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    this is truth ~~ one day standing in Christ’s Presence ~~~ knowing Jesus ~~ He awaits the faithful ~~ “A friend wrote this:

    “Finally Face to Face… At Last

    What words could I say to the One who died and gave His life for me??? As I finally stand in His presence, my very thoughts seem to skip a beat like my anxious heart..

    . Even the task of forming words from my lips is difficult to do as they tremble with an overwhelming emotion that words fail to depict… This emotion permeates through my entire being causing my glorified frame to bow in complete reverence and honor of the One whose voice my ears now hear.

    .. A voice so beautiful, like an audible morning’s light which caused my spirit to rise, renewed from the slumber of the former world of sin’s night and into the day of eternal life… A voice my soul recognizes as my very best Friend, the One who holds my eternity as one would hold a dear treasure…

    This Treasure, the Wealth and Jewel of Heaven in tangible form who paid a price so costly that even the length of an immortal life isn’t enough to express my heart’s gratitude… But what words could describe this inexpressible moment???

    Looking into the eyes of the One who knows every trial suffered and every tear which flowed from earthly frames that were broken… As I stand before His outstretched hands, my life plays out and I finally understand.

    .. I understand that everything, every heartache and affliction I suffered, every sense of loss, He endured as well and drew me ever closer by His side… Though they seemed unbearable at the moment and the light at the end of the tunnel appeared dim, the Radiance I now bask in outshines the darkness of the former things, now passed away…

    At last, they have become new as I finally feel the embrace of my loving Savior, Jesus and see His wonderful, blessed face… A smile which pierced through the clouds like a silver lining following a storm and His glory, fully revealed to the eyes of His faithful ones who loved His appearing and who longed for His return.

    .. My Joy is now complete and at last realized as the Author and Finisher of my faith writes on the tablets of my soul, Well Done…

    Thy good and Faithful servant… Well Done

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