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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/14/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/14/2024

Iran launches its first direct military attack against Israel

Report: Iran Launches Attack Against Israel with Long-range Drones

Iran launches 350 missiles, drones at Israel; 99% shot down by missile defence - IDF spokesperson applauded Israel's missile defence system's efficiency, calling it a "very significant strategic achievement."

Iron Dome in Action: Israel's Defense System Starts Shooting Down Iranian Suicide Drones Over Jerusalem

US, UK and Jordan intercept many of the Iranian drones headed to Israel

Jordan's air force shooting down Iranian drones in airspace

UK PM praises British pilots for 'flying into the face of danger to protect civilians' during Iran's attack on Israel

Iran State Media Say Israel Attack Dealt 'Heavy Blows' To Negev Air Base

IDF Confirms 'Minor' Missile Damage to Meron Air Base in Northern Israel

Iran's overnight attack 'frightening' - but most Israelis had faith in air defenses

Israel shut down by Iranian cyber attack telling residents to prepare for war

Israel Calls off School Trips, Puts Forces on Full Alert Amid Iran Threat

Stock market reacts calmly to Iranian attack

Jordan closes airspace amid threat of Iranian counter-strike against Israel

Airspace closures throughout the Middle East ground, divert flights as Iran launches drone attack on Israel

Alarms Blare at U.S. Embassy in Erbil, Iraq Amid Explosions Near Diplomatic and Coalition Sites

US warships repositioned, on high alert ahead of expected Iranian attack on Israel

Top House Armed Services Dem: Biden Will Advise Israel 'They Should Look to De-Escalate' Where They Can

Biden tells Netanyahu US will not support counter-strike against Iran

Biden lauds 'remarkable' Israeli defense against Iran, said to oppose military response

Wesley Clark: Israel 'Can't' 'Trust the United States if Iran Strikes' Because of How We're Pressuring Them

'None of This Had to Happen': Mark Levin Rips Biden 'Failed Appeasement Policy'

Reminder: The Biden Administration Granted Iran Billions in New Sanctions Relief Just One Month Ago

House GOP vows Israel vote after Iran attack amid bipartisan pressure on aid package

Imminent Threat: US Evangelical leader warns Tehran not to attack Israel or face 'horrific ending for Iran'

Pastors praying for Israel in response to Iran launching drone, missile attack

Russia moves supersonic missile warship to Middle East after Iran attack on Israel

Russia claims Iranian attack was justified self-defense - Russian foreign ministry defends massive attack by its ally Iran on Israel, calls on 'all sides' to show restraint in attack's aftermath

Iran Defends 'Right to Self-Defense' Over Israel Attack

Iran's foreign minister: We will not hesitate to defend our interests against any 'new aggression'

Iran offers Israel off-ramp to 'conclude' attack after launching missiles, drones on Jewish state - Tehran has failed to honor diplomatic protections for embassies in the past

Bullish Iran hails attack on Israel as a success and says operation is over

Iran Reportedly Claims Military Action Against Israel Has Concluded - Issues Harsh Warning to U.S and Israel

Iran warns Israel against 'reckless' retaliation

Iran warns it will strike again with greater force if Israel or US retaliate

Iran threatens to hit US bases if Washington backs Israeli counterattack

'Will support Iran, if...': Putin threatens Biden not to interfere in Iran and Israel tensions

Iranian attack strengthens Israel-US ties after weeks of tension over Hamas war

With its aerial attack, Iran could break Israel's isolation and reframe the Gaza war - With pressure building to end the fight against Hamas, Tehran pushes allies together to thwart unprecedented missile and drone strike, in reminder of broader regional threat

Amb. David Friedman: Iran literally attacked the Al Aqsa Mosque - Former US Ambassador to Israel: "This is the time for Israel, the West and the moderate Sunni nations to unite against this evil, terrorist nation"

Biden calling for G7 meeting in response to Iran's 'brazen' attack

UN Security Council to meet Sunday for emergency talks on Iran's attack against Israel

Iran says it gave 72 hours notice of Israel attack to 'friends and neighbors in the region'

Iran state TV airs clip of blaze in Chile, claims it shows destruction in Israel

Iranians gather to cheer on attack against Israel; gas lines reported in Tehran

Brutal Iranian Regime Sends Out Morality Police on the Streets of Iran - To Attack Iranian Citizens and Protesters Following Iranian Attacks on Israel

Hamas backs Iran after retaliatory missile, drone attacks on Israel - Hamas affirms 'natural right' of countries in the Middle East to defend themselves 'in the face of Zionist aggressions'

Zelensky condemns attack on Israel: Ukraine also knows the horror of Iranian terror drones

Saudi Arabia expresses 'deep concern' after Iranian attack

Global condemnation of Iranian attack; IDF hits Hezbollah weapons plant in north Lebanon

Hezbollah drone attack seriously wounds IDF soldier after rocket barrage hits northern Israel

How Iran's Houthi proxies are preparing for the ultimate war

Iranian IRGC forces hijack Israel-affiliated ship in strategic Strait of Hormuz on Saturday

Iran's Revolutionary Guard seizes Israeli-linked ship with 25 crew near Strait of Hormuz

Hamas spurns latest hostage deal proposal, demands permanent ceasefire

Maher: We Would Have Already 'Annihilated' Hamas if They Attacked Us, Israel Is 'Always' Expected to Act Differently

Maher: Dearborn 'Death to America' Chants Are Like Hate Chants in Charlottesville

Anti-Israel protester threatens to 'murder' lawmakers at CA city council meeting: 'See you at your house'

ADL CEO: 'Anti-American' Marxist Strain Among Dems Helped Antisemitism Seep In

Israeli teen found dead in West Bank, sparking largest settler rampage since start of war in Gaza

Violent clashes erupt after 14-year-old Israeli shepherd found murdered by terrorists in Samaria

Powder Keg Africa: Niger Protest Demands Departure of US Troops, Right as Russian Military 'Instructors' Are Welcomed

China, Russia and Iran Are Reviving the Age of Empires

UK to Rush Experimental 'Dragonfire' Laser Weapon Into Service to Deploy in Ukraine

Trump considering 'loan' system for future Ukraine aid

BlackRock's Fink: Spending in 'Inflation Reduction Act' Will Make It Harder to Lower Inflation

Former US Ambassador to Bolivia in the Clinton Administration Convicted to 15 Years in Prison for Spying for Cuba

Marsha Blackburn Calls for Senate Trial Against Mayorkas

Trump just publicly undermined Marjorie Taylor Greene's crusade against Mike Johnson

DC National Guard whistleblowers to tell Congress they were ready to go on J6 after Trump authorized their deployment, but Pentagon held them back

The Supreme Court May Throw Out Hundreds Of Jan. 6 Convictions - The case could also erase one of the biggest charges former President Donald Trump now faces

'That's a lie': Internet mocks Trump as he vows to 'tell the truth' during his testimony at Stormy Daniels hush money trial

Trump tests limits of gag order ahead of New York trial - The former president took to social media on Saturday to criticize Michael Cohen and others

Google blocks news sites in California after bill would make tech giant pay for news links

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Hihifo, Tonga

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Tobelo, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the western Indian-Antarctic Ridge

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 14,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 13,000ft

Damages to major US dam could spark water crisis

'Extensive Damage': 26 Barges Float Uncontrolled Down Ohio River, Bridges Shut Down

E. Jean Carroll's unregistered gun seized by New York Cops - Possessing a firearm without registration in New York is considered a felony, punishable by a maximum sentence of four years

New York Police Confiscate Unlicensed Gun From E. Jean Carroll for 'Safekeeping' After Revelation in Trump Defamation Lawsuit - No Criminal Charges Filed

7 Dead in Sydney Mall Mass Stabbing Attack Including Mother of 9-month-old Baby - Policewoman Shoots Him Dead - Authorities Say They Are 'Unsure of Motive'

'Incredible' mom died trying to save nine-month-old baby from Sydney serial stabber: report

Mexican Soldiers Arrest 20 Cartel Gunmen, Kill 3 in Coastal State Shootout

Sen. Bill Hagerty: Democrats Counting Illegals in Census 'All About Power'

ICE criticizes Massachusetts court for releasing Brazilian illegal immigrant indicted on child rape charges

Trans-identified male mayor in California faces recall vote amid rampant crime, blames transphobic 'bullies'

Popular gay Pride dancer arrested for possession, distribution of child pornography, victims as young as 2

Planned Parenthood defies Missouri court order to turn over records on child sex change practices at clinic

Coalition: New York Ballot Initiative Threatens Parental Rights on Children's Sex Reassignment Surgery

'Non-binary' Ontario male approved for taxpayer funded neo-vagina surgery while keeping penis intact at Texas clinic

Puberty-blocking drugs may pose risk of testicular atrophy, infertility: Mayo Clinic study

Maher: The Countries Progressives Love to Urge Us to Copy Are Against Puberty Blockers for Kids

Maher: Abortion 'Kind of Is' Murder, 'I'm Just Okay With That'

Pinkerton: Trump Tries to Yank the Abortion Issue Out of the Democrats' Playbook

Far-left trantifa extremist given no jail time for attack against Ohio pregnancy center

PhD-holding far-left extremist sentenced to prison for 7.5 years for 'Jane's Revenge' firebombing of pro-life office in Wisconsin

Southern Nevada Health District Issues Health Alert After Las Vegas Visitor May Have Spread Measles

Massive Protests Break Out Japan in Opposition to WHO's Proposed Pandemic Treaty

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