The Devil’s Tower or God’s Mountain?

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        Many philosophers have speculated on the ways in which a friendly civilization might interact with humankind. What new light could an alien race bring to Man? Could they save us from destruction? Has First Contact already taken place?

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          With all the constant barrage of media going back over and over again to aliens of some kind, I have no doubt that it will play a part in the end times deception. What I find interesting is how Hollywood has gone from aliens being “little green men” and a scary possibility to heroic humanoid aliens like Thor and others in the Marvel universe who come to save us from a terrible fate. I found it eerie how the Marvel Avengers Infinity War movies had half the population just vanish with Thanos’ snap and it took a collective group of heroes (some earth terrans and some not) to bring those vanished back. Star Wars does a good job of this too – showing us a huge variety of alien creatures and that some are good and bad just like on earth. I would say culture is thoroughly desensitized and waiting for some alien explanation. All along I have said that it is the devil and his angels playing these roles.

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