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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/6/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/6/2024

Swiss parliament votes against recognizing Palestine - Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis opposed the draft decree, explaining that Bern was for a two-state solution in the Middle East

Spain recognizes 'Palestine'; its diplomats prefer Israel - None of the diplomats currently stationed at the Consulate General in Jerusalem or the embassy in Tel Aviv wish to move from major Israeli cities to the West Bank due to concerns about "quality of life and security."

Hamas signals post-war ambition in talks with Palestinian rival Fatah

US House passes Republican bill to sanction International Criminal Court over Israel

Israel Secretly Targets U.S. Lawmakers With Influence Campaign on Gaza War

Ex-Israeli Ambassador slams Biden for accusing Netanyahu of extending war to stay in power: 'Very inappropriate' from an ally

In Blow to Biden Plan, Hamas Leader Demands Full End to Gaza War

Hostage deal still on the table US says, dismissing Hamas objections

Gallant: Talks will take place 'under fire'; Haniyeh: No hostages without end to war

Israel: More Than Third of Hostages Not Returned Are Dead

'March of Rage': Protesters in Tel Aviv, elsewhere urge implementation of hostage deal

Families of hostages held captive by Hamas ask Biden to stop interfering on behalf of terrorists

Israeli Troops Launch Attacks in Central Gaza, Widening Offensive

IDF destroys UNRWA school revealed to be terrorist hideout

IDF says it struck terrorists hiding in UNRWA school in Gaza; Hamas claims 27 killed

IDF reveals 2 km Hamas tunnel running adjacent to Egypt border crossing in Rafah

Watch: IDF destroys massive Rafah tunnel, finds rocket launchers in Gaza UN post

Mass graves and body bags: al-Shifa hospital after Israel withdrew its forces

IDF to present investigations into failures leading up to Oct. 7 starting next month

Israel police deploy ahead of flashpoint Jerusalem march

Far-right violence, chants of 'Death to Arabs,' at Jerusalem Day Flag March in Old City

Ben Gvir boasts of letting Jews pray on Temple Mount; Netanyahu: Status quo unchanged

In Portland, the Intifada Begins in Kindergarten - The local teachers' union encourages students to resist "Zionist bullies."

Anti-Israel protesters arrested for occupying, vandalizing Stanford president's office

Pro-Palestinian protests push corporate activism limits

PM Netanyahu sues journalists, activist for allegedly spreading 'lies and falsehoods' over health

Netanyahu Visits Border with Lebanon as Israel Prepares for War

Netanyahu warns: We're ready with 'extremely powerful' response to Hezbollah attacks

Israel prepared for 'very intense action' in north, says Netanyahu after IDF reserves cap raised to 350,000

Hezbollah claims to have hit Iron Dome battery; IDF says unaware of such case

At least 11 people wounded by Hezbollah attack near Hurfeish, Upper Galilee

Syrian man opens fire on US embassy in Beirut 'in support of Gaza'

Attack on US Embassy in Lebanon foiled, gunman captured after shootout

US Embassy in Lebanon attacker was wearing what 'appeared' to be ISIS insignia, State Department says

US Warns Netanyahu Against Major Offensive In Southern Lebanon

Yemen's Houthis target three vessels in Red Sea and Arabian Sea

Iran vows revenge after alleged Israeli strike kills first Iranian in Syria since escalation in April - Senior IRGC officer killed in northern Syria's Aleppo

Ex-Israel Defense Boss: Iran Wants 'Holocaust' in 2 Years

UN atomic agency passes resolution demanding Iranian cooperation on nuclear program

NATO Ally Turkey Wants to Join China-Led BRICS

Russians Hack Spain Firm Preparing Tanks for Ukraine

Russia Warns US Against 'Fatal' Miscalculation in Ukraine

Putin says Russia could use nuclear weapons if its sovereignty or territory was under threat

Putin Warning: Russia Could Give Long-Range Weapons to Others to Strike West

Ukraine Uses US Weapons to Strike Inside Russia, Say Senator, Western Official

Biden 'Not Ruling Out' Boots On The Ground If China Invades Taiwan

House GOP refers Hunter, James Biden for criminal prosecution for perjury before Congress

Hunter Biden Told Congress He Didn't Work on Visas for Burisma Boss, but Emails Suggest Otherwise

Hunter Biden's Ex-Girlfriend Drops Bombshell: 'Former Sex Worker' Zoe Kestan Testifies Hunter Allowed Dealers Direct Access to His Bank Account for Withdrawals

Two of Hunter Biden's exes describe his years of drug abuse

FBI Witness Confirms in Court: No Tampering Occurred with Hunter Biden's Laptop

Joe Biden Reportedly Unable to Focus on Job Because He is Worried and Obsessed About Hunter Biden Gun Trial

5 recent gaffes by President Biden - Videos capture Biden's flubs and slip-ups during public events

Ronny Jackson on Biden mental fitness: 'He's got significant issues'

'National security issue': Ex-WH doctor raises alarms on Biden's mental health after bombshell report

Matthews: 'Reasonable to Assume' if Elected Trump Will Become a Dictator

If Trump wins, he could weaponize U.S. spy services against his domestic political enemies, former intel officers warn

Trump Again Floats Prosecution as Payback If He Wins: 'Very Possible It's Gonna Have to Happen to Them'

McCabe: DOJ, FBI Folks Worried About Being Thrown in Jail in Second Trump Term

Dr. Phil Calls Out Weaponization of FBI, DoJ: 'Running the Political Agendas' of Biden

Trump Calls Democrat Political Prosecution a 'Terrible Precedent,' Like 'Third-World Countries'

Putin Says Courts Are Being Used Against Trump

'Top Republicans' Privately Telling CBS Reporter 'Trump Could Be In Prison' When He's Nominated

Mike Huckabee predicts Secret Service would file court motion to keep Trump from going to jail

NYPD preparing to revoke Donald Trump's license to carry a gun after felony conviction in New York

Georgia court of appeals indefinitely pauses the election subversion conspiracy case against Donald Trump

Georgia Court of Appeals Halts Racketeering Case Against Trump until the court decides whether District Attorney Fani Willis

Judge Aileen Cannon rips up court schedule in Mar-a-Lago case in ways that benefit Trump

Hearing Scheduled in Trump's Classified Documents Case Could Invalidate Jack Smith's Appointment

Elon Musk's X requests Supreme Court investigate how Jack Smith obtained Trump's social media files

Peter Navarro Speaks from Behind Bars in 'Joe Biden Prison,' Warns 'Unrestrained Lawfare Designed to Interfere' in Election

FBI Arrests 75-Year-Old Retired NASCAR Driver Tighe Scott and Son on Charges Related to January 6

FBI Whistleblower Who Exposed Agency's Lies About January 6th Has Security Clearence Reinstated, Will Receive Over Two Years of Back Pay

McConnell accuses Senate Democrats of committing ethics violations in demanding Alito recusal

Alito's Flag Controversy Foreshadows Contentious US Supreme Court Rulings

Over 500 noncitizens register to vote in local DC elections - only 28 as Republicans

Biden claims 'there is evidence' that China is 'meddling' in 2024 election

Commentary: Watergate-Style Journalism: The Biggest Threat to Our Democracy

Top news app in US has Chinese origins and 'writes fiction' with the help of AI

Zoom CEO sees AI avatars replacing us in meetings as the future or work

MailOnline chief warns AI tie-ups are not enough to 'save the industry'

Yellen to warn of 'significant risks' of AI in finance while acknowledging 'tremendous opportunities'

Two more Boeing whistleblowers go public over plane safety: 'Like a ticking timebomb'

Boeing's Starliner spacecraft sends first astronaut crew to orbit

A Russian cosmonaut becomes the first person to spend 1,000 days in space

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Teluk Dalam, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru Erupts to 27,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Merapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Large cold lava flow hits Biaknabato village after strong eruption at Kanlaon volcano, Philippines

Atlantic hurricane season off to slowest start in a decade: Will aggressive forecasts still hold?

At least 1 person seriously injured after tornado sweeps through northern DC suburbs

Severe flooding, large tornado leave 22 people dead and many injured in South Africa's Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal

Earth marks 12 straight months of record heat, a bewildering climate change milestone

World hits streak of record temperatures as UN warns of 'climate hell'

Mexico City is just the beginning. Here are 11 other cities at risk of running out of water.

'Stop Green Communism' - Farmer Protests Shut Down French Border and Storm Brussels Before EU Elections

India's Modi seals third term, but sees his Hindu nationalist party lose majority, amid his mixed economic record and polarizing politics

Second Right Wing Campaigner Stabbed in German City of Mannheim in Four Days

Dutch Populist Geert Wilders on Pace for Another Major Victory, Urges Voters to Reject Terror and Crime of Open Borders

Joe Biden: I Need to Secure the Border so We Can Be 'a Land that Welcomes Immigrants'

Biden's Border Crisis: Floodgates Open to Security Threats

Enormous Mass Illegal Crossing of Military-Age Men in San Diego; Illegals Mock Biden's Open Border by Posing in Front of Border Wall For Selfies

Source: Biden's Immigration Order Will Normalize 2 Million Migrant Entries Yearly

ACLU to challenge Biden's border action: 'Same approach' as Trump asylum ban

Obama Ambassador: Illegal Migrants Will Flee to Canada if Donald Trump Is Elected

Dem Sen. Kelly: 'I'm Worried' Biden Border Order Will Lead to Crisis of Unaccompanied Minors

Biden's trans diversity hire Rachel Levine has big plans for LGBTQ 'health equity' in a potential second term

As drag events face threats, Philly sets record for most attended story time

Drag queen 'Letta Dicken' performs for children at Maine town's first Pride festival

Pope Francis Lauds Pro-Gay Jesuit Father James Martin

Trans Actor Elliot Page to Narrate Documentary on Homosexual and Gender-Fluid Animals - Dubbed One of Nature's 'Best Kept Secrets'

Colorado GOP: Burn Pride Flags in June

'Random girls saying whatever they wanted': Convicted rock climber rapist sentenced to life in prison shows no remorse, says victims are 'setting back' #MeToo movement

ACLU to spend $25 million on November elections, pro-abortion measures

G.O.P. Blocks Contraception Bill in Senate as Democrats Seek Political Edge

Gene Therapy Restores Hearing to Babies Born Deaf

New sexually transmitted fungal infection detected in NYC - the first case in the US

162 sickened in Salmonella outbreak linked to cucumbers: CDC

Juror in COVID fraud case dismissed after getting bag of $120,000 cash

WHO's Tedros Declares 'It's Time to be More Aggressive in Pushing Back on Anti-Vaxxers' - In Same Week that Media Reports Connection to Excess Deaths and the Jab

Commentary: The WHO Pandemic Treaty Is Deja Vu All over Again

First-ever human death of bird flu strain H5N2 confirmed in Mexico: WHO

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