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        I have long been fascinated with the reason as to why the United States is not in scripture.

        Dr Mark Hitchcock prophecy author and PHD professor who studied under the great Dr John Walvoord at Dallas seminary who is also an attorney has long claimed that the United States will be possibly taken out in nuclear war.

        I bet you didnt know that the United States is currently in Defcon 3 about ready to go into Decon 2 with Russia having their intercontinental ballistic warheads “Satan 2” pointed at the United States.

        Stan Deyo who I’ve long loved as a prophecy teacher and christian UFOLOGIST claims that he thinks the United States will be invaded when we’re in Marshall law within the NEXT 2 years.  I’ve met him on several occasions. He has been a speaker the Prophecy in the News Conferences.

        Stan I 100% agree.

        Listen to Stan at minute 30 to minute 24 where he talks about the HOPI prophecy that the US will be invaded by Russia China and a middle eastern nation probably “Iran”

        Russians and Chinese men of fighting age have been reported entering the United States through our open borders.  China has large groups of soilders stationed in Canada.

        It almost seems daily that the Chinese fly a balloon over the United States.

        Stan “Russia, China and probably Iran will nuke several of our cities and attack from the west and the east.”

        The United States only has 1.2 million soldiers a 1/3rd which are out of the United States.

        minute 30 to 34


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              Other sources  I’ve listened to are saying the same things.

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