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        The Indian state of Kerala is racing to contain a new outbreak of the deadly Nipah virus, which has killed two people so far and infected at least five, according to government officials.

        Schools in the affected Kozhikode district are closed, several villages have been declared containment zones, and 950 contacts have been identified, 213 of which are considered “high risk.” Kerala Health Minister Veena George on Wednesday confirmed the fifth person infected, a 24-year-old health care worker. An infected 9-year-old remains on ventilation, government media said.

        In a statement on social media, Pinarayi Vijayan, chief minister of Kerala, told residents not to panic but to “face this situation with caution” and “fully cooperate with the restrictions” to contain the disease.

        Kerala has seen four outbreaks of Nipah since 2018, the last of which occurred in 2021, as the state was also fighting a wave of covid-19 cases.

        The World Health Organization estimates the Nipah virus’s fatality rate to be between 40 and 75 percent and has listed it as a priority disease because of its epidemic potential. The strain identified in Kerala, known as the Bangladesh strain, has a high mortality but is less infectious, Indian media reported.

        What is Nipah virus and how does it spread?

        Return to menuNipah virus (NiV) was discovered during an outbreak among pig farmers in Malaysia in 1999. The workers are thought to have contracted the virus through infected livestock and their secretions.

        Fruit bats, which are also known as “flying foxes,” are the natural host of the Nipah virus, according to the WHO. The virus can be transmitted from animals to humans — primarily from bats or pigs — or through human-to-human contact.

        Domestic animals, including horses, cats and dogs, are also able to catch and spread the infection, but the virus is considered highly contagious among pigs, which can pass the virus on to humans who come into contact with their bodily fluids or tissue.

        The deadly infection can also be transmitted through close human contact; the virus can spread from an infected individual to their family or caregivers through the person’s bodily fluids.

        In 2018, India grappled with an outbreak in Kerala that killed 21 of 23 people infected. In 2019, a new case was recorded in the country, but swift action and widespread contact tracing prevented further spread.

        A 12-year-old boy in Kerala died in September 2021 after contracting the virus and showing symptoms of brain swelling and inflammation of the heart, Indian media reported.

        What are the symptoms of Nipah virus?

        Return to menuSymptoms of the disease are wide-ranging. Milder symptoms include fever and headaches, vomiting, sore throat and muscle aches.

        In severe cases, patients can experience acute infections such as encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and respiratory issues. Other reported side effects include seizures, which may lead to personality changes or a coma.

        How widespread is Nipah virus?

        Return to menuIn the decades since it was first detected, outbreaks have been recorded in many Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Bangladesh and India.

        In some parts of Asia, new cases of the Nipah virus have been recorded “almost annually,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
        Why is Kerala particularly vulnerable?
        Return to menuKerala is a tropical state of 35 million people on the southwest coast of India that has seen deforestation and rapid urbanization, creating conditions in which people and animals — such as bats that can carry the virus — have closer contact. An investigation by Reuters published in May found that Kerala is particularly vulnerable to spillover of diseases from bats to humans. It is home to more than 40 species of bats and “prime bat habitat” that has been progressively cleared for human development, the investigation said.

        How is Nipah virus diagnosed, and is it treatable?

        Return to menuAwareness of the Nipah virus remains extremely low, health experts say, making it harder to prevent, treat and diagnose. Because of this lack of knowledge, the virus is not always suspected in patients displaying symptoms.

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          I love you my brother in Christ, but I’m sorry, I just don’t see this virus is any worse than a hangnail, and the author of the article sensationalizing. I hope you agree, and  can see what I mean. Consider:

          In some parts of Asia, new cases of the Nipah virus have been recorded “almost annually,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

          Does it really sound so dangerous that “Some parts of Asia” record this virus “almost annually?” How many people actually live in “some parts” of Asia? Perhaps tens of millions? That cited article, declares, “…almost annually…,” suggesting a couple years interval containing no such virus at all. Elsewhere we read, “An infected 9-year-old remains on ventilation, government media said.” This young child might be infected with the so-called “deadly” Nipah virus and remain on a ventilator. But how many days has it been? Perhaps even a week or two in that condition? The article doesn’t indicate, but  would a week or two really be life-threatening? Literally billions of people every year are put on ventilators, even in Asia. And besides, there are at least a million bazillion viruses within every human body.

          Again, Boulder, this  post is entirely about the sensationalist article, and what it alleges to be “deadly.” The article’s author is whom I am suspicious of for blowing something out of proportion for reasons of his own.  There’s a lot of fear mongering in the world these last days, isn’t there?

          Your long time RITA friend,


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              And this one.

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                I clearly see that, Boulder, and have read all of them now, since you posted them.  In my opinion, all these articles are intended to be scare tactics which  suggest an abundance of caution is warranted  by showing photographs intended to  declare a deadly virus.  As I see them, all of these articles  contain the  same nothing-burger scare tactics.

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                  Okay, Boulder, I see that ABC News article that leads off with a photograph of bats. Does that ring a bell? Covid? Wuhan? And if you go down a little further you will find this mealy mouth, again nothing-burger statement,  indicating there is no real danger if you read what they say:

                  What is the likelihood of Nipah virus spreading?
                  Experts said that while anything is possible, it’s very unlikely that the outbreak in India will lead to global spread.

                  There has been limited person-to-person spread amid the outbreak in India.

                  Sorry, man. It’s the same old tried and true method of fear-mongering that the devil and his minions use in their takeover of the world.

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                    I believe we all know from the 3 years plus of covid, that the world was lied to.

                    We were fed loss of freedom, loss of jobs, loss of peace – and still ongoing, purposeful loss of life.

                    All coming from the plans of the demented, the demonic, and those who intend “another” plan for our lives.

                    All resulting in waking up for one, but also living with confusion, turmoil, fears, unexpected life changes, loss of family members, being withheld from sickened family members, masks that were unhealthy in themselves, isolation in various ways – and I’m sure you all could add to this list.

                    We stayed here and helped one another in all these things, our nurses guiding us through helpful supplements, all of us supporting one another, praying, and seeking God in it all to help us get through.

                    It has all made us wiser in being watchful and weighing what is going on in our local, country and world wide surroundings. Meaning, it has been made clear that agendas are out there to kill, steal and destroy – from satan himself – and through those who serve him. It is fearful absolutely what they have done and have in mind to do. It is mind boggling what we see is in their hearts…

                    And…we know they are not finished…!

                    So what I would like to encourage, is that no matter what the news of the day is regarding these end days, whether major or minor that are trying to spark fear again in all the earth…

                    Let’s share the Good news of the Word as well along with the fearful news “they” hope to instill in us all.

                    Add scripture along with unsettling news that reminds us of our Fathers truth, power, protection and strength; above all the turmoil the enemy is working hard to re-establish, remind us of, overtake and pursue us with, all attempting to rob us of God’s promised peace.

                    No one is wrong, bad or in trouble here – we just realize that “they” are once again moving in all sorts of ways to depopulate. Being here to see what we never thought we would see is somewhat scary at times. So let’s add the Lord’s Word as we think of it, to encourage others and ourselves here in these difficult days, reminding that Jesus has us all in the palm of His hands as we stay close to Him. :rose: :bible :rose:


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                      He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;
                      The Lord shall hold them in derision.
                      Then He shall speak to them in His wrath,
                      And distress them in His deep displeasure

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