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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 3/15/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 3/15/2024

Top Democrat Schumer calls for new elections in Israel, saying Netanyahu is an obstacle to peace

Schumer calls for new elections in Israel, says 'grave mistake' to dismiss two-state solution

Schumer Calls for New Election: Netanyahu Has 'Lost His Way'

Full text of Senator Chuck Schumer's speech: 'Israeli elections are the only way'

Johnson slams Schumer's call for elections in Israel as 'highly inappropriate' and 'wrong'

Schumer faces backlash after calling for new Israeli elections to oust Netanyahu

Nolte: All Sides Blast Schumer for Interfering in Israel's Election Process

Sen. Cotton: Schumer's Israel Meddling 'Inappropriate'

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor: Israel Doesn't Need Any 'Foreign Intervention' in Our Internal Affairs

Speaker Johnson floats standalone Israel aid plan after Schumer's comments made situation 'even more urgent'

Republican Jewish Coalition: Schumer Crossed 'Red Line'

Politico: With Schumer's Israel remarks, the American gloves are off

Biden's 'bear-hugging' of Netanyahu a strategic mistake, key Democrat says

After avalanche of Netanyahu criticism, US looks to keep rift from widening further - Top Biden aide swats away talk of 'red lines' on Israel, slams reporters for not taking Hamas threat seriously, while quietly summoning Israeli envoy to press him on aid holdup

India's Modi Is Losing Patience With Netanyahu, and With Israel's War in Gaza

Door to normalization with Israel still open, Saudi sources say - Officials do not rule out normalizing ties with Israel even under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

US would support limited, pinpoint IDF op against high-value targets in Rafah - report

Netanyahu maintains IDF will enter Rafah despite international pressure

US finalizes Security Council resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire through hostage deal

'Qatari pressure on Hamas starting to work,' Netanyahu tells families of hostages

Families Of Hostages Held In Gaza Despair As Ramadan Cease-Fire Deadline Passes

PM Netanyahu says Hamas maintaining 'ridiculous' demands as report claims progress in talks

Israel says it plans 'humanitarian islands' for Gaza displaced

Aid from Cyprus to enter Gaza via new pier; EU warns of pockets of famine

Rep. Brian Mast Proposes Bill to Block Biden's Gaza Port

Report claims dozens killed by Israeli gunfire while waiting for aid in Gaza

Blinken says 'criminal gangs' and 'ordinary civilians' looting humanitarian aid in Gaza, doesn't mention Hamas

Merkley: Hamas Isn't Stealing Aid from Trucks, Except that One Time They Did, Israel Starving Civilians as a Strategy

Hamas said to execute leader of Gaza's powerful Doghmush clan - Clan leader reportedly killed in family's compound, allegedly for stealing humanitarian aid for resale and suspected ties to Israel

Former Hamas Hostage Claims Palestinian Nurses Cheered at Sight of Abductees: "They Were All So Happy That They Came Back with Prey"

Hamas Apologists: Taking Moral High Ground to Shield Terrorists

Hezbollah Leader Backs Hamas Terror Attack: A Lesson to All

Qatar emir proposed expelling Hamas officials in meet with Blinken days after Oct. 7

Career soldier, 51, killed in stabbing in south; terrorist shot dead by victim

Over half of southern evacuees back home as officials prep massive rehabilitation push

Oscar celebrities accused of wearing 'symbol of bloodlust' originating from Palestinians 'lynching' 2 Israelis

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Block Access to New York Times Newsroom, Accuse Staff of 'Complicity in Genocide'

Ceasefire activists storm New York Times lobby, block road to publishing plant to protest Israel-Hamas war, 124 arrested

LA Synagogue Presidents Resign: Covered Up Israeli Hostage Posters

Pro-Palestinian activists in Chicago attack Jewish man carrying Israeli flag

Israel Police Prepare for Ramadan's First Friday Prayers as Hamas Calls to 'Protect Al-Aqsa'

Abbas appoints former World Bank economist, longtime ally as next PA prime minister

PA President Mahmoud Abbas Tasks Mohammad Mustafa With Forming New Palestinian Government

Biden Admin to Sanction Jewish Outposts Over 'Settler Violence'

North Israel Becomes Unnavigable as IDF Scrambles GPS Signals Amid Hezbollah Conflict

Houthis: We'll prevent Israel-linked ships from even passing through Indian Ocean toward Cape of Good Hope

US held indirect talks with Iran to rein in Houthi Red Sea attacks - report

UN must block Iranian missile supply to Houthis in Yemen, UK and US say

Biden Slaps More Sanctions on Israel While Giving $10 Billion Sanctions Waiver to Iran

'When Will They Learn?': Biden Admin Again Greenlights Iran's Access to $10 Billion

Biden admin under pressure to stop billions of dollars in sanctions relief to Iran

Turkey's Erdogan Gears Up for Another Incursion into Syria and Iraq

Loud explosion is heard as Somali militant group says its fighters have attacked a hotel in capital

Uyghurs Welcome Ramadan Under Shadow of Chinese Genocide

North Korea says Kim Jong Un test drove a new tank, urged troops to complete "preparations for war"

UK Accuses Russia of Signal Jamming Plane Carrying Defence Secretary Home From NATO Exercise

Calls Grow for NATO Ally To Send 'Game-Changing' Laser Weapon to Ukraine

Kremlin: Putin's Nuclear Talk Is Not a Threat

U.S. brushes off Putin's 'nuclear war' threat; Ukraine says Russian election in occupied regions 'illegal'

France's Macron says Europe must be ready for war if it wants peace

Secret French Military Documents Show It's Impossible for Ukraine To Win the War - Officers About Their Troops: 'Facing the Russians, France Is Army of Cheerleaders'

Macron again Declines to Rule out Western Troops in Ukraine, but Says They're Not Needed Now

Ukraine is bombing Russian oil refineries right when Russia really needs its oil money

Mike DeWine Admits Bucking Trump to Push Dolan over Moreno Is All About Sending More Money to Ukraine

Speaker Johnson Eyes Lend-Lease Ukraine Aid Package

House Republicans will pass Ukraine aid after backing down on border demand

Biden's War on Everyday Americans Continues - Inflation Up 90% Over Fed's Goal

Argentina's Inflation Slows Down After 3 Months of Milei 'Shock Therapy'

Hungary Summons U.S. Ambassador over 'Lies' From Biden About Orban Seeking a 'Dictatorship'

In Portugal, an election results in uncertainty and the rise of the far right

Pure Projection: Kamala Harris Says if Reelected, Trump Will Weaponize the Department of Justice Against His Enemies

Mitch McConnell Urges Courts To Ignore New Rules Meant To Prevent 'Judge-Shopping'

Judge Cannon Takes Wrecking Ball to Trump Classified Docs Case Citing Robert Hur's Report

"Arbitrary Enforcement... is Featuring in This Case" - Judge Cannon Grills Jack Smith's Prosecutor During Hearing For Dismissal of Classified Docs Case, Appears Skeptical of Charges Under Espionage Act

Judge Cannon rejects Trump's attack on the Espionage Act

Judge Cannon rejects Trump's motion to dismiss classified documents indictment based on unconstitutional vagueness

Manhattan DA Bragg asks for delay to Trump's hush money trial - Trump's lawyers are seeking a 90-day delay or the dismissal of charges against Trump

Why Fani Failed: 3 Trump Counts Dropped Because 'Felony' Not Specified

Jordan threatens Fani Willis with contempt over subpoena on federal grants

Rep. Andy Biggs says both Fani Willis, Nathan Wade need to be disbarred for misconduct in Trump case

Ga. Gov. Kemp Signs Bill to Rein in 'Rogue' Prosecutors

Outcomes of the 92 Election Cases from the 2020 Election Reveal That Judges Didn't Review Evidence or Address Election Fraud

Another FBI Operative Identified on US Capitol Grounds on Jan. 6, 2021 - At Least 21 Confirmed Incidents of Feds, FBI Agents, and State Operatives Who Infiltrated Trump Crowds That Day

Jim Jordan demands DOJ answer for arrest of journalist Steve Baker over J6 reporting

NBC Trying to Shame Latinos for Voting Based on Their Christian Values

Six Years After Failed Attempt to Derail Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford Hitting Him with New Allegation

Hunter Biden, partners aided Chinese bid to corner nuclear energy market with U.S. tech, memos show

Plot Twist: Eric Swalwell's Honeypot Fang Fang Re-Emerges in Beijing - Chinese Journalist Says She Was Recruited by US Intelligence

House Oversight Committee launches wide-ranging investigation into Chinese efforts to infiltrate US

Michael Savage to 'Blood Money's' Peter Schweizer: Your Book 'Set Off a Shockwave' and Now Congress Is Acting on China

Trump launched CIA covert influence operation against China

Trump ordered CIA to use Chinese social media to attack Xi Jinping's government

Chinese authorities physically harass journalist on live TV, city issues rare apology

TikTok CEO refuses to answer if Chinese government has influence over platform as Congress mulls ban

House Overwhelmingly Passes Bill to Ban TikTok in U.S.

White House Urges Senate to Take Swift Action on TikTok Bill

Sen. Josh Hawley Skeptical Senate Will Pass TikTok Bill

"Emulating Chinese Communists Is Not the Best Way to Combat Chinese Communists" - Tucker Carlson interviews Sen. Rand Paul on What's Really Behind the TikTok Ban

Rand Paul, Tucker Carlson, and Others Warn of 'Trojan Horse' TikTok Ban; Claim It Could Do Damage to First Amendment

Irony Alert: CEO of Communist China's TikTok Urges Americas to 'Protect Your Constitutional Rights'

Trump Warns TikTok Ban Might Only Enrich Facebook

Trump says Facebook is a 'true enemy of the people’ over election interference, urges restrictions on political spending

Former Trump treasury sec Steve Mnuchin putting together group to buy TikTok, urges Congress to pass bill

South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and Ivory Coast hit by major internet outages

Undersea Cable Damage Causes Internet Outages Across Africa

Mexico's most dangerous drug cartel 'using AI to expand criminal empire'

No Lessons Learned: Adobe's Woke AI Follows in Google's Footsteps by Erasing History

AI Image Generator Midjourney Blocks Pics of Biden and Trump as Election Looms

Election disinformation takes a big leap with AI being used to deceive worldwide

Commentary: Here's how AI will empower citizens and enhance liberty

Justin Trudeau's Canada: Proposed Law May Allow Life Imprisonment for Online Speech 'Crimes'

FBI and DHS Are Monitoring Gamers for Signs of 'Extremism'

Study: Dead satellites falling to Earth could weaken its magnetic field

April 8 total solar eclipse: Texas officials warn people to stock up on food ahead of solar eclipse

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the western Indian-Antarctic Ridge

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Puerto, Chile

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 23,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 13,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 12,500ft

Baseball-sized 'gorilla hail' hits Kansas and Missouri during severe storms

Major winter storm hits Denver, Front Range foothills expect over 120 cm (4 feet) of snow, Colorado

Heavy rain and snow leave more than 1,600 homes destroyed or damaged, Afghanistan

Historic drought drains crucial Sau Reservoir to a trickle, Spain

In Mexico, a once glittering lake is being sucked dry by development, drought and lawlessness

Here We Go: Scientists Now Want to Dehydrate the Stratosphere to Combat Global Boiling

Nolte: To the Surprise of No One, Electric Vehicle 'Euphoria is Dead'

Climate activists disrupt Chevron DEI presentation to accuse CEO of mass murder over fossil fuels

Python farming could offer one of the most sustainable sources of meat in the world, according to a new study

Mold On The Menu: Scientists Create Surprising Meat Replacement

Farmers Blockade Belgian Ports In protest Against Green Great Reset Rules

Protesting farmers flood India's capital demanding law to guarantee minimum crop prices

Commission Agrees to Creation of Database to Trace All Guns in European Union

Duty, Honor, Outrage: Change to West Point's mission statement sparks controversy

Biden's Federal Trade Commission refunds $4 million to student borrowers involved in loan scams

Scores Killed In Angola Anti-sorcery Rituals

X Removes Graphic Video Elon Musk Shared Over Rules Violation in response to a news report critical of how he and other pundits are politicizing lawlessness and violence in Haiti

Congressman evacuates Americans from crime-ravaged Haiti, shames Biden for 'pattern of abandonment'

More Marines arrive in Haiti, with Pentagon 'ready' to evacuate Americans, commander says

Rep. Cory Mills airlifts Americans out of Haiti as society collapses, gangs take over capital

Haiti Hell: Violence Subsides, as Power Players Are Jockeying for Unelected, 'Transitional' Political Power After PM Henry Resignation

Gang leader 'Barbecue' threatens politicians involved in transition council as Kenya pauses police deployment - Haiti has descended into chaos and violence amid weeks of gang attacks on key state institutions

With Haiti in the grips of gang violence, 'extremely generous' US diaspora lends a hand

Biden admin considering processing flood of Haitian migrants at nearby Guantanamo Bay: report

Grassley and group of GOP senators introduce Senate version of Laken Riley Act - The bill would require ICE to "arrest and detain illegal immigrants who commit theft, burglary, larceny or shoplifting until they are ultimately removed from the United States"

As media erase term 'immigrant,' Texas school district says 'undocumented' no better than 'illegal'

Maryland teacher accused of sexually abusing children as young as 6 is illegal El Salvadoran immigrant who was previously deported twice: ICE

Biden's State Department Gave Tourist Visa to Brazilian Accused of Child Rape

Police: Utah Couple Raped 15-Year-Old Daughter, Claiming It Was 'Safer' than Sex with Strangers

Nickelodeon Reacts to Drake Bell's Allegations of Sexual Abuse: 'We Are Dismayed and Saddened'

Pornhub disables access to site in Texas in protest of age verification law, says law puts minors 'at risk'

Pornhub shuts down website in Texas after getting sued under age verification law - Pornhub calls Texas's age verification law 'least effective and most restrictive means'

Matt Gaetz subpoenaed in friend's lawsuit accusing others of defamation in sex trafficking probe

Banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, a Japanese high court rules

American's support for same-sex marriage declines for first time since 2015: Public Religion Research Institute survey

Percentage of LGBTQ Americans Has More than Doubled in Just a Decade, Poll Finds

Pro-Trans Survey Admits: Fewer than 2 Percent Identify as Transgender

Lingerie-clad Dylan Mulvaney releases 'Girlhood' music video mocking Bud Light controversy: 'The patriarchy's over, you can hold our beer!'

New Dylan Mulvaney song claims casual sex, pill-popping, and having mental breakdowns are all part of being a girl, and that he is one

16 Female Athletes File Landmark Title IX Lawsuit Against NCAA over Trans Inclusion

Librarians Admit They Hid LGBT Promotions from Parents

Biden calls to 'end discrimination' against 'transgender children' after Democrats spread false narrative about Nex Benedict's death

The 'Detransition' Time Bomb: We are physically altering thousands of young kids, because they say something that few if any previous societies would have taken seriously

Supreme Court of Canada Rules it is Female Assault Victim Should be Referred to "Person with Vagina" and not as "Woman"

Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo Passes Out Abortion Pills to Fans, Shoves Pro-Choice Message in Faces of Gen Z

Kamala Harris becomes first sitting VP to visit a Planned Parenthood - Harris is currently on a tour titled "Fight for Reproductive Freedoms"

Kamala Harris declares 'health crisis' in historic visit to abortion clinic in Minnesota

VP Harris visits Planned Parenthood, says people don't need to 'abandon their faith' to back abortion access - A pro-life group slammed Harris for going on an 'abortion fearmongering tour'

Abortion is a top concern for Trump as he considers his VP pick - Former President Donald Trump has been laser-focused on the abortion views of his potential running mates, viewing the issue as a potential vulnerability for Republicans

Virginia Gov Youngkin vetoes Dem bill forcing diversity disclosure requirements on businesses

Montana's Race And Sex-Based Requirements for Key Medical Board Are Unconstitutional, Lawsuit Alleges

Experts Warn Leprosy Isn't Ancient History as Cases Surge in The US

The tropical disease that's suddenly everywhere - Dengue is erupting in South America - and has even found its way to the US

CDC Silent After Measles Outbreak Linked to Chicago Migrant Shelter

Meet the MO v. Biden Plaintiffs- - Acclaimed Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff Spoke Out Against Vax Mandates, Then Harvard Fired Him - Next Week His Free Speech Case will be Heard at the Supreme Court

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