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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 2/10/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 2/10/2024

Hamas Declares It Will Not Accept Existence of Israel as Biden Admin Touts 'Two-State Solution'

Saudis Lead Palestinian-State Push as Fears Grow Over Rafah

Diplomats: In Riyadh, Arab ministers agree to advance joint plan for post-war Gaza - Foreign ministers of Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Qatar reiterate call for an immediate ceasefire, seek 'irreversible' steps towards recognition of Palestinian state

Biden sets new conditions for US military aid amid calls to limit support for Israel

Biden gives Israel 45 days to submit report on international law violations or lose military aid

US orders 'assurances' from nations receiving American weapons - US President Joe Biden has said that countries receiving American weapons must adhere to international law

White House clarifies Biden spoke of Israel when he said Gaza response 'over the top'

UN rights chief says Israeli effort to create a Gaza 'buffer zone' is a 'war crime'

Gaza: Israel moves closer to Rafah offensive despite 'bloodbath' warning - Biden and UN say assault on city where 1.3m civilians are sheltering would be disastrous

PM Netanyahu says IDF must operate in Rafah, but will let civilians evacuate first

Netanyahu orders plan for evacuation and military action in Gaza's Rafah: "It is impossible to achieve the goal of the war without eliminating Hamas, and by leaving four Hamas battalions in Rafah"

Ex-Israeli PM makes devastating condemnation of Netanyahu's war in Gaza - Ehud Olmert tells The Independent that the 'arrogance' of his successor led to catastrophic security failures that allowed the bloody Hamas attack and that continuing an untenable military mission while hostages are still being held would be 'absolutely unforgivable'

Gazans surviving off animal feed and rice as food dwindles

Israeli snipers kill 21 civilians outside Gaza's besieged Nasser Hospital

IDF: Hostage Yossi Sharabi was likely killed as a result of IDF strike

Biden sending CIA chief to Egypt in latest push for Gaza hostage deal

In new ad, Michael Rapaport urges Americans to lobby for hostages' release

Knesset speaker cancels meeting with UN chief Guterres, calls him 'lost cause'

Qatar and US working to expel Hamas leaders from Doha, Saudi media outlet reports

Minneapolis approves resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire, overriding mayor's veto - Mayor Jacob Frey says he supports ceasefire, but language of resolution was too 'one-sided' amid concerns over rising antisemitism nationwide

Former National Guard General Sues Newsom for Antisemitism

Irish basketball team refuses to shake hands with Israelis, proceeds to lose by 30

Meta reviewing when 'Zionist' should be deemed hate speech, amid Israel-Hamas war

Judea and Samaria Jewish population up 15,000 in 2023 - As of Jan. 1, there were 517,407 Jews living in the area, not including eastern Jerusalem

Israeli targeting of terrorists in Jenin hospital may be war crime, UN experts say

Syrian state media reports Israeli strikes in Damascus countryside

Hezbollah fires dozens of rockets at northern towns, 2nd such barrage in as many days

IDF says it struck launcher used in latest Hezbollah barrage at Galilee

Moody's lowers Israeli credit rating, downgrades outlook from 'stable' to 'negative' - Ratings agency warns 'public finances are deteriorating,' predicts 'materially higher' debt burden amid war in Gaza; says lowered outlook due to 'risk of escalation' with Hezbollah

Liberman slams government over Moody's downgrade: 'Result of populist and insufferable steps'

After Moody's downgrade, PM says credit rating will rise again once Israel wins war

Meta Bans Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei from Facebook, Instagram for Call to 'Wipe Israel Off the Map'

Axe-wielding Iranian asylum seeker killed by police in Swiss train hostage situation

Indian town sets curfew after mosque clashes, police ordered to shoot violators - Violence in Haldwani also led to shutdowns of internet service, schools

Diplomatic Spat Worsens as India and Canada Trade Allegations of Foreign Interference

China's Real Estate Collapse Infecting Troubled American Sectors

Xi Jinping Touts Hong Kong 'Integration,' Threatens Taiwan in Lunar New Year Speech

North Korea's Kim says he has no desire for talks and repeats a threat to destroy South Korea if provoked

Russian Forces Are Reportedly Using Starlink in Ukraine

Hungary Vows to Block EU Sanctions Against Tucker Carlson over Putin Interview

Tucker Interview: Putin Repeats Russian Claim That Britain's Boris Johnson Torpedoed Ukraine Peace Deal

Tucker Carlson Reflects on Historic Interview with Vladimir Putin: "If You Really Think a Condition of Peace is Putin's Going to Give Up Crimea, Then You're Like a Lunatic"

Putin to Tucker Carlson: 'Ukraine Is Obviously a Satellite State of the U.S.'

Vladimir Putin Drops a Truth Bomb on US Politicians: Why Is America Fighting for Ukraine's Border but Refuses to Defend Its Own Border?

Vladimir Putin Warns Americans of Joe Biden's Most Dangerous Move: To Use the Dollar as a Tool of Foreign Policy - "A Blow Was Dealt - A Grave Mistake"

America Last: 12 Senate Republicans Vote to Send Ukraine Another $60B After Vowing to Put U.S. Border First

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna to Introduce Bill Mandating Frontline Duty in Ukraine for Members of Congress Supporting Schumer's $60 Billion Proposal

Protesters and security forces clash in Senegal over election delay

Indonesia election: An 'impossible' country tests its hard-won democracy

Ecuadorian politician executed in broad daylight as narco war rages out of control

Powder Keg America: Maduro's Venezuela Is Massing Troops and Military Equipment Near Guyana's Border - Exxon Mobile To Start Drilling New Areas, May Escalate Tensions

Protestors at Columbia University Call Out Hillary Clinton as "War Criminal" - "America Will Never Forgive You! You Will Burn!"

Ghostwriter Deleted Biden Audio Files After Learning About Special Counsel Hur's Investigation Into Stolen Classified Documents

Leak: Biden's Private Profanity-Laced Rant Over Special Counsel Report's Comments on His Poor Memory

Comer: Biden Probe 'Largest Corruption Scandal in My Lifetime'

Hell Freezes Over: CNN Does Brutal Fact Check of Claims Biden Made During Disaster Address

Rachel Maddow Accidentally Resurfaces Biden's Painful Bike Crash as She Tries to Defend Him from Special Counsel Report

Doctors call for Biden to take mental competency test after scathing classified docs report: 'Something isn't right'

Hawley says Garland should invoke 25th Amendment if DOJ declines to charge Biden: 'One or the other' - Sen. Josh Hawley tells Fox News Digital that AG Merrick Garland is at a crossroads after special counsel report

Former WH Doc Ronny Jackson: Time to Think About Invoking 25th Amendment to Remove Mentally Declining Biden

Clinton adviser Begala on Hur report: 'This is terrible for Democrats'

Former Democratic congressman says it's time for party leaders to talk about replacing Biden as 2024 nominee

Bill Maher says Biden can be switched out at the DNC convention: He sold himself as a 'one term' president

Sunny Hostin of 'The View' Suggests Dems Can Dump Biden for Gavin Newsom at the Democrat National Convention

Democrat insiders say it is now 'PANIC TIME' and party should DUMP Joe Biden, 81, at its summer convention with Gavin Newsom 'waiting in the wings' after Justice Department said president had 'diminished faculties'

Michelle Obama surges, now ahead of Nikki Haley in 2024 presidential betting averages as Biden mental decline worries grow

Dershowitz: I'd like the decision not to prosecute Biden for classified docs, if followed by decision not to prosecute Trump

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Declares 'Trump's Gonna Get Re-Elected' Thanks to Dem Policies That Have Caused 'Mayhem'

Trump Wins U.S. Virgin Islands GOP Caucus Amid Ranked-Choice Voting Debut

Colorado Sec of State says SCOTUS not 'friendly' to democracy, voting rights ahead of Trump ballot ruling

US Marshals Intervene to Hand-Deliver Subpoena to Fani Willis After She Refused to be Served from House Judiciary Committee

Trump co-defendant alleges prosecutors in Georgia case lied about when their relationship started

Elise Stefanik: Vice President Pence shouldn't have certified election votes on Jan. 6

Special counsel warns of 'significant and immediate' threat to Mar-a-Lago case witnesses

Some 30,000 progressives sign petition urging Taylor Swift to 'flash a QR code' at Super Bowl to drive voter registration, fuelling theory that Travis Kelce romance is 'election pysop'

US Cybersecurity Agency, States Coordinate on Election Security

IRS Watchdog's Disturbing Report Details Who Had Access to Sensitive Systems

Key House Republican Presses Biden to Classify TikTok as Foreign Agent

Major X3.3 solar flare erupts behind the SW limb, S2 - Moderate solar radiation storm

A year after Turkey's earthquake, hundreds of thousands of people remain in shelters

Shallow M6.1 earthquake hits Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes Mauna Loa volcano on Hawaii's Big Island; no major damage reported

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Tungao, Philippines

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Maygatasan, Philippines

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Levuka, Fiji

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Camana, Peru

Magnitude 4.6 earthquake hits near Malibu and shakes parts of Southern California

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 24,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

'This is the end': people who fled Icelandic volcano fear their town will not survive - Grindavik's residents wrestle with uncertain future as they fear for the fate of homes, jobs and businesses left behind

Massive avalanche hits Jammu and Kashmir's Sonamarg

Unusually warm winter in US leads to tornadoes in unusual places

Mystery as hundreds of Aussie birds suddenly fall from the sky

'We are approaching the tipping point': Marker for the collapse of key Atlantic current discovered - A vital Atlantic current that includes the Gulf Stream and keeps our climate in check may be giving off a warning sign of collapse

Joe Biden: Climate Change Is 'More Consequential' Than Nuclear War

Canadian bill proposed by NDP would make it a crime to 'promote' fossil fuels - Angus accused the oil and gas industry of disseminating widespread "disinformation" and "killing people" just as "big tobacco" had done for years before it was subject to a national advertising ban

How the Rockefellers and Billionaire Donors Pressured Biden on LNG Exports - President's decision to halt new export terminals follows an intense campaign by environmental groups funded by wealthy contributors

Calls grow for EU farm chief to quit as protests spread - The farmers demand a stop to imports of agricultural products from Ukraine and a halt to implementing EU green policies - echoing demands made at protests around Europe

Pakistani on Terror Watchlist Released from ICE Custody in San Diego with "Tracking Technology" - Arrested Next Day by ICE in Los Angeles

Body cam footage of NYPD officers being attacked by illegal immigrants released

New York Hell: Migrant Youth Shoots Innocent Tourist During Robbery Then Opens Fire on Law Enforcement in Middle of Busy Street - Manhunt Underway

Suit: National Guard Members Sexually Exploited Migrants

Hungary's president in crisis after she issued a pardon in a child sexual abuse case

Malaysia's top court invalidates state's Islam-based laws on incest, sodomy and other offenses

Indian state passes uniform marriage legislation opposed by Muslims as a Hindu code applied to all

Church of England says a 'profound disagreement' remains on homosexuality

Indigenous, trans, 2 spirit Laurier University professor says 'quality of life is not gonna change' until 'Two Spirit' is added to LGBTQ acronym

Florida Democrat Party Chair Nikki Fried Doesn't Know Whether Biological Men Can Give Birth

Gender Doctor Says Parents Who Oppose Transitioning Their Kid Have 'Mental Illness'

Michigan Judge Denies Transgender-Identified Man's Petition to Retrieve Testicles from Ex

The Goal for Super Bowl Ads This Year: Don't Offend Anyone - Risk-free humor is the name of the game within the game as marketers strive to avoid becoming the next Bud Light

Attorney: 5 Late-Term Babies Aborted in D.C. Scheduled for Disposal 2 Years After Discovery

Left-Wing Media: President Joe Biden Not Pro-Abortion Enough

Satanic Abortion Statue Heading to Houston to Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Bird flu kills boy in Cambodia

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