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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 3/26/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 3/26/2024

Israel slams four European nations planning to recognize Palestinian state - Foreign Ministry spokesman accuses Spain, Ireland, Malta, Slovenia of rewarding 'murderous terror attacks'; says move 'distances' peace, only 'direct negotiations' can end conflict

Trump warns Israel to 'finish up your war' and 'get on to peace': 'We can't have this going on'

Trump warns Israel 'losing support' for Gaza war, with public relations 'in ruin'

Trump to Israel Hayom: Only a fool would have not acted like Israel on Oct. 7

Gallant: Israel has 'no moral right' to end war against Hamas - "The lack of a decisive victory in Gaza may bring us closer to a war in the north"

UN Demands Cease-Fire In Gaza During Muslim Holy Month Of Ramadan

UN Security Council adopts call for Gaza ceasefire, hostage release as US abstains - US argues resolution is non-binding 'so there's no impact on Israel's ability to continue to go after Hamas'; indicates inclusion of call to free hostages led it to forgo veto

US says ceasefire resolution non-binding; less influential Security Council members object

The security council vote is a significant moment - but the US says its Gaza policy is unchanged

Hamas, Palestinian Authority welcome UN Security Council's call for a ceasefire

Hamas praises UN Security Council resolution; Israel's UN envoy says it gives Hamas 'hope'

Apparently rejecting latest truce offer, Hamas says it's not budging on it demands

UN chief: 'Unforgiveable' to not apply Security Council Gaza ceasefire resolution

'Left Jerusalem out to dry': Christian orgs. condemn US ceasefire abstain vote

Israeli officials worry US stance hurts chances to pressure Hamas

Israel nixes US Rafah talks as Washington allows UNSC resolution demanding Gaza ceasefire

US non-veto at UN, Netanyahu's response, reflect an alliance in crisis, a war slowed

Israel-US relations hit new low after US abstention at UN

Netanyahu Cancels Israel Delegation Trip to US After UN Security Council Ceasefire Resolution Tied to Ramadan Passes With Biden Admin Abstention

US perplexed by Netanyahu 'overreaction' to UNSC vote on Gaza ceasefire - official

White House suggests Netanyahu manufacturing crisis in US-Israel ties

Hamas: Netanyahu is using hostage families to cover up his failure

Rockets fired from Gaza at Ashdod for first time in 2 months; no injuries or damage

IDF strikes Hamas rocket launch site next to civilian shelter, used in earlier attack on Ashdod

IDF: 180 terrorists killed in Al Shifa hospital, 500 terror suspects arrested

Israel uncovers heavy weapons cache at Gaza's largest hospital - including in maternity ward

IDF: Hamas gunmen are 'destroying' Shifa, firing from emergency room, maternity ward

Medical crisis in Gaza hospitals at 'unimaginable' level, aid agencies say

US Central Command: 46,000 meals airdropped into northern Gaza today

U.S. Finds Israel in Compliance With Biden's Demands on International Law, Humanitarian Aid

UN chief says UNRWA a 'lifeline of hope and dignity,' as Israel seeks alternatives

UN official resigns weeks after claiming 'Hamas is not a terrorist group'

Al Jazeera Removes Video Alleging Israelis Raped Women In Gaza As Former Managing Director Calls Claims 'Fabricated'

After protests, Jerusalem's controversial 'United Purim' parade draws depressed turnout

Harvard's Federal Funds on Chopping Block for Obstructing Congressional Anti-Semitism Probe, House Chair Says

Canada Mayor Tells PM Trudeau to 'Step Aside' for 'Hindering our Battle Against Antisemitism'

Gideon Sa'ar quits coalition after Netanyahu fails to appoint him to war cabinet

'Red line': Gantz to quit government if draft bill exempting ultra-orthodox passes

Shin Bet says it foiled Iranian plot to smuggle advanced weapons to W. Bank terrorists

IDF eliminates Hezbollah terrorist squad in southern Lebanon

Iran-backed Houthis attacked a Chinese ship with missiles after promising to leave them alone

North Korean Leader Kim Visits Tank Unit and Touts War Preparations in Face of Tensions with Seoul

Philippines issues 'strongest protest' after Chinese water cannon assault on navy boat - Conflict in the South China Sea has sparked fears of a direct clash between the US and China

China: Biden's Afghanistan Disaster Made Russia Terror Attack Possible

Macron says Islamists who hit Russia had tried to attack France

Putin Says 'Radical Islamists' Behind Moscow Concert Attack but doubled down on his previous claim that Ukraine was somehow involved and accused Washington of allegedly trying to cover it up

ISIS threatens revenge on Putin for torturing terror suspects after 'killers' beaten, electrocuted & 'force-fed ear'

Russia Retaliation Strike Sends Hypersonic Missiles Into Kiev - Building Used by Security Service of Ukraine SBU Is Leveled

Russia Claims It Shoots 11 Ukraine-Launched Drones Over Its Territory

Russia Attacks Ukrainian Gas Storage Site; Ukraine Ramps Up Power Imports

Impeachment inquiry requests new evidence related to Biden's demand to fire Ukrainian prosecutor

Comer, Jordan Threaten AG Garland With Contempt Over Biden Docs Case

Biden's DOJ moves to drop $3.3 billion lawsuit against Dish Network after founder makes major donation to Biden campaign

Trump's Net Worth Hits $6.5 Billion, Making Him One of World's 500 Richest People

N.Y. appeals court reduces Trump's bond in his civil fraud case to $175 million, a victory for the former president

N.Y. AG Says Trump Still Accountable for 'Staggering Fraud'

Letitia James's Office: $464M Judgment 'Still Stands' Against Trump

Trump blasts NY judge, Letitia James after '5th time' judgement against him has been 'overturned'

Trump Blasts Stormy Daniels 'Hush Money' Case as 'Witch Hunt' as Judge Sets Trial For April 15

Donald Trump compares himself to CHRIST in bizarre posts from inside hush money court - Disgraced former President Donald Trump posted an extract from the Bible on social media, comparing himself to Jesus Christ who "walked through His greatest persecution" this week

Trump: AG James, Judge Engoron's Credibility 'Has Been Shattered'

MSNBC pundit, fmr NY Assistant AG claims there is separate 'set of rules' favoring Trump

Trump SLAMS Alvin Bragg case, says 'we're being tried for something that's not even a crime'

Trump attends NYC hearing in Alvin Bragg's 'fraudulent' business docs case as $454 million bond comes due in civil case

Trump: Judge, N.Y. AG Colluding for Election Interference

JD Vance: The Biden Administration Wants Trump to Die in Jail

"Future of Democracy Depends on Making Sure Republicans Are Not in the Majority" - Liz Cheney Is Now Campaigning for the Defeat of All Republicans in 2024

Biden administration indicts and sanctions Chinese hackers accused of sweeping espionage campaign against US targets

U.S. Sanctions and Indicts Wuhan-Based Hackers for Targeting Critical American Infrastructure

Latest Google Gaffe: Search Giant's AI Points Users Towards Scam and Malware Sites

EU Probes Apple, Google, Meta Under New Digital Law

Florida's DeSantis signs one of the country's most restrictive social media bans for minors

Boeing Leadership Shakeup: CEO Dave Calhoun and Top Executives Resign Amid Ongoing Safety Scandal

FAA Issues Urgent Air Travel Warning for Total Solar Eclipse on April 8 - Why is the National Guard being deployed for an eclipse?

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Macquarie Island region

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Intense rainfall and hailstorms hit Cuba, leaving 260,000 customers without power

Record snowfall in Minneapolis as massive storm brings up to 24 inches to Northern Plains

Panic in Brussels: Climate Alarmists Lose Again, as EU Shelves 'Nature Law' for Lack of Support In Another Victory for Protesting Farmers

Furious farmers shut down London with angry tractor protest over fears of threats to food security

Gallup Poll: Regular Religious Attendance Declines in US

Haunting new horror film based on the devil actually made $666,666 on opening weekend

Ecuador's youngest mayor, Brigitte Garcia, and her adviser are found shot to death inside car

Mexico Holds Biden Admin Hostage with Migrant Crisis

Mexico's President Accused of Sending Biden a 'Ransom Note' Full of Demands

Biden to ask Congress to reverse ban on Pride Flags being flown at US Embassies after signing $1.2 trillion spending plan

Special Counsel Report Reveals University of Delaware Misled Courts to Hide Biden's Senate Records That Likely Hold Sexual Assault Complaint Filed by Tara Reade

Rapper Diddy's New York, Los Angeles, & Miami homes 'raided' by Homeland Security in connection to sex trafficking

Private Jet Owned by Sean "P. Diddy" Combs Has Left the US After DHS Raids

New research sheds light on the global impact of problematic pornography use

Minnesota Democrat Introduces Legislation to Make it Legal for Women to go Topless, Citing "Gender Identity"

Female athlete injured by transgender player slams Dem lawmakers who dismissed dangers - Rep. Jerry Nadler claimed that 'men do not compete in women sports' in House committee markup

Abortion Pill Usage Skyrocketed After Dobbs Decision

Alliance Defending Freedom sues Biden's FDA over 'removing key safeguards' to access abortion drugs

Mystery Illness Impacting Texas, Kansas Dairy Cattle is Confirmed as Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Strain

Japanese Preprint Study Urges Halt on mRNA Vaccines Amid Blood Bank Contamination Fears

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