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        I appreciate this insightful post from Fay at 5 doves . .   . and I believe it ~~   Interesting the ‘set apart ones’ belonging to Jesus/church/bride reveals amazingly,,  this last hour we’re in before the rapture . .   ~


        Fay (2 Oct 2023)
        “Which Country Holds the most Evangelical Christians? Important”

        This is an incredibly important message for our American brethren. America is being absolutely hammered right now. Most of the evil stuff appears to be emanating from the USA. This leaves our American brethren feeling ashamed of their own country and ashamed of what their leadership is doing to the world.


        Why is America being attacked from within and without? Because the majority of evangelical Christians reside in America, is why. According to the stats in the article – 93 million evangelicals reside in the USA. Compare the numbers in the graphs in the article, Doves.

        THIS is exactly why America is being targeted for implosions and destruction. Suspend the political shenanigans for a second and recognise why America is being systematically destroyed. Ignore the fake polls that declare that America is no longer a Christian nation – blatant lies!

        The numbers for Europe aren’t that bad either. At the exact time that Israel is being hammered from all sides, so too is Christianity.


        3 in 5 Evangelicals Live in Asia or Africa – Lifeway Research



        Now look at which countries house the most Jewish people. This is a REAL eye-opener. The two countries that house the majority of the Jewish population, reside in Israel and the United States of America. BINGO! I

        In fact, the map in the article is incredibly revealing. Please see 2nd link below. Wowza! The Judea-Christian nations are under severe attack. This is obviously the work of satan and his minions. Confirming that we are, undoubtedly, living in the end times. This open borders stuff is the attempt of satan to flood us and weaken us with the influx of radical Islam.


        Hold your heads up high, American cousins. What is happening is BECAUSE you are faithful to Almighty God and our LORD Jesus. I am pretty stoked that the UK is ‘up there’ too. We all need to feel proud we belong to Almighty God and recognise that our faith and prayers are enormously powerful. I feel proud of all of us. Praise Almighty God. May He strengthen us in all things. May we be what He needs us to be. May we walk, talk and act in all His ways. In Jesus’ Name.



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          Yep . . the ‘set apart’ ones both in America and the U.K. is becoming blatantly obvious . .   the great Spiritual divide is becoming obvious, and on purpose our Jesus is proving He hates lukewarmness . .  ~ ~our LORD is showing us the timeline of Grace are seconds away to be over . . oh,  yessssssssssss !  stay ready my dear loved sibs and very Bride of Christ . . the engagement ‘era’ is closing as we ‘sense’ the Bridegroom ready for His wedding in Heaven  ~

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            the great Spiritual divide is becoming obvious

            So true! No more fence sitters. Take a stand one way or the other. Our voices become much louder when the dross is burned off.

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