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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 1/30/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 1/30/2024

Pope on Holy Land war: Without two states, true peace remains distant

Hamas appears to pull out of hostage deal that could have ended war in Gaza within months: report

Hamas seems to reject new hostage deal offer, says it'll only accept full IDF pullout - Terror group appears to pour cold water on mediators' latest offer after Qatari PM says 'good progress' made; Israel said open to lengthy truce but refuses to end war

Hamas official says group seeking 'complete ceasefire,' not a 'temporary truce'

Doubling down, Hamas insists hostage deal dependent on Israel ending war

Blinken says there is 'real hope' for a new hostage deal following Paris talks

Trump's ex-ambassador to Israel: Biden hampering Israel war effort against Hamas

Israeli intel shows 10% of UNRWA workers in Gaza have ties to terror groups - report

UNRWA workers accused of kidnapping woman, taking part in kibbutz massacre - report

Austria joins countries freezing funds to UNRWA over Oct. 7 accusations

Biden's pause on cash for UN 'aid' in Gaza comes after he reversed Trump's 2018 halt on funding

Israel-Gaza war: aid agencies 'outraged' by 'reckless' decision to cut UNRWA funding

UNRWA: Gaza aid agency says it is 'extremely desperate' after funding halted

CAIR Leader Who Backed Hamas' October 7 Terror Attack Demands UNRWA Funding Be Restored

UN chief to meet with major UNRWA donors, calls for 'swift' probe into Oct. 7 claims

Report: Arab intel chiefs discuss reforming PA for a postwar return to Gaza

Map of would-be Gaza settlements presented at controversial right-wing conference

US, France blast Israeli confab on Gaza resettlement attended by PM's allies

'You're Dancing on Their Blood': Israeli Hostage Families Outraged Over Resettlement Conference

Hundreds of family members of Oct. 7 victims launch petition calling for elections

IDF uncovers Hamas terror tunnel beneath Khan Younis cemetery - The tunnel was a critical part of Hamas' infrastructure for coordinating attacks against IDF forces

Hamas fires rockets at central Israel; Gallant: Half of group's fighters killed or hurt

Are conspiracy theories about Oct. 7 a new form of Holocaust denial? Experts weigh in

Prominent Palestinian Peace Activist Defends Israel, Calls to Oust Entire 'Antisemitic' Palestinian Leadership

Wave of bills defining antisemitism in US state houses spark free speech debate

On Camera, Nancy Pelosi Tells Pro-Palestine Protesters To "Go Back To China"

Massachusetts man arrested for allegedly threatening to bomb synagogues

Soldier seriously hurt in Haifa car-ramming, axe attack; suspected terrorist killed

Disguised as doctors, Israeli forces eliminate terrorists hiding in Jenin hospital

Israeli troops kill 3 terrorists in West Bank hospital who planned major attacks

Not Only Gaza: West Bank Palestinians Cannot Afford Food and Meds Since the War

Wave of rockets rain across Tel Aviv, central Israel - The barrage of rockets came after weeks of relative quiet across central Israel

Hezbollah says it fired heavy rockets at northern Israel base

Beyond Israel's borders: Middle Eastern diplomatic ties under strain amid war in Gaza

Egypt asks Houthis to attack only Israeli ships - report

US official rejects Houthis' claim of attacking American warship

White House admits US has troops on the ground in Yemen

Syria says several Iranian advisers killed in airstrike near Damascus

Iranian advisers killed in Israeli strike on IRGC HQ in Syria - state media

Iran Executes 4 'Israeli spies over bomb plot on weapons factory' after proxies kill 3 US soldiers & WW3 tensions spiral

Iranian and 2 Canadians charged in Maryland murder-for-hire plot: 'Erase his head from his torso'

US, UK sanction network accused of targeting Iran dissidents for assassination

Rockets target American forces in Syria after deadly Jordan attack, says US official

Iran denies ordering the drone strike that killed U.S. troops, as Biden weighs a response

US forces accidentally allowed attack drone into Jordan outpost as US drone was also landing: report

Enemy drone that killed American troops in Jordan was mistaken for a U.S. drone, preliminary report suggests

Biden Faces Pressure to Confront Iran After US Troops Killed

Lawmakers press Biden to get Congress' approval for Middle East airstrikes

Commentary: There is a mega-bomb waiting to explode in the Middle East. Biden must not light the fuse by attacking Iran

Pentagon says US is not seeking a war with Iran, 'but we will take action'

Pentagon vows 'all necessary actions' to defend US troops after deadly strike

Nikki Haley claims retaliatory airstrikes in Middle East would be 'actually preventing war'

Pinkerton: The Next Pearl Harbor or 9/11 Could Be Brought by a Drone - and We Aren't Ready for It

Blinken: Middle East at Its Most Dangerous Since 1973

US 'committed' to deal releasing $6 billion, Iran claims - Tehran is moving closer to accessing frozen funds

Pakistan and Iran agree to work together to improve security after tit-for-tat airstrikes

NATO supports US efforts to minimize Iran's threat to Middle East

For Europe and NATO, a Russian Invasion Is No Longer Unthinkable

Hungary accuses EU of blackmail over Ukraine aid standoff

China's real estate giant Evergrande collapse a major blow to China's economy

China Evergrande Ordered to Liquidate After Racking up $300 Billion in Debt

China Ramps Up Pressure on Taiwan With Warship Deployment

China surrounding Taiwan would be enough to drag the US into military conflict, said the majority of 52 US experts

N Korea fires 'several' cruise missiles in third test in less than a week

Joy Reid Drops F-Bomb on Hot Mic During MSNBC's The ReidOut About Biden Starting "Another War"

Venezuelan Communist Dictator Prevents Top Opposition Candidate from Running in Election - Just Like the Democrats

US historians sign brief to support Colorado's removal of Trump from ballot - Twenty-five civil war and Reconstruction scholars support invoking 14th amendment to bar Trump from ballot over January 6

Ramaswamy: Super Bowl Political Play for Chiefs, Taylor Swift

White House press secretary shakes off Taylor Swift-Joe Biden question by invoking Hatch Act: 'Got to be really mindful'

UFC Veteran Paige VanZant Claims Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's Romance as "100% Fake" - Recounts Her Own Experience with NFL Player

Report: Taylor Swift Has Generated $331 Million in Brand Value for the NFL

49ers QB Brock Purdy Credits Jesus for Super Bowl Run: 'Win or Lose, I'm Gonna Glorify You'

'There Is No Plan B': Argentina's President Milei Takes Hard Line On Return To Capitalism

Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen Contradicts Biden on Inflation: 'I Think Most Americans Know That Prices are not Likely to Fall'

My Socialist Hell: How Venezuela Tried - and Failed - to Run a Crypto Scam

Biden DOJ Serves House Sergeant at Arms with Grand Jury Subpoena - House Democrat Under Investigation For Misusing Govt Money

Former IRS contractor sentenced to 5 years for leaking Trump's tax returns

Dissolving Trump's business empire would stand apart in history of NY fraud law

Juries keep doling out massive awards in defamation cases - but it might not be enough to stop people like Trump

E. Jean Carroll Trashes Trump, Reveals What She Will Do with Trump's Money After Jury Awards Her $83.3 Million: E. Jean Carroll: "I'll do everything I can" to help Biden beat Trump in 2024

E. Jean Carroll 'Absolutely' Might Sue Donald Trump Again

Massachusetts Supreme Court Strikes Down Petition to Bar Trump From 2024 Ballot

Cyberattack Hits Georgia County Where Trump Is Charged

AI spam is already starting to ruin the internet

TSA to Expand Facial Recognition Tech at Airports

TSA uses 'minimum' data to fine-tune its facial recognition, but some experts still worry

Archbishop Vigano Denounces Globalist Elite's 'Coup d'etat' at National Congress: A Call for Resistance Against New World Order

M6.7 solar flare erupts from Region 3559, producing S1 - Minor solar radiation storm

Very bright fireball over downtown Beijing, China

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Aykol, China

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Barcelona, Philippines

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Downtown SF forecast to get up to 3 inches of rain in 36 hours

Anchorage sees fastest climb to 100" of snow on record - For only the 2nd time in recorded history, Anchorage has back-to-back years of 100+ inches of snow

Italy's PM Meloni Unveils Her 'Africa Plan' To Create an Energy Hub and Curb Illegal Immigration

"Undeniable at This Point" - Elon Musk Weighs in on Joe Biden's Open Borders

Senator Lankford Defends Controversial Bill Allowing Entry to Illegal Immigrants and Funding Two Wars Thousands of Miles Away

Cruz: Border Crisis 'Not Caused' Biden Incompetence - 'Deliberate Outcome They Want'

Biden pledges to sign 'toughest and fairest' border reforms 'ever'

In Biden's pledge to 'shut down' border, a stunning political shift

KJP Stumped: Why Isn't It 'Racist' for Biden to Threaten to Close Border?

Texas's Abbott encouraging criminal white extremists to come to border, Latino rights group says

'Fedsurrection' Looms Large as 'Army of God' Protest Convoy Heads to Border - Would-be participants are expressing fears that the demonstration could be a "psyop" or "honeypot," spearheaded by the federal government

Lt. gov.: Texas 'will not stop' putting up razor wire on border after Supreme Court ruling

Missouri Attorney General Threatens to File Suit Against Biden Regime After Al-Shabab Terrorist Is Caught and Released at US Border and Roams Free in US for Nearly a Year

Pope Francis Says Africans Are a 'Special Case' in Their Fierce Rejection of 'Same-Sex Blessings' - Labels Other Opponents as 'Small Groups' That Must Be Ignored

Australian Surfing Co. Rip Curl Slammed for Hiring Male-Born Trans Model as Female Brand Ambassador

Riley Gaines Raises Funds to Pay Female Golfers Who Boycott Tournaments with Trans Opponents

Texas AG requests medical records from Georgia gender-affirming care clinic

Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Abortion Drug

Elon Musk's startup Neuralink implants chip into brain of first human test subject

Musk claims first use of Neuralink on humans shows 'promising' results - The primary aim of the technology is to permit paralytics to interact with digital devices via their thoughts

Leaders of Hong Kong Christian Drug Rehab Accused of Pocketing $6.4 Million

Amid COVID medication shortage, doctors warn: 'We are forced to choose who to give it to'

Measles cases expected to spread cross-country due to vaccination gaps, high travel

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