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    Guess what folks!! We have a true double mystery on our hands here in the book of Revelations!!
    We are clearly given two distinct heavenly signs which are definitely spelled out in the stars of the 88 constellations above our heads!!
    We are almost completely sure of the identity of the first major sign in Revelation 12:1-4!!

    This whole description of the woman with the manchild in her stomach is truely telling a story that will be taking place in the constellation of Virgo during the feast of trumpets on September 23, 2017!!

    Actually the most amazing part of this story is the awesome king planet Jupiter which will hang around in a retrograde motion for some 43 weeks (I think that number is correct) or a complete human gestation birthing period—guess where—in the belly of the constellation of Virgo!!

    That one detail alone nails that heavenly sign of Revelation 12 for me!!!

    Also above the head of Virgo will be the 9 main stars in the Leo constellation plus the three planets of Venus, Mars and Mercury which will total 12 stars for the Virgo crown!!

    There is so much more about this heavenly sign that others have expounded on but if we truely want to nail this middle tribulation point marker down for good all we need to do is to find the identity of the next heavenly sign marker in Revelation 15:1-2!!

    Why do we need to know what the true identity of this second heavenly sign marker is? Well, you know what they say is mathmatics about the theory of proving a straight line—one dot does not a straight line make–but two seperate dots make for a straight line –I don’t know if this is a math theory or not-it makes sense though!!

    Well, if we can determine the identity of this second great and wonderful sign in the heavens then we definitely know that both signs are in the same time period or ball park!!

    The Revelation 12 heavenly sign is the middle tribulation time marker -that is a well established fact based on scriptures and astronomy!!
    But at what point in the second half of the tribulation period do we encounter this second amazing heavenly sign in the heavens recorded in Revelation 15:1?!!

    Well according to the timeline of this book of Revelation!! The events in Revelation 14 with the angel on a cloud in the heavens with his harvesting sickle is reaping the souls of earth–this is a violent harvest–the persecution of christians at the time of the anti-christ will call for there execution by the blade of a gillotine–thus the sickle carrying angel will reap these souls after their death by marytrdom!!

    We see them next in heaven in Revelation 15 standing on the sea of glass with the other victorous ones who did not love there lives unto the death–they got the victory over the mark of the beast by execution for their faith!!

    This angel in the heavens holding a sickle could very well match the constellation sign of Bootes!! The description does seem to fit!!

    But what about the second next great sign in the heavens in Revelation 15? The seven angels with the seven bowls of plagues? What constellation sign do they answer to?

    Of my own understanding of the constellation signs I can only see two canidates for this amazing sign!!
    1) The Big Dipper constellation with its SEVEN main stars!!!
    2) Aquarius- The man holding a jar or bowl or urn and he is pouring out either water or judgment on the earth!!

    Just knowing the identity of this second heavenly sign does in know wat solve our mystery!!
    There has to be some planetary movement or comet visit to these constellation in the near future for them to qualify for this next great heavenly sign besides the Virgo sign of Revelation 12!!

    Humblehorse or someone out there with a solar system program needs to do a future scan of the years between 2017 and 2020 to see where the planets align up at or gather inside either one of these two constellation of the Big Dipper or Aquarius!!

    We most likely know that the two heavenly signs in Revelation 12 (Virgo-Manchild) and Revelation 15(Seven Angels with seven bowls pouring out)—both should be close together by know more then a year at the least!!
    Why you say!!

    Well if the Revelation 12 sign is the middle tribulation sign on September 23, 2017 then this marks the time when the anti-christ will come to power in Revelation 13 and then start ruling for his reign of 42 months!!
    Then at that same time the mark of the beast is made mandatory by the beast system and all will have to receive the computer chip under the skin-thos resisting this government executive order will be executed by beheading—that is where the events of Revelation 14 come into play!!

    The sickle holding angel will reap the christian souls upon their dead by beheading–thus the sickle for a sharp harvest!!!
    Notice in Revelation 15 where just after the harvested souls who did not receive the mark of the beast but had to be executed—and our at that next stage in heaven on the sea of glass– we next see the seven angels in heavens temple that by the way is open—when the temple is open and the angels have golden brestplates on–that always means that this occassion is taking place on a day of atonement!

    So when does this second heavenly sign take place in the world events department!! The clue is given to us with the first vial or bowl judgment in Revelation 16!! Those who received the mark of the beast will develop a cancerous sore on their bodies from the computer chip sergery procedure!!

    Remember if you read Revelation 14 it was just earlier three midheaven satellites were communicating to technologies on earth and warning the people of earth not to receive the mark of the beast or they will be doomed forever!

    So we can read from these timeline of events from Revelation 12-16 that these chapters are in close pecking order!! The time of the anti-christ coming to power and the order being given to receive the mark of the beast and the execution of the christians by the sickle blade and a major war in the land of Israel(end of Rev. 14-gog war)—and the first vial judgment being given to those who just received the mark of the beast–all these events are in a timeline sequence!!!

    Now we just need to know what heavenly scene will be taking place in the constellation around the year of 2018!!!
    That is the possible time for this second heavenly sign in the heavens!
    It will have to take place a few months after the middle tribulation September 23, 2017 Virgo sign on the feast of trumpets!!

    I guess I will need to go to the Solar System Scope website to do my future constellation plotting!!!

    The sign is up there folks!! It is just a matter of pinning the tail on the right star group!! The key is to let the planets be the pins you use to help find the mystery constellations!!

    I think the Big Dipper and Bootes may be two canidates!!! But I still neeed to find if any planets line up in those constellations some time during the year 2018 r 2019 at the latest!!!

    What a fun project this is turning out to be!!!


    I admire your work Scott, but I think you have great fun doing it also. At least it’s great for us not so familiar with the constellations etc. trying to follow these end-time signs. Thanks Scott :good:

    John 3:16
    “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


    Jan in CT

    Interesting post Scott, An X files mystery. Ironicallly your post reminded me of someone on Youtube that had a dream of standing on the beach near a sea around rapture time. He wasn’t sure about the sea, but now I wonder if the Lord was showing him events from heaven’s point of view. In that dream comets were present. Well, keep studying. Glad you shared. God Bless, Jan


    Been there… done that!! This may help you Scott, this is my take on things, but then again, you may have other Ideas my friend, that may surpass my interpretation…. Don’t let that Scarby influence you too much, he’s trouble ya know! What he gets up too….hmm! X

    Jump to 3:40 in the Video :good:

    and I forgot to mention on the Video that it Purim!!! Doh! B-)

    ....Peace, Love, Rock 'n Roll. X

    Victory Chanter
    Victory Chanter

    Humblehorse and Scarby–what a team! Score one for an anointed team!! What fun watching you two combine forces. Look out satan. No more secrets now.

    The eyes of the Lord range throughout the entire earth, to strengthen those whose heart is true to him.


    Humblehorse and Victory Chanter and Jan In CT and Annelis!!! Are you folks all seated and holding onto a couch real tight–guess what!!! The second and most grandest sign other then the Revelation 12 sign in the heavens has been located!!! It is Revelation 15!! It will blow your minds away ! But most of all it will make total sense and it is tied in completely with the Revelation 12 sign for September 23, 2017!!!

    I don’t know for sure if this second great sign in the heavens nails down completely the time marker for this first virgo sign in Revelation 12–but it sure aligns with the sequence of events!!!

    I can’t wait to get started!! Give me just a little time to get this research of mine together in my head and I will lay it out for everyone!! This might be a greater sign then the Revelation 12 sign!! But then again I don’t think anything can top the Jupiter planet being in the Virgo constellation in natal retrograde for about the length of human gestation during 2017 up until the September 23, 2017 Feast of trumpet dates and the crown above Virgo’s head with the 9 main stars of Leo and the three planets in Leo making up the 12 star CROWN!!! That is very difficult to top this sign!!

    But we might come close on this second sign in Revelation 15!!! It is AWESOME!!!!

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