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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/1/2024

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[u][b]Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 4/1/2024[/b][/u]

[b]Dem Rep. Beyer: Biden Has 'Very Different' Israel Stance than in November - I think we're moving in the direction of trying to put more pressure on Netanyahu to wage this war in a much more sensible way[/b]

[b]Poll: Democrat Approval of Biden's Handling of Hamas-Israel War Plunges 13 Points[/b]

[b]Rep. Jamaal Bowman Calls Netanyahu 'Maniac,' Demands Removal[/b]

[b]'Can't go on like this': Tens of thousands start 4-day anti-gov't protest outside Knesset[/b]

[b]As protesters demand he go, Netanyahu argues election would play into Hamas's hands[/b]

[b]Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu protests put political divides back on show[/b]

[b]Netanyahu Undergoes Hernia Surgery Amid Mounting Pressure on His Government[/b]

[b]Netanyahu, ahead of surgery, vows Israel will invade Rafah, despite pressure from Ramadan, US[/b]

[b]Gallant: Captured Hamas operatives say group collapsing; soldier dies after RPG attack[/b]

[b]Hamas is disintegrating from within, Gazan terrorists tell Israel - Gallant[/b]

[b]An Israeli airstrike hits a Gaza hospital tent camp, killing 2 Palestinians and hurting journalists[/b]

[b]IDF withdraws all troops from Gaza City's Shifa Hospital; soldier killed in fighting[/b]

[b]Eyewitnesses: 'Total destruction' around Shifa Hospital after fighting between Hamas and IDF[/b]

[b]Shani Louk's father defends award for photo of daughter's abduction as 'good thing' - Nissim Louk equates image with past historical images 'that symbolize an era,' but activists and friend of Nova massacre victim decry move as antisemitic, unethical[/b]

[b]Hamas document reveals it hides casualties, blames failed rocket launches on Israel - IDF[/b]

[b]Israel says UN's interim report on UNRWA allegations a 'cover up' of its terror ties[/b]

[b]Israel lodges proposal with UN for dismantling of Palestinian relief agency - Aid officials warn that transferring Unrwa's functions to other bodies with famine looming would be disastrous[/b]

[b]Planned US arms transfer to Israel of 2,000-pound block-busting bombs branded 'obscene' hypocrisy by Bernie Sanders as criticism builds[/b]

[b]GOP congressman walks back remarks on using nuclear weapons in Gaza[/b]

[b]Climate protesters arrested after interrupting Easter Mass at New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral, saying 'silence = death' and 'free Palestine'[/b]

[b]Pro-Palestinian Protesters Chain Selves to Gangway of USNS Harvey Milk in San Francisco[/b]

[b]'SNL' Host Ramy Youssef Calls to Free Palestine and Release Hostages Being Held in Gaza in Fiery Monologue[/b]

[b]Historian rebukes liberals portraying Christ as a Palestinian: 'Rips Jesus out of his Jewish context'[/b]

[b]Harvard applications plummet in potential harbinger for other schools dealing with antisemitism[/b]

[b]Harvard Law Student Council Passes Anti-Israel Resolution After Changing Voting Rules[/b]

[b]AG says army must start process to draft Haredim, warns against trying to bypass court[/b]

[b]Israel central bank says ultra-Orthodox need to join military to help economy[/b]

[b]Top Haredi rabbi: Push to draft us into army is fueled by hatred of Torah life[/b]

[b]ISIS calls for Ramadan massacre of Christians and Jews by 'lone wolves'[/b]

[b]Netanyahu bars Jewish visitors from Temple Mount for last 10 days of Ramadan[/b]

[b]Three seriously wounded in terror stabbing spree at Gan Yavne mall[/b]

[b]IDF officer lightly hurt in terror stabbing at Beersheba central bus station[/b]

[b]Building damaged in overnight drone attack on Eilat; Iraqi group claims responsibility[/b]

[b]IDF: Top Hezbollah operative killed in south Lebanon strike; soldier hurt by rocket[/b]

[b]Foreign minister Katz: Turkish voters punished Erdogan for attacking Israel[/b]

[b]Turkish local elections: Opposition stuns Erdogan with historic victory[/b]

[b]In setback to Turkey's Erdogan, opposition makes huge gains in local election[/b]

[b]Egypt's Sisi begins third term, after economic bailout[/b]

[b]Iran: The Christians celebrating Easter in secret[/b]

[b]Russian warships enter the Red Sea, navy says[/b]

[b]Putin signs decree calling up 150,000 Russian conscripts[/b]

[b]Report: Russia Behind Mysterious 'Havana Syndrome'[/b]

[b]GOP Rep. Bacon: 'Possible' Mike Johnson Could Lose Speakership over Ukraine[/b]

[b]Rising global threats force 'epoch-making' shift in world order[/b]

[b]Poll: Trump Better Than Biden in Nuke Crisis[/b]

[b]"Never Forget Our Cowards and Weaklings" - Trump Slams RINO Mike Gallagher After He Refuses to Leave Congress Until After Deadline to Fill His Seat Expires[/b]

[b]Trump Says RFK Jr Should Expect to Be Indicted by Corrupt Biden Administration[/b]

[b]Trump keeps pushing the limits of the gag order in his hush-money case. It could land him in jail, legal experts say.[/b]

[b]Massive Data Breach: AT&T Confirms Personal Information Including Social Security Numbers of 73 Million Current and Former Customers Leaked on Dark Web[/b]

[b]Cryovolcanic horned "Mother of Dragons" comet is now visible from Earth[/b]

[b]5.9 magnitude earthquake hits the Balleny Islands region[/b]

[b]5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Panguna, Papua New Guinea[/b]

[b]5.0 magnitude earthquake hits southeast of the Loyalty Islands[/b]

[b]Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 22,000ft[/b]

[b]Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft[/b]

[b]Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft[/b]

[b]Marapi volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft[/b]

[b]Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft[/b]

[b]Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft[/b]

[b]Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 13,000ft[/b]

[b]Japan confirms experts met in China to ease concerns over discharge of treated radioactive water[/b]

[b]BlackRock hit with 'cease and desist' after allegedly misleading investors about ESG practices[/b]

[b]The Associated Press Gaslights Struggling Americans, Claims Lower Prices Would Actually Be a Bad Thing[/b]

[b]Warnock: Trump Selling Bibles Is Like the Money Changers Jesus Chased Out[/b]

[b]MAGA Pastor Says '200 Bibles' Set Ablaze Outside His Church on Easter Morning[/b]

[b]CNN Promotes Blasphemous Easter Day Message From 'Theologian' Who Claims 'God is a Black Woman'[/b]

[b]Pope Francis appeals for peace in Gaza and Ukraine at Easter Mass[/b]

[b]Pope Francis' Culture Wars Divide Catholic Church[/b]

[b]Wilton Cardinal Gregory Says Biden is a 'Cafeteria Catholic'- "He Picks and Chooses Dimensions of the Faith to Highlight While Ignoring or Even Contradicting Other Parts"[/b]

[b]Fani Willis Invokes 'Race' in First Speech Since Being Chastised by Judge over Race-Based Church Speech[/b]

[b]Is DEI a Racial Slur? Rise in Term Outrages Black Americans[/b]

[b]Baltimore mayor says he's 'ignoring the noise' of DEI blame for bridge collapse[/b]

[b]Trump reacts to Mexican president's $20 billion demand from Biden admin: 'I wouldn't give him 10 cents' - Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says flow of migrants 'will continue' if demands not met[/b]

[b]Texas judge orders release of illegal immigrants accused of assaulting troops during violent storming of El Paso border[/b]

[b]Gunmen in Ecuador kill 9, injure 10 others in attack in coastal city of Guayaquil as violence surges[/b]

[b]7 Children Under 17 Shot In Mass Shooting Near Indianapolis Mall[/b]

[b]Shooting at Nashville restaurant on Easter leaves one dead, five injured[/b]

[b]Disney Channel Directors Apologize for Supporting Child Sex Abuser Brian Peck Before His Conviction[/b]

[b]NYC kindergarteners learn 'not all boys' 'have a penis' during HIV/AIDS lessons for children[/b]

[b]Warnock: Right Using Faith as a Weapon to Beat Transgender People Down[/b]

[b]3 months and 28 days: LGBTQ events clog calendar as White House faces backlash over Easter announcement[/b]

[b]'Transgender Day of Visibility' Is Just One of 50+ LGBTQIA2S+ Celebrations[/b]

[b]White House bashes 'dishonest' Republican criticism of Biden's transgender proclamation on Easter - Easter's date happened to coincide with the Transgender Day of Visibility[/b]

[b]Australia's Left-Wing Govt. Celebrates Easter Sunday as 'Transgender Day of Visibility'[/b]

[b]'Saturday Night Live' Host Ramy Youssef Wants Next President to Be a Transgender 'Woman'[/b]

[b]Political Experts: Biden's Reelection Plan Hinges on Abortion Voters, Which May Be a Huge Mistake[/b]

[b]Israel Health Ministry orders closure of IVF clinic accused of importing sick embryos[/b]

[b]AI photos show people with secondary breast cancer their lost future[/b]

[b]For the first time, U.S. dairy cows have tested positive for bird flu[/b]

[b]Tennessee Senate Passes Bill Prohibiting Vaccines in Food, Awaiting Governor's Signature[/b]

[b]European prosecutors take over Belgian probe into Pfizergate - Top European prosecutors are investigating allegations of criminal wrongdoing in connection with vaccine negotiations[/b]

[b]Birth Pang Tracker Link:[/b]