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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 2/11/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 2/11/2024

Northern Ireland's new first minister says Hamas will be thought of as 'future partner for peace': report

Hamas and Islamist Allies Rage at Javier Milei for Moving Argentine Embassy to Jerusalem

Top Biden aide tells US-Arab leaders he has no confidence in Israeli government

Fetterman on Biden's Israel Criticism: Hamas Is 'Responsible for All' Civilian Casualties, Israel Wants to 'Minimize' Them

'The moment of truth': Nationwide protests set to demand hostage deal, new government

Protesters block roads as rallies nationwide demand hostage deal; some urge elections

Israel to send top delegation to Cairo for hostage talks with Egypt, Qatar, and US

Egypt Warily Eyes Gaza as War Builds Pressure on Its Border

Report: Egypt warns Israel Rafah offensive may lead to suspension of peace treaty

Top European diplomats caution against Rafah offensive, call for Gaza ceasefire

Netanyahu said to believe Israel has 1 month to finish Rafah operation amid global ire

Hamas Warns Israel Rafah Push May Cause Casualties in 'Tens of Thousands'

Israel seeks to evacuate Palestinians jammed into a southern Gaza city ahead of an expected invasion

IDF, Shin Bet say earlier strike in Rafah killed senior Hamas official, two operatives

A six-year-old Palestinian girl who went missing after the family's car came under fire in war-ravaged Gaza was found dead Saturday, the health ministry and her relatives said, accusing Israel of killing her

UN agency says Israel blocking food aid to Gaza as starvation fears grow

Senior UN official: US proposal to fund other agencies instead of UNRWA not viable

Israeli defense minister: 'dozens' of UNRWA staff took part in Hamas' Oct 7 massacre

Israeli military kills Hamas terrorists, finds 'significant' weapons and assets inside UNRWA headquarters

Directly beneath UNRWA's Gaza headquarters, IDF uncovers top secret Hamas data center

Hamas Military Compound Found Beneath U.N. Agency Headquarters in Gaza - Subterranean complex had air-conditioned room with computer servers, office space

UNRWA head says agency was in dark about Hamas center under Gaza HQ; Israel: 'You knew'

'You stuck your head in the sand': Erdan berates UNRWA over latest findings

Is Urban Dictionary's new entry 'to get Israeled' an antisemitic trope? Users of online lexicon site created term 'Israeled' after Hamas massacres of October 7 'to signify claiming something that is not one's own, in a hostile way'

In NY, Jewish Columbia student alleges harassment by violent anti-Israel protesters

Ozzy Osbourne: Kanye West Denied Sample of Black Sabbath Song 'Because He Is an Antisemite'

Sharon Osbourne Says Kanye Messed "With The Wrong Jew" Ozzy Osbourne Blasts Rapper On Facebook

Bill Maher reveals he axed two-hour podcast interview with 'very charming antisemite' Kanye West

Iran asks FIFA to 'completely suspend' Israel from all soccer events over Gaza war

Smotrich calls Moody's downgrade of Israeli credit rating 'politicized, unreasonable'

After Moody's downgrade, government urged to rethink wartime budget priorities

Israel said worried US could slap sanctions on MKs, soldiers, settlers in West Bank

Biden urged to include politicians in sanctions on violent Israeli settlers

Rocket sirens sound near Sea of Galilee, 'suspicious target' said shot down

Report: Iran recruiting British Muslims on Middle East pilgrimages to spy on UK Jews

Iranian FM: Any major escalation in Lebanon will mark Netanyahu's 'last day'

An Israeli Drone Strike in Lebanon Kills 2 in One of the Deepest Hits Inside the Country in Weeks

Top Hamas official in Lebanon survives alleged Israeli strike; 3 others killed

Syrian military claims Israeli airstrikes hit near Damascus; war monitor: 3 dead

Syrian army says it shot down Israeli missiles launched at Damascus countryside

US-led coalition blocks attacks at Conoco oil field in Syria - source

Iraq could be pushed into conflict, minister warns

Yemen's Houthis hold funerals for 17 members killed during US-UK airstrikes

Nigerian bank CEO killed in Mojave Desert helicopter crash in California: 'Irreparable loss' - Herbert Wigwe was considered 'a colossus in Nigeria's financial sector'

U.S.-China Tensions Have a New Front: A Naval Base in Africa

NATO Ally Plans 600 Bunkers to Stop Russian Invasion in the 'First Hour'

Putin Claims Russia Won't Invade Poland to Start WW3, Says NATO Using Him to 'Extort' Taxpayers

Russia says it foiled Ukrainian drone attack on civilian cargo ships in Black Sea

Kharkiv: Seven 'burned alive' as Russian drones hit oil depot

Russia just disqualified Putin's only serious electoral opponent

Putin's History Lesson for Tucker Carlson Sparks Avalanche of Jokes, Memes

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Calls Tucker Carlson a 'Traitor' For Holding an Interview with Vlad Putin

Boris Johnson Brands Tucker Carlson's Putin Interview as 'Straight Out of Hitler's Playbook' After Being Accused of Blocking Peace Deal

Biden Likens Failure to Grant Ukraine Aid to 'Criminal Neglect'

America Last: 12 Senate Republicans Vote to Send Ukraine Another $60B After Vowing to Put U.S. Border First

Bill sending $95 billion in foreign aid faces an uncertain future in House even if it passes Senate - McConnell says the bill 'imposes strict new oversight measures on humanitarian assistance' but the bill doesn't include any provisions to pay for it

Senator Lee rips $238 million provision for deployment of US troops to Europe with proposed Ukraine aid, filibusters bill

Trump rails against Senate foreign aid bill, says US should 'give it to 'em as a loan' instead

Donald Trump says he would encourage Russia to attack Nato allies who pay too little - Remarks by former president and presumptive 2024 Republican nominee described as 'unhinged' by the White House

Phillips accuses DNC of 'bleeding campaigns dry' with lawsuits

DNC accuses RFK Jr. campaign and super PAC of colluding on ballot access effort

Secret Service Ignored RFK Jr. Security Request

Former RNC Chair calls out Republicans for flocking to the 'worship temple of Donald Trump'

Over Half of Fani Willis' Campaign Contributions Allegedly Tied to Illegal Money Laundering, New Complaint Claims

Colorado's Anti-Trump Lawyer Tells SCOTUS: States Could Legally Void a Candidate 3 Days Before an Election

Trump rails against 'fascist' Democrats but jokes indictments have been 'good for the polls'

Trump calls Biden's handling of classified documents "brazen theft"

Trump blasts Biden's fitness to run for president if special counsel says he's 'not fit to charge'

Trump: If Biden 'Too Mentally Incompetent to Convict,' He's Unfit to Serve

Spooked Dems push for makeup, lighting fixes for Biden's age as prez rails against Merrick Garland

Maher: You Can 'Switch' 'Ruth Bader Biden' Out, People Would 'Be Thrilled' - He Won't Do an Easy Super Bowl Interview

Bill Maher is convinced Taylor Swift can 'swing the election': MAGA people 'should be very careful'

Zuck Wants You Distracted: Instagram, Threads to Stop Recommending Political Content

Pinkerton: If Joe Biden Can't Win in 2024, Maybe AI Can Win for Him

OpenAI Boss Sam Altman Seeks 'Trillions' to Fund AI Chip Production

Social Media Users Mock 'Dystopian' Future Shown by Apple Vision Pro Headset

Astronauts from Turkey, Italy and Sweden return to Earth, ending private space station trip

Large cluster of sunspots that can cause strong solar flares and affect power grids detected by NASA

Strong M9.0 solar flare erupts from geoeffective Region 3576

Philippines landslide: Child rescued after 60 hours under rubble

Magnitude 4.6 earthquakes shakes storm-battered Los Angeles area

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Wasted energy: Record rain won't stop California water woes

Research Paper Warns Biden's ESG Farming Campaign will Cost Consumers $1,300 More a Year

European Agricultual Revolt: Polish Farmers Blast 'Weak' Globalist Tusk Government, Demand EU Commissioner for Agriculture Resign

WSJ: Tesla Was Once About Climate Change, Driverless Cars, AI. Now What? Elon Musk's changing personal priorities raise questions about where the automaker is heading

Sacramento Takes Heat for Clearing Out Homeless for Leonardo DiCaprio Movie Shoot

Oregon County Declares State of Emergency After 4 Fentanyl Overdoses in 6 Hours

Mexican drug cartels are targeting America's 'last best place' - Cartel associates have flooded Montana with fentanyl and meth - and also set up operations on Indian reservations, where law enforcement is scarce

The Super Bowl is expected to smash betting records. Nearly 68M US adults plan to wager

Super Bowl security prepares for drones with trackers and jammers

Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones Issues Stark Warning After Meeting with FBI Dir. Chris Wray on Illegal Immigration - More Terror Threats Now Than Before 9/11: "It's Not a Matter of If, It’s a Matter of When"

Denver mayor blames Republicans and Trump for $5M cuts to pay for migrant crisis

Flipping the script: Biden promises to hit Trump 'every day' over southern border

The List: 64 Ways Joe Biden Opened America's Borders to the World's Migrants

Two US Members of Congress Denied Access to Secretive Federally-Funded "Migrant Facility" for Oversight of Taxpayer Spending

GOP Senators Block McConnell's Migration Bailout for Sanctuary Cities

Elon Musk Tweets Out 'Racist, Sexist, Discriminatory Laws Enforced by Disney's DEI Gestapo'

Court Docs: Trans Kentucky Daycare Worker Avoids Prison Time for Sexually Abusing Baby

Hungarian President Resigns over Pardon of Child Sex Abuse Accomplice

LGBT activists stage die-in at Florida DMVs to protest gender restrictions on licenses

Governing Body Rules Trans Irish Dancers Can Compete in Gender Categories of Their Choosing

Costas: Allowing Biological Men to Box Biological Women Is Like Heavyweights Fighting Welterweights

Planned Parenthood recommends toddlers be asked if they are 'a boy or a girl' by parents - Whatever answer the toddler gives, parents should accept it and treat them as such, according to the guidance

Measles: Forgotten epidemic rages through Europe

Ireland measles: Adult dies in hospital after contracting disease

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