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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/5/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/5/2024

Far-right leaders warn Netanyahu against 'reckless deal,' call for Rafah op

Israel will send delegation to Cairo if there's 'positive movement' on deal - official

Agreeing to Gaza truce deal should be a 'no-brainer' for Hamas, Blinken says

Hamas indicates it may agree to deal; Israeli official insists truce won't end the war

Conflicting Reports on Whether Hamas Accepting Hostage Deal

Hamas source tells AFP 'no developments' in Cairo talks, which will resume tomorrow

US has conveyed an 'end of war' guarantee, TV report quotes Hamas source saying

US House Democrats urge Biden to push Israel on war conduct, mull halting arms sales

Brother of hostage mistakenly killed by IDF says 'struggle' won't end with new elections

US says Hamas briefly seized 1st aid shipment that entered Gaza via reopened crossing

Bruni: Young Progressives Never Acknowledge Horrific October 7 Attack, They Advocated for Hamas

Outsiders Were Among Columbia Protesters, but They Dispute Instigating Clashes

While U.S. Debates Free Speech, Pro-Hamas Rhetoric in France Is a Crime - Prosecutors are investigating far-left politicians, union officials and others for condoning terrorism after the Oct. 7 attack

Wave of Legislation Seeks to Penalize Criticism of Israel as Antisemitism - Federal and state laws' new definition of antisemitism includes subjective actions like holding Israel to a "double standard" not applied to other nations

Constitutional Lawyer and Professor Emeritus, Harvard Law School, Alan Dershowitz, Threatens "Anti-Semites" on College Campuses With Lawfare - Says It's Necessary to Deter Genocide of Jews

Senate races are roiled by campus protests over the war in Gaza as campaign rhetoric sharpens

University of Vermont Bows to Pro-Palestinian 'Encampment,' Cancels Black UN Ambassador

UC Riverside Strikes Deal with Pro-Palestinian Mob, Violates California Anti-BDS Law

UC San Diego cancels annual 'Sun God Festival' amid protests against war in Gaza

Rutgers forces Jewish BBQ off campus after giving into anti-Israel encampment's demands

Summers: Our Enemies Must Love Our 'Future Elites', 'Craven' University Response to Protests, We've Failed at Education

Elite Universities Are Now Getting Hit with Yet Another Problem: Furious Parents - For $90,000 a year, parents of some elite school students expected more than hate

Maher: Biden's Loan Plan Is 'Tax Dollars' 'Supporting This Jew-Hating' on Campus

As some colleges make deals to end protests, critics say they're incentivizing unrest

Report: Anti-Israel campus protesters were prepped for months by outside activists

NYPD official: Items found at Columbia show protesters were far from benign - Gas masks, knives, 'Death to America' pamphlet recovered after dispersing pro-Palestinian students who occupied campus building

'Somebody Is Radicalizing Our Students': Weapons and Terrorism Book Discovered at Pro-Hamas Encampment by NYPD

CBS's Luciano: Intifada Chants Are Used as 'Slogans of Resistance' Some 'Interpret as Calls for Violence'

Squad members Omar and Bush compare anti-Israel protests to Kent State shootings

Anti-Israel Protesters at George Washington University Project 'Genocide Joe' over American Flag

University of Michigan commencement interrupted by pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel protesters

Portland State University Library Closes After Anti-Israel Protesters Trash Building

France denies Glasgow University rector entry after allegations he supported Palestinian gunmen

Netherlands restricts access to WWII ceremony amid concerns of Gaza war protests

Police clash with protesters at Jerusalem square after anti-government march goes awry

Rep. Hern: Only Republicans Support Israel Now

Rep. Jerry Nadler slams Benjamin Netanyahu as worst Jewish leader in 2,100 years

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a utopian plan for a rebuilt Gaza on Friday called "Gaza 2035" - the Israeli government envisions a future for Gaza as a thriving center of trade and innovation under a Palestinian administration that is de-radicalized and focused on economic growth rather than on terror and hate

Armed Gazan gangs, some thought tied to Hamas, steal $70 million from Bank of Palestine

Mobsters Are Tapping Into Israel's Real Estate Market - Crime organizations have infiltrated the construction industry, leading to higher housing prices

5 Palestinian gunmen killed, Israeli officer seriously hurt in 12-hour West Bank op

IDF says gunmen killed in West Bank carried out deadly terror shooting in November

Commentary: America's War Machine Runs on Rare-Earth Magnets. China Owns That Market.

Sudan is a 'forgotten conflict with no winners', say Churches

Pentagon Confirms Americans Sharing Air Base with Russian Troops in Niger

NATO drills show it is preparing for potential conflict with Russia, Moscow says

Russia Issues Arrest Warrant for Ukrainian President Zelensky and High-Ranking Ex-Officials

Germany Accuses Russia of Hacking Emails of Governing Social Democrat Party

Georgia rocked by protests as government pushes Putin-style 'foreign agent' bill

Commentary: Why did bill to stem 'foreign influence' trigger protests in Georgia over country's media freedom?

Canadian Police Arrest Three over the Killing of a Sikh Separatist That Sparked a Diplomatic Spat with India

Bomb kills at least 12 people, including children, at two displacement camps in eastern Congo

Commentary: Is Venezuela Serious About Invading Guyana?

Ex-Trump security adviser McMaster warns West 'on the cusp of another World War'

London mayor Sadiq Khan wins historic third term as Tories routed in local polls - The first Muslim mayor of a Western capital when first elected

California man charged with threatening Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis

Georgia lawmaker says Fulton County DA Fani Willis spends taxpayer dollars 'like the Wild West' - Willis has denied allegations that she misused public funds

Commentary: Prosecution witness Hope Hicks offers testimony benefiting Trump, backfiring on DA Bragg

Hope Hicks Dealt 'Devastating Blow' to Donald Trump - Legal Analyst

George Conway: Hope Hicks' Testimony Was a 'Devastating Hammer Blow' to Trump

Trump: Judge Making Case 'Salacious as Possible'

James O'Keefe Confronts CIA Program Manager Who Admitted CIA Director Withheld Info from Trump and Spied on His Presidency

DC National Guard Whistleblower Alleges Trump's Commander-in-Chief Powers Were Revoked by Military Brass During January 6 Capitol Riot

Former federal employee charged for filing false allegations about coworkers going to Jan. 6 riot

Trump campaign, Republicans sue Nevada over mail ballot deadline

AP: California Voters Growing Skeptical of Months-Long Ballot Counting Process

Dystopian in the catchiest way - how Kim Jong-un's propaganda song conquered TikTok

You Won't 'Own' Any of the Movies or Shows You Buy: Physical Media Sales Phasing Out, Leaving Only Digital - This oft-repeated quote becomes more and more true as time goes on: "You'll own nothing and you'll be happy."

Science Fiction Magazine Stops Taking Submissions amid Flood of AI-Generated Stories

ElevenLabs Is Building an Army of Voice Clones

Nurses Protest Against Rushed AI Implementation in Healthcare, Raising Concerns over Patient Care

Incredible photos as US Air Force Secretary flies one-of-a-kind Lockheed fighter jet after 'AI vs. human dogfight' test - The captivating flight saw no human at the controls

Move Along, Cops: Microsoft Reinforces Ban on Police Use of Generative AI for Facial Recognition

Chinese 'Spy Cranes' Targeted in Port Security Executive Order Shortly Before Baltimore Disaster

Boeing faces 10 more whistleblowers after two die: 'People's lives are at stake'

Spiral UFO Sparks Questions

3.9 magnitude earthquake rattles Box Elder County in Utah

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 26,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 17,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Nearly 50 Dead as Mountain Highway Collapses in China

Tanzania hit by power blackouts as Cyclone Hidaya strengthens toward country's coastline

300 tornadoes reported in April 2024 are second highest on record, weather service says

Texas police officer dies from injuries sustained in Sunday tornado strike

10-20 inches of rain in East Texas flood rivers to highest levels since Hurricane Harvey

At least 178 people rescued in Texas as rivers flood to Hurricane Harvey levels, with more rain forecasted

Vietnam temperature records tumble as heat wave scorches

Hundreds of thousands of fish die off in Vietnam as heatwave roasts Southeast Asia

Alert: Severe Weather Pattern May Be Sparking a National Pickle Shortage

UAE's Energy Minister Joins JPMorgan's Calls for a 'Reality Check' on Climate Alarmist 'Energy Transition' Goals

Hundreds of College Students Accept Christ at Tennessee: 'God Is Doing Something'

Haiti Hell: One Week After It Was Installed, Transitional Council Is Helplessly Divided Over New Prime Minister - Violence Continues as Gangs Demand Political Participation

Bill Melugin-Per CBP, San Diego Sector of Border Apprehended Over 200 Chinese Illegals Two Days in a Row

Births Fall in Germany, Meanwhile Migrant Worker Arrivals Continues to Soar

Jeffrey Epstein's "Black Book" Is Up For Auction, Bidders' Identities Will Be Held Secret

Ohio State House Higher Education Committee Passes Bill to Protect Women's Sports

Nebraska governor says state 'will not comply' with new Title IX rules

Oklahoma state school superintendent says the state will sue over Biden's changes to Title IX

Large "Transgender (Bio Male)" Student Brutally Assaults Much Smaller Girl at New York High School While Fellow Pupils Film Attack - Bomb Threat Sent to School

Canada Constructing $13M 'National 2SLGBTQI+ Monument' in Ottawa

African delegates denounce UMC votes to allow LGBT marriage, ordination: 'We are devastated'

Reproductive Rights Advocates Close in on Abortion Ballot Measures in Missouri and South Dakota

Marxist Tyrant NY AG Letitia James Sued After Threatening Legal Action Against Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

Missouri man charged in 1966 killing in suburban Chicago, based on DNA evidence

As the US moves to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug, could more states legalize it?

Senate Democrats hope marijuana legislation could appeal to young voters

Long Beach Declares Public Health Emergency Due to 'Surprising' Tuberculosis Outbreak

First photo of Texas farm worker who caught bird flu shows bleeding in his eyeballs

Two US vaccines could ship in weeks if bird flu jumps from infected cows to humans

New Study Suggests Risk of Getting COVID Rises with Each Shot

Disgraced Former CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo, Who Advocated for the COVID Vaccine, Publicly Admits for the First Time to Suffering from a COVID Vaccine Injury

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