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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 3/21/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 3/21/2024

Blinken Begins New Middle East Trip as US Strains with Israel Show

Train Wreck: Biden, Schumer putting US-Israeli relations on a collision course - Biden is cursing Netanyahu and demanding Israel not finish Hamas off in Rafah

Prominent Jews among progressive donors warning Biden against 'unconditional' support for Israel

Chuck Schumer declined Netanyahu request to speak to Democratic Caucus

Mike Johnson confirms: House GOP considering asking Netanyahu to give speech to Congress

Congress Seeks to Bar Funding for U.N. Agency for Palestinians

Britain's deputy PM defends Israel but calls for humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

Dem Rep. Sherman: Israel Can't Do More to Avoid Civilian Casualties 'Unless You Just Want to Surrender'

Netanyahu Defies Biden: We're Going into Rafah; Talks with White House Only on 'Humanitarian' Operations

Netanyahu says it 'will take some time' until IDF launches offensive in Rafah

Israel Eliminates Senior Hamas Operatives in Rafah, Despite U.S. Opposition

IDF: 90 Hamas gunmen killed, over 300 nabbed in raid at Gaza's Shifa Hospital

President Herzog to honor three hostages mistakenly shot by IDF

Demanding early elections, protesters chain themselves outside Knesset

PM Netanyahu sidelines Gantz in ceasfire talks as tensions mount

Israel slams arms sale ban as Trudeau caves to minority party: 'history will judge' Canada 'harshly' - Canada has experienced an explosion of antisemitic activity with 132% increase in hate crimes

China Tells Hamas Chief It Is 'Keen on Relations' in First Meeting Since October 7

Kushner notes value of Gaza 'waterfront property' if people would focus on livelihood

Harvard Students Hold Vigil for Hamas Terrorists Killed at Shifa Hospital

American Flag Burnt at Anti-Israel Protest in NYC, Activists Liken NYPD to 'KKK'

Anonymous claims infiltrated Israel's nuclear plant in Dimona - Hacker group discloses 7GB of documents it claims to have stolen, though Israeli sources view this primarily as psychological warfare rather than an act of substantive harm

Israeli airstrike kills two senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists in Jenin

Hezbollah Using Lebanese People as 'Human Shields,' Placing Munitions 'In Heart of' Civilian Areas, Israel Says

Houthi Cruise Missile Hits Israel in Ominous First

Eilat Port to lay off half its staff due to Houthi attacks stymieing shipping trade

UN mission probing ISIS crimes in Iraq forced to shut down early

Pakistan repulses attack near Chinese-funded port, killing 8, officials say

China tells U.S. to not take sides on South China Sea issue

Blinken stands by US' 'ironclad commitment' to defend Philippines amid fears of China conflict

World on the brink as Taiwan admits US troops are now stationed on Chinese border

US 'Green Beret' Special Forces Permanently Stationed in Taiwan Near Border With China

Rocket Men: Iran Warned Not To Sell Missiles for Russia, Japan Warned Not To Transfer Missiles for Ukraine - While North Korea Has Sent Moscow 7,000 containers of Missiles and Ammo

North Korea Claims Progress on Hypersonic Missile Designed to Strike Guam

Success in Ukraine has become 'a matter of U.S. credibility,' Poland minister says

Jake Sullivan vows more help coming for Ukraine despite US gridlock

European Union Wants to Buy Weapons for Ukraine With Confiscated Russian Money

Zelensky accused of trying to 'cleanse opposition' as Ukraine splits over Russia war

Russian Military Hit by Mass Desertions

Russian TV Alarmed by NATO Ally's Ukraine Plans: 'Not Funny Anymore'

Vietnamese president resigns amid anti-corruption campaign

Ireland's Prime Minister Steps Down In Surprise Announcement after the defeat of two referendums that the coalition government had championed and after years of waning public support for his political party

Kate Middleton Is Alive but the Royal Conspiracy Theories Won't Die - How a media blackout backfired for Britain's royal family

Who hacked Princess Kate's personal medical information? Amid rumors about the health of the Princess of Wales, a staff member at the private hospital where she was hospitalized tried to access Kate's medical file; This prompted wild conspiracy theories

Three London hospital staffers under investigation over alleged Kate Middleton medical records breach: report

BBC's Sonja McLaughlan says woman photographed with Prince William was 'lookalike' - The Princess, whose absence from public life while she has been recovering from surgery has sparked a flurry of bizarre conspiracy theories

Republicans Reject Motion to Impeach Joe Biden - Jordan responded: "We don't do snap impeachments like you guys. We actually do the facts. We do oversight according to the Constitution."

Impeachment probe pivots to public testimony from ex-partners, alleged effort to 'sell Joe Biden'

Byron Donalds Drops Receipts Proving Joe Biden Obtained Money from Energy Company Linked to the CCP

Hunter Business Partner Galanis: Goal 'to Make Billions, Not Millions'

Tony Bobulinksi accuses Hunter Biden of perjury, claims Reps. Jamie Raskin, Dan Goldman are liars

Tony Bobulinski Testifies that Hunter Biden Perjured Himself Multiple Times in Interview with Lawmakers

Tony Bobulinski Rips Dems' Character 'Assassination': 'Disgusting'

Shouting, accusations, a mask: GOP's Hunter Biden hearing erupts into bickering

Ocasio-Cortez demands GOP specify actual crimes in Biden impeachment inquiry

Jim Jordan Explodes During Congressional Hearing After Hunter Biden Refuses to Show Up

Biden Business Associate Devon Archer Refuses to Attend Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

Biden Warned Opponent Against a 'Bloodbath' in 2020 - And the Establishment Media Never Blinked

MI Senate Candidate Mike Rogers: 'You Bet' There Will Be a Bloodbath in Auto Industry If Biden Wins

Donald Trump asks to pause Jan. 6 lawsuits as his criminal case lingers

DC US Attorney Matthew Graves Threatens to Seek More Prison Time For J6ers if Supreme Court Reverses 'Obstruction' Statute This Summer

Charges dropped against Gold Star father arrested for heckling Biden during SOTU address

Georgia Judge Allows Trump to Appeal Fani Willis Disqualification Decision

Stormy Daniels documentary should be grounds for falsified docs case dismissal, Trump lawyers argue

Judge says Michael Cohen may have committed perjury, denies early probation end

Judge won't sanction Michael Cohen for citing fake cases in AI-generated legal filing

Kinzinger: Democracy Can't Continue if SCOTUS Rules Trump Has Immunity

Libs So Convinced Trump Will Win That They're Trying to Boot Sotomayor Before Election

Biden censorship case has historic implications for the future of free speech, state AG says

House unanimously votes to keep sensitive American data out of hostile countries' hands - The vote comes less than a week after lawmakers voted to force TikTok out of China's hands

Elon Musk: FBI Portal on Twitter "Auto-Deleted All Communications" After Two Weeks - To Likely Hide Government's Involvement in Censoring Speech

Ron Paul Warns Public to Prepare for Unpredictable 'Black Swan' Event During Tucker Carlson Interview

'Devil Comet' Set to Align With Total Solar Eclipse for Unique April Display

Strong M7.4 solar flare erupts from AR 3615

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tuapejat, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 19,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

WMO declares 2023 as the hottest year on record ahead of the Copenhagen Climate Ministerial

Green New Deal? All But One Of World's 100 Most Polluted Cities Are in Asia

2024 Paris Summer Olympics Cancel Air Conditioning Due to Climate Concerns

Relentless Revolt: Polish Farmers Stage 600 Protests in a Day Against EU Crippling Green Policies and Cheap Unregulated Ukrainian Grain

Pierre Poilievre calls for motion of no confidence in Justin Trudeau to try to force election if Liberals don't cancel carbon tax hike

Trashed electronic devices are growing 'catastrophe' for environment, UN warns

Biden unveils plan to boost EVs and phase out gas-powered cars in U.S.

Climate organization puts $120M into 2024 election

Haiti Hell: International Community Backs Unelected Transitional Council - Gangs Kill 12 in Rich Neighborhoods of the Capital - Kenya Hesitates To Send UN Peacekeeping Troops

US starts to helicopter citizens out of Haiti as fighting erupts in wealthy areas

Cuba Races to Head Off Protests as Shortages Spread, Tensions Build - Communist government has limited resources to improve living conditions before summer heat sets in, power demand soars

Leftist Extremism: Anarchist Jailed for 13 Years over Plot to Kill Members of Parliament

Executive Director of the Bill and Hillary Clinton Airport in Arkansas Shot in Head by Federal Agents After Allegedly Opening Fire

Top Leader of Colombian Criminal Gang and Interpol's Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitive Cited and Released - Arrested Again Two Months Later

Appeals Court Blocks Texas from Arresting and Deporting Illegals Hours After Supreme Court Ruling - Bush and Biden Judges Cast the Deciding Votes

Texas argues before appeals court that state has 'right to defend itself' after Supreme Court issues ruling on border laws

US Congressional Candidate Kathleen Winn (R-AZ): Every State is a Border State - The Reality of the Southern Border Invasion

Gov. DeSantis: Haitians Could Go to Martha's Vineyard

Tyson Accused of Contributing to 'Decimation of the American Dream' by Laying Off Americans While Hiring Immigrants

This Queens woman was arrested for trying to keep squatters out of her home by changing the locks

From 'The View' To CBS, Media Give Christine Blasey Ford Even More Time To Smear Brett Kavanaugh

Christine Blasey Ford was 'devastated' by investigations finding no evidence to support Kavanaugh accusations

Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford doubles down on rape allegations in new memoir

Italy prime minister Giorgia Meloni seeks 100,000 Euro damages over deepfake pornographic videos

15 Shocking Revelations from Docuseries About Nickelodeon Sexual Misconduct: 'I Am a Pedophile, Full Blown'

Alabama governor signs ban on DEI funds that restricts 'divisive concepts' in schools

Alabama bans DEI in schools and says bathrooms must be designated by 'biological sex'

Russia Arrests Gay Club Managers in First LGBTQ+ 'Extremism' Criminal Case

African Cardinal: Blessings for Same-Sex Couples 'Western Imperialism'

Supreme Court allows removal of trans-identified child from Catholic parents' home to stand

Maryland labor attorney becomes first openly gay judge on 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals

Nolte: GLAAD Fascists Forbid the Word 'Homosexual'

White House: Our Initiative to Address Diseases that Impact Women Differently Will Include People Born Male

How the Unregulated Sperm Market Is Creating an Online Baby Boom - Single women and LGBTQ+ couples are increasingly pursuing pregnancy via known donors

Chiefs' Harrison Butker: 'The Unborn Are the Greatest Victims of Our Society'

Commentary: Why abortion in the US is on the rise - There were more abortions in 2023 than in any year since 2011

Overturning of Roe vs Wade Fails to Preserve Life as U.S. Abortion Deaths Reach Highest Level in a Decade

Trump Signals Support for 15-week National Abortion Ban

Pregnant Arizona Lawmaker Announces on Senate Floor That She is Getting an Abortion, Says Baby is Non-Viable

An Ohio toddler died after her mom left her home alone while she took a 10-day vacation. A judge called it the 'ultimate act of betrayal'

HIV in cell culture can be completely eliminated using CRISPR-Cas gene editing technology, increasing hopes of cure

Goat in Minnesota tests positive for bird flu, first ever US case

Dengue outbreak in Argentina on track to break records

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