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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/7/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/7/2024

Hamas Suddenly Begs for Ceasefire, with Israeli Attack on Rafah Looming

Hamas says it accepts ceasefire proposal of Egypt, Qatar

Israel says Hamas decision to accept ceasefire deal is a 'ruse'

Hamas says it agreed to a cease-fire proposal; Israel strikes Rafah and says deal 'far from' meeting its demands

Hamas In Official Response: "We Agreed To Ceasefire Deal"; Israeli Officials Say Proposal Was Changed

Hamas claims to accept ceasefire, hostage deal; Israel: This isn't what we agreed to

Bowen: Tough choices for Netanyahu after Hamas upends expectations

Israel under huge pressure to accept three-stage ceasefire agreed by Hamas - Benjamin Netanyahu faces chorus of diplomatic pressure not to go ahead with full-scale offensive on Rafah

US reportedly worried over Israel 'speeding up' Rafah assault

Jordanian king asks Biden to prevent Rafah 'massacre'

Jordan FM: Netanyahu Jeopardizing Cease-Fire Deal by Bombing Rafah

Biden calls for ceasefire in call with Netanyahu

Biden calls PM to reiterate opposition to Rafah op after IDF orders partial evacuation

Biden Administration Refuses to Say if It Is Withholding Aid from Israel

Deeply Concerning: Biden Blocks Shipment Of Ammunition To Israel In Attempt To Stop Rafah Operation

Biden administration set to report whether Israel using US weapons in Gaza legally

Report: CIA Director Bill Burns Gave Hamas Terrorists a Guarantee Before Biden Regime Cut Military Aid to Israel - Hamas Agrees to Ceasefire that Makes No Mention of Hostages

Diplomatic source voices concern Biden could 'throw Israel under the bus' - Netanyahu and Biden speak for about half an hour in what was described as a difficult conversation

'We don't know where to go': Palestinians flee Rafah after Israeli evacuation order

As Hamas rejects hostage deal, Israel says military operation into Rafah is imminent

Netanyahu: Ending war as part of hostage deal would keep Hamas as threat to Israel

Hamas warns Rafah operation 'won't be a picnic,' says Gaza truce talks in jeopardy

Palestinians report tanks have entered East Rafah after War Cabinet gives operation go-ahead

Israeli troops said fighting near Rafah crossing with Egypt - US official: 'War Cabinet did not negotiate with Hamas in good faith'

IDF operating in 'targeted manner' in Rafah

IDF strikes Hamas terror targets in East Rafah

US believes Rafah strikes not start of major operation - official

Israeli assault on Rafah may cause 'bloodbath' and famine, aid agencies say - With routes for aid into Gaza closed, relief workers say helping displaced people could become impossible

Dozens of Gazans stopped by Egyptian military as they attempt to cross the border

With Schools in Ruins, Education in Gaza Will Be Hobbled for Years

Protesters block roads to demand Israel accept ceasefire-hostage deal, halt Rafah push

Protesters block roads, clash with cops as PM accused of scorning hostage deal

Messianic leaders in Israel record Isaiah 61 Prayer Song for the release of the hostages in Gaza

'State of antisemitism today worse than the 1930s' - World Zionist Organization report reveals worrying trend of antisemitic incidents rising by by hundreds of percentage points across the world since October 7

Jewish UCLA Group Condemns Violence of pro-Israel 'Fringe' Protesters

Leo Hohmann: Backlash Growing Against Biden Plans to Import Tens of Thousands of Palestinian Refugees

Sen. Kennedy says Biden is 'scared to death' to alienate the 'Hamas wing' of the Democrat Party

Arrests made in NYC 'day of rage' as anti-Israel agitators burn US flag, deface World War I memorial

Thousands of Pro-Hamas Protestors March Down Street, Break Through Barricades to Disrupt Met Gala in New York City

Mass Arrests As Cops, 1,000 Protesters Clash Near Met Gala

"Let 10 Million Cop Cars Burn!" - Radical Pro-Hamas Terror Group 'Rachel Corrie's Ghost Brigade' Admits to Torching 15 Portland Police Cars in 'Preemptive Attack'

13 Federal Judges Announce Boycott of Hiring Law Clerks from Columbia University, Citing Rampant Antisemitism and Campus Disruptions

Columbia University cancels main graduation due to security concerns over protests,grand%20commencement%20hosted%20on%20the%20school%E2%80%99s%20Morningside%20lawn.

Trump blasts Biden over his donors funding Gaza Camp protesters as Columbia cancels commencement

Harvard Gaza camp protesters threatened with 'involuntary leave' by new interim prez

DC police refuse request from George Washington U prez to aid clearing of Gaza camp - "If the behavior changes, then our procedures and our process might change."

George Washington University Now Begging DC Police for Help as Student Protesters Start Calling for the Beheading of School President and Trustees

Hims CEO walks back support for Gaza Camp activists after stock loses $210 million

Belgian PM says he is rallying EU countries to impose trade sanctions on Israel

Turkey's trade ban: Importers seek indirect routes to bring goods to Israel

Republican senators warn ICC prosecutor: Target Israel, and we will target you

Army announces two reserves troops killed in Hezbollah drone attack Monday

Escalating tensions as Hezbollah claims to target Golan Heights amid Iran's proxy offensive

Yad Vashem uses AI to find more Holocaust victims

Commentary: Having an Ethics Code Didn't Stop Nazi Doctors From Committing War Crimes

Arab sources are reporting an assassination attempt against Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

US, Philippine Forces Stage Drills Near Taiwan

Russia to Hold Nuclear Drills Near Ukraine After Angry Exchange With West

Ukraine Says Russia's Tactical Nuclear Drills Are 'Blackmail'

Chilling Threat: 'You won't be safe in Downing Street', warns Kremlin as Putin orders nuke weapons test after West vows to back Ukraine

US soldier Sgt Gordon Black detained in Russia after 'stealing from woman,' as mystery grows over how he crossed border - The arrest of Sergeant Black comes as the US government is still trying to work out a deal with Moscow over jailed journalist

Over 1,000 US Soldiers "Are Functionally Being Held Hostage" - Matt Gaetz Releases Report on the 1,000 US Soldiers Trapped in Niger as Biden's Africa Policy Implodes

Economic Bloodbath: US Retail Confirm 169 Closures - Up 12.3%

82-year-old Sen. Bernie Sanders running for a 4th term, says US democracy in danger

Nancy Pelosi Backs Mike Johnson for Speaker

Hakeem Jeffries taunts GOP, says Dems 'have been governing as if we were in the majority'

Maxine Waters Thinks Trump Supporters Are Training for Massive Attack on Nation

Maxine Waters Calls on DOJ to Investigate Trump Supporters 'Training Up in the Hills' for Civil War

White House: Trump Gestapo comment echoes 'appalling rhetoric of fascists'

Bragg's Top Prosecutor Matthew Colangelo - A Former DOJ Official Biden Sent to NY to Take Down Trump - Was Paid By DNC for 'Political Consulting'

Ex Justice Dept. official prosecuting Trump in hush money trial was hired by DNC for 'political consulting'

Prosecution's lack of evidence: Trial Expert Tells CNN About 'Huge Problem' That Could Lead To Trump Acquittal Even With Dem Jury

Trump Hit With 10th Gag Order Violation, Judge Weighs Jail Time

Donald Trump being sent to Rikers Island would cause 'civil unrest' - 'Can't control him'

"I'll Do that Sacrifice Any Day" - Trump Says He's Ready to Go to Jail to Defend US Constitution

Trump calls for arrest of Jack Smith after special counsel admitted to evidence tampering in seized Mar-a-Lago docs case

Fani Willis Tells Reporters She Will Not Testify Before Georgia Senate Committee - Republican Committee Chair Threatens to Hold Fani in Contempt

House GOP Poised to Hold AG Garland in Contempt Over Hur Tapes

Information War: Elon Musk and Bolsonaro's 'X Space' Is Censured in Brazil - Conservative Leader Has To Go to the Amazon and Use Starlink To Connect

FAA opens investigation into whether Boeing employees missed inspections and falsified records

Boeing launches NASA astronauts in its Starliner spaceship for the first time

Major X4.5 solar flare erupts from Region 3663 - fourth X-class flare in 3 days

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near San Gabriel, Ecuador

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ubinas volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Oklahoma storm had 3 extraordinary features, including a "wrong-way" tornado

Garner Industries laying off more than 60 employees after tornado outbreak destroys plant

Brazil floods death toll rises to 83, dozens remain missing

World's Largest Floating Solar Power Plant Wrecked by Storm Just Before Grand Launch

'God jammed the gun': Man attempts to shoot Pennsylvania church pastor during live sermon

Man arrested after attempting to shoot Pittsburgh pastor during Sunday sermon - The gun jammed and no bullet came out

Report: Firearm-Related Crime Surging in Gun-Controlled Canada

Chicago: Gang Shootout Forces Cinco de Mayo Parade to Halt and Relocate, 25 Arrested

The rise of white terrorists who set out to kill minorities and immigrants

Illegal Alien Accused of Sexually Assaulting 11-Year-Old Girl After Being Freed into U.S. by Biden's DHS

Trump Vows Military Action Against 'Invasion' Currently Underway on US Soil

Hundreds of illegal migrants are being killed on construction sites around the nation, marking another hidden cost of President Joe Biden's progressive welcome for cheap migrant labor

Joe Biden Calls Illegal Aliens "Model Citizens" in Cinco de Mayo Speech

Dublin Sees Huge Protest Against Mass Immigration - Ruling Sinn Fein Party Blasted by Crowd as 'Traitors'

MIT becomes first elite university to ban diversity statements

"I'm Not Playing Against a Man in a Women's Event" - Brave Female Darts Player Decides to Forfeit Tournament Match Instead of Facing Transgender (Bio-Male) Competitor

Chinese Scientists Engineer Mutant Ebola Virus in Controversial Experiment, Causing Severe Symptoms and Deaths in Lab Hamsters

Could Avian Influenza Be The Next Covid-19?

Dairy worker with bird flu never developed respiratory symptoms, only pinkeye

'They need to back off': Farm states push back on Biden's bird flu response - The CDC is locked in a power struggle with key states and agriculture players as it tries to better track the virus and prevent another potential pandemic

Service Members Are Waiting For Congress and Department of Defense to Acknowledge That the COVID-19 Shot Mandate Was Unlawful and Harmful

'Little Joe,' Beloved Saint Louis Zoo Gorilla, Dies from Heart Attack Three Years After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines

Scientists Developing Vaccine Against Present and Future COVID Viruses

As cholera cases rise worldwide, health officials sound 'concerning' alarm about vaccine shortages

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I am glad to see Israel pushing forward and not falling for the fake ceasefire agreement Hamas says it agrees to. May God bless Israel ahd her people and all the innocents.