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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/31/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/31/2024

Slovenia's government endorses recognition of a Palestinian state, sends to parliament for approval

Australia rejects recognition of a Palestinian state

Spain spurns planned ‘restrictions’ on consulate over Palestinian state recognition

Palestinian Authority prime minister visits Madrid after recognition of state

Xi Jinping Demands Palestinian State, Lends Support to Pro-Hamas UNRWA at Arab Summit

China’s Xi Jinping calls for peace conference and ‘justice’ over war in Gaza as Arab leaders visit Beijing

Bowman: ‘We Need a Free Palestine So Hamas Then Ceases to Need to Exist’

Hundreds protest outside Paris news studio as interview with Netanyahu airs

As Turkish dictator Erdogan calls Israel ‘threat to all humanity,’ Knesset member urges Evangelicals to work with Jews to defend ‘prophetic’ Israel

Turkish President Erdogan calls Netanyahu a ‘vampire’, says Israel ‘a threat to the whole world’

Gantz’s National Unity submits bill to dissolve Knesset - National Unity Party leader Benny Gantz seeks to topple Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government

US must sanction ICC over Israel, or we’re next, Lindsey Graham warns - "What we do today for Israel will determine our fate tomorrow," said Graham.

Bank of Israel chief warns war against Hamas will cost $67 billion in 2023-2025

Poll: Half of Jewish Israelis say Israel should run Gaza after the war; 0% say Hamas

For the first time, IDF says it’s conducting ‘precise’ operation in central Rafah

IDF completes three-week op in north Gaza’s Jabaliya, described as war’s most intense fighting

Key Gaza famine report cited by UN, ICJ has systematic flaws, Israeli review finds

Hostage talks revival appears to hit a dead end

Hamas: No hostage talks unless Israel ends war

Israel won’t end war for deal to free all hostages, PM’s aide said to tell families

Hostage’s relative: PM’s aide told us government will only bring back hostages if deal pays off politically

War looms large over Jerusalem Pride as hostage families lead march - Bereaved son says ‘moral connection’ exists between struggles for LGBTQ equality and return of Hamas-held captives

Pakistani Migrant Tries to Run Over Jewish Students in NYC: ‘I’m Gonna Kill All the Jews!’

Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khamenei Foments Revolution in US with Praise of College Protests Against Israel and America; Tells Students, "My Advice to You Is to Become Familiar With the Quran"

Endorsement of American Pro-Hamas College Students by ‘World’s Biggest Terrorist Leader’ Sparks Widespread Reaction

At least 12 arrested as riot police dismantle anti-Israel camp at Detroit university

Montreal Jewish school hit by gunfire in second such attack in Canada within days

Iran promoting terror in Europe ahead of Olympics, Israel's Mossad says

Iran behind recent attacks on Israeli embassies in Europe - European criminal groups receive funding and direction from Tehran, the Mossad revealed

Houthis Bomb Ship Carrying Grain to Iran, Claim Another Reaper Drone Shot Down

Houthis say 14 killed in US and British strikes in Yemen

Jewish liberal Claudia Sheinbaum likely to win this week’s Mexican presidential election, polls show

U.N. Despairs at Declining Influence, Blames Drift from Globalist Central Governance

Ukraine’s Upcoming ‘Peace Summit’ in Switzerland Developing Into a ‘Fiasco’ - Zelensky Warns Biden That Not Being Present ‘Is a Standing Ovation for Putin’

WW3 Watch: Senior Biden Officials ‘Signal Openness’ to Allowing Ukraine to Strike Inside Russia With U.S. Missiles

Biden admin allows US weapons to be used to strike Russian territory despite previous prohibition: report

Taiwan Says China Using Military Drills to ‘Nibble Away’ at Air and Sea Space

Haiti Hell: Unelected Transition Council Chooses Third Prime Minister in a Month, a UN Official Linked to the Clintons

First-ever convicted US president: Trump guilty on all 34 counts in hush money trial

NYC jury finds President Trump Guilty on All Counts in Alvin Bragg's business records case

Trump to Be Sentenced July 11, Four Days Before Republican Convention Starts July 15

Donald Trump Jr.: Sentencing Date ‘Election Interference’

Cruz: ‘This Is the Most Blatant Case of Election Interference’ in Our Country’s History

President Trump vows to fight after 'rigged' NYC verdict: 'The real verdict is going to be November 5'

Trump After Guilty Verdict: 'This Is Long From Over'

‘Rigged Decision’: Donald Trump Blames Joe Biden for Guilty Verdict

'No One Is Above The Law': Biden Campaign Responds To Trump's Guilty Verdict

Biden Campaign: Felon or No, Trump Threatens Democracy

Biden campaign celebrates Trump verdict, lobbies for donations

Tulsi Gabbard Proclaims Biden ‘Guilty of Abuse of Power’ Following Trump Verdict

Michael Cohen says Trump verdict marks 'important day for accountability'

Democrats React to Verdict: 'Justice Arrived for Trump'

‘Karma always get you’: New Yorkers react to verdict in Trump criminal trial - All opinions could be found on streets of New York City after conviction, including: ‘This is going to hand him the election’

"I Did My Job" - New York City Soros-Funded DA Alvin Bragg Gloats After Trump Guilty Verdicts, Laughs It Up with Matthew Colangelo - Thanks Leftist Jurors

Rachel Maddow: Trump Jury Should Be Thanked, Protected

‘He Is Such a Great Judge’: MSNBC’s Weissmann Says He Has a ‘Man Crush’ on Judge Merchan

Democrats, Media Hype Trump as a ‘Convicted Felon’

Anti-Trump Activists Celebrate ‘Guilty’ Verdict: ‘Justice’

Hollywood Celebrities Rejoice over Trump Verdict

Broadcasters association rescinds award for De Niro after appearance outside Trump trial

MAGA Firebrands, Veepstakes Contenders Torch Guilty Verdict in Trump Case

‘Hang everyone’: Trump supporters react to guilty verdict with calls for violence

GOP Expresses Outrage Over Trump ‘Sham’ Conviction: ‘Dark Day for America’ - Threatens ‘Very Fabric of our Republic’

Speaker Johnson on Trump Guilty Verdict: 'Shameful Day'

Ron DeSantis: Trump Verdict Represents ‘Political Agenda of Some Kangaroo Court’

Jim Jordan: Trump’s ‘Kangaroo Court’ Verdict Is ‘Travesty of Justice’

Elise Stefanik Slams Trump's guilty verdict, calls for an appeal, says 'corrupt' case was 'illegally brought'

Merrick Garland Under Pressure to Investigate Judge Juan Merchan

‘This Is Lunacy’: FNC’s Pirro Blasts ‘Soros-Funded Prosecutor’-Led Trump Verdict

Caitlyn Jenner Blasts Donald Trump Guilty Verdict: ‘Persecuted by Corrupt State of NY and Compromised DOJ’

Trump Found Guilty on Feast Day of Joan of Arc, Patron Saint of Prisoners and Hero of Patriots

Marist Poll: Trump Verdict Unlikely to Sway Voters

RFK Jr predicts Trump's guilty verdict will help him return to White House - "America deserves a President who can win at the ballot box without compromising our government’s separation of powers or weaponizing the courts... You can’t save democracy by destroying it first. The Democrats are afraid they will lose in the voting booth, so instead they go after President Trump in the courtroom."

Actor Michael Rapaport Predicts Trump will Win Election After NY Guilty Verdict: ‘Bet Money on It’

Donald Trump donation page crashes after flood of donations in response to NYC verdict

Sequoia Capitol Partner and Former Hillary 2016 Donor, Shaun Maguire Explains Why He Contributed $300K To Trump After Today’s Jury Announcement - "My Friends Are Gonna Hate Me - I’m Willing To Wade Into This Fire - Some of Us Need To Be Willing To"

Biden after verdict: Only way to keep Trump out of the White House is at the ballot box

Elon Musk Reportedly Engaged in Campaign to Influence Elites Against Biden

Election board member sues Fulton county for denying access to 2024 election data, preventing her from assessing potential fraud in Georgia

Chief Justice Roberts declines to meet with Dem senators after they demand Alito recuse himself over media-made flag controversy

NRA Members Stockpile Ammo in Fear of 2024 Election Unrest, Survey Reveals

Supreme Court sides with NRA, rules government cannot work to 'debank' political adversaries

Poilievre calls out Trudeau for admitting government spending causes inflation

AI programs can easily impersonate Biden, others to manipulate elections: study

Most Americans expect AI abuses to impact 2024 election: survey

Google suffers major leak that exposes how its secret algorithm works

Earthquake swarm detected in Tenerife’s Las Canadas caldera, Spain

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kendari, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Panguna, Papua New Guinea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

"Explosive" Iceland volcano eruption shoots lava across roads and sends pollution toward the capital

Denver Hit By Baseball-Sized Hail During Severe Thunderstorm Warning In Colorado

Lightning strikes Empire State Building and One World Trade Center in dramatic pics

Heat wave headed for Western U.S. as extremes hit Gulf Coast, globe

25,000 ‘Bear Witness Publicly and in Unity’ at the March for Jesus in France

Report: Soros-Backed Philadelphia DA Reducing Charges Against Immigrants to Protect Them from Deportation

Sanctuary State Washington: Judge Cuts Bail by 90% for Illegal Alien Accused of Killing State Trooper

Biden’s Open Borders Crisis: Two Men Slip Into US Carrying Dozens of Guns, Abandon Weapons and Escape Back to Canada

Times Square Terror: Man Brutally Attacked with Machete Inside McDonald’s

3 suspects in custody after reported machete attack injures 1 at Times Square McDonald’s

The Chicago Way: Woman Found Not Guilty on All Charges By So-Called "Judge" Despite Stealing a Police Squad Car and Running Over Cop While Naked

'What could go wrong?': Woke Boston mayor seeks to decriminalize theft, not punish thieves

Minnesota man brutally murders sister, unborn baby because she was not 'pure' or sexually 'innocent'

Report: U.S. Uncovers Sex Trafficking Ring Linked to Venezuela’s Tren de Aragua

'I'm done': Dem California state senator unleashes on own party for pushing soft penalties for pedophiles

Biden Campaign Pushes Hoax That Trump Used ‘N-Word,’ When Biden Said It at Least 15 Times

House GOP launches investigation into Secret Service 'DEI' practices after Kamala's body guard freaked out at Joint Base Andrews

LA lifeguard, evangelical Christian sues county for requiring him to work near Pride flag - The veteran lifeguard was disciplined last summer for taking down thee Progress Pride flags

California forces female prison guards to strip search men who claim to be women

Department of Labor Facing Backlash for Calling Women ‘Menstruators’

Pure Evil: Massachusetts Man Arrested for Tricking Ex-Girlfriend into Taking Abortion Pills by Claiming They Were Vitamins

Bernie Sanders: Weight Loss Drugs Could Bankrupt US Healthcare

Basic bandage getting high-tech upgrade with smart technology to speed healing

Biden Health Chief Says W.H.O. on Track for a ‘Good Deal’ on Pandemics

Report: US Nears Deal to Fund Moderna's Bird Flu Vaccine Trial

Here We Go Again: CDC Warns of More Bird Flu After Second Human Infection

Third person infected in U.S. bird flu outbreak - but with new symptoms

More than 4 million chickens to be killed in Iowa after officials detect bird flu on farm

Millions of Chickens Killed in 5-Alarm Fire at Farina Farms Inc. in Illinois, One of Nation’s Largest Free-Range Egg Facilities

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