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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 3/23/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 3/23/2024

Spain, Ireland, Malta, Slovenia agree to work towards Palestinian state recognition

Blinken Says Israeli Assault On Gaza's Rafah Would Be 'A Mistake' And 'Unnecessary' To Defeating Hamas

Blinken warns major Rafah op risks global isolation, long-term security harm for Israel

Israel 'can live with' ceasefire motion US to bring up for UNSC vote

Blinken arrives in Israel for talks as UN prepares to vote on ceasefire resolution

Biden Pushes Ceasefire on Israel at UN; Russia, China Veto Anyway

Russia, China veto US resolution at UN calling for Gaza ceasefire tied to hostage deal

UNSC vote set this week on new Gaza ceasefire resolution; US unlikely to back it

UN chief to issue fresh call for 'humanitarian ceasefire' while visiting Gaza border

As Israeli team heads to Doha, official says 'no real progress' in hostage talks

Hostage deal gaps narrow as Israel and US join talks in Qatar

Nearly 600 relatives of 81 hostages ask Biden to press PM for deal to free them

Mossad chief heads to Doha as US said to pressure mediators to speed up hostage talks

Fetterman: 30,000 Dead Palestinians Number Cited by Biden Is Dishonest, Hamas Could End War Right Now

Documents show Israel sought, valued Qatari aid for Gaza in years leading to Oct. 7

UK's Cameron: Israel obstructing flow of aid into Gaza, closing crossing on Shabbat

US bans UNRWA funding until at least 2025, while leaving room for flexibility

US: Russia, China 'refuse to condemn Hamas for burning people'

Israeli-Turkish Relations Nosedive Again Following Erdogan's Threat to 'Send Netanyahu to Allah'

'Be quiet:' Israel summons Turkish envoy after Erdogan threatens Netanyahu

Puppet President Declares Every Cuban 'a Child of Palestine' After Watching Hamas Propaganda on VR Headset

Pressure Grows on MIT President To Stop Antisemitic Incidents

EU close to sanctioning Judea and Samaria residents, Hamas

Global Shema prayer at Western Wall in Jerusalem for hostages, soldiers draws thousands - Live broadcast and worldwide participation makes largest public recitation of Shema prayer in history

'Crime against humanity' - Palestinians turn remains of Second Temple-era Jewish town into dust - This type of vandalism has been on the rise since October 7

IDF probes leaked footage showing strikes on apparently unarmed men near Khan Younis

Activists bemoan 'trigger-happy' troops after cop kills Palestinian boy in Shuafat

7 Israelis hurt in hours-long clashes with terrorist in West Bank; airstrike kills him

IDF accuses Hezbollah of storing dangerous chemicals and weapons in residential neighborhood - IDF says Hezbollah uses Lebanese civilians as human shields

Israel reveals how Hezbollah methodically uses ambulances for terror activity

Multi-front war elevates Israeli Air Force pilots to highest operational status worldwide

US official says fighter jets struck underground Houthi storage sites in Yemen

Houthis rail at 'reckless' US-British strikes in Yemen

Shipping giant Maersk says it will avoid Red Sea despite EU security operation

What caused the civil war in Sudan and how has it become one of the world's worst humanitarian crises?

Mass grave of at least 65 people found in Libya, UN migration agency says - International Organization for Migration believes those discovered 'died in process of being smuggled through the desert'

China coast guard water-cannons Philippine ship days after US backs Manila in disputed sea

Russia Pounds Ukrainian Power Facilities, Kremlin Embraces 'War' Rhetoric

Russia Launches Fresh Drone and Missile Strikes on Ukrainian Power Facilities Causing Widespread Outages

Russia warns Western banks of 'catastrophic consequences' over asset confiscation

Terror attack in Moscow as gunmen in camouflage attire open fire at music venue

Russia says 60 dead, 145 injured in concert hall raid; Islamic State group claims responsibility

US Embassy Warned Americans to Avoid Moscow Concerts Weeks Before Attacks

White House offers condolences to victims of Russia music venue attack, says there's 'no indication' Ukraine involved in shooting

Ukrainian Intelligence Blames Putin's Special Forces for Organizing Crocus City Hall Terrorist Attack Outside Moscow

Moscow shooting a 'deliberate provocation by Putin's special services,' says Ukraine's military intelligence

Islamic State claims responsibility for Moscow concert hall shooting that killed more than 60

Bidenomics: Home Foreclosures Rising Nationwide - By 50 Percent or More in Some States

House Passes $1.2 Trillion Bill to Avert Shutdown with More Votes From Democrats Than Republicans

House passes pork-filled $1.2 TRILLION spending bill with no funds to close US-Mexico border

House GOP revolts against speaker over government spending bill: 'Johnson blew it'

MTG files motion to vacate Mike Johnson as House Speaker over pork-filled $1.2 trillion spending bill

Kay Granger to step down as House Appropriations chair following spending package debacle - The announcement comes after many conservatives were displeased with the 2024 fiscal year spending package passing in the House

Rep. Mike Gallagher to resign in April after $1.2 trillion spending package passes the House

Rep. Mike Gallagher Of Wisconsin Is Latest GOP Member To Resign Ahead Of Schedule - His resignation, to be effective in April, will cut House Republicans' already narrow margin over Democrats even further

Johnson's margin drops to one vote as Gallagher heads for early exit

Outgoing GOP Rep. Buck: Biden Impeachment Inquiry a 'Sideshow' - We Need to to 'Move On'

Hunter Biden was Involved with CIA in Ukraine - Led to Trump-Russia Lies and Deep State Assault on Trump - Mike Benz Video

Social Media Users Light Up AOC After She Doubles Down on Her Claims "RICO is Not a Crime"

Trump's acting defense sec says J6 committee threatened him when he revealed Trump called for National Guard in DC

40% of Americans believe Trump was talking about need for political violence with 'bloodbath' comment: Rasmussen Reports poll

Swalwell: Trump Has Brought 'Hell and the Chaos' to Our Country

'God gave us Trump': Christian media evangelicals preach a messianic message

NBC hires former RNC chair Ronna McDaniel, who has demonized the press and refused to acknowledge Biden was fairly elected

Woman Charged with Voter Fraud in Wisconsin Was Also Involved in 2020 Election Night Absentee Ballot Flash Drive Scandal

Frank Luntz on CNN: If Letitia James Starts Seizing Trump's Assets 'You Are Going to Elect Donald Trump'

CNN Now Says Mar-a-Lago Is Worth $240 Million - Only 5 Months Ago, They "Fact-Checked" Trump For Disputing Crooked Judge Engoron's $18 Million Valuation

Trump claims he has $500 million in cash, undercutting lawyers' claims on bond money

"Dumbest thing he could've done": Experts say Trump's Truth Social brag could backfire in court

Trump Social Media Company to Go Public - A Deal That Could Net Trump $3 Billion+ Windfall

Investors greenlight Trump's $5.7 billion Truth Social deal

Instagram's Sneaky Move to Limit Political Content Outrages Users

Lawmakers see rise in threatening messages as TikTok users swarm Congress

Tennessee becomes first US state with law protecting musicians from AI

National Guard to Be Deployed for Solar Eclipse 2024

New York Authorities Warn Residents to Expect Cellular Disruptions During Upcoming Solar Eclipse, Suggest Residents to Stock Up on Food, Water, and Fuel

Major, long-duration X1.1 solar flare erupts from geoeffective region, producing full halo CME

6.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Paciran, Indonesia

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Paciran, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Karakenja, Tajikistan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Paciran, Indonesia

Popocatetpl volcano in Mexico erupts to 26,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts ot 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Manam volcano on Papua New Guinea erupts to 10,000ft

Trump Campaign Blasts Biden's New 'Extreme Electric Vehicle Mandate,' Promises 'Day One' Reversal

Carney on 'Kudlow': Electric Vehicles Are Pushing Up Auto Insurance Prices

Biden to Award $6 Billion to Decarbonize US Heavy Industry

Dave Walsh: "Less Than 4% Of The World's Energy Is Provided By Wind And Solar"

'Taxed to Death': Canada's PM Trudeau Survives Vote of No Confidence in Parliament as Opposition Goes All-Out Against His Crippling 'Carbon Tax'

Leo Hohmann: Liberal State Declares War on Small Farmers and Homesteaders: War on Food is Spreading in U.S. Through Land-Use Restrictions, Geoengineering and Waves of Propaganda

Milei's first 100 days: Argentines struggle to make ends meet as support for president remains high

Brazil Charges Jair Bolsonaro's Youngest Son with Money Laundering

Venezuela Approves Law to Create a State out of Most of Guyana

As gangs rampage through Haiti's capital, more than 33,000 people have fled in 13 days, report finds

Haiti Hell: Political Elites Ready To Form Unelected 'Transition Council' While Police and Militias Launch 'Decapitation Strikes' Killing Rebel Gang Leaders

Haiti gang warlord 'Barbecue' loses commander 'Ti Greg' he sprung from jail in shootout as fears of bloody coup grow

Secret Report: Trudeau's High-Migration Canada Slides Toward Poverty and Chaos

Karine Jean-Pierre Blames Governor Abbott For Invasion of Illegals After Shock Video Shows Invaders Overrunning National Guard in El Paso

Squatters Took Control of Mansion Near LeBron James' New Home: 'Enjoy What You Voted For!'

Laken Riley's 'Heartbroken' Father Issues Request to Georgia Governor from Senate Floor: 'Declare an Invasion'

Biden's HHS to spend over $100 million on 'Training for Diversity' in new spending bill

Former FBI agent charged with creating, distributing revenge porn: could be more than 80 victims

Hypnotist 'used insidious tactics' to steal and sell women's intimate photos

Russia adds 'LGBT movement' to list of extremist and terrorist organisations

'Girls Actually Get Hurt': Rep. Victoria Spartz Shows Video of Danger Trans Athletes Pose to Girls in House Meeting

Report: Planet Fitness Assigns Staffer to Escort Trans Customer in Women's Locker Room

Wyoming becomes 24th state to ban gender transition procedures for minors

Health center offering cross-sex hormones, affiliated with NYC trans activist whose blasphemous funeral caused reconsecration of St. Patrick's Cathedral, gets $146,000 in new $1.2 trillion spending bill

Experts Tell Congress: China Building 'World's Largest DNA Database' Usable to Harvest Organs

FDA Loses its War on Ivermectin: Agrees to Remove All Related Social Media Content and Consumer Advisories on Ivermectin Usage for COVID-19

Americans would be scared to drive cars designed like COVID vaccines: ex-Pfizer trial pioneer

Don't Want a Vaccine? New AI Tool Will Find You

Mount Sinai Is First in New York to Test Revolutionary Brain-Computer Implant Designed to Map Brain Activity in Unprecedented Detail

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