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The Mansions of Heaven

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I posted this over a year ago, but I will do that again. 


I had the same dream so many times for years. 


I am in very beautiful home (mansion more like) with many doors. I am so excited at the beauty of the place and wonder what is behind the doors. I rush to one of the doors, open it and find myself in a room as beautiful or even more beautiful than the one I have been in. There is another door, I go through it, again, I find myself in a room as beautiful or even more beautiful. There was also a balcony in the room, I wanted to rush and see the view, but I ended up going through the door instead. I found myself in another lovely place with more doors and a spiral staircase. I knew there were more rooms upstairs. 


On and on it goes, amazing rooms, excitement building up, a few seconds hesitation which door to go through next and mounting excitement as I rush through it. 


then I am upset as I wake up


Last time I woke up after having this dream, I finally wondered what that is all about and the verse came to me: in my father's house are many mansions. 


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Awesome dream Heidi.

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