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just wanted to share to encourage others......two weeks ago I was sound asleep and started to awake...the first thing that just "popped" into my brain was a rough outline o f a house then a rope ladder the full length of the house hanging down immediately heard the word "hometime"   woke myself up and said "I have to remember this"     thinking on this later it must have been seen because I describe it (childlike drawing triangle on top of square with side room....and remember the thick new rope ladder hanging down) thought later how I would have drawn the same thing for grandkiddies but would have added windows, door and was so fast (split second) there wasn't time to include these  and if I hadn't heard the word "hometime" don't think I would have even remembered it at all... this word I haven't ever thought about or even hear anyone else use this expression..

Posted : May 28, 2020 4:11 pm
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I sure hope hometime means it is time to go home this Pentecost.  I am weary in my soul of the pain and struggles in this God-hating, Christ-rejecting world.  As that old song says, "You can have all this world, just give me Jesus."  Which makes me think of another saying I have heard from time to time over the years.  "You don't have a single problem that the rapture would not fix."  Amen to that.  Count me as an escapist.  I want to escape the pain and sorrow I currently have in my life, and I want to escape the wrath that is about to be poured out, as described in Revelation 6-19.  The Spirit and the Bride say come Lord Jesus, come.  Maranatha!!!

Posted : May 29, 2020 5:30 am