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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/3/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/3/2024

Spain to recognize Palestinian statehood by July, its PM says

Israeli negotiators return from Cairo hostage talks as they await Hamas response - Netanyahu's office praises Egyptian mediation in oblique swipe at Qatar; source indicates there is reason for optimism that a deal can be reached

Tal Heinrich: Pressuring Israel Gives Hamas Lifeline

WH: US, Israel 'Share Objective' of Defeating Hamas in Rafah

Report: In 'difficult' video call, US tells Israel its Rafah evacuation plan not viable

Gallant: IDF will 'soon address' last Hamas brigade in Rafah - Hamas has ceased to function as a terror group in "most parts" of the Gaza Strip, the defense minister said

Doctor Says IDF 'Executed' Medical Staff 'Point Blank' In Al-Shifa Hospital Operation

Friendly fire: IDF helicopter pilot shot at Israeli soldiers after pressing wrong button

IDF Drone Bombed World Central Kitchen Aid Convoy Three Times, Targeting Armed Hamas Member Who Wasn't There

Israeli strike kills 7 World Central Kitchen workers, group halts aid

Israel acknowledges killing 7 aid charity workers in 'tragic, unintentional' airstrike

'We are sorry': IDF chief says 'misidentification' led to strike on aid convoy

World Central Kitchen founder Jose Andres criticises Israel over aid workers' deaths - says he is "heartbroken" over the deaths of aid workers in a strike by Israel - which he has urged to stop its "indiscriminate killing"

Officials warn killing of NGO workers imperils Gaza aid, could stymie Israel's war goals

Sunak 'shocked and saddened' as UK aid workers among seven killed in Israeli air strike

UK's Sunak tells Netanyahu he is 'appalled' by WCK killings in call

White House 'Outraged' by Israeli Airstrike That Killed Gaza Aid Workers

US fumes over IDF strike on aid workers, warns killings put relief efforts at risk

Biden says aid staff 'must be protected' after deadly Israel strike: White House

Biden 'Will Make Clear to Israel' It Must Protect Gaza Aid Workers; U.S. Expects 'Comprehensive' Public Investigation

US urges quick probe amid fierce condemnation of deadly IDF strike on aid workers

PM Netanyahu calls Gaza incident tragic as IDF appoints 'independent, professional' panel

Israel risking being left holding bag for getting aid to Gazans, US warns

After Strike, Aid Groups in Gaza Are More Fearful Than Ever

With famine looming, aid group halts food delivery in Gaza after Israeli strike kills 7 workers

Charities halt Gaza aid after drone attack that killed seven workers - Humanitarian groups say they cannot operate safely after Israeli targeting of food charity convoy prompts international outcry

Japan resumes funding to UNRWA for its 'indispensable' aid work in Gaza

Turkey blocking exports to Israel

Israeli Diaspora Minister Blasts U.S. for Making Gaza Hostage Release 'Harder'

'Every girl there is sexually harassed': Freed captives beg MKs for hostage deal

Protests against Netanyahu escalate in Israel as thousands mass in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Protesters march toward Netanyahu's home, spread through Jerusalem neighborhoods

'Terrorist channel': Knesset moves to ban Al Jazeera from operating in Israel

Al Jazeera condemns new Israeli law, rejects Netanyahu's 'lies'

Megyn Kelly Questions Ben Shapiro on Critics Who Say Daily Wire Is Only Free Speech 'Until It Comes to Israel'

Hundreds in Anti-Israel Mob Set KFC Ablaze in Pakistan

Fitch removes Israel from 'credit watch negative,' affirms A+ score despite war risk

Blinken to Abbas: US 'looks forward' to engaging with new PA government

Drone explodes in Jordan near southern Israel's Ramon Airport

Israel Moves From 'Shadow War' to Direct and Explicit Hit on Iran

UN chief criticizes strike on Iranian consulate, warns against 'further escalation'

Iran threatens Israel with retaliation for Damascus strike amid international condemnation

Iran vows revenge as it accuses Israel of deadly airstrike on Syria consulate in deepening Middle East crisis

Iran and Hezbollah vow 'punishment and revenge' for strike that killed IRGC generals - Tehran and its Lebanon-based proxy blame Israel for attack in Damascus that killed Quds force leaders; US reportedly tells Iran it had 'no involvement' or prior knowledge

Huge American flag-burning protests erupt as Iran vows revenge for deadly 'Israeli strike'

Fears Grow That Syria Strikes Could Spur Retaliatory Attacks on Israel and U.S.

'Preparing strikes on Israeli embassies': The coming Iranian response to Syria strike

WW3 Tinderbox: Iran may launch Oct 7-style revenge massacre in Israel after embassy strike & even hit 'targets' in UK as WW3 fears soar

U.S. tells Iran it "had no involvement" in Israel strike

Taliban supreme leader vows to stone women to death, promises to bring sharia 'into action'

Islamism is dead in Erdogan's Turkey: This weekend had marked a tipping point. Erdogan's uninterrupted run of electoral success has finally crashed against popular resistance

Russia Confirms It Is Considering Delisting Taliban as Terrorists

Russia Claims It Ignored U.S. Warning of Terror Attack Because It Was 'Too Vague'

Russian Air Raids Are Disrupting Ukraine's Energy Grid - Repairs May Take a Year and a Half

Panic as Drone Strikes a Record 800 Miles Inside Russia

Battlefield demands spark AI race in Ukraine as war with Russia rages on

Ukraine Might Be Getting $34 Billion In American Weapons - And Soon

Johnson Proposes Ukraine Aid 'Innovations' Including Loans, Using Seized Russian Oligarch Money

Johnson's new push for Ukraine aid faces divided response from House, Senate Republicans

Biden Warns Xi on Aiding Russia's War in Ukraine - The call is the first between the U.S. and Chinese leaders since last year's summit

North Korea Tests Missile Believed Capable of Hitting Japan, Guam

U.S. crude oil cracks $85 to hit highest level since October as geopolitical tensions mount

A Million Simulations, One Verdict for US Economy: Debt Danger Ahead

Hedge fund billionaire says US debt 'is a growing concern that cannot be overlooked'

Retirement crisis looms as Americans struggle to save

Former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Says Impeaching Mayorkas Is "Political Charade" and "Degrades the Office"

Mitch McConnell, 82, Vows to Remain in Senate to Fight His Own Party

Poll: Voters Unconvinced Biden Will Even Survive Second Term, Resulting in President Kamala Harris

Fulton County (GA) Elections Board Supervisor Voted Against Certifying 2020 Election Because Signature Verifications Were Not Performed on 147,000 Ballots

DC judges warn of 'threat to democracy' to coming presidential election when sentencing J6 defendants

RNC Chair: Michigan Dem Official Trying to Subvert Fair Elections

Trump 'Could Be Looking at Jail' If Convicted in Hush Money Case Because He's 'A Recidivist,' Says Andrew Weissmann

Trump ramps up attacks on judges, sparking concerns as criminal trial nears

Trump Posts Fox News Clip Slamming Judge's Daughter Literal Hours After New Gag Order Ruling

Donald Trump trial: Other woman involved is a Playboy model who made 'affair' claims

The Church of Trump: How He's Infusing Christianity Into His Movement

'This is Manson Stuff': MSNBC's Reid Calls Trump Supporters a 'Cult'

RFK Jr. Argues Joe Biden Poses a Greater Threat to Democracy Than Donald Trump During CNN Interview

Javier Milei Austrian Economist, Champion of Anti-Globalism

'Ignoramus.' 'Fascist.' 'Small-Penises Club.' Latin Diplomacy Devolves Into Schoolyard Taunts - Region's presidents really really don't like each other, judging from the vitriol flowing on social media

Records Show Founder of Soros-Funded 'Partisan Propaganda' Network Has Visited Biden White House Many Times

Biden reiterates US concerns over TikTok ownership to Xi Jinping

FCC's Brendan Carr: Agency Moving to Enact Net Neutrality Instead of Holding Big Tech Accountable Is the 'Greatest Threat on the Internet'

Commentary: Big Tech Wants to Sneak Its AI Agenda Through State Legislatures

Jon Stewart Says Apple 'Wouldn't Let Us Do' an Anti-AI Segment and 'Asked Us Not' to Have Federal Trade Commission Chair as a Guest: 'What Is That Sensitivity?'

Jon Stewart Sounds Alarm on AI: 'The Reality Is They Come for Our Jobs'

Top musicians among hundreds warning against replacing human artists with AI

Billie Eilish, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Other Stars Demand Developers Cease 'Predatory Use of AI; Warn It will Replace Them'

House Bans Use of Microsoft AI Copilot Due to Security Concerns

Foreign officials ramp up efforts to influence AI policy in Washington

'Almost Orwellian': Feds Black Out Nearly All Emails about Trucker Surveillance Proposal

Space junk crashes through man's house and almost hits his son

Space debris, meteors, aliens? Mysterious lights streak over Southern California

N.Y. inmates suing to watch the solar eclipse after state orders prisons locked down

Tsunami warning issued for Okinawa after strong quake hits near Taiwan

7.5-magnitude Earthquake Hits Near Taiwan: Japan Agency

6.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Hualien City, Taiwan

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Poas volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 10,000ft

Mega storms lash America with softball-sized hail and fierce winds

Severe weather outbreak underway as strong, long-track tornado threat from Ohio Valley to Southeast

Drone video shows twister ripping through southern Indiana

"Cicada-geddon" insect invasion will be biggest bug emergence in centuries

Trillions of cicadas last seen when Thomas Jefferson was president to swarm US for first time in over 200 years

Tennessee lawmakers vote to ban geoengineering, with allusions to 'chemtrails' conspiracy theory

Canadian Freedom protesters take to the streets in Ottawa to slam Trudeau's 23% carbon tax hike

Federal judge shoots down Biden admin's 'radical' emissions tracking rule

Virginia residents say vibrations from construction of offshore wind project causing cracks in walls

Ship Company Owners Deny Fault in Baltimore Key Bridge Collapse in Latest Filing in Federal Court

Istanbul nightclub fire latest: '29 dead' as horror blaze rips through bar

Report: Venezuela Using Brutal Tren de Aragua Gang to Hunt Down Dissidents Abroad

Haiti Hell: Heavy Gun Battles Rage Near National Palace - Unelected Transition Council Stumbles on Legal Impediments - Canada Training Caribbean Troops for Deployment

Channel Crisis: Illegal Boat Migration Up 43 Per Cent in Britain over Last Year

Bodies of 8 Chinese Migrants Float into Mexican Beach After Boat Capsizes

Somalian terrorist on FBI watch list apprehended, released by border agents in 2023 rearrested after spending 1 year living freely in US

140K Migrants Apprehended in March Along Southwest Border

Texas National Guard Retakes Control of El Paso Border - Installs Miles of Razor-Wire and a New Anti-Climb Fence

Texas Judge Grants Easter PR Bonds to Rioting El Paso Border Migrants - Blames DA

Report: Hundreds of Thousands of Migrants Fly into Miami to Score Joe Biden's Parole Benefits

'We're Dealing with a Nightmare': Squatters Sue NYC Couple After Allegedly Taking Over Their Property

Sanctuary Massachusetts: Illegal Alien Accused of Fentanyl Trafficking Also Wanted for Murder

Sheriff: 'Well-Trained' Chilean 'Ninjas' Robbing Rich Americans After Getting into U.S. through Visa Waiver Program

Sanctuary Massachusetts Repeatedly Shielded Illegal Alien Accused of Sexually Abusing Children from Deportation

Florida Police: Illegal Migrant from Haiti Admits Sexually Abusing 10-Year-Old Girl Multiple Times

Trump Calls Migrants 'Animals' in Michigan Stop

Donald Trump doubles down on 'bloodbath' warning as he criticizes Joe Biden's handling of the border

Analysis: Concerns over Murders by Migrants 'Put Michigan More Firmly in President Trump's Corner'

One Killed, Two Seriously Injured in Finland School Shooting, 12-Year-Old Boy Detained on Suspicion of Murder

The Doctor Will Ask About Your Gun Now: Dozens of medical societies agree that gun injury is a public-health crisis and that health-care providers have to help stop it

Florida Supreme Court greenlights referendum on recreational marijuana

Dem gov recriminalizes drug possession despite voter referendum after overdose deaths, crime surge in Oregon

Oregon governor signs bill recriminalizing hard drugs, completing liberal experiment's U-turn

Biden Says Favorite WH Memory Is His Grandchildren, Who Are Mostly Adults, Jumping Into His Bed with Him

ABC's Hostin: Right Is 'Misrepresenting the Message of Jesus'

Daily Caller Fully Retracts Article Claiming Biden Banned 'Religious Easter Eggs' From White House Contest

Nolte: Joe Biden Is So Worried About Losing to Trump He Defiled Easter

Carville: Biden Didn't Know Easter Was Trans Visibility Day, No One in the White House Knew There Was Easter Overlap

Biden Ed. Secretary Miguel Cardona on Transgender Day of Visibility: 'Your School, Your Community, Your Country' are Better Because of You

Virginia Trans Legislator Trains County Officials to Covertly Cater to Trans Agenda

National Organization for Women: Not Allowing Men in Women's Sports is 'White Supremacist Patriarchy'

Wisconsin Dem governor faces backlash after vetoing GOP bill to protect female sports: 'You despise all women'

JK Rowling's most hateful rant yet: Trans people are criminals who don't need legal protections

J.K. Rowling's Social Posts On Trans Women Are "Not Criminal," Say Scottish Police

Bluff Called: Police Scotland Won't Charge J.K. Rowling over Trans Comments, Author Vows to Stand With Any Woman Who Calls 'A Man a Man'

Scottish Leader Claims Criticism of Hate Speech Law Only From 'Right Wing', Despite Opposition from Liberals J.K. Rowling and Joe Rogan

Benedict backed me up on rights for LGBTQ couples, Pope Francis says

Elliot Page, Neil Young, Alanis Morissette, Carly Rae Jepsen, Others Lambaste Anti-Grooming Policies in Canada

Texas woman charged with murder for self-induced abortion sues Starr County district attorney

Arizona abortion rights amendment backers says they've gathered signatures needed for 2024 ballot

Florida Supreme Court Approves Abortion Ballot Measure, Upholds 15-Week Limit

Biden: Florida Abortion Ruling 'Outrageous'

Biden's campaign says he can win Florida, after abortion ruling

Rep. Jeffries: Florida 'Ground Zero' in Abortion Fight

'I'm 28. And I'm Scheduled to Die in May.': Some right-to-die activists want everyone to have access to euthanasia - even young people with mental illness. Are they also making suicide contagious?

California considers expanding assisted suicide access without terminal diagnosis - The new law would allow people with early to mid-stage dementia to end their life

CDC Issues Alert After Invasive and Deadly Meningococcal Disease Rates Soar in U.S.

Top International Virologist Issues Dire Warning: "Massive, Massive Tsunami of Death Among Highly Vaccinated is Imminent"

Louisiana Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Block Control of UN, WHO, and WEF in the State

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