Peace treaty in 2014


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    Thanks for posting,

    This will be, if they are successful (and one day this world will get this division of what God restored and will resolve per Daniel Chapter 9 “thy people” 1948 and then “thy holy City” 1967 and it will be, I believe, the reason for how and why the end of the age comes,

    The Everlasting Covenant is being broken, see Isaiah chapter 24 for what happens after, Israel has made a covenant with death,

    This is not about the Church (spirit) it is for restored Israel, the physical Earth (flesh) and the promises God made and is keeping, the second restoration (Isaiah 11:11) which follows the punitive measures for the transgressions of the Law by Israel coming to their full, it occurred because they “knew not the time of their visitation” Jesus was cutoff with nothing, they even took his priestly seamless robe, and now he sits at the right hand of the Father, until he makes the kingdoms of this world his footstool,

    He will redeem the Earth, as we see it beginning in Revelation 4, the court is in session with the 24 Elders,

    Jesus inserted himself into the fallen creation by using the Holy mechanisms of the Laws and Ordinances which he himself provided and established on the Earth with the descendents of a man of faith, overlaid onto a nation born out if it,

    Jesus is the Word made flesh, which he is fulfilling, not doing away with it, and for which Satan is now attempting to overturn with the physical inheritance that belongs rightfully to him, Satan is attempting to encumber that resolution and gain the world for himself, he knows he has a short time and it is in direct relation to the disposition of the rightful ownership of the physical Earth,

    This is why Jesus returns with vengeance and why after they divide the land, he gathers all nations down to the valley of Jehoshaphat and pleads with them there for his inheritance per Joel 3.

    The end of the age comes with his reclaiming the Earth under the very laws that provided him a way to make reconciliation for us, and he comes with the Jubilee restoration, Per Leviticus 25 “when you shall come into the land that I shall give you” and coupled with the two conditions to count per Daniel 9, A-thy people restored and B-thy holy city restored,

    Jesus began with the Jubilee reading from Isaiah 61, his life was the Jubilee, the Gospel is the Jubilee, which Israel rejected, and he will return with the Jubilee, as Peter wrote the heavens must receive him until the ‘time of the restitution of all things’, and as Isaiah 63 tells us, “the year of my redeemed has come, and the day of vengeance is in my heart” I suspect when it begins, he will read from Isaiah 63 in some like manner,

    The division of the land, by the USA/UN or any other nation or people in this world, is the direct work of principalities and powers attempting to undo the completion of this Holy framework resolving the restitution of the physical Earth. I believe it can only happen if Israel agrees, it cannot occur by force,

    Israel has to agree to it, whether it happens next year, or 40 years or 120 years from now, and its why its so important to see this for what it is,

    Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem,

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