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Scarby Volunteers to Enter A FEMA Camp-- No! Its Not Short For FEMAle!!

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Well, you talk about biting off your nose  in spite of your face--well,  I find no shortages of   misdemeanors and high carelessness when it comes to the actions and decisions of my Scarby  Dog Wonder!

Well hes gone now for about a few  days  until  summer break and then he can be released from a FEMA camp enlistment  prisoner detail assignment!

What that means is that the government needs a few  resistant souls of the deep state to  help  clean up some of the abandoned facilities which  are lying idol  in some of the dessert states in the southwest  and  possible a small sector of Ontario, Canada which doesn't get much decidents because of the colder weather up north!

When Scarby checked  into the facility down near   Cobblewart, Arizona he was greeted at the gate with  a  cold look and a duffle bag full of items for his short stay-- basically a wet mop and a  toilet brush and  a small container of dental floss--oh yeah and a orange jumpsuit -- did I mention a tin cup?!

While he was resting  the next day on the floor of his cell cage  I paid him a visit  without  even   making an appointment-- I flew down in a commuter plane that I built out of  a pile of tonka toys held together with  industrial strength  gorilla  glue-  and   that runs on  4  twelve volt batteries and a  party spinner for a propeller!!

Yes I admit I had times up in the air where the craft experienced engine trouble but nothing that a little  WD40 and  goop solvent  couldn't  alieve !

When I reached the  landing strip  along the dessert floor  both sides were lined with catus  plants to make the  runway  not too obvious--but where in nature do you see two straight lines of dessert plants ---maybe in cartoons!

Coming up to the gate on my mobile sagway  device--also made out of  tonka  toys  and maybe a few computer  parts  like battery terminal wires  and  fishing tackle!!  Yeah you heard right--fishing tackle!!

Once through the gate of the Fema Camp I could tell that there were no female dogs at this facility right away ---that must have been a great disappointment To Scarby-since his whole motivation to  come down to this retraining center was to meet new chicks ---more like fleas and ticks!   I guess he thought the FEMA was short for FEMAle Camp!!!

Well  I could see  his tail wagging a half a block away as I slowly came up on his barracks! He had dirt and grit all over his mouth and he looks as if he had soiled himself and  didn't wipe or scoot on the ground enough to keep himself cleaned up- but its too close to my dinner time to expound on this aspect of my visit!

The only thing Scarby had for a tooth brush was the   wire brush the warden issued out to him  for cleaning the rust off  of each prisoner---I Mean -volunteers bars!!  Seeing  a metal picture later that there most likely  will be bloody gums on this sick puppy!!

Well  listening to my body clock and knowing that it was time for me to leave and go to the  Jake Steak Porterhouse Bar and Grill resterant --I left Scarby a big chief red tablet and a sharpie black pen to write letters home --and  at least two breath mints  and I saw myself to the front gate--Looking back at the forlorn look on that sad sack puppies face I could not help myself----I ran back to his front barrack door and pulled out of my pocket something that he needed but which I almost forgot to impart to him-- An eraser!!

So the moral of this story is that we can always erase   small mistakes that we create on paper which comes from trees in the forest-but those big mistakes in life that do not easily erase it takes a more permanent solution for them to go away---people do you know where I am going with this--right- you guessed it!!!!   SPELL-CHECK!!!



Posted : March 19, 2019 4:20 pm
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Does this mean I can't use whiteout any longer on my computer screen?!  Speaking of which I asked to Lord to make blonde, and He gave me gray hair.  Now I'm an old blonde.

I heard tell that God can heal every manner of sickness, illness, disease and even death at times.  But He don't heal stupid!  Ask me how I know!

Have a scarbylicious day!


Posted : March 19, 2019 4:41 pm
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Tender reed--I myself am running out of   Whiteout  to correct the mistakes on the computer screen-buy the way that is a very funny comic concept--I would like to use that myself on another occassion--or Caucasian-- or osccilation-or venizuasian- or constipation! Or intimidation--why am I coming up with all of these adjectives? Speaking about showing  ones age--I have to explain to folks  in the outer world or public by showing them my id card  photo because they do not believe that I am a senior citizen--I really don't have any white hair yet---thanks to the borrowment of Scarby's big giant Black Sharpie pen-I do believe that younger hairline style  I am looking for is  still  a no  bars goal until the ink tube runs out! If you know what I mean --Jean!!! Or Mr. Clean! or Billy  Jean--can't say Jean twice in one sentence- stupid!!  I'm talking to myself again!!

Posted : March 20, 2019 7:18 am