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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 3/14/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 3/14/2024

After avalanche of Netanyahu criticism, US looks to keep rift from widening further

In rare critique, IDF general says politicians must 'be worthy of us'

This Ramadan, starving Gazans will break their fast with scraps found in the garbage

Israel says it will 'flood' Gaza with aid as pressure mounts to do more

Israel will try to 'flood' Gaza with aid from multiple entry points, says IDF

Four U.S. Army Supply Ships Heading to Gaza to Construct Biden's Promised Pier

US looks for alternatives as Congress mulls making UNRWA funding freeze permanent

Gaza war: UNRWA says Rafah aid centre hit by Israeli forces

Strike on UNRWA facility in Rafah took out Hamas commander who stole aid, says IDF

Some 100 terrorists killed as Khan Yunis operations continue

In Gaza, Gallant hints at Rafah op: 'Those who think we are delaying will soon see'

IDF says civilians in Rafah to be sent to 'humanitarian islands' ahead of ground op

Blinken says Israel must view 'protecting civilians' in Gaza as its 'no. 1' priority

Italy refuses to extradite Palestinian suspect to Israel, citing risk of 'degrading treatment'

South Africa threatens citizens fighting in IDF with arrest if they return home

Gazans reportedly charged exorbitant sums by Egyptian company to leave Strip

Mother of Hamas hostage: War cabinet 'delegitimizing' Oct. 7 by not meeting families

Jaw dropping: How Hamas compromised security cameras in the runup to Oct. 7

Ryanair suspends Israel flights again, blaming wartime closure of low-cost terminal

Hundreds block San Francisco airport terminal calling for Gaza truce

Franklin Foer: 'Everyday Jewish Life in the U.S. Will Be Punctuated by Antisemitism'

Austria Reports Record Number of Antisemitic Incidents in Wake of Oct. 7 Hamas Pogrom

ADL launches interactive map to track global antisemitism

Seattle-area teacher urged school to donate to fund run by Islamic cleric who says sex slaves are 'permissible,' Oct 7 massacre 'never happened'

Progressive activist, former Christian pastor Shaun King converts to Islam

Evangelical Christians, Fierce Israel Supporters. Visit as Wartime Volunteers

Two lightly injured in stabbing at West Bank checkpoint, assailant shot dead

Palestinians say 4 shot dead by security forces in Jenin, near Jerusalem

IDF says it struck Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon

Hamas terrorist behind global attack plots killed in strike near Tyre, Israel says

Israel kills senior Hamas terrorist in Lebanon drone strike

UN: Reporter killed by IDF tank in Lebanon on Oct. 13 was 'clearly identifiable'

Report: US, Iran held talks amid Red Sea escalation

Beijing hits back after Biden White House seeks US$100 million to boost Taiwan's cross-strait deterrence

Russia, Ukraine Show Little Enthusiasm for China's Second Try at Ending War

French, German, Polish Leaders to Meet Friday to Ukraine War Aid

Poland's Tusk to Speaker Johnson: 'Thousands of Lives' Depend on Ukraine Aid Vote

Putin: Ukraine's Attacks in Russia Designed to Interfere With Election

Putin has no successor, no living rivals and no retirement plan - why his eventual death will set off a vicious power struggle

Ukraine launches drone attacks on Russia for second night in a row, officials say

Putin tells West he is ready to use nukes, but doesn't think they will be needed

Putin Warns Nukes Will Be Used if Russia's Independence or Sovereignty Is Threatened

Laser Weapons Are Shaping the Future of Security

Joe Biden Admitted to Campaigning from His 'Basement' in 2020 During Robert Hur Interview

Rep. Kelly Armstrong Gets Special Counsel Robert Hur to Admit that Joe Biden "Met Every Actual Element of the Crime"

Dem Rep. Dean: Hur Denying He Exonerated Biden Is 'Semantics'

Hunter Biden Refuses to Show Up to Public Hearing on Joe Biden's Corruption

Hunter Biden Refuses to Publicly Testify After Demanding a Public Hearing

Rep. Comer: House Oversight Panel 'Called Hunter's Bluff'

James Comer Subpoenas 13 Years of Hunter Biden's AT&T Phone Records

House Judiciary Committee Opens Investigation into DOJ's Arrest and Persecution of Journalist Steve Baker and J6 Political Prisoners

Judge grants Trump extension in blow to Jack Smith

Trump asks NYC judge to pause Alvin Bragg's 'falsified' docs case until SCOTUS ruling on immunity

Judge dismisses some Trump Georgia election subversion charges but leaves most of the case intact

Georgia judge in Trump RICO case throws out 6 of 13 counts for 'lack of detail'

Former DNI John Ratcliffe on Judge Tossing Out Several Charges Against Trump: Nathan Wade "Is Inexperienced and Didn't Plead it Properly"

CNN's Honig: Trump Charges Dropped in GA Case 'Embarrassing' Screwup For Fani Willis

Defense attorney says judge pulling DA Willis from Trump case could be 'death knell'

Mississippi - One of the Reddest States - Has Enough Anomalous Voters and Aberrations in Its Voter Rolls to Impact a Statewide Election

Never Trump Republicans to Spend Millions on Ads in Effort to Turn Voters Against Trump

Miss. Official: DOJ Pushes for Illegals, Felons to Vote

Nolte: Far-Left NPR Claims Illegal Aliens Voting Is 'Right-Wing Myth'

Google won't let you use its Gemini AI to answer questions about an upcoming election in your country

European Union Passes 'World First' AI Legislation That Would Safeguard Copyrighted Music

House passes bill to ban TikTok unless app is bought by US company - The bill will now make its way to the Democrat-led Senate

China warns proposed TikTok ban will 'come back to bite' US

Commentary: The Boeing whistleblower's death is a tragic reminder that society still expects people like John Barnett to become martyrs

Lawyers for Dead Boeing Whistleblower Question "Suicide" Narrative

Boeing whistleblower's lawyers demand full investigation into mysterious death mid-deposition

Boeing says employees must take 'immediate' action on safety measures

NTSB: Video Footage of Work on Boeing Jet's Door Plug Erased

United Boeing 777 makes emergency landing after mid-air fuel leak in fifth safety incident in a week

Kairos Rocket Explodes Seconds Into Its Inaugural Launch - Space One Aims To Be First Japanese Private Company To Put Satellites in Space

Hundreds of schools in path of total solar eclipse cancel classes over safety concerns

Ohio governor signs executive order ahead of total solar eclipse

3.8-magnitude quake jostles north Israel; no injuries or damage reported

Heightened earthquake activity off Vancouver Island points to deep sea eruption, scientists say

As Texas' largest-ever wildfire nears containment, Panhandle braces for "extremely critical fire weather conditions"

Jimmy 'Barbecue' Cherizier: The former cop-turned-gang leader bringing Haiti to its knees

Barbecue's Biggest Rival in Haiti: a Gang Boss Rapper with a YouTube Award

US deploys Marine anti-terrorism unit to Haiti to protect embassy - Officials say Port-au-Prince embassy remains open to support 'peaceful transition of power'

Congressman Does What Biden Won't, Rescues 10 Americans from Haiti Amid Chaos

Gov. DeSantis Prepares Florida for Haitian Influx

Joe Biden Faces Haitian Crash, Migrant Exodus in Election Year

Border Wall Funding Back ON: Judge Hands Biden Administration Massive Loss

US House Passes Resolution Condemning Biden Regime for Causing "Worst Immigration-Border Security Crisis in American History" in Bipartisan Vote with 14 Democrats Joining GOP In Vote

O'Keefe Media Group: Transgender Secretary of Defense Employee Argues For Open Borders, Repealing Second Amendment, Abolishing Electoral College

Rep. Jordan Subpoenas Mayorkas for Long-Sought ICE Data

Venezuelan Woman Becomes 9th Suspect Charged for Migrant Mob Attack on NYPD Officers

Missouri Police Accuse Woman 'Here Illegally from Venezuela' of Killing 12-Year-Old Travis Wolfe

House GOP Bill: Deport Immigrant Sexual Assault Convicts

Police: Florida Man Raped Woman 5 Weeks After Release from Prison for Sexual Assault of a Minor

Canadian butcher dubbed 'Satan's helper' gets no jail time for dismembering woman's body

Canadian Supreme Court justice says use of 'woman' to describe rape victim in lower court ruling was 'unfortunate,' calls her 'person with a vagina'

Gallup Poll: 1 in 5 Gen Z Identify as LGBTQ+

Nearly 30% of Gen Z women identify as LGBTQ, Gallup survey finds

Study: Transgender Suicide Risk Doubles After 'Gender-Affirming' Vaginoplasty

Olivia Rodrigo Hands Out Plan B Pills to Fans, Donating Portion of Ticket Sales to Pro-Abortion Groups

Poll: Voters More Concerned About the Economy and Immigration than Abortion

Democrats' Bill to Protect IVF Gains GOP Backing

First-time Parent at 88: Has Israel's Fertility Craze Gone Too Far?

Montana Man Pleads Guilty to Creating Massive Franken-Sheep With Cloned Animal Parts

Man spent years trying to create giant hybrid sheep to be "sold and hunted as trophies," federal prosecutors say

Fears of humans catching avian flu heighten as virus spreads to mammals: 'Quite likely'

Unpublished Project Veritas Recording Reveals Pfizer Scientist Confirming the Risk of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines - Claims Side Effects of These Vaccines are "Very Sneaky"

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Thank you for posting the headlines AmyVG.

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Oops!  Forgot the earthquakes and volcanos yesterday! 


6.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kimbe, Papua New Guinea 
5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Modisi, Indonesia
5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the western Indian-Antarctic Ridge
5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Camina, Chile
5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea
5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Farkhar, Afghanistan
5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Puerto, Chile 

3.8-magnitude quake jostles north Israel; no injuries or damage reported

Heightened earthquake activity off Vancouver Island points to deep sea eruption, scientists say

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft
Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft
Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 13,000ft
Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft