willis affair blasts DA over speech claiming 'Jesus' told her to prosecute Trump

Tucker Carlson exhorts Texas audience to see spiritual war behind political battles: 'Not flesh and blood at all'

Joe Rogan Rips 'Banana Republic' Indictments of Trump: 'Looks Like You're Trying to Prosecute Your Political Opponents'

Ex-Trump adviser Peter Navarro reports to prison on contempt of Congress conviction

Supreme Court denies Peter Navarro's bid to stay out of prison on appeal, must report TODAY

'They've come for me, they can come for you': Peter Navarro blasts Biden's DOJ for 'chilling effect' on Americans

NYT: Democrats Are Meddling in Republican Primaries

Michigan: Barry County Sheriff Sends Evidence to Rep. Jim Jordan Alleging Foreign Interference in Voting Machines Across the State During 2020 Election - Demands an Immediate Review and Investigation

Michigan Sheriff Reveals Sensitive Dominion Emails That Show Serbian Nationals Engaged in Foreign Election Interference

Elon Musk reveals Twitter had FBI 'portal that auto-deleted all comms' after 2 weeks

Elon Musk Calls New York Times 'Mouthpiece of the State' Over Headline Calling Deep State 'Kind of Awesome'

Unreal: NYT Article Praises 'Deep State,' Blasts Trump for Trying to Take it Down

RFK Jr. Backs GOP Lawsuits Against Biden Administration over Social Media Censorship

Keith Olbermann Suggests 'Hope' for Trump's Assassination on Social Media

TikTok ban could upend global app economy

Saudi Arabia Plans $40 Billion Push Into Artificial Intelligence

DHS to test AI for immigration officer training, disaster planning

Elon Musk's SpaceX 'building fleet of satellites for US spies' in 'classified $1.8 billion deal' to photograph Earth

China's moon plans worry Space Force - New orbits could open "potential attack vectors" on US satellites, general says

Warnings as cellphone services could cut out during upcoming total solar eclipse

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Nushki, Pakistan

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Category 3 Tropical Cyclone "Megan" hits Gulf of Carpentaria, stranding residents of Borroloola

Extreme flooding in Duhok, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Mexico City is running out of water, forcing many to ration as the drought-stricken metropolis contends with a water crisis

UN warns planet 'on the brink' after data confirms 2023 was hottest year on record

DC cherry blossoms peaked so early and the famous festival hasn't even started - The cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C. have already bloomed, the second-earliest date on record

Saudi Aramco CEO: 'The Energy Transition Is Failing. Policymakers Should Abandon the Fantasy of Phasing Out Oil and Gas'

Texas pulls $8.5B from BlackRock in stunning blow to ESG movement

Iran may attack US water supplies, warns Biden administration

Cyberattacks are hitting water systems throughout US, Biden officials warn governors

Christian vet who beheaded satanic statue in Iowa statehouse seeks dismissal of hate crime charge, says Satanic Temple isn't a real religion

San Jose exorcism death: Detective testimony about child ritual opens preliminary hearing

Buddhists use karmic healing against California city's anti-Asian past

Communist Cuba Is on the Brink of Collapse - The Caribbean island is going through its harshest economic crisis in three decades. The world should prepare for an eventual and sorely needed regime change.

Starved and Without Electricity, Hundreds of Cubans Nationwide Take to the Streets Chanting 'Freedom'

Council to nominate new Haitian leader forms as gang violence consumes nation

Haiti Descends into Street Warfare Between Barbecue's Militias and What Is Left of Police

Undocumented Immigrants Have Right to Own Guns, Judge Rules

In Major Blow to Biden Regime, Supreme Court Allows Texas to Enforce Immigration Law That Gives Police Power to Arrest Illegals

Republicans Seek to Block Joe Biden from Taking Air Marshals off Flights, Sending Them to Southern Border

Arizona county faces 'homelessness on steroids' as migrant shelter funds run out

Suspect in shooting of Chicago trans woman is illegal immigrant with ties to Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua

Rolling Stone: White House 'Drag Queen' Star Allegedly Raped Men

Supreme Court Declines to Consider Case of Indiana Couple Who Lost Custody of 'Transgender' Teen Son for Refusing to Use Female Pronouns

American Cancer Society finds 'homophobia' and 'discrimination' can 'increase cancer risk' in LGBTQ+ people

Planet Fitness Stock Drops After Making Women Share Restrooms with Men

Woke Planet Fitness Has 'Lunk Alarm' to Combat Toxic Masculinity, But Man in Women's Room Is Fine

Caitlyn Jenner Backs Ban on Trans Athletes Competing in Women's Sports

Intimacy Bans Lifted, 300k Condoms Distributed Ahead of Paris Olympics

More than 60% of US abortions in 2023 were done by pill, study shows

WSJ: Abortion Is President Biden's 'Top Issue' for Reelection Campaign

Battlefield Brain: New Study on Victims of 'Havana Syndrome' Finds No Signs of Brain Injury, but Identifies 'Real Symptoms' That Are 'Profound' and 'Disabling'

Brazil's Bolsonaro indicted for allegedly falsifying his own vaccination data

'The World Knows That I Didn't Take the Vaccine': Brazil's Bolsonaro, Relentlessly Targeted by Socialist Lula, Is Indicted for Allegedly Falsifying His Vaxx Records

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