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How have you all been in your dream/prayer time? I just still have this sense of, “Not yet, wait on me.” I want to be hearing, “Let’s go!”

I’ve had 3 dreams this week of family that passed away this year - my dad and two grandmas. It’s comforting to see their faces. To feel their hugs. But I’d love a good rapture dream. Smile
So what about you all?

Posted : March 25, 2020 7:31 pm
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I can relate with you about the family dream/vision ... I had one back in 2015 ...  I was feeling down because my dad just died and I was all alone.  I asked the Lord if I could see my family up in heaven.  As soon as I closed my eyes ... I felt myself flying and the next thing I was in a white room and there was my aunt, my sister-in-law’s mom (she was like a grandma to me), my mom, my dad, my nana and my grandpa standing in a semi-circle.  They were all smiling and so happy.  I hugged each one and felt that squeeze and they all kissed my cheek.  After I finished hugging my grandpa BAM I woke up and I was immediately back in my house.  I was sad because I wanted to stay with them ... it was so peaceful.

I’ve never had rapture dreams.  In December though while driving to the post office I asked the Lord if the rapture is soon?  As I walked by the dumpster in the lobby I saw a magazine called “The Trumpet” I immediately picked it up and underneath was a magazine called “Departures” vacation get-away hot spots.  I immediately giggled because what are the odds of seeing both magazines on top of each other like that?  I wish I got a clue of the actual DATE.  Big sigh.

Posted : March 25, 2020 8:09 pm
Patricia N.
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Not dreams, but sometimes I start to think about people who have passed.  Then I wonder if they are also thinking about me?  And if they know how short the time we have left is?  Once I "felt the presence of my great grandmother" (for lack of a better phrase), who died when I was quite young.  I wondered when was the last time I thought of her?  Maybe sixty years ago.  It was so unexpected.

Posted : March 25, 2020 11:26 pm