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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/2/2024

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 5/2/2024

Iran's Khamenei pooh-poohs Arabs normalizing with Israel

US defends veto of Palestinian membership in UN Security Council vote

US continues to oppose Israeli Rafah offensive without plan for civilians, says Blinken

Blinken meets with Netanyahu, hoping to stave off an Israeli assault on Rafah

Blinken Says US Cannot Support Rafah Assault Without Humanitarian Plan

Blinken Says Rafah Op Will Diminish Chances of Hostage Deal

Netanyahu tells Blinken he will not agree to end war on Hamas as part of hostage deal

Far-right minister: Hostage deal throws war goals in trash to save only 22-33 hostages

Report: Sinwar views latest hostage deal as trap, exiled Hamas leaders don't represent terror group

Hamas promises answer to Israeli truce proposal 'very soon' amid intense mediation

Hamas official insists truce must be permanent; PM said to tell Blinken there won't be a deal if terror group maintains demand

Hamas indicates it will snub latest hostage deal offer, but says talks to continue

Families of Hostages Threaten to 'Lay Siege' to Israeli Leaders if Deal Falls Through

Israel under pressure to let more aid into Gaza as hostage talks continue

IDF to Establish Safe Zone for Rafah Evacuees in Central Gaza

Israeli settlers attacked Jordanian aid convoy heading to Gaza, Jordan Foreign Minister reports

Turkey to Join South Africa in Genocide Case Against Israel at World Court

Colombia to Sever Ties With Israel Over Gaza War

More war debris in Gaza than Ukraine: UN

8,000 Palestinians furtively employed in Israeli construction

Israel tells U.S. it will punish Palestinian Authority if ICC issues warrants

Netanyahu: ICC arrest warrants would be an 'outrage of historic proportions,' fuel worldwide antisemitism

As anti-Israel agitators take over college campuses, social media asks #WhereIsBiden: 'Unfit to lead'

Trump blasts Biden for silence on campus Gaza Camps, encourages colleges to 'vanquish the radicals'

Biden enters his spring of (potential) unrest - Campus protests are peaking at the time when the president is set to give his commencement addresses. Dems fear it could be a problem.

Biden to discuss 'scourge of antisemitism' in Holocaust Remembrance Day speech

Too many Jews live in fear in ferocious surge of antisemitism, Biden says - After president declares May Jewish American Heritage Month WH says he is to deliver keynote address at ceremony commemorating Holocaust; 'Students have the right to feel safe,' Biden says on campus anti-Israel protests

NYU Prof.: DEI Eating Itself on Campus, Becoming 'Evil', Campus Antisemitism Most Un-American Act Since Segregation

House passes divisive antisemitism bill as GOP denounces campus protests

House GOP Passes Controversial Bill Labeling Certain Christian Scriptures as 'Antisemitic,' Sparking Fears of Criminalizing Religious Beliefs

Taylor Greene: Antisemitism bill rejects 'Gospel' that Jews handed Jesus to executioners

UCLA cancels Wednesday classes over student 'distress' caused by violent Gaza Camp clashes

California leaders condemn violence at UCLA after raid on pro-Palestine camp - Los Angeles mayor calls late-night attack by counter-demonstrators 'abhorrent' as footage shows people wielding sticks

'I never thought in America I would have Jewish people thanking me for arguing that they have a right to exist' - Police storm Columbia University, arresting dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters

UCLA anti-Israel protesters ask supporters for vegan and gluten-free food, zip ties, shields and EpiPens

'Jews In LA Have Had Enough!' UCLA Student Tells Fox Counter Protestors That Broke Up Pro-Palestine Encampment Were NOT Students

Hundreds of Anti-Israel Protesters Flood Penn Station for Train to Columbia University

White House refuses to answer questions on alleged professional outside agitators backing campus Gaza protests

Caught On Camera: Wife of Known Terrorist Is Pictured Protesting at Columbia University Campus

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Reveals CCNY and Columbia Protests Infiltrated by 'Outside Agitators' Linked to Terrorist Groups, Many Arrested Were Not Students

New York City Warned of 'Radicalization' Infiltrating City amid ongoing pro-Palestinian protests at different college campuses, including Columbia University in Manhattan

New York mayor says about 300 arrested in crackdowns on pro-Palestinian protests at Columbia University and City College

Anti-Israel Protester Complains About Columbia NYPD Raid: 'It's Finals. Can I Go Home?'

MSNBC's Brzezinski: Columbia Campus 'Looked Exactly Like January 6'

Jack Dorsey Backs Columbia Protestors, Slams Cops, Trump and Biden Over 'Fascistic' Crackdowns

Colombia to sever ties after months of panning Israel as 'genocidal'

House Democrat condemns 'harassment and intimidation' of Jewish students on campuses: 'Not about free speech' - Reps. Torres, Lawler respond after Ilhan Omar suggests some Jewish students are 'pro-genocide'

Rep. Omar Faces GOP Censure for 'Pro-Genocide' Comment

Police Begin Clearing Anti-Israel Encampment from University of Wisconsin

Police remove pro-Palestine protestors from UT Dallas encampment, 20 arrests made so far

Brown becomes first US university to consider divesting from Israel - Pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel protesters clear encampment on campus after coming to agreement with university administration

Northwestern Capitulates to Pro-Palestinian Mob; Offers House for Muslims, Scholarships for Palestinians

Iran Offers Scholarships to Pro-Hamas American College Students, Jobs to Professors

UNC Fraternity Brothers Rescue Fallen American Flag From Pro-Hamas Mob - Then Sing National Anthem

NYPD Officers Dispose of Palestinian Banner and Raise the American Flag After Busting Pro-Hamas Protesters at City College

Stephen Colbert Defends Anti-Israel Campus Protesters After Trump Praises NYPD Response

College Democrats: 'We Commend the Bravery' of Anti-Israel Protesters

Sen. Ron Johnson: What Americans Are Seeing on College Campuses Is 'Radical Leftism'

Ted Cruz: Anti-Israel Protests a 'Result of Cultural Marxism'

President Trump: Joe Biden Seems to Be Determined for an October 7 Style Event Here in America

Suspect Detained After Polish Synagogue Escapes Major Damage in Firebomb Attack

Government tells court Haredi enlistment plan being drawn up, but more time needed

IDF chief warns Israel 'preparing offensive in north,' as Hezbollah attacks persist

Hezbollah has destroyed South Lebanon, BBC report says

Lebanese Christian leader: Hezbollah's fighting with Israel harming Lebanon

RFK Jr. Running Mate Blames US for Deaths in Ukraine, Gaza

Soaring US munitions demand strains support for Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan

BlackRock Backed China Companies Linked to Nuclear Arms

As China Unleashes 80,000-Ton Fujian, India's Ex-Naval Chief Wants France's Help To Construct Nuke-Powered Aircraft Carrier

US imposes sanctions on more than a dozen companies in China for support of Russia's war in Ukraine

Russia Ramps Up Arms Production as US Boosts Ukraine Aid

Russia Says Carried Out Strike on Ukraine's Southern Command Center

Russia shows off NATO military hardware captured in Ukraine; Moscow to beef up weapons, front line forces

Russia may not start an all-out war with NATO, but already has plans to destroy it from within

Russia accused of meddling in the GPS systems of Baltic Sea countries

Ukraine Unveils AI-generated Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman

A surprise arrest and a corruption scandal hint at splits in Putin's inner circle - Many are trying to figure out what the arrest of a high-ranking military official means in the power games at the heart of the Kremlin

Marjorie Taylor Greene Mocks Mike Johnson with 'Make Ukraine Great Again' Hat

Rep. MTG Announces Motion To Vacate For Speaker Johnson Next Week: "Americans Are Unable To Trust Mike Johnson"

One-Vote Rule to Vacate Chair Likely Changed by Year's End

Two-Tiered Justice: DOJ Announces They Will NOT Be Releasing Joe Biden’s Audio Recordings with Special Counsel Robert Hur - To Protect Biden's Privacy

James O'Keefe Releases Undercover Video of CIA Contractor Admitting CIA Director Withheld Info from Trump and Spied on His Presidency

Rep Matt Gaetz Calls For Investigation Into Bombshell O'Keefe Video Showing (Now Fired) Alleged CIA Contractor Saying Intel Agencies Coordinated to Hide Information From Trump While He Was a Sitting President

Trump Lawyer Jesse Binnall: Gag Order 'Biggest Assault on First Amendment' in at Least 50 Years

FBI cites increase in number of scams targeting seniors

Tweets or 'terrorism'?: Saudi's jailed online activists

Supercomputer predicts humans will face a 'triple whammy' extinction event

Mysterious Underwater Anomaly Resurfaces off Antarctica

Sun unleashes near X-class solar flare: M9.5 eruption sparks radio blackouts across the Pacific

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits near Kimbe, Papua New Guinea

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Chinchaypujio, Peru

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Isangel, Vanuatu

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the South Shetland Islands

4.1-magnitude earthquake shakes Orange County, Riverside County

Scientists closely monitoring eruption 'potential' amid spike in quakes at Kilauea

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Closes Popular Areas After Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruption Fears

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Tornado with 165 mph wind sucks brothers from Nebraska home: 'I was just screaming his name'

Kenya floods: tourists evacuated from Maasai Mara after river bursts banks - Kenya Red Cross rescues more than 90 people from hotels and lodges as heavy rainfall continues

Heavy rains kill at least 10 in southern Brazil, governor warns of historic disaster

Brazil floods: Residents stranded on rooftops in Rio Grande do Sul

At Least 24 Dead After Highway Collapses In Flood-Hit Southern China

Report: New Jersey's energy plan to go green built on 'magical thinking'

A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday said a lawsuit filed by 21 young people claiming the U.S. government's energy policies violate their rights to be protected from climate change must be dismissed, this time for good

House passes bill overturning DOI rule blocking oil and gas on 13 million acres in Alaska

Trudeau's tax agency to audit Saskatchewan for unpaid carbon taxes: Premier Scott Moe

Pierre Poilievre ejected from House of Commons for calling Trudeau 'wacko' and 'extremist'

In India's election, a flash drive, sex abuse videos - and a missing MP

India politician seeking reelection accused of making 3,000 sexual assault videos, using them for blackmail

Mexico Sends Hundreds of Troops to US Border following an uptick in violence, including an attack on a military installation and mass kidnappings

Haiti Gets Its First President Since 2021 Assassination

Haiti Hell: Unelected 'Transitional Council' Chooses Second Interim PM in a Week, Gang Rebels Demand Political Participation

U.N. Says Venezuela Rapidly Disappearing Dissidents Ahead of Sham Election

Biden Pushes More Gun Control for Law-Abiding Citizens After Felon Reportedly Killed 4 Officers in NC

Mills signs Maine gun control measures into law

Gunman 'Neutralized' Outside Wisconsin Middle School: Cops

AG: Gunman shot dead outside Mount Horeb Middle School was a district student

J.D. Vance Probes DOJ for Favoring Foreigners over Americans in Job Discrimination Cases

Sen. Roger Marshall Issues Plan to Stop D.C. from Allowing Illegal Aliens to Vote

Oklahoma Joins Multi-State Push to Squeeze Out Illegals

Sanctuary City of Chicago Arrests Over 1K Illegals from Venezuela In First Three Months of 2024

Cost of the migrant crisis: Denver hospitals buckle under volume of patients

Biden, Mexican president eye 'significantly' reducing border crossings

Globalist Magazine Admits Joe Biden's Migration Spikes Inflation

Biden's historic marijuana shift is his latest election year move for young voters

Harvey Weinstein to be retried in New York after rape conviction invalidated

Former Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider files defamation lawsuit against 'Quiet on Set' producers - Schneider claims the docuseries, which aired in March, falsely portrayed him as a sexual abuser

A police youth program is plagued by sexual abuse allegations across the U.S.

United Methodist Church lifts 40-year ban on LGBTQ clergy

United Methodist Church lifts bans on LGBTQ clergy and same-sex weddings

GLAAD Finds 'Concerning' Drop in LGBTQ Characters on TV, Demands Hollywood Create More 'Inclusive' Content

New federal transgender rules place women's workplace rights 'under attack,' EEOC commissioner charges

Transgender Athlete to Compete in National Women's Water Polo Championship

Dem lawmaker teams up with Planned Parenthood to host 'deceptive' drag story hour in Arizona Capitol

Arizona Senate passes repeal of 1864 abortion ban, sending it to governor's desk

In Florida, Harris Looks to Make Trump the Face of the State's Abortion Ban

Kamala Harris says another Trump term would mean 'more suffering, less freedom' as six-week Florida abortion ban goes into effect

DeSantis Signs Ban on Lab-Grown Meat

FDA says multistate E. coli outbreak tied to walnuts

Alarming superbug from deadly eyedrop outbreak has spread to dogs

USDA: Avoid Raw Milk to Cut Risk of Bird Flu

CDC Says Over a Dozen Cats Died After Drinking Raw Milk from Cows Infected with Bird Flu

Biden campaign hits Trump for saying he would close pandemic preparedness office

CDC Concealed Evidence Linking Deaths to Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines, Internal Documents Reveal

NIH provides 'heavily redacted' docs on U.S. grant to Wuhan lab through EcoHealth: Report

Emails show Biden White House pressure to suppress COVID-19 lab leak information on social media

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