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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 3/16/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 3/16/2024

Biden's Relationship With Israel's Netanyahu Is in 'Serious Crisis' - Their nearly 50-year ties are nearing an open rupture, spurred by clashing political agendas and conflicting war aims in Gaza

Biden hails 'good speech' by Schumer criticizing Netanyahu, says many Americans agree

Chuck Schumer Accused of Engaging in 'Grotesque' Foreign Election Interference on Senate Floor

McConnell Slams Schumer For Election Interference: Dems Have Anti-Israel Problem

Fred Fleitz: Biden Admin 'Meddling' in Israeli Politics

Pollak: Biden Attack on Netanyahu Causes Worst Crisis in History of U.S.-Israel Relations

Jewish Republicans: Senate leader Chuck Schumer 'knifed the Jewish state in the back'

Joni Ernst Slams Chuck Schumer for Turning Against U.S.'s 'Greatest Ally,' Playing 'Right into Hamas's Hands'

The Squad Flips Out After CNN Commentator Calls Ilhan Omar a 'Public Relations Agent for Hamas'

Gallant says having PA-linked locals rule Gaza is least bad alternative to Hamas

IDF chief 'severely reprimands' division commander for critique of politicians

Iran reportedly pushed US to broker Gaza ceasefire during secret talks in Oman

Hamas presents ceasefire proposal for release of female hostages and date for permanent ceasefire

Hamas offers exchange of women, children, elderly hostages for up to 1,000 prisoners

Hamas demands 50 released prisoners for every female soldier - report

Israel downplays truce prospects after Hamas response

Hamas said to move toward Israel on truce deal, but PM claims demands still 'ridiculous'

Netanyahu approves Rafah attack plans as aid ship reaches Gaza - Israeli PM's decision may be intended to put negotiating pressure on Hamas, observers say, after his cabinet discussed truce proposal

First ship to use new sea route arrives in Gaza with 200 tons of humanitarian aid

Australia resumes funding for UNRWA and pledges more Gaza aid

Hamas stealing, selling Gaza aid on black market, Israeli official claims

IDF decries 'false' report of 29 Gazans killed awaiting aid

IDF probe: Palestinian gunmen killed Gazans waiting for aid, army did not fire

Report: Israel Believes Biden 'Slow-walking' Ammunition; We 'Might Lose This War'

Reports: Ministers told signs point to successful hit on Hamas number 3 Marwan Issa

Biden White House Caught in Lie About CAIR as Palestinian Leaders Boycott Meetings

'From the river to the sea' spray-painted on scene of 1972 Munich massacre - Local authorities have since removed the antisemitic graffiti

Chief rabbi claims his threat of Haredi exodus in case of army draft was 'distorted'

Hamas slams Mahmoud Abbas's 'unilateral' designation of new PM

Tens of thousands peacefully attend 1st Friday prayers of Ramadan at Temple Mount - Police report no unusual incidents after Hamas urged worshipers to 'defend Al-Aqsa'

Senior Hamas and Houthi figures held rare meeting to coordinate actions against Israel

US says Houthis fired 3 anti-ship ballistic missiles at Red Sea

Suspected attack by Houthis strikes a ship in Red Sea, crew reportedly safe

GOP senator's suggestion to Biden on Red Sea: Threaten to sink Iranian ships

Yemen's Houthis obtain hypersonic missile, upgrade weapons arsenal - report

Nasrallah assures Iranians Hezbollah will fight alone if war with Israel breaks out

Hezbollah assures Iran it will not drag regime into larger war with Israel

Iran using European ports to hide weapons shipments to Hezbollah - report

Iran and U.S. Held Secret Talks on Proxy Attacks and Cease-Fire

House Republicans insist John Kerry reveal details on "shadow diplomacy" with Iran during Trump admin

Protests in north-west Syria mark 13 years since start of fight for democracy

UN warns of catastrophic hunger in Sudan in coming months

Sudan: 5 million at risk of starvation due to war, UN says

3 soldiers killed, 27 people wounded in hotel attack in Somali capital

Brazil military leaders told police Bolsonaro plotted to remain in power despite election defeat

Brazil's ex-president Bolsonaro presented coup plot to military leaders, court documents allege

Vladimir Putin's victory all but certain as Russians head to the polls - Longtime Russian leader faces no meaningful opposition after death in Arctic penal colony of Alexei Navalny

Russia's Online Voting System Briefly Crashes on First Day of Election

Kremlin says U.S. conducting covert influence campaign against Russia

Kyiv and Moscow Both Claim Victories in Ukrainian Counter-Invasion of Russian Regions

Russian Missiles Kill 20 in Odesa, Zelenskyy Vows Retaliation

G7 Warns Iran Not to Give Russia Ballistic Missiles for Ukraine war

Iran Air could be banned from Europe if Tehran sells missiles to Moscow, US warns

McConnell raises pressure on Johnson over Ukraine: 'Finish the job'

Portugal Pledges $109 Million to Czech Scheme on Ammunition for Ukraine

Macron doubles down on possible NATO deployment in Ukraine ahead of talks to bridge rift with Germany

Prosecutors seek from 40 to 50 years in prison for Sam Bankman-Fried for cryptocurrency fraud

'Move on': White House urges Mike Johnson to end impeachment investigation into Joe Biden

Judge delays start of Trump's New York hush money trial - Judge Juan Merchan delayed the trial until mid-April due to discovery issues

Judge rules Fani Willis must step aside from Trump case or fire special prosecutor Nathan Wade

Georgia Judge McAfee Rules Fani Willis Can Continue Her Racketeering Case Against President Trump Despite Lying in Court About Her Affair - Must Sever Ties with Her Lover on the Case

Nathan Wade falls on sword, resigns from Fani Willis' Trump RICO case in Georgia

CNN Legal Expert Slams Willis Ruling: This Would Be 'Career-Ender For A Normal Prosecutor'

Jonathan Turley: Fani Should Have Stepped Down - How is One Guilty and Not the Other

'Inconsistencies' - Judge McAfee Tosses Terrence Bradley's Testimony Against Fani Willis

Friendly Reminder: Judge Scott McAfee Donated to Fani Willis's Campaign in 2020 - And So Did His Wife

Fani Willis Hangs Onto Trump Case, but More Turbulence Lies Ahead

Jim Jordan to Hold Fani Willis in Contempt of Congress Unless She Complies with Subpoena by March 28

Text Messages Show CIA Deployed Personnel Domestically to Capitol January 6, 2021

House May Refer January 6 Committee Members for Prosecution

Pence says he 'cannot in good conscience' endorse Trump

Tucker Carlson Duped By YouTubers Into Interviewing Fake Kate Middleton Whistleblower

UK To Forbid Foreign Control of Media, Block UAE Imminent Purchase of Conservative Paper Telegraph

'Civil War' Director Blasts "Incredibly Dangerous" Political Divide in Interview

Director: 'Civil War,' Election Year Thriller Showing U.S. Full of Refugee Camps and Mass Graves, Is a 'Love Letter to Journalism'

Americans Can't Tell The Difference Between Facts And Opinions, Study Explains

State Department Report Calls for Government Agency to Manage 'Extinction-Level' AI Threat

French Government Weathered 48-hour Cyberattack: Minister

TikTok creators warn of economic impact if app sees ban, call it a vital space for the marginalized

'Future of Money' - European Central Bank Unveils Plans for 'Digital Euro' CBDC to Be Introduced Next Year

Comet passing by once every 71 years now visible in night sky

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Tatsugo, Japan

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Macquarie Island region

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Tatsugo, Japan

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Kimbe, Papua New Guinea

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Puerto El Triunfo, El Salvador

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 13,000ft

Twin cyclone threat for Australia this weekend

'Pure Devastation': Several Tornadoes Rip Through Ohio

Residents in Indiana and Ohio are surveying the damage after tornadoes collapsed homes and left at least 3 dead

Tropical Atlantic Heat "Off the Charts" with global oceans at record high temperatures

12 months of record ocean heat has scientists puzzled and concerned: The huge temperature anomaly - which climate change alone is unlikely to explain - could be a bad sign for hurricane season

'Thousands of Them' - Massive Swarm of Bees Ruins Bill Gates' Time at Tennis Match, Forces Suspension

Carlos Alcaraz attacked by bees in wild scene at Indian Wells

New Far-Right Conspiracy Claims Boeing's Accidents Are Intentional as part of a global plot to bring down Western civilization

Boeing Whistleblower's Lawyers Call For Full-Blown Investigation Into Client's Death: 'No One Can Believe It'

Boeing whistleblower John Barnett 'made powerful enemies' before his death, as workers 'skeptical' he killed himself

Boeing Whistleblower Who Died Suspiciously Said This to His Friend Before His Death: 'If Anything Happens to Me, It's Not Suicide'

Police: Boeing Whistleblower Found With Gun, Note

Another One: United Airlines Boeing 737 Lands at Airport with Missing Exterior Panel

Trudeau's Canada: Canadian Police Advise Leaving Car Keys in Front Door to Deter Break-Ins and Minimize Conflict with Thieves

Guns should have been taken from Maine shooter weeks before he killed 18, report finds

Man Shot in Head During NYC Rush Hour Subway Traffic One Week After Gov. Hochul Deployed National Guard

Venezuelan 'killers,' gang members heading to US after release from prison, official warns

Gangs Burn Down Home of Haitian National Police Chief

Haiti's 'Barbecue' Threatens Families of Anyone Aiding Biden-Backed 'Transitional Council'

Haiti migrants carrying guns, night vision tech and drugs arrested off Florida coast

Inside Haiti: A lucky few escape, while millions face gang rule, hunger and chaos

Joe Biden Worsened Haiti Chaos by Facilitating Middle Class Migration

US Aid Chief to Announce $25 Million in Humanitarian Assistance for Haiti

Migrants Costing U.S. Taxpayers Billions for Free, Uninsured Healthcare

Joe Biden Spikes Migration Yet Complains About Rising Rents

Billions invested in Haiti since 2010 earthquake have not improved country: 'We're still working'

Migrants lacking passports must now submit to facial recognition to board flights in US

DeSantis Signs Bills to Keep Illegal Immigrants From Fla.

Mayor Adams: New York City Could Deny Shelter to Some Migrants

Migrant boat sinks off Turkish Aegean coast, killing at least 22 people

Emmanuel Macron fires back for first time at claims wife was born a man

Candace Owens Bets Career on Politician's Wife Being a Man: 'Terrifying'

Joe Biden Mourns Suicide of Nonbinary Teen Nex Benedict: 'End Discrimination'

Planet Fitness defends banning customer who reported 'man in women's locker room'

U.S. Supreme Court declines to intervene in lawsuit over West Texas A&M drag shows

Treasury Department tacitly endorses debanking opponents of transgender hormones for kids

Bill to Ban Abortion Pill Trafficking Passes Oklahoma House

A little bit of Pfizer in your cheese? Fake rennet bypassed additive approval process

Bioengineering the body to make its own medicine - Signal peptide added to messenger RNA induces cells to secrete therapeutic proteins into the bloodstream, UTSW study shows

Surging nervous system disorders now top cause of illness: study

Over 3 Billion People Suffering From Neurological Disorders

Global cancer phenomenon: It's not just America... the UK, Japan, South Africa and Australia are among dozens of countries suffering mystery spikes of all different kinds of tumors in young people

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