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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/9/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 6/9/2024

IDF rescues 4 hostages from 8 months' captivity in daytime operation in central Gaza

4 Israeli hostages rescued from Gaza in daring joint operation between IDF, Shin Bet, and Israel Police - Israeli police soldier dies from wounds sustained during the raid

U.S. Intelligence Helped Israel Rescue Four Hostages in Gaza

Israel 'killed hostages' during deadly rescue operation in Gaza, Hamas says

A Gazan health official says scores are dead as Israel carries out intense bombardments

IDF says under 100 Palestinian casualties, including terrorists, in rescue op; Hamas claims 210 'martyrs'

Hamas chief Haniyeh warns 'resistance will continue' after four hostages rescued

'We will not surrender': Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh fumes after Israel frees hostages

Rescue brings rare cause for Israeli joy, before hearts return to 116 hostages still held

Weekly rallies urging elections, hostage deal to be held amid elation over rescue op

Palestinian President Calls for Emergency UN Security Council Session on 'Bloody Massacre'

Biden hails rescue of hostages, vows to 'not stop working' until they're all freed

Biden Administration Calls for Negotiations, Ceasefire After Israel Rescues 4 Hostages

Rep. Barr: Ceasefire Would Have Thwarted Israeli Hostage Rescue

Gantz scraps anticipated resignation announcement following news of hostages' rescue

Reports: In ruse to Hamas, Gantz may have planned to nix press conference from the start

Netanyahu pleads with Gantz to stay in government

TV survey: 62% won't vote for any party that backs Netanyahu continuing as premier

Domestic violence rates nearly doubled since Oct. 7. Eight women were murdered in 2024

The Guardian: Israel has destroyed or damaged 80% of schools in Gaza. This is scholasticide

Police arrest at least 10 at Tel Aviv protest, tackling some to the ground

Pro-Palestinian protesters surround White House, clash with police

Election Interference: Google Censors PragerU App From Play Store For 'Hate Speech' Over Documentary Exposing Radical Islam

Colombia will suspend coal exports to Israel over war in Gaza

Israeli airstrike kills two in southern Lebanon

Yemen's Houthis claim to target two vessels in the Red Sea

Yemen's Houthis detain 11 UN employees in unclear circumstances

Feds send millions of taxpayer dollars to the Taliban

Turkish FM Asks China to Let Uyghurs 'Live Their Values,' Fails to Condemn Genocide

Biden Aide Raises Possible Increased Deployments of US Nukes

Putin Says There's 'No Need' to Use Nuclear Weapons to Win the War in Ukraine

Putin Raises Cuban Missile Crisis as Russia Ships Near U.S.

Confident Putin warns Europe is 'defenceless'

Bolivia's Socialist President Talks Lithium, BRICS Membership with Putin

Assault which left Danish PM 'shaken' likely not 'politically motivated'

Biden insists he's not involved in his family's business dealings. But his aides are a different story.

Rep. James Clyburn Blames Biden's Declining Support Among Black People on 'Faulty Polling'

Trump gains 6 Million TikTok followers in 1 week—Biden campaign hovers around 366,000 for past 4 months

Trump's Impressive Fundraising Numbers Are Starting to Concern Democrats and MSNBC

World Leader Tells Tucker Carlson Democrats Making a 'Huge, Huge Mistake' with Persecution of Trump

British Comic Russell Brand: 'If You Care About Freedom, I Don't Know how you Could do Anything Other Than Vote for Donald Trump'

Amber Rose says celebrities are waking up and choosing Trump: 'We're not brainwashed anymore by the left' - "I think people see the injustice in what happened, and they want to vote for him more than ever."

Condemned USA Files Supreme Court Petition to Stop New York's Lawfare Against Trump: 'We The People Are Being Disenfranchised as Voters'

Fani Willis faces nothing but setbacks in case against Trump, the latest pending with Supreme Court

Jon Stewart: Trump 'Doing Us a Service' By Exposing 'Vulnerabilities' in a Corrupt Political System

Matthew Graves and the Left's Two-Tier Justice: Pro-Hamas protestor Receives "48 Hrs. Community Service" for Assaulting Female DC Police Officer vs. J6ers' "Years of Federal Prison" for similar or Lesser Charges

Manhattan district attorney agrees to testify in Congress, but likely not until Trump is sentenced

Donald Trump Jail Sentence 'More Likely,' Law Professor Predicts

Scaramucci: Trump Will Use FBI Like the 'Gestapo' in Second Term

Cohen: If Trump Elected 'People Will Start Flying Out of Windows' Like in Russia

Former Bill Clinton Staffer George Stephanopoulos Says it's 'Journalistic Malpractice' for a Reporter to Interview Trump Live on TV

Ex-Trump attorney: Justices accepting lavish gifts 'degrades the image of impartiality'

Mid-Air Horror: Flames Erupt from Air Canada Boeing Jet During Takeoff

Right-wing media reckoning: Some outlets pay a price after spreading 2020 election misinformation

Who Watches the Watchmen: 'Misinformation Expert' Joan Donovan Accused of Spreading Misinformation

Strong solar radiation storm in progress after M9.7 solar flare produced large CME

New 'Blaze Star' to ignite in night sky 'any day now' and will be ultra-bright

Sharp 4.5 magnitude earthquake near The Geysers rattles the North Bay

Sabancaya volcano Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 23,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 11,000ft

San Christobal volcano in Guatemala erupts to 10,000ft

Lewotobi volcano in Indonesia erupts 10,000ft

Farmer Protest Movements the Vanguard Against 'Degrowth' Green Agenda During EU Elections, Says MEP

European farmers angry at climate policies could help sway EU parliamentary elections

New Tax Scheme Would Charge Citizens Per Mile Driven - Rate Could Be Based on Car's Fuel Efficiency

Bodies of 11 Migrants Found After Drowning in Mediterranean en Route to Italy

More Than 1,300 Illegals Flood Into San Diego in One Day After Biden's Executive Order on Asylum Seekers - Border Patrol Releases Them to the Streets

Donald Trump in Arizona: Biden's Mass Migration Is Skyrocketing Rents, Housing Costs for Americans

U.S. Coast Guard seizes over $63 million worth of cocaine, some from shootout at sea that sank vessel

Alleged Mexican cartel leader, arrested crossing into U.S., indicted in Missouri

Hartford, CT, Democrat Mayor Denounces Residents Who Are Arming Themselves to Fight Violent Crime

Harvey Weinstein appeals sexual assault conviction in California court: report

Police arrest 91-year-old Canadian auto parts billionaire Frank Stronach on sexual assault charges

Kids' Performer 'Morley the Magician' Arrested, Charged with Heinous Crimes Against Children

Mexican Congressional Candidate Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison For Abusing Daughter

Police: Ohio Second Grade Teacher Traded Child Pornography Online

Transgender Nashville Christian School Shooter Wanted to Return Home and Kill Her Dad After Massacre

SPLC Targets Gay Group as 'Hate Group' for Opposing Transgenderism

American College of Pediatricians Blasts All Major Medical Associations for Pushing Radical Gender Transition Agenda on Children

Thousands of Sources for New Antibiotics to Fight Superbugs Found Using AI–and Dozens Worked

Texas Man Hospitalized With Anthrax After Eating Contaminated Meat

Iowa asks USDA for more help after avian flu found in another dairy herd

9th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules mRNA COVID-19 Jab is Not a Vaccine Under Traditional Medical Definitions

Elon Musk Doubles Down Attacks on Serial Liar Fauci: "You're All Beagles to me Anyway - Crimes Against Humanity"

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox oversaw implementation of DEI in education while taking $550 million from Biden's COVID funds

Minnesota Jury Finds Five of Seven Somali Defendants Guilty in $250 Million Covid Fraud Scheme After Juror Bribed with Bag of Cash

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