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Am I Saved?

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(Posted also on the main forum at KolleenWhiteStone's request)

Am I Saved?

Last night,
As I lay me down to sleep,
The Lord put these thoughts inside my head,
To contemplate and to truly keep.

He doesn’t have me function as others,
He has me convey His Thoughts in prose,
Although so many don’t like poetry,
I’ve accepted that’s just the way it goes.

I’ve never heard the Voice of God,
Audibly speak into my ears,
I haven’t had a prophetic dream,
Although I’ve read many over the years.

I haven’t spoken in a foreign tongue,
Or been given the gift to proselytize,
I’ve never witnessed a vision from God,
That danced and flickered before my eyes.

Sometimes I have looked at “perfect dates”,
Which came and passed on by,
The numbers all aligned so well,
Who really knows the reason why?

Once Saved, Always Saved,
This argument never seems to abate,
Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib, or Post Trib views,
Just inflame never-ending debate

Who is right? Who is wrong?
Will it matter in the end?
The confusion today will flee at once,
When the Good Lord chooses to descend.

Quite often my faith has been very weak,
Much smaller than a mustard seed,
I know the Word — yet I still sin,
I’m simply a Christian of lesser-breed.

I haven’t lived a perfect life,
I’m ashamed at things I’ve done,
I haven’t always stayed the course,
And have often resembled the Prodigal Son.

Will this all keep me out of Heaven?
Will I possibly be ignored and left behind?
Will Jesus come and Rapture His Church,
Leaving me stranded here and in a bind?

Am I as unworthy and lost as I’m led to believe,
By the self-exalted who seek to steal all joy?
Or is this all part of a grander scheme —
Another stratagem in the devil’s ploy?

I must confess I’m not a star,
I won’t be on the Heavenly Honor Roll,
But my Savior holds me in His Hands,
Guarding my heart, my mind, and my soul.

He died on the Cross for my wretched sins,
And said “IT IS FINISHED” before I was born,
He provided access to His Throne,
When the Temple Veil was miraculously torn.

I no longer doubt my Eternal fate,
My sins were ALL washed at Calvary,
Although unworthy, by the Cross I’m saved,
The Lord has forever set me free.

The arrogant can continue to spout and blow,
They can bluster like hurricanes,
They can form their own proud conclusions,
But they’ll be the ones enduring the rains.

I won’t let the haughty diminish my thunder,
My lightning will streak across the sky,
My heart is filled with the Holy Spirit,
Jesus has promised that I will soar and fly.

May God bless you all in these last days, my friends!

Posted : May 6, 2019 5:56 am
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Liked in both places :yes: !!

Posted : May 6, 2019 8:21 am